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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Emma and Meg waited anxiously at the farm for word of Holden's fate. Emma begged Meg to call Damian again, but he did not answer. Faith walked in, full of excitement for the Snyder family vacation in Kentucky, but she wondered why her grandmother and aunt were upset. The girl demanded to know what was wrong and if it impacted her. Meg claimed that they were not keeping secrets, but Lily and Damian arrived. Meg took one look at Lily's face and began to cry. Damian went to comfort her, so Faith asked her mother where Holden was, and Lily had to tell her daughter that her father was gone.

Emma burst into tears of denial, as Lily explained that Holden's truck had crashed into a ravine and that he was dead. They held each other and cried, and Emma began demanding proof that it had been Holden in the crash. Lily produced Holden's watch that the police had returned to her, and they all recognized it. Emma wanted more, however. Lily decided to go home, and she asked Faith to help her tell little Ethan that his daddy was gone. They left for home, and Damian stayed with Meg and Emma.

Craig went to Carly's house and told Rosanna that workmen were starting that day on renovations to the kitchen in Metro. He claimed that Metro was going to have the flashiest, most state-of-the-art kitchen in Oakdale. Craig was sure that the profits from Teri's cooking would more than justify the improvements. Teri, who was listening to the conversation, suddenly demanded that Craig stop the workers immediately.

Teri proclaimed herself an expert in cooking and plumbing fixtures, and she wanted input on the changes. That caused giggles from Rosanna, who said that she was truly enjoying a rare moment of hearing Craig's butt getting kicked by a woman other than herself. Teri grabbed her purse and told Craig that they had to go to Metro right away.

Liberty discovered Parker on his front porch, and she asked him why he had not checked his messages. She had sent him a text telling him that she was arriving to pick him up for the end-of-summer picnic sponsored by the high school. Parker said that, as much as he would like to attend, he had to go to a photo shoot for his mother's vitamin water, and he was not sure how long it would last. He sensed that Liberty was down, however, and he agreed to meet her at the picnic when his work was finished.

Liberty took off for the picnic, where a young man named Tony immediately hit on her. Tony offered her a drink from his water bottle, which turned out to be mostly vodka. Liberty told him that she was waiting for Parker, who was involved in some endorsements for his mother's company. She called Tony "a loser" and walked off. She hung out with another girl for a while, but she finally decided to go look for Parker. As she was leaving, Tony made some rude remarks.

At Java, Noah bussed tables, and Luke knocked on the window and motioned his boyfriend outside. Noah took a break and went out, where a tearful Luke told him that Holden's truck had crashed and burned, and his father was dead. Luke cried that it had all been Luke's fault. Noah hugged him immediately, as Luke said that he should not have blown off going to Kentucky with Holden. Luke felt that perhaps Holden had fallen asleep at the wheel, and if Luke had gone with him, he could have shared the driving.

Noah reminded Luke that if he had been with his father, he might be gone, too. The two went into Java, and Luke explained that he had only delayed to help Lily convince Faith to go on the family trip. Noah assured him that Holden knew how much Luke loved him, and Luke should not feel as if he had slighted his father. He said that biology was who you were, but family was whom you loved. Noah was sure that Holden understood why Luke was also pulled towards Damian.

Luke was worried that Holden had been very upset when Luke had given Damian another chance several months before. Luke felt that he should be with his family, so he got up to leave. Noah offered to go with him, but Luke said no. He felt too guilty because Noah had urged him all along to accompany Holden to Kentucky.

Lily and Faith took Ethan home from the farm, and they sat in the living room. Lily explained that Holden had gone on a long trip, and he was "in a better place." Ethan seemed to understand that people could be gone a long time, but he wanted to know when Holden was returning home. Lily broke down, and Faith stepped in and kept the boy busy. Lily went into her bedroom and took Holden's will from his dresser. She looked at the folder a long time, but she could not bear to open it, and she dissolved in tears.

Damian surprised Lily in her bedroom as she sobbed. He tried to put his arms around her, but Lily shouted at him not to touch her. There was no way he could console her, and Lily said that everything had happened because she had let Damian kiss her. She felt that she was being punished, and she yelled at Damian again when he tried to hug her. She finally had no more strength to resist, and Faith walked in to see Damian with his arms around her mother again.

Faith went ballistic and charged at Damian, yelling at him not to touch her mother. Lily attempted to tell Faith that Damian was trying to be nice, but the girl said that Damian did not belong in her parents' bedroom. She screamed that nothing would ever be okay again, and she ran out of the house. Lily and Damian could not find her either inside or outside, so they decided to split up to look for her. Lily said she would take Ethan to the farm in case Faith had gone there. Luke arrived then, and Lily asked him to watch Ethan so she could go faster to look for her daughter.

Damian sat with Luke and reminded the young man that he had lost one father, but he still had a father left who loved him very much. Luke sobbed on Damian's shoulder, as Damian advised him to take whatever he could from the people who loved him. Noah walked in and said that he needed to be with Luke, and he knew that Luke needed him. Damian left them alone, and Noah offered to hold Luke.

At the photo shoot, Rosanna stressed that the goal was to promote the vitamin water's ability to rehydrate and restore energy after strong physical activity. Parker was lost in his own thoughts and not paying attention to Rosanna, so she took him aside and asked what was going on. Parker denied that anything was, but Rosanna guessed that Liberty was on his mind more than vitamin water. Parker said that a few months before, he could only think of Liberty as his wife, but since then, the two had agreed that they should just be friends. He was confused, because lately it had seemed that Liberty was wanting more than that.

Rosanna said that it was no wonder that the boy was befuddled, and Liberty could not have it both ways. Parker said that Liberty had gotten knocked down at her summer internship; he swore Rosanna to secrecy and told her that Liberty had gotten fired. Rosanna complimented the boy on being sensitive and a good friend, and she said that Carly would be very proud of him. She told Parker to forget the photo shoot and to go to the picnic and find Liberty.

Parker went home first, and he found Faith crying on the front porch. Parker took her inside, and she told him about Holden's accident. Parker could not believe that Holden was dead, and he was unsure how to comfort Faith. He put his arms around the girl, and they hugged. A surprised Liberty saw them hugging through the front door, and she ran away.

At Metro, Teri made a few changes in the remodel, including the addition of a second sink and an upgraded refrigerator. Craig began fishing for compliments by trying to get Teri to agree that he had done well, even though he had no knowledge of "culinary work flows." Teri wanted to do some simple plumbing on the bar sink, and she told Craig that she had spent an entire summer working for an appliance company. Craig wanted to leave all the work for the experts, but Teri attacked the shutoff valve with a wrench and got thoroughly drenched by the resulting geyser.

Craig mentioned that there was a dryer on the premises, so Teri pulled off her shirt. Just as an embarrassed Craig was wrapping the young woman in a towel, Rosanna walked in and called Craig a "dirty dog." She berated him for putting moves on Teri, but Craig exclaimed that he loved Carly, and besides, he did not have to explain himself to anyone. Teri went to put her shirt in the dryer, and Rosanna warned Craig that the young woman had a serious crush on him, but Craig was oblivious.

Rosanna told Craig to put a stop to the crush, but Craig said that Teri was just showing that she was "grateful." Rosanna advised him to clear the air, as Teri returned with a dry shirt and gave him a kiss on the cheek for all the culinary upgrades. Craig invited the two women to join him at the Lakeview for lunch. When they arrived there, Rosanna received a call from the art director of the vitamin water campaign, and he requested a conference with her immediately.

Rosanna was alone with Teri for a few moments while Craig went to his room at the hotel to make arrangements for Johnny. Rosanna took the opportunity to "be straight" with Teri, and she said that Craig Montgomery always had an agenda, and for her to beware. Teri argued that Craig had only been lovely to her, and she reminded Rosanna that she was not some dewy-eyed teenager who had never been out in the world. She said there was nothing she had that Craig would want, but Rosanna had a snide comment about that.

After Rosanna left, Teri went to Craig's hotel room and knocked. She began to cry when he answered the door, and she rushed into his arms.

Faith was worried for her family, but she did not want anything to do with her mother. She asked to hang out with Parker, who almost told his cousin that he needed to find Liberty at the picnic, but instead he told her that she could stay there as long as she needed.

Liberty returned to the picnic and found Tony sitting in his car, drinking. She climbed into the back seat and asked him why he was sitting so far away. He joined her in the back, and she took the bottle from him and had a long drink. Liberty kissed him, and things progressed rapidly after that.

At the farm, Lily walked in looking for Faith, but the girl was not there. She explained to Meg and Emma that her daughter had "misinterpreted" a hug that Damian had given to Lily in consolation, which infuriated Meg. Meg hurled accusations, and Lily began shouting back. Emma cried out that they should be thinking about Holden, and whoever could not do that could leave her house immediately.

Damian wandered into Lily and Holden's bedroom, and he spotted Holden's will on the bed. He was reading it when Lily's phone rang. He answered it and spoke with Officer Grady from the Kentucky State Police. Grady wanted to talk to Lily, but Damian asked what he wanted. The officer requested Holden's dental records, so they could get a positive identification on a body they had recovered from the burned truck. Damian said that he would arrange that, and he then gave his cell phone number to the cop. Damian requested that all calls concerning Holden go to his phone to spare Mrs. Snyder more pain.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Janet visited Carly's house, looking for her sister, Teri. Rosanna told her that Teri was at the Lakeview with Craig. Rosanna gave Janet a cup of coffee and mentioned that Teri was a young woman who could be very impressed by a powerful man like Craig. Janet demanded to know if Craig had acted inappropriately with her sister, and said that, if so, she would kill him. Rosanna said no, but that Teri had a "look of dazed admiration in her eyes" when she looked at Craig. Janet had faith in her little sister, but she took the caveat under advisement.

Teri had thrown herself into Craig's arms in the doorway of his hotel room, but he managed to disengage himself and ask her what was wrong. Teri said that Rosanna had accused her of making moves on Craig. Craig apologized and explained that Rosanna hated him and was taking it out on Teri. The girl wanted to know why Rosanna thought that Craig was such a monster, and he answered that in the past, he had not been very nice to Rosanna. Teri defended Craig, much to his amusement, and they sat and talked.

Craig said that Rosanna had accused him of terrible things, none of which he had done. He maintained his innocence, but said that he had served some time before he was completely exonerated. Teri announced that she was starving, so Craig, who had promised her lunch, told her to order whatever she wanted from room service. During lunch, they talked about Carly and Craig's plans after Carly returned from rehab.

Craig finally said that he had eaten and drunk enough, and he needed a rest. He lay on the couch while Teri cleaned up and put the room service cart in the hall. She spoke to Craig, but he was already asleep, so Terri took off her shoes and curled up on his arm on the couch. Craig's eyes flew open when he felt her next to him, just as someone knocked on the door. He flew off the couch, assuming his visitor was the babysitter returning Johnny.

It was Janet at the door, however, and Craig invited her in. Janet saw her sister curled on the couch, and she ordered Terri to get up and get out. Teri said that they were only having lunch, and Janet calmed down a bit. She told the two of them that Holden had died in a car crash in Kentucky, and Craig was shocked. He worried about Lily, and excused himself to go into the bathroom. Janet took the opportunity to read Teri the riot act about her behavior.

At Lily's house, Damian called Officer Grady at the crash site and told him that he had forwarded Holden's dental records to the State Patrol office. He expected them to receive the records within the hour. Lily walked in, still upset, but she refused to talk about what was bothering her and went to her room. She collapsed, crying, on her bed, and Damian knocked on her door. Lily dismissed him, but Damian entered anyway. Lily cried for her husband.

Meg broke the news about Holden's accident to Jack, but she did not comment when Jack asked how his cousin was. She finally had to tell him that the body the police had removed from the truck was too badly burned to identify right away. Jack was stunned, and he left immediately to go see Lily. Damian opened the door to him at Lily's, so Jack said that he had found out that Faith was with Parker. He also asked Damian what the Kentucky police were doing, and Damian said that he had sent the dental records already, so it should not be long before they had a positive identification.

Jack said he would tell Lily about Faith, so Damian left. Jack knocked on Lily's door and announced himself. He went in, and a sobbing Lily threw herself into Jack's arms. Jack told her that Damian had sent the dental records to Kentucky, but Lily was shocked that the police had not yet identified the victim. She suddenly became hopeful that the body was not Holden, but Jack explained how slim the odds were that it was not. Lily begged Jack not to take that tiny bit of hope away from her. She cited Jack's own example of his "rising from the dead" after his accident off the bridge years before.

Lily got hysterical again and showed Jack the watch that Holden had been wearing. Jack remembered it well, as it had belonged to their grandfather. Lily was upset that Jack was so accepting of Holden's death, but Jack explained that Lily loved his cousin so much that she was in denial. Lily insisted that Holden's loss did not feel final, and she began to cry again. She vowed that she would not give up on her husband until all the tests were in.

Jack asked Lily's permission to help with the investigation, and Lily allowed it. He asked to borrow the watch in case it had any forensic evidence on it, and she reluctantly let him have it. Lily asked Jack to go, so that she could be alone. She dozed off a while on her bed, but then woke with a start, calling Holden's name. She did not understand why she did not feel as if Holden was really gone.

At the farm, Damian embraced Meg and then told her that he had sent Holden's records to Kentucky. Meg was feeling guilty because she had argued with Lily about Damian's hug. Damian calmed her and promised to let her lean on him. Meg wanted to ask him a very serious question; she wanted to know if the two of them were still together. Damian assured her that they were, but if the police identified the body as Holden's, then Damian had to be there for Lily, as well.

Meg understood that, and she talked about how Holden was part of some of her first memories of her life. Suddenly, she felt a strong urge to see the crash site, and she begged Damian to take her to Kentucky. Damian agreed, and they took off. They found the ravine, but Meg insisted on viewing it by herself, so Damian went to speak with the state patrolman. Damian asked the cop if they had run the dental records yet, and the trooper said that the teeth from the body were so badly damaged that they could not be compared to the records. They would have to extract DNA samples from the teeth themselves, so there was no positive identification yet.

The officer said that it would take a while for that process, but Damian wished to expedite matters. He took the patrolman aside and had a private conversation with him, and then Damian joined Meg at the edge of the ravine. He comforted her as the patrolman approached, and Meg asked the officer if they had identified the body yet.

Craig spoke with Rosanna at Carly's and asked if she had sent Janet to check up on him. He said that he was glad if she had, because he thought she might have been right about Teri. He told Rosanna that Teri had "kind of made a move" on him, and Rosanna burst out laughing. Craig said that Teri was a sweet kid, but he was in love with Carly. Rosanna kept laughing, and she told him to get himself out of his own messes. Craig sincerely asked for her help, so Rosanna suggested something very radical for Craig: he should tell Teri the truth. Craig agreed, but he wanted Rosanna with him when he did.

Teri arrived and Craig admitted that he "may have acted inappropriately." He said that their relationship had to remain strictly professional. Teri began to giggle, and she said that the only person under the wrong impression was Craig. She assured him that he never had anything to worry about in that department, and she excused herself to take a shower. Rosanna complimented Craig that he had handled the situation especially well, and then she threw him out and went into the kitchen. Teri sneaked down the stairs and went out on the porch, grinning, to watch Craig leave.

Jack took Holden's watch to the farm, and got there just as Meg was returning from Kentucky. They talked about Jack's visit with Lily and how she had compared the crash to Jack's incident several years before. Meg told Jack that the police had made a positive identification from the dental records, as Janet walked in. Janet comforted her husband, and Meg told them that Damian was on his way to tell Lily. Janet and Jack went out on the porch, and Jack talked about his memories with Holden and their grandfather. He told Janet how lucky they were and how much he loved her.

Lily went to the Snyder pond and remembered her first meeting with Holden when they were teenagers. A vision of Holden appeared from behind her and spoke to her. Lily begged Holden to stay with her, but Holden said that he could not. Lily felt his hands on her shoulders, but when she turned, it was Damian she saw. Damian lied and said that the police had made a positive identification of Holden from the dental records, and he put his arms around a weeping Lily. Meg watched them from a short distance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Audrey Coleman stepped off the elevator in the Lakeview lobby and spotted "Jay Stanhope," aka Raymond Zuma, asking for her at the front desk. She quickly jumped back into the elevator and headed for Henry and Vienna's room. Meanwhile, Henry studied his likeness in the mirror and then asked Vienna if he had an "eagle glint" in his eye that looked as if he wanted to take over the world. Next he asked if anything about his face reminded her of Paul Ryan or James Stenbeck. Henry was relieved that Vienna saw nothing of the kind.

Henry announced that his mother was crazy, and there was no way that James Stenbeck could be his father. Audrey knocked frantically on the door and shouted for Henry to let her in quickly. She dashed in and asked for sanctuary. Henry offered to throw his mother out unless she had an explanation, so Audrey said that "Jay Stanhope" was down in the lobby. Henry said that he knew "Jay" was really Raymond Zuma, and he had figured out that he and Audrey were plotting to kill the real Jay Stanhope.

Audrey shouted that Henry had it all backwards; Ray was trying to kill her. Audrey owed Zuma $50,000 for a real estate deal that went bad, and she suggested that they get the money from Henry's father, who would be so delighted to know of Henry's existence that he would shower them with money. Henry reminded Audrey that the "late, great James Stenbeck" was dead, but his mother swore that Stenbeck was alive.

Henry wanted nothing to do with Stenbeck, and he told Audrey how James had held him prisoner in the wine cellar at Fairwinds and tried to feed him a poison blowfish. Audrey said that James owed Henry for that, and perhaps he would ante up the money. Henry went down to the lobby to check if "Jay" was still there, while Audrey pled with Vienna for help. Henry returned and reported that the coast was clear, so Audrey promised to get proof that Stenbeck was still among the living. After Audrey left, Vienna almost convinced Henry that Audrey thought she was telling the truth.

Dusty and Bonnie walked through Old Town, and Dusty remarked that he did not know how Bonnie had gotten him off with just a suspended sentence. Bonnie said that she was just that good, but then admitted that Paul Ryan's testimony was a big part of Dusty's getting lucky. Dusty said he was heading to the Worldwide offices because Lucinda Walsh had been in charge of his company too long.

At Fairwinds, Barbara complained to Paul that no matter how many times James died, he never got any less infuriating or dangerous. Paul said that his father was not so dangerous in a wheel chair and stuck in the basement, and he planned on keeping him there until James died. Emily arrived and overheard part of that statement, and she wanted to know if Paul was talking about the "not so dearly departed" James Stenbeck. Paul did not answer, but instead he asked Emily if she had regained her senses and was going to return the money he had loaned her for her newspaper.

Barbara butted in with her two cents, but Emily said that she had hired a lawyer to make sure that she could keep the money. Paul complained, but Emily told Barbara that her argument was much better since Barbara had tried to have Paul committed. Paul had to prove that he was in control of his mental faculties in order to revoke the power of attorney that his mother held. Emily thanked Barbara for making her job easier and offered her flowers. Emily handed the legal papers to Paul and walked out. Paul grinned, and walked out after her, leaving his mother fuming.

Emily went to the Worldwide offices and found Dusty and Bonnie wrangling. Bonnie walked out when Dusty began talking to Emily, who told her old boss that Lucinda had fired her from the Intruder staff. Dusty offered to make that right for Emily, but she said that was not necessary. She said that she actually had a business proposition for Dusty. She told him that Paul was bankrolling a newspaper venture for her, and what she needed was office space, staff, and printing equipment. Dusty grinned that Lucinda would go through the roof, but Emily said the two of them were a match made in Heaven.

Paul walked in just as Emily was saying that it would be fun to be in business with Dusty again. He demanded to talk with Emily , so they went into her old office. Paul ordered Emily to return his money, and they shouted at each other. Suddenly Paul leaned in close and kissed Emily until she pushed him away and smacked his face. Paul said he really needed the money, and they had more conversation, until Emily kissed him. They ripped off their clothes and began to make love on Emily's desk.

Audrey arrived at Fairwinds and met a none-too-cordial Barbara, who was sitting on the couch. Audrey introduced herself, and Barbara recognized the Coleman name. Audrey said that she was looking for a Barbara Ryan, but she could not believe that Barbara was so young looking. Audrey claimed to be a mystery writer, and she wanted to talk about James Stenbeck. Barbara warned her away with a couple of horror stories, but Audrey was persistent. Barbara refused to talk about James any longer, and she told Audrey to leave.

Audrey was strolling through Old Town when she bumped into "Jay Stanhope." He demanded his money immediately, and he threatened to make her life very difficult if she did not pay up. Audrey begged for more time, but "Jay" had a tight grip on her arm. Suddenly Barbara dashed up and pretended that she and Audrey were late for a restaurant lunch. Audrey said that the man had only needed directions, so she gave him some phony ones. Barbara grabbed Audrey and said that she was finally ready to have the little conversation Audrey had wanted.

Barbara and Audrey went to Al's, and Barbara said that she knew that Audrey owed "that guy" money, and that Audrey had obviously heard about the Stenbeck fortune. Audrey claimed that she was not a gold digger; she only wanted was rightfully hers. When Barbara looked surprised, Audrey said that she had been intimate with James many years ago, and Barbara interrupted by asking if James had forgotten to pay her hourly rate. Audrey was miffed, and she wondered aloud if Barbara's son, Paul, might be able to "spare a little something" for one of his father's "old friends."

Barbara tried to threaten Audrey, but Audrey hinted that she might drop by Fairwinds to speak with Paul. At that point, Barbara asked how much money Audrey wanted, and when Audrey answered "$50,000," Barbara took out her checkbook. Barbara's condition was that if she paid Audrey, the woman had to agree to leave town immediately. Audrey smiled sweetly, as Barbara searched her purse for a pen. She couldn't locate one, so she got up to borrow one from the waitress. While Barbara was gone, Audrey slipped Barbara's keys out of her purse and into her own.

As Barbara began to write the check, Audrey began questioning why a woman would give a total stranger a great deal of money. She was suspicious of Barbara's motives, and she finally stood up and said, "Thanks, but no thanks," and she walked out. She went immediately to Fairwinds and used Barbara's keys to gain entry. She prowled around until she found the stairway down to the cellar. She walked into the wine cellar, and James kicked the door shut. Audrey called him "Jay," and he said, "Hello, Audrey."

Bonnie was in the Lakeview Lounge when Dusty called her. She did not know that Dusty was actually in the lounge also until he walked up behind her. He thanked her properly for defending him so well in court. He said that he liked and respected Bonnie, so that was why he was always trying to protect her from him. Bonnie said that she didn't need protection, and she took him by the hand and let him to his room. They began to undress and then made love.

Bonnie surprised Dusty, however, by leaving his bed soon after they had finished. She got dressed and said that she had to prepare for a case. She also remarked that they could go back to being friends since they had gotten the sex out of their systems. Dusty was confused, so he did nothing as Bonnie walked from the room. She returned almost immediately and began pelting him with pillows and swearing at him for not stopping her. They began kissing again.

Henry and Vienna talked about how they could help Audrey if she really thought that James was alive and if Ray Zuma was after her for money. Vienna suggested that they give Henry's mother the $50,000, but Henry asked where they would get it. Vienna said they had a great deal of it, thanks to "Geneva Swift." Henry groaned and said that he had been saving the money that Kim had paid him for his appearances as Geneva and had wanted to spend it on a nest egg. Vienna considered that money ill gotten, however, so Henry agreed to use his television spoils and to borrow the rest.

James told Audrey that he was sorry that he had made her believe that he was dead. Audrey sat on James' lap and flirted with him, and they reminisced about meeting in New Orleans. James said that she had written to him about their son, Henry, and Audrey said that Henry did not believe what Audrey had told him. She continued to schmooze James, who grabbed her hard by the arm, so she quickly asked if he wanted her to take him to meet their son, and James smiled in agreement.

Emily and Paul had slipped off her desk and were lying in front of it, on the floor. They resumed their money argument, and Emily offered to make Paul co-owner of the newspaper, as long as she could keep creative control. They began kissing again as Barbara blustered in and loudly asked them if they had no restraint at all. Barbara told Paul to zip up his fly and accompany her on an important errand that Emily was not involved with. Paul went out in the vestibule, and Barbara told him that someone was on to them and was looking for James.

They went to Fairwinds and dashed down to the cellar. James was gone, so they went back upstairs, and Paul asked who could possibly have known where his father was. Barbara said that Audrey Coleman, Henry's mother, had figured it out. They talked about how Audrey might have gotten into the house, and Barbara checked her purse and realized that Audrey had stolen her keys. Paul said Audrey had obviously snuck in and wheeled James out.

Emily walked in just in time to hear Paul's last statement, and she asked if James was truly alive. Barbara glared at Paul, who told Emily that James was, indeed, still among the living. Barbara reasoned that Audrey would need some physical help with a man in a wheelchair, and that probably meant Henry. Barbara did not want Emily with them, but Paul invited her, and the three of them took off.

Henry and Vienna went to Audrey's room but could not find her. Henry worked his magic on the door, and they went in to wait for her. Vienna said that she was very proud of Henry for helping his mother, while Henry snooped. He found a letter to Audrey from Memorial Hospital that confirmed, through DNA testing, that James Stenbeck was the father of Henry Coleman. Henry could not face it, but he voiced his one consolation: "At least James Stenbeck is dead."

They went back to their own room, and Henry opened the door. They both shrieked when they were faced with Audrey, sitting on James Stenbeck's lap, in a wheelchair. Audrey, with more than a hint of sarcasm, asked Henry if he finally believed her. Henry clenched his eyes shut and willed his mind to wake up from a horrible dream. When he opened his eyes, the image was still there, and James said, "Hello, son." Henry screamed, "I'm in hell!" and James suggested that they not hold any more grudges.

Suddenly the door flew open again, and Paul, Emily and Barbara burst in. They saw the same scene of Audrey and James, plus a shell-shocked Henry and Vienna. Emily was stunned to see James alive, as James addressed Paul and told him to say hello to his brother. Barbara yelled at Audrey, "You had a child with him?" as James smiled and said, "Don't you just love family reunions?"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barbara confronted James in Henry and Vienna's room, and Paul demanded to know why James had referred to Henry as Paul's brother. Henry said he was hoping that wasn't true, and Emily was totally confused and asked James why he wasn't dead. James looked around the room and declared that they were a portrait of a modern American family; he was there with his ex-wife and his mistress, and his two sons and their mistresses. He asked how lucky one man could be.

Audrey ordered "bubbly" for the celebration, but Henry informed his mother that the party was over. He asked her to roll her "undead psycho boyfriend" out of his room, and Paul stepped up and offered to give his father "a hand." James stopped him, as Henry and Vienna both said they hated James. James announced that he was dying, and he wanted his family around him without hostility. Barbara angrily reminded James that he had tortured Paul all his life and could hardly expect his son to shower him with affection just because he was in a wheelchair and had a date with the Reaper.

James cautioned his sons to meet him halfway, and that way everyone would get his just rewards. Barbara said that Henry's DNA test was probably bogus, but Emily said that James would have no motive for making it up. After all, James had all the money, and Henry was no prize. No one but Audrey and Vienna could think of any advantages of having Henry in the family. Audrey clamped down the discussion by announcing that Henry and Paul were brothers, whether the rest of them liked it or not.

James asked his "boys" not to fight, but Barbara went for the kill and asked James what he was really after. Stenbeck said that he wanted to put his affairs in order before it was too late, and that he had a sizable inheritance to bequeath. Paul threw a fit and declared that he wanted nothing to do with the money, and he and Emily walked out. "And then there was one," quipped James.

At Memorial, Alison was getti,ng ready to go on her shift when Ingrid, her supervisor, told her not to bother getting on her scrubs and handed her an envelope. Alison read it as Riley walked in, and she gave him the news that she was on suspension. She began cleaning out her locker, as Riley gave her encouragement to fight the suspension. Alison said that she did not wish to embarrass Dr. Hughes, because she felt he wasn't really lying; he truly couldn't remember what had happened. Riley urged her to help Bob, as Casey walked in. He said he needed to talk with Alison, and it was important.

Bob sat with Kim as she awakened at the hospital. She asked how she was doing, and Bob told her that she was much improved and was going to be fine. She asked again what had happened, and Bob explained that she had gotten a wrong dosage of medication. Kim wanted details, so her husband replied that she had received an overdose of anticoagulant. She asked how that could have happened, but Bob zoned out and was unresponsive. He flashed back to when he had fiddled with Kim's I.V. drip just before she went into shock.

Kim sat up and touched Bob, and she remarked how tired he looked. Bob was confused, so Kim said that he had been telling her about the overdose and then had "sort of checked out" for a few minutes. Bob assured his wife that everything was fine, so Kim asked who had made the dosage error. Bob told her it was Alison Stewart, and the girl had not disputed it. Kim was grateful that at least this time Alison was not blaming Bob for the mistake. Bob asked her to clarify that, and Kim said that Alison had approached her at WOAK and said that Bob had been responsible for the medical mistake on Riley Morgan. Bob told Kim to stop worrying about him, and he went into the hall. Alison's supervisor told Bob that she had delivered Alison's suspension.

Riley left Alison and Casey alone, and he intercepted Bob in the hall. He asked to speak with Bob about Alison, and confided that the girl was taking the heat for something she had not done. Riley knew that she was covering for someone, and when Bob asked who it was, Riley said, "It's you, Dr. Hughes." They walked to Old Town because Riley thoughtfully realized that Bob would not want to conduct such a personal conversation in the hospital. Riley reminded Bob that the week before, he had found Bob sitting on a bench staring at his beeper without a clue how to operate it.

Riley also mentioned that he had walked Bob back to the hospital, but Bob was confused as to what Alison had to do with any of that. Riley explained that Alison was suffering because she knew that Bob was making some serious errors. Bob told Riley it was none of his business, but the young man said that he had almost died because of Bob's mistake, and that made it his business. It was not fair for Alison to pay for someone else's errors, and Bob needed to do something about it. Riley walked off as Bob remembered again how he had adjusted Kim's IV.

Casey wanted to speak to Alison about the suspension, and he said that he thought his dad was wrong in recommending it, and that Alison was getting a raw deal. Alison asked if Casey believed her, and Casey waffled because Bob Hughes was his grandfather. Alison understood that it was hard for Casey to think of a family member with a mental weakness, but she was not willing to give Casey yet another second chance with their relationship.

Audrey answered Henry's door to find Ray Zuma there, and he forced his way in. Henry said he was beginning to feel nostalgic for the days when he thought his mother was just a serial killer. Ray noticed James and asked if he was Audrey's old boyfriend who was going to front him the money she owed him. James asked how much money, and Ray told him $50,000, in cash. James declared, "Done," and Audrey hugged and kissed him in gratitude. Ray mentioned that "the dude in the wheelchair didn't look so good," and then he took a better look and recognized him as James Stenbeck.

Ray began buttering up James, but James ordered him out. Henry threw everyone out, so Audrey wheeled James into the hall. Barbara followed them and accused James of continuing to torture Paul by dredging up a long-lost son. She swore that she would jump off a cliff before she would allow him to hurt their son again. She left and went to Fairwinds, where she was disappointed to find Emily with Paul. Barbara warned Paul that his father planned to play him off against Henry, just as he had with Dusty. Paul said that he was aware of that, but he refused to participate. He did not want the money.

Barbara continued to lecture Paul on how much he needed his father's money because he had given most of his own to "that concubine," and she gestured at Emily. She reminded Paul that James would not be around forever, but Paul wasn't so sure about that. Barbara implored her son to take what was due him, but Paul kept denying that he had any interest in it. A grim Barbara said that Paul would get the money, even if she had to get it for him.

Henry was not pleased to have James's "obsessive, paranoid, whacko, psychotic spawn," Paul, as a brother. Vienna talked about James's "dirty millions and millions of dirty dollars" until Henry's eyes glazed over. They both declared their distrust and hate for the man.

Audrey wheeled James to her room, and he remarked that he hoped that his sons came around before time ran out for him. Audrey thanked him for bailing her out with Ray Zuma, and she asked if there was anything she could do for him "to take away the pain." They kissed, and James asked her to lock the door. They shared the champagne in bed after having a romp, and Audrey said that even though all of James's circuits "weren't hooked up to the grid," he had given her great pleasure. James complimented her on being as "resourceful" as ever.

James said that he was "almost happy," and his only dying wish was that his sons respect him before he died. Audrey said that Henry was a prince and a "chip off the old Stenblock." James asked for a favor; he wanted Audrey to rub his feet while he watched. Audrey promised to do that as soon as she ran one teeny, tiny errand. She got dressed quickly and went to Henry's room, where her son was struggling knowing that he had been created one half from a felonious con artist and the other half from a psycho. Audrey urged him to take his father's money and to consider if payback for her being a lousy mother.

Vienna returned from shopping and sent Audrey packing. She had bought a can of whipped cream, so she took it out and told Henry that it was time for one of his fantasy games. Vienna knew that always put Henry into a better mood, and he really needed a rebound.

Alison finished packing up at the hospital as Bob walked in. He said that he wanted to know the truth about what had happened to his wife. Alison told him that he had been alone with Kim, and that only he and Alison were on duty. Kim had been fading in and out, and Bob had been talking to her. Then Alison saw him get up and adjust the I.V. drip. Bob thought about that and told Alison that he would clear her suspension with the supervisor, and Alison could go back to work immediately. Then he asked her to keep the information about his behavior to herself, but Alison said she thought she should tell someone.

Bob said that he would avoid direct patient care and do only administrative duties until he felt he was up to speed. The residents could supervise the medications, and Bob was certain that his problem would pass quickly. He told Alison that he had suffered a mini-stroke a couple of years before, but he had completely recovered after a good rest. He said that he had to be with Kim, so he did not have time to get checked out with an MRI or a CT scan. He promised to clear Alison's name as long as their conversation did not leave the room.

Alison agreed with one condition: Dr. Hughes had to call a neurologist for a consultation, and Bob agreed to talk with a Dr. Prendergast in the hospital. Alison dialed the phone and handed it to Bob, and she heard him request that the doctor call him with a time when Bob could see him. Alison was satisfied, so she prepared to go back to work.

Tom walked through the hospital corridor and spotted Alison working. He asked what she was doing, because, as the hospital's attorney, he had advised his father to suspend her that morning. Alison replied that Bob had reinstated her, and Tom was angry. Casey arrived and attempted to calm his father. Bob walked through, so Tom questioned him about Alison. Bob said that he had reinstated her, and Tom began to lecture his dad. Bob's vision began to blur, and when a nurse asked for his signature on some paperwork, he appeared vague and unresponsive.

Tom asked his father if he was all right, and Bob finally recovered and tended to business. He also dismissed Tom's harangue by saying that he had made his decision. Tom was puzzled, but Bob went into Kim's room where she asked if she could go home to sleep in her own bed. Bob said that before he released her, he would have to check with "the boss." Kim was confused and asked if he was not the boss, and Bob covered his remark with a joke. He went out and asked a nurse to pick up Kim's discharge papers, and she gave him the message that Dr. Prendergast could see him right away. Bob asked the nurse to cancel the appointment.

Alison ran to Java on her first break, looking for Riley. He was there, and she excitedly told him that she had gotten her job back. Alison knew that Riley had intervened on her behalf, and she thanked him for believing her, and she gave him a big hug, which embarrassed both of them. She said that Bob had agreed to talk with the neurologist about his episodes, and he had made the call in front of her. Riley said that they just had to hope that Dr. Hughes kept his word.

Audrey fed rice pudding to James, but she got up to answer the door. It was Henry, who said that he had been in shock earlier, and perhaps he had been a bit hasty with his words. He had reconsidered, and, since James was Henry's pater familias, he could not turn his back on James. James gave Henry "the look," as Audrey urged her son to hug his "daddy." Henry did, much to James' amusement, and then Henry quickly exited. Audrey was pleased and told James that their boy had come around and had earned the right to be the sole Stenbeck heir. She recommended that James let Paul go and to concentrate on Henry.

When Henry returned to his room, he found Barbara waiting in the hall. He turned around and yelled, "Now what?" Barbara apologized in a saccharine voice and smiled that since they were "family," they had to make the best of it. She oozed platitudes about "brother bonding" and "family ties," and she said that she would do everything in her power to see that Henry and Paul got "ever so close."

Paul and Emily began kissing, and Paul thanked her for helping him get the upper hand on James. Emily asked if Paul really wanted power over his felonious father, and when Paul said yes, Emily said that the key was only three little numbers. Paul asked what the numbers were, and Emily pointed to the phone and smiled. Then she said, "9-1-1."

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rosanna received a phone call from the rehabilitation facility where Carly was staying. Rosanna was told that Carly was ready to have visitors. Craig, who was at Carly's house, was thrilled to hear the news and told Rosanna that they should leave immediately to visit Carly. Rosanna told Craig to slow down, because Carly could only have one visitor at a time, and Rosanna wanted to be that person. Parker walked into the room and insisted that he should be the one to visit his mother first.

Parker told Craig and Rosanna that he wanted to let his mother know that he was sorry for having made things worse for her when she was drinking. Craig and Rosanna reassured Parker that it hadn't been his fault, and that both Parker and Carly had been in a situation that they couldn't handle. Craig promised that he would take Parker to visit Carly as soon as he was sure it was okay.

Parker decided to go for a bike ride, and after he left, Rosanna began to argue with Craig about his relationship with Carly and how much he had enabled Carly's drinking. Craig told Rosanna that since he was paying for Carly's rehab and since he was engaged to be married to Carly, it was his right to be Carly's first visitor. Rosanna countered by saying that Carly would no longer want anything to do with Craig after she had completed the rehab program.

Craig told Rosanna he was surprised that she had become so nasty since her return to Oakdale, but Rosanna said she was simply protecting her loved ones. Craig responded by saying that Rosanna's anger and resentment would begin to show on her face if she wasn't careful, and then she'd be "a lonely, spiteful, sad, old maid." He told Rosanna that he was in Carly's life, which meant he was also in Rosanna's life, and Rosanna would just have to get used to it.

Liberty and Tony walked through a park, but Liberty tried to stop Tony when he started to kiss her. Liberty asked Tony if all he wanted to do was have sex, and Tony replied that sex had been fine with Liberty the previous day. When Tony took Liberty by the arm and told her they should "go for a ride," she pulled back and said she didn't feel like it. Parker rode up on his bike and saw that Liberty appeared to be trying to get Tony to leave her alone. Parker told Liberty that he thought her mother was looking for her. Liberty went along with Parker's story and told Tony that she had to do something for her mom. Tony left, and Parker asked Liberty if she was okay.

Liberty thanked Parker but said he should just worry about his new girlfriend. Parker had no idea what Liberty meant, so she told him that she'd seen him hugging a girl when she had gone by his house the previous day. Parker told Liberty that the girl had been his cousin, Faith, and he had been hugging her because Faith had just found out that her father had died.

Liberty told Parker that she felt like a big screwup, especially since she had been fired from a job she'd been doing for free. Parker told Liberty that she shouldn't take her firing personally, but Liberty said it was personal. She told him, "I sucked. I would have fired me, too." Parker assured Liberty that even though things weren't going her way that summer, she was still one of the coolest people he knew.

Parker then told Liberty that his mother was able to have visitors at the rehab facility, and Liberty asked when Parker was going to visit Carly. Parker explained that Craig had wanted to see Carly first, but Parker would go as soon as possible. Liberty told Parker that his mom would be very proud of him for going back to school and having the modeling job. Parker then told Liberty that if Tony gave her any problems, she could count on Parker to help her. He also told her that she could do way better than Tony. After Parker left, Liberty called Tony and told him she didn't think they should see each other again.

When Craig arrived at the rehab clinic, the receptionist informed him that Carly had changed her mind and didn't want to see him that day. The nurse apologized and explained that someone was supposed to have called to let Craig know before he made the trip to the clinic.

Craig returned to Carly's house, and when Rosanna walked into the living room, he lied and told her his visit with Carly had gone very well. Craig said he hated to disappoint Rosanna, but Carly still loved him, and he wasn't "a mere side effect of the alcohol, after all." He added that Carly's problem was her addiction, not her relationship with him, and then he told Rosanna that he was going to get something to drink because he was thirsty after the long drive. Craig went into the kitchen.

The phone rang, and Rosanna answered it. After a brief conversation, she hung up, and when Craig walked back into the room, she said, "You jerk. You lied to me." She told him the clinic had just called to reassure Craig that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing that Carly had changed her mind about the visit and that Craig shouldn't take it personally. Rosanna couldn't believe Craig had lied to her to cover up the fact that Carly had hurt his feelings and so that he could be right about where his relationship with Carly stood. Craig admitted it and said that he hadn't wanted to see the smug look on Rosanna's face again, and he asked her if she was happy about it.

Parker went home and saw that Craig was back. He asked Craig how the visit with Carly had gone, and Craig told him that it hadn't actually happened because Carly wasn't ready. Parker worried that meant that his mother wasn't getting better. Craig asked Rosanna to give him a minute alone with Parker, and she left the room, but she stopped in the kitchen to listen to the conversation.

Craig told Parker that he thought it was a good sign that Carly had recognized for herself that she wasn't ready to see Craig yet. He said, "It's either that, or she's completely over me." Parker said that wasn't funny, and Craig agreed. Craig pointed out that it was only one day, and he said he could give that up in the hope that he and Carly would have years together. Parker asked if Craig was positive that nothing was wrong, and Craig assured Parker that Carly was simply trying to get well and strong so she could be back with her family, because she loved Parker and always would.

Parker went upstairs, and Rosanna walked back into the living room. Craig said he thought it was good that Parker hadn't gone to the clinic earlier, and Rosanna agreed that it would have been devastating if Carly had decided at the last minute that she wasn't ready to see Parker. Craig said maybe Carly would have agreed to see Parker instead of him. Rosanna told Craig she knew it had hurt him when Carly hadn't wanted to see him, and she wanted Craig to know that it didn't make her happy. She thanked Craig for being so good with Parker, and he told her she was welcome.

At the Lakeview, Audrey massaged James's leg and offered to rub anything else James wanted rubbed. As she flirted with him, Audrey told James that Henry would be a better, more loyal son to him than Paul was being. James replied that he wasn't worried about Paul, because Paul lacked the courage of his convictions.

Barbara cornered Henry in the Lakeview as he was returning to his room and told him that he should get to know his brother, Paul. Henry saw through Barbara's supposed concern for family ties and told her he knew she was trying to make sure Paul didn't lose his chance to get some of James's remaining money. Henry opened the door to his room and found Vienna at the doorway.

Vienna asked what Henry and Barbara were talking about, and Henry said that Barbara wanted him to celebrate his new brother. Barbara informed Vienna that she just wanted to make sure that Henry and Paul would share equally in whatever their father might leave behind. Vienna told Barbara that she and Henry didn't want any of James's money or anything to do with James, but Barbara told Vienna that she had gotten a different impression from Henry.

After Barbara left, Vienna asked Henry if he had led Barbara to believe he was interested in having James's money. Henry admitted that he had decided it couldn't hurt to get to know his rich father and perhaps inherit some of the millions of dollars James had. Because James had told them that he was dying, Henry thought James was harmless. Vienna was worried that was exactly what James wanted them to believe.

At Fairwinds, Paul called the police and reported that his father, James Stenbeck, could be found in Henry Coleman's room at the Lakeview Hotel. He then thanked Emily for having given him the idea to call the police. Emily told Paul that was a good argument for keeping her around, and Paul agreed, but said he could come up with a better reason. Emily nipped Paul's idea in the bud, though, and said she had to follow the story for her newspaper.

At the Lakeview, Henry arrived in the lobby in time to overhear a couple of policemen asking the desk clerk about James Stenbeck. Henry rushed back upstairs and went to his mother's room. Henry told Audrey and James that the police were downstairs looking for James, and he quickly wheeled James out of the room. Henry took James and Audrey down to the boiler room of the hotel and told them he would get a few things to make them more comfortable.

Henry returned to his room and grabbed a pillow, a blanket, and a bottle of champagne. As he was leaving, Vienna walked in and asked what he was doing. Henry told Vienna that he was going to sit by the pool and get a little sun. He told her the blanket was because he didn't like the marks the lounge chairs left on his back, and the pillow was for his neck, while the wine was for "hydration." Vienna asked if Henry was hiding anything from her, but he assured her he wasn't, and then he left.

Emily and Paul went to the police station to await James's arrest. Barbara called Paul and told him that Henry was trying to get all of James's money for himself. Paul told his mother that he didn't care, and then he let her know that he had told the police where to find James.

Barbara went to the police station to try to talk Paul into leaving so that James wouldn't find out that Paul had been the one to turn him in. Paul said he wanted his father to know who had done it. Emily asked Barbara why she was encouraging her son to grovel to a man who treated him like garbage. Barbara told Emily that Paul needed James's money, because Paul had given the last of his own money to Emily.

Paul asked one of the police officers if he knew what was happening with the arrest, and the officer told him that James hadn't been at the hotel when the police had arrived to arrest him. Barbara told Paul that she was sure that meant that Henry and Audrey had hidden James away somewhere, because Henry wanted James's fortune all for himself. Paul told Barbara that Henry could have it all, but that James deserved to be in jail. He then told Barbara that she could help him or she could stay out of his way.

Barbara decided to help Paul, so she called Vienna and told her that she thought that Henry and his mother might be trying to hide James from the police, Vienna asked what she should do. Barbara told her to "stab Henry in the back" for his own good. Barbara convinced Vienna that even if Henry thought all he had to do was to do a few favors for James, that wasn't the way James operated, and James would change Henry into someone Vienna wouldn't recognize. That scared Vienna, so she agreed to Barbara's plan.

Vienna called Henry on his cell phone, and when Henry answered, Vienna told him that she knew he was hiding with his father. She told him that she thought he was doing the right thing, and she wanted to help him. When Vienna asked where Henry was, Henry told her, and she in turn told Barbara. Paul and the police arrived, and they went to the boiler room and found Henry, Audrey, and James. When James saw Paul, he realized that Paul had turned him in.

Henry asked Vienna why she had betrayed him. She told him that she was trying to save him from James, but Henry said he didn't want to be saved. Vienna told Henry that she was afraid he would become obsessed with James's inheritance the same way he had become obsessed with being Geneva Swift. In that case, Henry had been drunk on fame, and Vienna worried that he would become drunk on his dream of an inheritance. Vienna didn't think their relationship could survive something like that again. Henry asked if Vienna was saying that unless he stayed away from his very rich father, she would trick him again. Vienna agreed that she would if she had to.

At the police station, James told the arresting officer that Henry and Audrey had had nothing to do with him evading arrest. Audrey thanked James for saying that and promised that she and Henry would do whatever they could to get James out of jail. Paul then went into the interrogation room to tell his father that he expected James to die in jail. He said goodbye and told James that he wasn't sorry. James asked, "Why should you be sorry? You've finally done something I can be proud of."

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