Another World Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on AW
Cindy tried to get access to a phone. A mystery man took an interest in Lila and also spied on Sophia and Matt. Nick found the information Remy was gathering on him. Rachel was upset to learn a stranger had picked Alli up from school. Gary and Cameron tried to rescue Amanda.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on AW
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Cass feels guilty about stopping Lila's wedding, even though it was the right thing to do. Cass wants to mend fences with Lila, but she was still very angry with him. They dine separately at the Harbor Club. When Lila gets her bill, she realizes she has lost her wallet. The waiter says he'll have to notify Donna. Then a stranger approaches Lila. He tells Lila to close her eyes and think positive thoughts. He then pays her bill for her. Before leaving, the stranger gives Lila a newspaper and tells her to read it. She reads that there was no clue as to where Amanda is. She sneaks out the back of the restaurant to elude her nurse. When Lila shows up at the Cory house, she tells Matt she thinks she knows where Amanda is.

Josie turns in her badge to Joe. He refuses to accept her resignation, but she insists that she's going to stand by her husband. Although the police still suspect Cameron, Rachel was sure that Scott has Amanda. Joe tells Josie to check at the Cory offices, but she reminds him that she doesn't work for him anymore. Rachel asks her to help them find Scott before anything can happen to Amanda. Joe tells Josie that he won't make her choose between her loyalty to her husband and her job. She tells him that Gary and Cameron went after Scott, and that Cameron loves Amanda and would never hurt her. Later, Toni tells Josie how disappointed she was about the fact that Josie didn't keep her filled in on everything Gary had been doing.

Scott tells Amanda that it's her own fault that he had to have Ali kidnapped. He said that he loved and trusted her, and that she betrayed him. She says she will do anything to get Ali back. He tells her to undress, but she hesitates. He takes her shirt off for her. Then he gives her some clothes and a wig so she can disguise herself as Rachel. Next, he has her learn to copy Rachel's signature.

At the bank, Scott tries to get the funds in cash, but was told that will take at least 24 hours. He was furious about the delay. Meanwhile, Amanda writes "please help me" on the forms she was given to sign. Scott finds Amanda's note though and destroys it before anyone can see it. He then requests that the cash be made available as soon as possible.

Scott brought Amanda back to the house and locks her in an underground room. He tells her he intends to hold her to the promise she made to him in Chicago.

Cameron and Gary discuss Josie and Amanda while they try to disarm the alarm at the Hutchins house. They say how these women have turned their lives around. Then a guard catches them and throws them off the property.

Later, Gary and Cameron break into the house. After piecing together what they find there, they come to the conclusion that Scott and Amanda have already gone to the bank.

Gary and Cameron show up at the bank, but when they describe Scott and Amanda to a man, he says he has not seen them. Of course, since they were disguised, they did not match their descriptions anyway. Gary tells Cameron to be patient, that Scott will have to make a move eventually.

Cameron and Gary go back to the house. Cameron was getting impatient, then they see Scott through the window. Scott hears something and draws a gun. Scott and the guard search the grounds. Cameron looks for Amanda while Gary follows Scott. Amanda tries to break out of the room and Cameron hears her. He finds a tunnel to the room. As Amanda was telling Cameron where the door to the room is, a guard hears Cameron and tells him to come out or he'll shoot.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Lila remembers that Carl owns a house in Boca Linda. Matt rushes off to call Joe.

Donna does not like that Vicki thinks that she (Donna) was going crazy, so she tells Marley that they need to tell Vicki everything.

Cindy was feeling like a prisoner. Cindy manages to trick her nurse into showing Cindy the cell phone that Grant left for the nurse to use, just in case Cindy had a breakthrough. Cindy fakes a migraine, which sends the nurse off in search of aspirin. Cindy grabs the telephone and tries to call Gary; just then, Grant walks in. Cindy covers, saying that she was trying to call Grant to tell him how much she loves him. Grant pushes redial and the number was busy. Grant tells Cindy that he wants to talk honestly with her. They both talk, but they are lying through their teeth. Grant tells Cindy that he really wants her to get better, that's why he hired the specialist, Dr. Perkins, and that Dr. Perkins thinks that it's best if they keep Cindy away from any people that may confuse her. Grant and Cindy both vow, in their thoughts, to keep on fooling the other person until Cindy can remember where she hid the tape.

Marley tells Vicki that Donna wants to stay with Marley in the hospital when she has her next surgery. After Donna leaves, Marley says that Donna told her that Jake deserves someone better then Vicki. Marley suggests that Vicki, Jake, and her should eat dinner at the Harbor Club so that Donna will not be alone.

Gary tells Cindy that he will take her out, maybe that will spur her memory.

Cass thinks that Lila was up to something. Matt returned into the room, thanks Lila, and tells her that the tip that she gave them was the best lead that they have. Sofia was going to wait for Matt at the Cory Mansion while he gives Lila a ride home.

Remy runs into Nick at the Harbor Club. She says that she was dropping off her job application. Remy apologizes for being too forward last night. Nick tells her that it takes two to kiss. Nick invites Remy to have dinner with him.

Jake, Vicki, and Marley show up at the Harbor Club for dinner. Marley thanks Donna for not telling Vicki anything. Marley tells Donna that she will try to keep Vicki out of Donna's way tonight. Marley tells Vicki that Donna seems like she's in a bad mood and suggests that Vicki go talk to her. Marley graciously offers to keep Jake company while Vicki was gone.

Grant and Cindy show up at the Harbor Club.

Lila invites Matt in for a drink. He declines, of course, saying that there was nothing between them and that he loves Sofia. Lila apologizes, but says that she really does have feelings for him. Matt thinks that Lila was trying to weasel her way back into his life. Suddenly there was a crash of thunder and Lila ends up in Matt's arms again.

Remy orders the special before the waiter told them what it is. Nick asks if she used her powers to do that and asks her to figure out what he was thinking. Vicki was making Donna even more nervous then she already was.

Grant follows Cindy everywhere, even to the Ladies Room. Inside the Ladies Room, Cindy runs into Marley.

Lila was shaken. She apologizes to Matt. Matt agrees to get rid of the nurse if Lila will take care of herself while she was pregnant. There was discussion about dropping the court case for custody.

The mystery man that paid for Lila's food has moved into her building.

Cindy was mad at "Marney." Marley confesses her identity. Then Cindy threatens to tell everyone about Marney/Marley. Marley says that no one will believe Cindy because no one likes her and because she has lied before.

Remy and Nick are back at the loft. Just as they are ready to kiss, Remy decides that she needs to change clothes. Nick starts to retrieve something off the laptop when he was told; "You have mail." Remy rushes in and freaks out, yelling at Nick not to touch the computer.

Cass knocks on Lila's door and tells her that he was looking for Matt. Cass ends up telling Lila that he thinks that she was extremely sexy.

Cindy threatens Marley with harboring a fugitive and attempted murder. Marley turns that back on to Cindy by bringing up the car accident. Marley says that she will do anything to help make up the lies that she told Cindy. Cindy asks to use Marley's cell phone, then Marley tells Cindy that Gary has left the country because Amanda was kidnapped. Marley says that they can, and should, help each other. Marley has figured out that Cindy has her memory back and promises not to tell anyone as long as Cindy does not tell anyone about Marley's secrets.

Remy says that she had the guy next door set the computer up online. Nick leaves. Remy checks her mail and responds, writing about their "first kiss" and their "first date."

Cass tells Lila that her ego was unbelievable. Lila can just forget about Matt, Cass says.

Sofia was sitting in a park when Matt shows up. Sofia admits that she was headed for Lila's house to check on Matt. The mystery man watches from the bushes while Sofia and Matt hug.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Scott saw that Amanda was dreaming. When she awoke, he asked her to tell him her dream. Amanda tried to make up a wonderful dream involving the two of them, but Scott knew she was lying, and yelled at her. Scott told Amanda that he heard there were two American's on the island. He figured one of them was Cameron. Scott then told Amanda that Carl had the house built for Rachel and the twins. Scott informed Amanda that they too could have had a love like Carl and Rachel.

While yelling at Amanda, Scott informed Amanda to go to the bank, pose as Rachel, and get the Cory money. Amanda pleaded for Scott to let her call her daughter, Allie. After a furious Scott left the room, Amanda vowed to do whatever it takes. When Scott returned, Amanda tried to seduce him, but it didn't work. Scott just got angry and told Amanda she means nothing to him. He just wants the money. Scott eventually started to give in to Amanda.

Gary and Cameron hit a few close calls in their attempt to save Amanda. They spotted a tunnel that would lead them inside the house. Gary was worried about Cameron's childhood claustrophobia resurfacing. Gary stalled a guard while Cameron made a run for the tunnel. In the tunnel, Cameron became nervous and distressed. It was obvious his childhood was coming back to haunt him.

Cameron looked on from the ceiling tunnel. A noise from the ceiling took Scott's attention away from Amanda. He sensed that someone was trying to get into the room. Just as Scott was about to catch Cameron in the tunnel, Amanda dropped her dress to the floor. Needless to say, Amanda had Scott's attention back. Then Isabel interrupted Scott and Amanda stating that "the Americans" are back. Scott left to investigate threatening that Amanda will be sorry if one of the Americans was Cameron.

After Scott left, Amanda ran over to the tunnel and filled Cameron in on what has been happening, including Allie's kidnapping. Cameron told Amanda that Gary was with him. Amanda and Cameron tried to work on a plan together while Scott was away. After Cameron left, Scott returned, handed Amanda a wig and a dress, and demanded her to get dressed so that they could go to the bank. Amanda asked Scott if he wanted to finish what they started. Scott said he wants the money more, and if she was the best that he has ever had, then maybe he won't kill her.

Gary was captured by Island security. Gary tried to warn security about Amanda. When security said they knew about Amanda, he tried to bribe the officers, but it didn't work. Cameron looked on.

Paulina argued with Joe about a plan for saving Amanda, Cameron, and Gary. Joe insisted he knew what he was doing. Just as Joe convinced Paulina to let him go and bring back Amanda, Rachel stood at the bottom of the stairs with her suitcases demanding "I am going to Boca Linda, and I am not coming back without my daughter." Joe and Paulina tried to convince Rachel not to go. Paulina pleaded with Rachel that she didn't want to lose her too. Rachel said "If you were in Amanda's shoes, wouldn't you want me to come for you too."

Just then the phone rang, Joe got a call stating that Allie was picked up by a stranger at boarding school in Switzerland. Rachel yelled at the boarding school demanding an explanation as to why they let her go off with a stranger. This was enough to convince Rachel that staying behind was the right thing to do.

Rachel and Paulina realized that Scott's anger was more personal than business related. Rachel and Paulina went through a box of personal belongings that might lead them to Scott's identity. In the box was Amanda's baby shoes. Also in the box was Carl's family album. Rachel and Paulina noticed a pictures of Carl and Carl's mother, Eleanor. In one picture was Carl with a pregnant Eleanor. A puzzled Rachel wondered what happened to the baby. Just then, Rachel and Paulina looked at each other and realized that Scott could be Carl's brother.

When Joe came home, Rachel and Paulina immediately informed Joe of their suspicion. This would explain why Scott had the family crest in his pocket, why he stole the family tree, and why he showed up right after Carl died. They now have a motive for Scott shooting Carl. Rachel got a delivery of a tape recorder of Allie's voice telling them to obey the rules and that she is okay, and there was also a man's voice telling them not to go after Amanda.

Josie confided to Toni that she should have gone with Gary. Chris brought Josie and Toni a file on Cameron and Gary and encouraged them to read it. Josie and Toni could not believe what they were reading. Josie was really concerned for both Gary and Cameron after reading about the childhood abuse.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Cass throws Lila out of the Cory Mansion.

Marley was playing football in the house with Stephen and Kirkland when Vicki comes in and tells the boys to go outside. Vicki tells Marley that the plans are set to go to France, now she just needs to convince Jake to go. Marley agrees to keep the boys while Vicki and Jake are gone. Vicki went upstairs to pack. Marney talks to Marley again and berates her for being so nice.

Vicki arrives at Jake's office and tells him that she wants to go to France to make a baby. Jake says that he can't go now, this was the paper's busiest time. Jake says that he does want to go but can because Amanda, Alli, Cameron, and Gary are missing. Chris comes in so Vicki tries to get Chris to help convince Jake. Chris says that they should go and that if Jake doesn't go that he and Toni will use the tickets. Jake finally agrees to go. As they leave Chris settles into Jake's chair.

Marley spends time convincing the boys that she loves little kids.

Nick got into Remy's computer files and found all of the information that she has collected on him. He was trying to figure out what was going on with Remy. Felicia comes over to get her pages and admits that she knows that Remy isn't typing them. Remy comes out of the bathroom in a towel.

Lila was in the hallway, frustrated because she can't find her keys. They mystery man walks up and asks her what's wrong. Lila lays into him, accusing him of not caring. He went and knocks on Matt's door. Lila offers to help. Lila apologizes and offers to deliver the envelope to Matt. After he leaves she opens the envelope and becomes overjoyed. Lila was certain that Matt will welcome her back into the Cory family with open arms.

Remy was concerned that Nick seems so upset. Remy doesn't want Nick to leave and he doesn't want to stay.

Jake and Vicki arrive home. Marley sends the boys upstairs to spend time with Vicki and Jake before they leave. Then Marley went outside and puts a potato in the tailpipe of Jake's car.

Sofia was on the phone trying to get Billy Rush to give them a little more time to find a producer. Cass advises Matt to let the music company go. Matt doesn't want to since this was something that he and Sofia started. Lila shows up and gives the papers to Matt. She won't tell Matt and Cass how she got the papers.

Jake and Vicki are ready to leave. Jake promises Stephen and Kirkland that they will be back, that they will always be back. Then he promises Stephen that he will bring them back presents.

The papers that Lila gave Matt are a resume from a fit record producer, named Zack Wilder. Zack arrives at the Cory Mansion saying that Lila offered to introduce him to Matt. Zack says that he wants to produce Billy Rush.

Nick brought Chris a cup of coffee. Nick says that he needs a favor. He needs information on someone. Chris asks what kind of information, Nick replies, "anything and everything."

Remy was typing again. She was saying that something bad must have happened.

Vicki and Jake's car died and won't restart. Vicki really wants Jake to get the car started. Jake says that he doesn't know what to do with it but gets out of the car anyway.

Kirkland comes in the kitchen to tell Marley that he misses Jake and Vicki. Marley tells him that they will be back before he knows it.

Friday, August 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Donna arrives at Vicky's house to find Marley babysitting for Steven and Kirkland. Marley explains that Jake and Vicky have gone on a trip. Just then, Jake and Vicky return home. They missed their flight because their car broke down. However, they are unaware that Marley's tampering caused the breakdown. Donna questions Marley about Jake's car breaking down. Marley denies having anything to do with it. She claims she was over Jake. Donna presses the issue about telling Vicky the whole truth, but Marley reminds her how bad the consequences would be for Donna if that happened. Next, Marley arranges for herself, Jake, Vicky and the boys to go on a camping trip together.

Marley tells Vicky that Donna was angry when she heard Vicky and Jake were going away to be alone together. Vicky was angry because she thinks Donna was still trying to break up her marriage, but Marley convinces her not to confront Donna yet, or to tell her that she was trying to get pregnant.

After everyone has gone to the campsite, the mechanic calls and gives Donna the message that the car broke down due to a potato in the exhaust pipe, and Donna realizes Marley was responsible. Meanwhile, at the campsite, Marley arranges to have Vicky fall in poison ivy.

Josie was frustrated at work because she hasn't heard from Gary yet. Joe tells her that he's probably having a hard time getting the police in Boca Linda to co-operate. Joe tells Josie that Scott was Carl's half brother. Josie wants to go to Boca Linda, but Joe tells her that he was going and that she was to stay. Josie can't take waiting around for Gary to call anymore, so she decides to go to Boca Linda against Joe's orders.

Gary sits in a jail cell and pleads with the guards to let him out and go after Scott, but they ignore him. Then Cameron comes in and causes a commotion. He starts a fight with the police and manages to free Gary. Then they devise a plan to free Amanda.

Scott was happy that he finally got the Cory cash. He pours the money on the bed, then throws Amanda on it. He declares that revenge was indeed sweet. Amanda looks around, and Scott tells her Cameron was in jail and won't be coming to her rescue. Amanda tries to reason with him, but it doesn't work; he attacks her anyway.

Scott ties Amanda to the bed. Then he puts on some music and continues to torment Amanda as Cameron watches from the grate. He works to get the grate off without Scott hearing.

Gary sets off the alarm. Scott leaves to check what happened and Cameron frees Amanda. As they are escaping through the tunnel, it begins to cave in. After that, they continue on.

The guard tells Scott that a lizard set off the alarm, but Scott insists there's a man on the grounds and orders the guard to find him.

Cameron and Amanda get out of the tunnel, but Scott was there waiting for them with a gun.

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