Another World Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on AW
Lila agreed to marry Cass. Josie decided to pass the baby she was carrying off as Gary's. A mystery man invited Rachel to the costume ball. Zak was working with the mystery man, and they had been hypnotizing people. Donna tried desperately to escape Marley.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on AW
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Monday, October 12, 1998

Gary tries to give Josie a surprise gift, but she told him she can't accept something she does not deserve.

Cass waits for Lila's answer to his proposal. She's skeptical, and asks him if he has any hidden motives. Cass told her there are no hidden motives, he just thought she might want to spend the rest of her life with someone who gives a damn. She asks when he thinks the wedding should take place. He says tonight. She flips out a little at the thought of getting married to Cass so quickly. Cass demands an answer. Before she answers him, Lila asks him if he loves her.

Mystery Man orders Zak to find Cass. He says he won't let Cass interfere with his plans.

Cass tries to avoid answering Lila's question with a lot of double-talk, but she told him to save his lawyer's tactics for the courtroom. He asked her to marry him; she has a right to know how he feels about her. He says he's scared, and since he's known her he can't even think straight anymore. Yes, he says, he loves her. They kiss, and Cass says he can tell it's not only him who has feelings, she does, too. Cass says she needs to let herself be happy, and she told him yes, she'll marry him.

Josie says if anyone should be getting gifts, it's Gary. He's the one who was in the hospital. Gary opens his gift for Josie. It's a datebook, and Gary has marked the holidays with special family events. Gary told Josie that there was nothing they can't get through, because they have the gift of the future.

Amanda surprises Cameron with a visit. They kiss and Cameron says he thought she wanted to take things slow. She says it's silly for the two of them to be sitting at home alone. She asks him to make love to her. They kiss more, but Cameron breaks away from her. She asks what's wrong. He says if they do this now, they can't go back. She says she is sure she wants to take this step. Cameron told her he's not sure she's ready, and doesn't want her to have second thoughts afterwards. She says OK, she'll wait. As she was leaving, Josie calls. She needs to see him. She knows what to do about the baby and about Gary.

Cass gives Lila flowers he picked for her. She's dealt with so much all alone, he says. She doesn't have to do that anymore. Cass asks if she's sure about this. She says she is, no one has ever made her feel as happy as he has tonight. Yes, let's go get married, she says. But then there was lightning, and Lila says they can't get married in a storm. It's bad luck. But Cass told her bad luck isn't going to happen to her anymore, he won't let it. As they laugh happily and make their wedding plans, Zak steals Cass's car.

Josie told Cameron about Gary's gift. She says there was no way she'll be able to lie to Gary for the rest of their lives. Somehow, she has to find a way to tell him she's carrying Cameron's baby.

After discovering the car was stolen, Cass and Lila take shelter from the storm. Lila gets more panicky with each bolt of lightning. Cass asks her why such a strong woman has such a fear of storms. She says she's been that way since she was eight years old. He asks if something happened to her when she was eight; she says yes, but she doesn't want to talk about it. He pushes the issue. He's going to be her husband; he wants to know her and wants her to know him. She wants that, too, she says. She was living in New Orleans at the time. Her mother was a prostitute; when she was eight she didn't completely understand what her mother did, but she knew it wasn't right. She told Cass about all the "boyfriends" her mother used to have. One night, she was scared during a storm and wanted to go to her mother, but there was a man in her room and it sounded like he was hurting her. But she was so scared she went in and hid and watched as the man stabbed her mother and killed her. Lila breaks down in tears and Cass tries to comfort her. He promises her again that from now on, when anything bad happens, he'll be there. She won't have to go through anything alone ever again. But Lila starts freaking out. She says no one could be there for a lifetime and she can't marry him. Cass was shocked. Why was she doing this, he asks. She rambles on about how she can't have two fathers for her baby, that she wants to give him a proper family. Cass asks what a proper family is. He says a family was people who love each other and agree to be there for each other. She keeps making up excuses in a panic. Cass told her she's making up problems that haven't even happened. He's hurt and confused; first she says she'll marry him, now she says she won't. Lila says he took advantage of her when she was vulnerable. Cass told her she has to stop denying her feelings or she will never really live. She says he doesn't know how she feels. Cass gets angry; he told her to go back to the Corys... a family that doesn't love or want her. She runs away, and he calls after her not to do this.

Josie explains to Cameron that she wouldn't just be lying to Gary, but also to the child. It would be like denying him his true identity. Cameron reminds Josie that there was more to being a father than D.N.A. Look at his and Gary's father; he treated them terribly. But he's afraid if Gary finds out the truth, he may not be able to handle it. Josie says it could mess things up for Cameron and Amanda, too, but that she can't live with a lie this big. She's going to tell Gary tonight.

Lila runs through the park in a panic and meets up with Zak. She asks him to drive her home. Cass chases after Lila and told her not to be a fool. He told her it's her last chance. She told Zak to take her to the Cory's. Cass was very hurt.

Cameron writes a letter to Amanda. He talks about how he hurt her and how bad that makes him feel to know that he was the cause of her pain. She also writes a letter to him, telling him she loves him. Cameron also writes that he loves her, but that there's something he has to tell her.

Josie tries to tell Gary her secret, but before she can, he apologizes to her for pushing her to get through their recent trauma and on with life. He says all he was trying to do was to say how much he loves her and that he couldn't live without her. He asks her not to make him live his life without her. Then he asks what she wanted to tell him.

Zak gets Lila home and asks her if there's something wrong. She says she almost made a big mistake tonight. Meanwhile, Cass was still in the park, furious and devastated about how the night turned out.

Josie talks about the entry Gary made in her datebook about a new addition to their family. Gary says he understands that she's scared after she miscarried, but that if it happens again, they can try something else, like adoption. After all, it takes more than biology to be a parent. Josie says someone else told her the same thing recently. She doesn't tell Gary her secret; instead, she says, let's make that baby.

Cameron slips his letter to Amanda under her door.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Josie told Cameron she's had a change of heart and has decided to let Gary believe that he was the father of her child. Grant informs a devastated Cindy that he's bound for Santo Domingo to obtain a quickie divorce. Jake can't shake the feeling that Donna won't be safe as long as she remains in Marley's care. Meanwhile, Marley reminds her frightened mother of the dire consequences which will befall her if she doesn't cooperate fully. Anxious to prevent Amanda from learning the truth, Cameron races to the Cory mansion to retrieve the note he left under the door. All over Bay City, residents make plans to attend a swanky masquerade ball being hosted by the head of the mysterious Lumina Foundation. Marley swiftly comes up with a plausible cover story when Jake, Vicky and two paramedics respond to Donna's 911 call. Cindy tricks Kirkland into revealing where he hid the toy dog. Marley lays another guilt trip on Jake as she angles for leverage with her suspicious brother-in-law. Later, Donna tries to signal her distress to Jake.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

In Cass's office, Lila was trying to make Cass realize how ridiculous it would be if they ran off and got married. Cass grew more offended with each reason and excuse she gave. Eventually, his frustration turned to anger which then turned to rage. Cass, sarcastically, wished her a fond farewell forever and left.

In the park, Cass recalled how Lila captured his heart by accepting his marriage proposal, and then ripped it to shreds by taking back her acceptance. Felicia ran into Cass in the park and lent him her shoulder to cry on. When Cass felt better, Felicia tried to set Cass up on a date to the masquerade ball with a friend's niece.

Amanda made a quick phone call to RSVP her invitation to the masquerade ball. She told the person on the phone she would be bringing a date.

Sofia and Zak went to the Cory Mansion where they were to have a business meeting with Matt. The meeting met many delays when all Matt was interested in was finding a nowhere to be found Lila. Neither Sofia, Zak, nor Amanda knew where Lila was. Not caring about Lila, Amanda asked if anyone had seen a letter with her name on it lying around. Matt begged for help in finding Lila. Amanda asked Matt, "Do you want me to find Lila, or do you want me to find the family fortune?" Matt excused Amanda. Amanda offered her help if and when Matt really thinks he does need it. Together, Matt, Sofia, and Zak waited for Lila.

After leaving Cass's office, Lila returned home to the Cory Mansion. Matt expressed his concern for her whereabouts, while Zak and Sofia looked on. Lila cried in Matt's arms saying that she felt as if she just lost her best friend.

When Lila gained control of her emotions and the topic of conversation changed, Matt and Sofia told Lila that they were going to the masquerade ball together. They told her to stay home for the sake of the baby. Feeling like Cinderella, Lila was determined to go to the ball. Zak followed her out on the terrace. Lila told Zak about her disappointment that things aren't turning out the way she had hoped. Zak talked Lila into continuing to pursue her dreams and wishes. Lila then expressed her sadness about how she wishes her baby would turn around properly so she could have natural child birth. He told her to ask her baby to move and believe it will. She did just that and felt her baby move inside her. Lila thought if this was going to happen for her, maybe everything else will fall into place.

Cameron informed Josie that Amanda did not read the letter stating that Josie was pregnant. A relieved Josie was mortified when Cameron told her that he didn't have the letter though because it was in Rachel's briefcase. He demanded her help in getting the letter back.

At Cory Publishing, Cameron walked in to the receptionist area outside of Rachel's office. Rachel heard Cameron call her since the door to her office was left open. Rachel met Cameron at the receptionist's desk where he had a bunch of reports to show her involving the missing Cory funds. When Cameron conveniently dropped the reports and its loose pages, Josie sneaked in to the lobby and managed to get to Rachel's office without Rachel or her secretary seeing her.

While Cameron was stalling Rachel and her secretary, Josie went into Rachel's office and started to go through the papers in her briefcase, desperately looking for the letter. Rachel heard sounds coming from her office. Luckily, her secretary said she didn't hear anything. Rachel tried to end the discussion with Cameron due to lack of new knowledge about the missing funds. In an unsuccessful attempt, Cameron tried to make old information sound new. Just when Cameron confirmed that Amanda sent him there, Amanda entered the room and was surprised to see Cameron there. Rachel asked Amanda, "Didn't you send Cameron here?" Cameron quickly interrupted trying to include Amanda on what she and Cameron already knew, but still made it sound like new information to Rachel and passing it off to Amanda that they were just going over everything again. All in all, Cameron covered himself quite nicely.

Rachel finally grew impatient and said when they really learn something new, they should call her then. Cameron tried to stop Rachel as she walked in to her office. Cameron, Amanda, and the secretary followed Rachel as she noticed Josie. Rachel questioned Josie as to how she got in her office in the first place. Josie apologized and said she was there because of "this letter" (holding up the letter). Rachel quickly recognized it as the letter that was in her briefcase. Josie said that it was a letter that she wrote to Amanda telling her off because of the argument they had had at the Harbor Club a few nights earlier. She wanted the letter back because she realized how stupid it was to write it in the first place. She apologized and excused herself.

Rachel was quick to realize that Cameron created the diversion to help Josie when she asked him to stop Josie from leaving and he couldn't catch up to her. She wondered why they didn't just ask her for the letter instead of trying to steal it. Rachel asked Cameron and Amanda what the letter was really about. Rachel warned Cameron and Amanda that whatever was going on between them and Josie better stay out of Cory Publishing business and her office.

When Rachel left, Amanda demanded to know what the letter really said. When Cameron wouldn't give her a straight answer, she said that she would find out for herself.

Cameron followed Amanda to Josie's house. Cameron tried to convince Amanda that Josie wouldn't be in there. Amanda pounded on the door until Josie answered. Amanda demanded Josie to give her the letter. Without hesitation, Josie handed the letter to Amanda leaving Cameron and Amanda in shock.

Rachel arrived home to find Sofia and Matt very much excited. They begged Rachel to hurry into the living room. When Rachel walked in, she found a big box sitting on top of the desk. Inside the package was the painting she sold to the Luminous Foundation. Matt handed Rachel the card that came with the package. The card was from the CEO of the Luminous Foundation thanking her for her painting. In appreciation for her selling it to them, they gave it back to her. He told her to think of it as being on permanent loan. Also enclosed in the box was a costume. The mystery man wants Rachel to wear it to the ball and be his personal guest. Rachel wondered just who this mystery man could be.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

At Gary and Josie's Place
Cameron and Amanda are standing outside the doorway and Amanda was demanding for Josie to give her the letter she was so eager to steal back from her. Josie gives Amanda the letter and Cameron gives Josie one of those "are you crazy or something" looks. They come inside and Amanda proceeds to open the letter and a nervous Cameron says out loud "NO!" Cameron doesn't know that Josie substitutes a note of her own an passes it off to Amanda as Cameron's true confession. Amanda asks Cameron what was his problem. Cameron told her to forget the letter and Amanda told him if Josie feels like expressing herself then who was she to stop her. Cameron flashes back to him writing to Amanda about Josie's pregnancy and told Amanda they are all trying to get pass Boca Linda and the letter was not going to help them do that. Ignoring his excuses, Amanda starts reading the letter out loud. In the letter, Josie told Amanda that she can't stop thinking about the harsh words they exchanged last night at the Harbor Club. First of all, she resents that Amanda thinks that she was harboring any secret feelings for Cameron. She then told her she's right about one thing, they will never put Boca Linda behind them as long as she allows her guilt and fear to drive her actions. She told her she would make things right with Gary and she meant it. She just wants the four of them to be happy. Amanda with Cameron and her with Gary. This will happen sooner if you get over yourself and your stupid suspicions that I am in love with Cameron. Sincerely, Josie Sinclair. Unfortunately for them, Gary walks in and asks Josie why she was telling Amanda that she's not in love with his brother. Amanda quickly covers and says it's all her fault because she got jealous when she saw how close Josie and Cameron were the other night at the Harbor Club. Especially after Gary had told her how distant Josie has seemed lately. Cameron plays along and told Amanda that she and Gary are close friends too and he has never accused her of being in love with Gary. Amanda apologizes and Gary told Amanda that he knows that she and Cameron have had problems since Boca Linda, but don't drag Josie into it. Amanda apologizes once again. Gary then told Amanda that all the stuff he told her about him and Josie was over and they are past that now. Josie kisses Gary and adds, "yes they are". Gary told them all that what happened down in Boca Linda was over and they all agree that it was over.

At Carlinos
Cindy was sitting waiting to talk to Joe, but as he arrives he told her he has to go talk to Paulina. Cindy waits armed with the tape she recovered from Kirkland's stuffed dog and plots the next step in her campaign to bring Grant down. Meanwhile inside the kitchen, Joe told Paulina that he knows she didn't sleep again last night. The conversation turns to Remy as Remy listen on the other side of the door and overhears Joe and Paulina arguing about her again in the kitchen. Cindy walks up on her. Embarrassed she was caught eavesdropping Remy asks her if she can help her. Cindy hands Remy her credit card and says she needs her check and she'd like to talk to Joe. She then returns to her table. Remy takes Cindy's credit card and scans it. Seeing a problem she went and told Joe that she needs him. Joe comes out the kitchen and told Cindy that her credit card has been reported stolen. Cindy was shocked and Joe told her he knows she didn't steal it, but to straighten it out. Cindy pays Joe with cash and decides not to tell Joe about the tape, she says she'll take care of it herself. Suddenly she comes up with just the right plot to bring Grant down and asks Joe if he and Paulina are attending the Lumina Foundation Ball. Joe told her yes and Cindy hints to Joe that she's planned a special surprise for the masquerade ball. Joe asks Cindy again if she had something she wanted to tell him. Cindy told him to come to the Ball, the ball will be a night to remember for everyone, especially if your pond scum. When Joe leaves, Cindy says to herself that after she gets done with Grant he will wish she would have turned him into the police.

At The Herald
Jake informs Chris that the Love Lady has been invited to the Lumina Foundation Ball. Jake told Chris that was great, but Chris refuses to go dressed up as the Love Lady. Before they can further discuss the situation, Jake gets a call from Marley and leaves, but told Chris they will discuss this when he returns.

At Marley's Place
Marley comes down stairs dressed and realizes that Donna was gone. Panicked, she calls Jake at The Herald and told him that Marley was missing. Jake told her to calm down and he'll be right over. She hangs up and frantically starts searching for Donna. Meanwhile out back on the porch, Nick has come by and decided to take Donna out so she can get a little fresh air. He told her she'll be okay and will be writing again in no time. Donna drops a little ball she was holding in her hand. Nick picks it up to give it to her, but Donna doesn't want it. Nick assumes Donna wants to write something and gets ready to go and get her a piece of paper. However before he can make it back inside the door, Marley comes barging out and berates him for taking Donna without informing her. Nick explains to his angry sister how he simply took her mother out for some fresh air. Jake shows up and Marley apologizes to Nick for snapping and says she didn't get much sleep because Donna had a rough night last night. She then explains to Jake that Nick just took Donna outside for some fresh air. Marley takes Donna back inside, and Nick wonders out loud what was Marley's problem, he can help take care of Donna if she needs some help. Jake told him that Donna was suppose to have a full time nurse and Nick asks him where was the nurse and why was Marley acting like she can't accept any help from no one else. Jake told Nick that Marley has always wanted to be the good little girl who helps out her mother. He then told Nick not to feel bad because Marley was shutting Vicky out as well. Nick was upset that his family was falling apart just when he thought it was getting better. Nick told Jake how close he and Donna grew after Michael's death and how when Marley finally came home he was having the feeling like his family was finally coming together, but lately ever since the accident and fire happened, he's noticed an unpleasant change in Marley since her accident. Jake starts wondering, but told Nick that all families go through ups and downs and Marley has just been dealing with a few issues. Nick told Jake that they all have issues, but Marley has been acting very strangely lately. Nick talks more about the family and eventually decides to get going.

Back Inside, Marley was busy brushing Donna's hair as Jake went in to see Donna and Marley. He asks Marley where the nurse is. Marley says she gave her the day off because she wants to care for Donna. Marley told Jake that Donna was all she has and she wants her to get better. Jake says Donna seems upset and Marley says it's only natural after the day she just had. Donna drops the ball in front of Jake and he asks her if she wants this. Donna doesn't take it and Jake told Marley to get Donna a pen and paper so she can communicate. A nervous Marley told Jake she just thinks Donna was upset and starts rambling on nervously. Jake sees that Marley got an invitation to the Lumina Foundation Ball. Jake asks if she was going and Marley says she can't leave Donna. Donna becomes agitated, which causes Jake to become suspicious. Jake went on about how much fun he and Vicky are going to have there and after learning that Jake and Vicky are going to the Ball, she changes her mind about going. Marley eventually agrees to go with Jake and Vicky. Jake decides to head back to The Herald and once he was gone, Marley scolds Donna for being a bad girl. Donna manages to grab a ball that Marley was looking for Marley eventually told Donna that it doesn't matter, she doesn't need it because she'll be Jake and Vicky's guest. Marley then starts playing a scenario out where Jake asks her to dance and then they kiss.

Back At Carlinos
Nick shows up and told Remy about his invitation to the Lumina Foundation Ball and asks her if she wants to attend. Remy was thrilled with the idea, but then told him she doesn't have a costume. Paulina overhears Remy and told her that she can help make her a costume. Excited, they all head to Paulina's so they can get started on the costume. When they reach Paulina's she begins to pull out all of her fabric and knick-knacks. As they work on a costume for Remy, she was astonished as to how much Paulina has. Paulina says she saves everything. She then turns her back, and looks at a locket, unaware that it was similar to the one Remy has. Nick and Remy leave and pass Joe on the way out. Paulina told Joe that she was just helping Remy make a dress for the ball. They end up in a little quarrel about Remy and Joe not trusting Paulina's instincts. Joe told her he trusts her, he's just looking out for her.

At Overlook Park
Josie and Cameron meet up and make a pact not to tell anyone about their baby. Josie says finding a way to live with herself was going to be harder then letting Gary live not knowing the baby isn't his. Josie went to walk away, but almost falls down some steps. Cameron catches her and told her that she has to be more careful. Josie told Cameron that from today on, this kid was not his and he was not to think of him or her as his. Cameron told her he can do that, it's a Sinclair specialty. Josie apologizes, but told him the only way this will work was if Gary believes the baby was his and Cameron was only the Uncle. Cameron agrees and they both part.

At Cameron's Place
Cameron gets ready to enter his apartment when Amanda shows up still bothered by the letter. Still harboring suspicions, she asks Cameron what was really going on with him and Josie. Cameron says there was nothing going on between them and that he thought they agreed to forget about Boca Linda. Instead she should be thinking about them. Amanda and Cameron kiss and Amanda asks Cameron to go to the Lumina Foundation Ball with her. Cameron agrees to go. He also told her that he'll stay away from Josie.

Back At Gary and Josie's Place
Josie went home and walks in finding Gary reaching into the garbage disposal to get something. Panicked, Josie told him it probably just needs some draino. Gary told her he thinks he feels what was clogging it up and pulls out the real letter. (why didn't Josie just flush or burn the letter?) Gary told her it's a letter or something and Josie says it's not a letter, it's a bill. Looking puzzled, Josie explains to Gary that she bought a really expensive dress and didn't want him to know how much she paid for it. When Gary question her about why a bill would be written out, Josie told him it was a real expensive store that writes out bills and she was ashamed to have him find out the dress cost as much as their rent so she through the bill down the garbage disposal. Gary told her it's not a problem and she shouldn't be ashamed of buying something that expensive if she really wants it. They hug and Gary then told Josie that he never did hear her side of the letter story. Josie explains ever since Cameron kissed her that has become very jealous. Gary gives her one of those "he did what looks" and Josie explains that at the time they were working undercover, and Amanda walked by, so Cameron kissed her to hide her face so that she wouldn't know they were working together to uncover who was the hitman. Gary buys it all and they settle in for the evening.

Back At The Herald
Jake returns to the Herald and asks Chris where the Love Lady costume is. Chris pretends he doesn't know as Jake begins searching for the costume Chris has to wear to the Ball. Chris claims he doesn't know where it is, but Jake starts finding pieces of it tucked away by Chris. Chris says he has already lost his girlfriend over this Love Lady crap and he was not about to lose his self respect. Jake told him that the Lumina Foundation was willing to donate $50,000 dollars to the burn unit just because the fire department was the Love Lady's favorite foundation. As they argue, Cindy shows up and told Chris and Jake not to miss the Lumina Foundation Ball, if they want the scoop of their lives and then leaves. Jake and Chris continue arguing about whether or not Chris will go to the Ball as the Love Lady. Jake eventually use guilt to make Chris agree to go to the Ball.

Back At Marley's Place
Cindy shows up and asks Marley why does she want to see her. Marley told Cindy that she needs for her to look after Donna tomorrow night because she was attending the Lumina Foundation Ball. Cindy told Marley to forget it, because she has plans that night as well. She then told Marley that she plans to fry Grant right in front of every body tomorrow night. Marley asks her how and Cindy told her she plans to play the tape of Grant's confession about the fire he started that burnt down the Carlino home and nearly killed Paulina and Dante over the loud speaker tomorrow night for everyone to hear. She then adds everyone in Bay City was planning to be there along with the press and she lives to see them drag Grant away in handcuffs so she can laugh and laugh. Marley asks Cindy if that will make her happy and Cindy told her it will make her ecstatic. Marley then asks her why isn't she smiling then. Cindy says she was saving it for tomorrow night. Marley told her that it's okay for her to still love Grant because she still loves Vicky, even though she has to pay for taking Jake away from her. She then suggests to Marley that Donna can be drugged and gives Marley some pills to keep Donna out for hours. As Cindy leaves and Donna lies there taking the effects of the drug, Marley asks Donna why can't she just be happy for her. She then says that everything was turning out exactly like Donna promised her it would, and adds that the Lumina Ball was going to be the first night of the rest of her life with Jake..........

Friday, October 16, 1998

Lila and Matt are happy to learn that their baby was out of breech position. However, when they get home, Matt and Sofia are getting along better than Lila would like. She phones Zak and asks him to meet her at Carlino's. Zak agrees and they hang up. Zak told Mystery Man she sounds upset. Mystery Man says after tonight, her life will never be the same.

Cindy helps Marley get ready for the ball. Cindy brought up how Marley used her to try to run down Vicky. Marley told her not to mention that again. Cindy makes a joke about Marley pushing Donna down the stairs, which Marley denies doing. Cindy told Marley she can keep a secret. Marley says if Jake or Vicky ever found out what happened, there'll be hell to pay.

Tyrone calls Jake and asks how Donna's recovery was going; he's surprised to learn she's not there but at Marley's. He says he saw "Donna's friend" Marnie Stone checking her out of the hospital for Vicky. Jake makes the connection that Marnie Stone was Marley. He discusses this with Vicky. They remember this name as the one Cindy gave for the other person in the car when she almost hit Vicky. It starts to sink in with Vicky just how much Marley was capable of doing. They leave together to talk to her.

Mystery Man listens in on Lila and Zak's conversation. Zak asks her what she really wants. She want Matt to marry her; otherwise, she's made the biggest mistake of her life. Zak says she needs to make the right impression on Matt at the party tonight, but Lila says she and Matt decided she shouldn't go since it's so close to her due date. Zak insists that she has to be there. Mystery Man phones Zak and told him to change her mind. There's no party without her, he says, she the belle of the ball.

Marley told Cindy to call Vicky during the ball and tell her there's a problem with Donna, so that Vicky will leave and Marley will have Jake all to herself. But then Jake and Vicky arrive at Marley's. Vicky starts demanding answers from Marley. They ask about the night Vicky was almost run down, but she plays innocent, so they tell her they know she's been using the name Marnie.

Sofia and Matt discuss the mysterious Lumina foundation. Sofia suggests Matt talk to Jordan Stark. He could be an investor for Cory or C-Square. And later, at the ball, nothing will distract them from each other.

Cass runs into Lila at Carlino's. She told him the good news about her baby. He's happy for her, but quickly excuses himself. Then Lila asks him to be her baby's godfather. She says if she wasn't around, Cass was the one person she knows who wouldn't let anything happen to her baby.

Marley denies knowing anything about Marnie, but Jake says Tyrone described her perfectly. She admits that she told Tyrone her name was Marnie Stone. Jake and Vicky are shocked. She told them she didn't want Tyrone to know who she really is, because she met him on the docks when she was trying to kill herself.

Cass told Lila he'll think about being the godfather. Lila says that this way, at least he'll get to be a part of the baby's life. Cass asks her if her request was supposed to be some kind of consolation prize. Angrily, he orders her to go away. He joins Felicia and told her he'll go to the Lumina ball with Denise.

Zak meets with Mystery Man. As far as he can tell, Lila's still not going to the ball. Mystery Man says not to worry... Matt Cory was here. He has walked right into their hands.

Matt was shown the Lumina laboratory. He's told that Lumina does research on the unused powers of the brain, like ESP. He's skeptical, so his guide offers to let him see for himself. He agrees, and sits in the chair in the middle of the room. Zak and Mystery Man are watching from behind a mirror. Here we go, Mystery Man says.

Marley tries to explain that when Tyrone asked her name, he misunderstood what she said. Then she didn't correct him, because she was embarrassed that she'd tried to kill herself. Jake asks about Cindy saying someone named Marnie was in the car with her when Vicky was almost hit. Marley denies being there; she says the only other person she told about Marnie was Donna. Marley says Donna must have been in the car with Cindy. Vicky leaves to find Cindy and get her side of the story. Cindy, who was listening, leaves so she can be found.

Felicia introduces Cass to Denise, who was quite beautiful. They seem to hit it off great and leave Carlino's together as Lila watches.

Matt sits in the chair with his eyes closed and a light shines on him. After a while, the guide told him he can open his eyes. She asks how he's feeling and he says he feels rested. She told him they ran a battery of tests, but he says they couldn't have... he was only there for about 30 seconds. More like 30 minutes, she told him. He checks his watch. He asks how they did that because it felt like no time at all. She says everyone says that. She starts to explain his test results, but he says he's late and has to leave. He'll have to talk to Mr. Stark at the party. When they go, Zak and Mystery Man enter the room. Well done, Mystery Man tell Zak. Zak thanks him, but seems troubled. Mystery Man asks if using Matt bothers him. Zak says it's all the other people whose lives will be ruined that bothers him. Mystery Man reminds him not to forget about those who will benefit from their work. But, of course, everyone was fair game.

Vicky finds Cindy and questions her. Cindy says it's hard to remember, but Marnie had dark hair and dark eyes, she's short, older than her, and slim. She has Vicky convinced it was Donna. Vicky calls Jake and fills him in. He leaves. Marley catches Donna exercising her hand with the squeeze ball. Marley takes it away from her so she can't get her strength back. She told Donna that she brought all this on herself.

Zak arrives at Sofia's as she's getting ready for the ball. She told him she's been looking forward to a Lila-free, magical evening with Matt.

Marley and Cindy are happy to have fooled Vicky. Donna's upset, so Cindy gives her a tranquilizer. After forcing Donna to take the pill, Cindy obviously feels some guilt about doing to Donna what Grant did to her.

Matt presents Lila with flowers and thanks her for letting him have this night out with Sofia. Lila decides to go to the ball.

Cindy and Marley prepare to leave for the ball. Marley told Donna that tonight's the night she gets Jake back. After they leave, Donna spits out the tranquilizer pill.

Vicky was upset because she believes her sister tried to kill herself and her mother tried to kill her twice. Jake reminds her that all they have to go on was Marley and Cindy's word, and that he doesn't trust either one of them right now. Jake suggests blowing off the party, but Vicky says no because the Lumina foundation donated a lot of money to the hospital in her father's name.

Donna was dressed for the ball. Tyrone stops by and finds Donna alone. He asks her what he can do for her.

Mystery Man asks Zak if everything was in place. Yes, it's all set, Zak says. "Good," replies Mystery Man. "Tonight... it all begins."

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