Another World Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on AW
A sniper killed Gabe. Cass worked to keep Grant from getting custody of Kirkland from Michael and Donna while Joe arrested then was forced to release Grant for the bombing that had supposedly killed Vicky and Bobby. Carl rushed a deteriorating Vicky to the hospital.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on AW
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Monday, February 17, 1997


Bobby told Vicky that he too saw Ryan and in fact, Ryan was the one that saved them by appearing in front of the truck so they were forced to stop and find the bomb. Vicky smiles and says that Ryan has been protecting and watching out for them all the time. Bobby points out that the person Ryan's been watching over the most has been Kirkland and Vicky realizes Ryan was Kirkland's special friend who taught him to sign "I love you" and that Ryan has been with them all this time. Bobby says that Ryan has been there since Thanksgiving. Vicky, who seems more at peace, explains the choice she made and Bobby said he wouldn't have known what to do if he had lost her. She asks how he knows Daniel and Bobby says they grew up together. Later, Vicky tends to Bobby's leg and they both settle down for the night, Vicky on the bed and Bobby on the chair.


As Cindy and Gabe are leaving the hospital, they come face-to-face with Grant who looks as terrified to see them together as Cindy was to see him. Just then, a sniper shoots Gabe in the back and he falls into Cindy's arms. In the following commotion, Tomas and other hospital staff perform CPR, while Cindy lunges at Grant calling him a murderer and the rest of the Gary and the rest of the cops try and control the situation. At one point, Gary notices Carl standing there and Carl gives Gary an enigmatic smile. Joe arrives from the stationhouse and told Paulina who has come out from Carlino's to get inside. John works frantically to keep Gabe alive but he dies. A wild-eyed Cindy bursts into Lorna's room to tell her only to find Felicia and Josie who are shocked at the news. Felicia went slightly crazy when it was confirmed, shaking Cindy and throwing stuff around the room. Josie arrests cindy for conspiracy to commit murder. Later, Carl receives a call from Daniel who uses the code "talking through the radio" to convince him the call was from Bobby. Daniel assures him that Bobby and Vicky are alive but that Vicky needs medical attention pronto and Carl agrees to order a medivac unit. As he was leaving, Gary arrives and wants to know where Carl has been since he threatened Gabe this morning. Carl says he needs to be somewhere but Gary says the only place he's going was for questioning.


Rachel visits her friend Loretta who reminds Rachel how much Carl loves her. Rachel has fond memories of their time in NY, saying Paris isn't the city of love, but NYC is. Rachel was forced to admit that Carl would make a great father but she was worried about the rage he still feels over Ryan's death. Loretta gives her a present that arrived from Carl which are tickets to the opera.


Jake was brought in from County Jail and he too was shocked to learn about Gabe. Joe was made Captain by Internal Affairs Officer Johansen and he reluctantly accepts the position. Jake asks when he was going to arrest Grant for murder and the rest of the cops chime in that Grant needs to be arrested now or at least brought in for questioning. Joe says if that's what they want then they need to go find the evidence to convict, because he can't go to the DA with only assumptions. Just then Grant walks in, still dazed and bloody from Cindy's attack and Jake lunges at him.

Tuesday, February 18, 1997


Vicky dreams she was making breakfast for Kirkland and Steven and then tells them to wait for their "dad" who turns out to be Bobby (!) She wakes up surprised and then skirts the issue when Bobby asks about her dream. They chit chat while waiting for Daniel to return. When Bobby went out to get snow to melt for coffee, Vicky has a dizzy spell and drops a cup because she seems to lose feeling in her hand. She keeps this from Bobby but he notices something was wrong when her speech gets slurred. Daniel returns and says help was on the way but the snow storm will probably delay the helicopter. Vicky gets dizzy again and needs to lay down. Bobby told Daniel he's very worried and prays for Carl to return soon.


The other cops clamor for Grant's arrest and Jake attacks him when Grant arrives. They pull Jake off Grant and put him back in his cell. Jake continues to taunt Grant about killing his brother,the mother of his son and now his best friend. Chris and Paulina come to the conclusion that Grant may have arranged for Tomas to see someone who looks like Jake come out from under Bobby's truck. Joe questions Grant who was relieved to know that Gabe told them nothing of his suspicions. Grant claims Cindy was nuts and the shot may have been meant for him because of Carl's threats. Grant demands police protection which Joe reluctantly agrees to on the urging of IA Officer Johansen. Felica arrives to make her statement and Joe asks her to arrange the funeral for Gabe. She agrees but told Joe to listen to what Cindy has to say about Grant. Josie takes cindy's statement and while still sort of off her rocker, Cindy confesses to everything Grant had her do. Whether they believe her or not was a different story. Joe orders Grant's apartment searched but when it comes up clean, he was forced to release Grant, much to everyone's dismay.


Cass arrives and told Nick that it looks like Grant may be successful in gaining custody of Kirkland for good and to let Donna and Michael know that Cass will do everything in his legal power to stop him. Nick thinks Grant may have paid off the judge and vows no one was going to split his nephews up. When Cass leaves, Steven comes in and asks Nick why Grant just can't stay in jail. Kirkland comes down and Nick asks if they want to go on an adventure with him. The boys get excited and Nick told them to go pack their bags.


Gary draws a gun on Carl and says its his sworn duty to bring Carl in for questioning because Carl threatened Gabe. Carl says Gary was being ridiculous and that he needs to get going because Vicky and Bobby are alive but need medical attention. Carl walks out and leaves Gary holding his gun. Felicia must call Lorna to tell her what happened because she doesn't want her to hear it on the news. John stands by, supportive. Later, an impromptu memorial to where Gabe died begins outside the hospital with police officers, hospital personnel and friends gathered outside. Felicia sees Grant approach and she goes up to him to give him a message from Lorna -- that whomever did this is going to be hunted down and will pay.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997


Cass, Michael and Donna discuss how Nick must have taken the boys to keep Kirk safe from Grant but they don't know where they've gone. Grant arrives with a court order and police man and demands to take Kirkland. Grant has a confrontation with Donna and Michael and Donna told him that Marley has the boys to keep them safe. She attacks Grant calling him a murderer and he demands she be arrested for violating a court order.


Jake tries to convince Joe to let him out to prove his innocence. Jake says he would know if Vicky was dead and that he's being framed. Joe warns him about involving Paulina and Jake says not to blame her because Paulina was loyal to people she cares about. Grant calls Joe and says that Carl has kidnapped his son and says heads are going to roll if he's not found. Joe asks Gary why he didn't bring Carl in for questioning. Gary says he was following his instincts and that Carl told him he knew Vicky and Bobby were alive. Joe says he was violating a direct order and Gary says he did what he thought was right. Paulina and Chris tell Jake their theory about Grant and Cindy and ask if he has a twin. They bring Donna in and Grant demands they make her tell them where Kirkland is. Joe says Grant better stop making accusations without proof. They put Donna in the cell with Jake and says they can throw away the key because she's not talking. Donna told Jake that Nick took the kids. Grant continues to insist that Carl was trying to assassinate him. Joe orders an APB out on Carl.


Paulina and Chris try to find out what Tomas knows and tell him that they think Grant set Jake up. They try to convince him that Jake would never have hurt Vicky and that Grant was so jealous of Jake and would have done anything to get Kirkland. Nick comes in and asks Sophia to make him some peanut butter and banana sandwiches and chocolate milk to go. Sophia does so and asks why but Nick leaves in a hurry. Matt arrives and Sophia tells him how upset Paulina was about Gabe's death. Matt overhears the conversation with Tomas and figures out he was the eyewitness. Tomas says the first one he told was Sophia but they realize she's gone. Tomas told he was going to meet Cindy when he saw Jake and that Jake was acting weird and didn't talk to him and Chris and Paulina realize that Grant had someone impersonate Jake. Outside the restaurant, Sophia overhears Nick talking to the boys. Kirk was upset because he can't find his teddy bear and Sophia jumps in the car and offers to help find him. Sophia asks why Nick has the kids and realizes that while Nick may be fun on a trip, he doesn't know how to take care of the boys in a responsible way. Nick says that he knows Vicky is alive and he's not going to let Grant mess with Kirk's head. Sophia says that she's coming with them and told Nick that the boys need her. They end up in Lassiter and Nick says he's found a hotel they can afford but there's one problem, the room was a cheesy hotel suite with a heart shaped bed and mirrors on the ceiling. Nick watches in amazement while Sophia jumps on the bed with the kids.


Rachel comforts Felicia who says she told Lorna not to come for the funeral b/c it needs to be done quickly and she's too sick. Amanda says she's glad her mom was home and Gary told Felicia she has to slow down because she may be doing too much. Amanda asks Gary if he believes Cindy's accusations against Grant and reminds him that Grant was capable of anything. At home, Rachel tries to explain to Amanda how much Carl means to her and Amanda asks if she is considering reconciling with Carl. Amanda reminds her mom that if she tells Carl about the baby he'll be all over her and that Carl doesn't deserve a child after how much he's hurt her. Rachel reminds her that all of her children have hurt her deeply at one point and asks if that means they don't deserve her love. Matt comes in talking to Felicia and tells Amanda he doesn't know where Sophia is.


Bobby was very worried because Vicky was getting worse and worse. He told her they can't let Ryan down and says if Carl doesn't arrive soon they are going to take her down the mountain on a sled. Vicky calls him her hero but the real hero arrives in the form of Carl who has gotten through the storm. Bobby told him that Vicky was really bad off. Before they take her away, Vicky told Carl she saw Ryan and she was with him just like she was with Carl now. They arrive at the hospital and Bobby told Vicky to hang on while Carl says they must do everything to help her. Bobby and Carl watch helplessly as they take Vicky away..

Thursday, February 20, 1997


At the cheesy motel, Sophia wonders what Nick's plan is. He sends the boys to brush their teeth and says his plan was simple -- to keep Grant away from Kirk. She asks what the sleeping arrangements will be and he told her she and the boys will sleep in the bed and he'll sleep on the couch. Sophia tries to insist she sleep on the couch but they are interrupted by Steven who says Kirk was flooding the bathroom. While Nick went to investigate, Steven asks why they all won't sleep in the bed together and why Sophia doesn't want to sleep with Nick because he's her boyfriend. Sophia says Nick isn't her boyfriend but has to catch her breath when Nick takes off his wet shirt after cleaning up after Kirk. Nick laughs that this wasn't how he expected being in a "love motel" with Sophia considering they aren't even talking. She says they're talking and asks how Emily is. Nick said he doesn't know and that he won't be ready to date for a long time. When Sophia gets into the bed it begins to vibrate. The boys jump up and down while Nick was forced to reach over Sophia to turn it off. They turn off the lights and Nick and Sophia continue to steal glances at each other when the other isn't looking. Thinking Sophia was asleep, Nick strips down to his boxers and Sophia gets an eyeful when he stretches before going to sleep. Later, Sophia feels the bed move and whispers, "Nick?" But its really Kirkland and Sophia hugs the little boy with a smile and went to sleep.


Grant bursts into the Cory mansion depsite Amanda's attempts to keep him out and demands to know where Carl has taken Kirkland. Rachel says she doesn't know where Carl was or what he's done but if he did take the boy it was out of love. Grant rages at Rachel and she yells back at him that he's done awful things and says if he had anything to do with Vicky and Bobby's death he's worse than she ever imagined. Grant asks how she could punish an innocent child and she replies that having him for a father was punishment enough and throws him out. Later, Rachel told Amanda this was exactly why she's scared to tell Carl about the baby and Amanda suggests she keep it a secret from him. Amanda says they can go to Paris for a while and come back saying the baby was adopted but Rachel says she can't lie to the child that way.


They await Vicky's test results and when Bobby leaves to find the doctor, Carl asks what Vicky was saying about Ryan. She says she was with Ryan in this perfect place where they touched and laughed and cried and danced to their favorite song. Carl remarks it sounds like heaven and Vicky said it was. She explained that she "died" and Ryan was waiting for her and their Ryan was young, and strong and beautiful as if no time had passed since he left them. She explains that he's with them all the time, here and here as she touches her heart and Carl's. Carl remarks that what they felt for each other was very strong and Vicky corrects him that what they "feel" for each other was just like what Carl and Rachel feel for each other. Vicky explains that holding Ryan gave her back the strength to live she had lost when he died and that he was the one that said she had to come back for her kids and her life. When Carl leaves to go call Donna and Michael, she told him that Ryan doesn't want him to hurt anymore and that he's always with them. Carl smile and says, "That's our Ryan" and hands her the white knight chess piece he always carries.


Grant comes to the farm to try and pump Sharlene for information about where Carl may have taken Kirk. While she sympathesizes with him, she was a little put off by his angry attitude and says that Michael would never be a party to kidnapping Kirk. Grant tries to convince her to get info from Michael and then call him when the phone rings. Its Carl who's looking for Michael saying its very important. Grant told Sharlene to figure out where he is and Sharlene hears Bobby's voice and asks who that is. Thinking its Kirkland, Grant grabs the phone and yells, "Hutchins!" Carl hangs up and tells Bobby they need to be extra careful. Grant yells at Sharlene if she heard Kirkland and she says it was an adult's voice and for Grant to calm down. Later, Grant lurks outside Vicky's house whispering that he did it all for Kirkland and for the boy to come home to him.


They tell vicky she needs emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain. She told them not to have such long faces because she's going to be fine Ryan said she would be. While they wait for Vicky to get out of surgery, Carl falls asleep on a couch and dreams he's at Vicky's house. He turns around when he hears someone call him "Dad" and there Ryan stands, looking absolutely beautiful (as always). Carl was overjoyed to see him and Ryan laughs that Carl was the hardest man to get through to that Ryan's been yelling in his ear and jumping up and down behind him for months. Carl said he always felt Ryan was there but he never imagined this. Ryan explains it was his voice they heard through the radio and that he was Kirkland's imaginary friend. Ryan starts to say, "I've been waiting..." and Carl says, "What my heart?" and Ryan says he's been waiting to hear Carl call him that. Ryan holds out his arms to Carl who hesitantly walks toward him. Feeling the wonder that he can actually touch Ryan, Carl hugs him close, laying his head on Ryan's chest and says "Oh, my Ryan, my beloved son." Ryan explains that Carl must get over the anger he feels because Ryan is okay and many people need him now Vicky, the boys, Rachel. Carl says that holding him again lets him feel the light that had gone out of his life when Ryan died. Ryan looks at him and says that Carl was surrounded by light. Then Ryan gasps and Carl asks what's wrong. Ryan backs away a few steps and gazes up with a look of wonder and says he just felt a feeling of pure love and its exquisite. Carl begs him not to go yet and Ryan looks at him with love and says "Its not over, its never over. I'll always be here. I love you, Dad" before he disappears. Carl watches and says "I love you too, Ryan." At that moment, Rachel feels the baby move and she touches her stomach and smiles.

Friday, February 21, 1997

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