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Alli told Amanda that Cameron was the father of Josie's baby, just as Amanda was about to walk down the aisle to marry Cameron. Amanda called off the wedding. Cindy took photos to prove Vicky was double-crossing Grant. Vicky and Grant kissed.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 15, 1999 on AW
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Monday, February 15, 1999

Alli tries to hint to Amanda that Cameron has a secret, and when Josie phones Cameron, Alli says she's probably a part of it. Alli listens in on an extension and hears Josie and Cameron plan a meeting. Alli went to the Cory chapel to see if she can spy on Cameron and Josie. She runs into David there. They talk a while about her spying on Cameron; he uses reverse psychology on her, saying she doesn't need to be responsible for her mother. However, Alli remains determined.

Remy and Tito are arguing about Paulina again, and Tito grabs Remy to stop her from questioning Paulina. Nick walks in and sees this, and of course starts yelling at Tito to keep his hands off Remy. She told Nick to chill out and to keep an eye on Tito while she went to talk to Paulina. Meanwhile, after confessing to Joe that she sold her baby, Paulina was prepared for the worst. She says he must hate her now, but he's still shocked by the news and hasn't had time for it to sink in yet. He realizes that she was still a child herself at the time and in a desperate situation. He hugs her as she cries and told her she's not alone anymore. She knows what Joe thinks about Tito's criminal past, and says that if he's in trouble with the law, it's her fault, because he never had a good family. Remy arrives to see Paulina, and Joe tries to tell her that it's not a good time, but she says it's important and that it's about Tito.

Josie arrives at the Cory's and Amanda leaves. David gets to the house shortly after, and Cameron and Josie head out for the chapel. This leaves David and Matt, and they discuss Rachel's painting. Matt told David she's planning on having it restored, because it has cracks. David takes a closer look and agrees. He touches it, and was suddenly knocked backwards. In the chapel, Josie and Cameron talk about the future, as Alli listens. When her baby starts to kick, Josie told Cameron that she doesn't regret making love to him, because she's happy that she's pregnant. Back in the house, Matt helps David up and he seems to have recovered from whatever knocked him over. He recommends someone he knows to restore the painting. Alli returns to the house and runs upstairs, upset. David speaks to Ms. Allen about the painting. Josie and Cameron return to the house, and Alli sneaks out. She returns to the chapel where she finds Amanda, who was giving thanks and saying she's never been happier in her life.

Joe lets Remy talk to Paulina, and Remy told her Tito was bad news. Paulina says it's not true, but Joe wants to hear what Remy has to say. Paulina also insists that his name was Timothy, which Remy says proves he's up to something. But she's shocked when Paulina told her that Timothy was her son. After Remy leaves, Joe suggests they need to check out Tito more before telling everyone that he's Paulina's son, but she doesn't like that idea. Remy went back to Tito and asks if it's true that he's Paulina's son. He says yes. She can't understand why he wouldn't tell her sooner, but he says he was considering Paulina's feelings. She says she's happy for him, although a little jealous because she'd like to find her mother, too. Joe told Paulina they just need time to figure out how to deal with the situation, but she says her son has suffered long enough. Tito arrives and says Remy told him that Paulina told her the news. She says she did, and she thinks it's time she told everyone, starting with her family.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Jake and Vicky planned a strategy for Jake to get Marley to tell him Cindy's involvement in her kidnapping.

Cindy caught Grant trying to call Vicky. He tried to cover it up by saying he was checking his voice mail, but when Cindy grabbed the phone and hit redial, Vicky answered. Cindy hung up.

Vicky and Jake thought it could have been Marley who called and hung up on them. Jake started to realize that Grant might go crazy once he finds out they are setting him up. Vicky vowed to get Grant and his "nutty wife" out of their lives. Vicky feared Grant spying on them by looking through the windows. Jake started to believe Vicky was taking their act a little too far. Vicky reminded Jake that Grant was the one who shot her and killed Ryan.

Grant threatened Cindy to leave Vicky alone. Cindy warned Grant to stay away from Vicky and get closer to Marley since Marley knows too much. Suddenly Grant had a plan. He asked if Cindy had any old nurses uniforms. He made Cindy put on the uniform and go to the hospital to give Marley a message. When she refused, Grant moved on to plan B. He phoned Vicky and asked her to come over alone.

Jake waited outside while Vicky went to talk to Grant. Once Vicky went inside, Grant showed Vicky the tape, which was actually blank. He offered to give the tape to Vicky. Grant said that he trusts Vicky to do the right thing. As Vicky stood there in amazement, Cindy barged in screaming and grabbed the tape. Grant quickly threw Vicky out, said he would call her later, shut the door, and yelled at Cindy. Cindy told Grant that giving Vicky a bogus tape was a stupid thing to do. Grant wanted to see what Vicky would do with it. Cindy guessed Vicky would take the tape right to Joe Carlino and he would hear the tape was blank. Grant agreed it was a mistake.

Paulina was eager to introduce Tito to the rest of the Cory's. She thought Amanda and Cameron's wedding rehearsal was the perfect time and place. Joe was skeptical. Joe tried to persuade Paulina to wait before she tell the Cory's about Tito. Paulina decided to talk to the Cory's before she bring Tito to them.

At the wedding rehearsal, Paulina's attempts of telling Rachel about Tito were interrupted.

Just as Allie attempted to tell Amanda the truth about Cameron, Josie, and the baby, Cameron walked in. Allie stormed out and ran into Rachel. Allie confided in Rachel that she has some hateful feelings for her future stepfather. Rachel told Allie to love her mother unconditionally no matter what mistakes she may think her mother was making.

At the Cory mansion, Cass showed up to see Lila. They kissed. Matt went to the house to look for Lila. To his surprise, he found Lila talking with Cass. The two men argued and started making threats at one another. Just then Felicia walked in and she and Lila were able to calm the men down. Matt and Lila went to chapel to join the others.

Cass questioned Felicia's involvement with her young escort. Cass told Felicia about Lila's plans for an annulment. He then stated that he hasn't had these feelings for anyone since Frankie. Cass reluctantly told Felicia about the Frankie sightings he thinks he had recently. Before Felicia could respond, Cass talked himself out of believing the sightings.

Amanda told Cameron how she can relate to Allie's reaction to their marriage. Amanda remembered her feelings towards Rachel marrying Carl.

Allie ran out when she overheard Gary express how excited he and Josie are for their upcoming arrival of their baby. Amanda chased after Allie and demanded to know what her problem was. Allie begged Amanda not to marry him. Amanda asked Allie to put aside her differences for Cameron and let Amanda be happy. Amanda begged Allie to give Cameron a chance. Allie replied, "I can't." Amanda expressed her disappointment in her daughter. Allie decided to not say anything to ruin her mother's day. Gary gave Cameron a gift to say how grateful he was that they found each other.

At the close of the rehearsal, Allie demanded Amanda to force Allie to tell her this "certain something." Amanda asked Allie if it was that bad. Allie replied, "Yes, it is." Tito walked in. Against Joe's wishes, Paulina got everyone's attention for her big announcement. When she turned around to look at Tito, he disappeared. Rachel asked who the man was. Rachel then wanted to know what Paulina's announcement was. Paulina welcomed Cameron to the family. Amanda was touched by Paulina's announcement.

Amanda then went over to Allie and asked her what it was that she wanted to say to her. Allie said that she just wanted to tell Amanda that she loves her.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Cindy warned Grant that Vicky will only use the tape to destroy him if he gives it to her.

Vicky wanted to go back over to Grant's to try another attempt to get the tape from Grant. Chris came by needing Jake. Suddenly, Jake got an idea and told Chris he needed him, as well. He insisted that Vicky invite Grant over at once. Vicky called Grant and invited him over. Jake's plan called for Chris to "observe" Vicky and Grant while Jake went over to see Marley. A shocked Chris questioned why he was going to see Marley. Vicky enlightened him on their plan, for Jake to get closer to Marley while she gets closer to Grant. Chris wasn't so sure that was going to work. Jake went out the back door. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang. Knowing it was Grant, Chris hid. Sure enough, when Vicky opened the door, Grant appeared.

Marley got the anonymous note that Grant had Cindy deliver threatening Jake's life if she revealed everything to the police. She knew the note had to be from Grant and Cindy because they are the only ones that have anything to lose if she does talk to the police. As she was reading the letter, Jake came by. Marley was reluctant to see him. She tried to keep the note from him, but he demanded to see what it was that she was hiding. When she showed Jake the note, Jake knew immediately that the note was written by Grant. He begged Marley to tell him everything, starting with the tape. Marley agreed to be cooperative. She started by telling Jake that there was no way Grant could have the tape.

Grant and Vicky were having a heart to heart talk. In a roundabout way, Grant led up to the night that he was shot. He reminded Vicky that he was going to give her back the tape. He said that he wanted her to have the tape and to do with it what she felt was necessary. Vicky happily took the tape. Just then, the phone rang. It was Jake. Vicky pretended to be talking to a solicitor about a septic tank. Jake informed Vicky of his knowledge about the tape being fake, but told her to just keep playing along. Vicky hung up the phone. She reminded Grant of all the horrible things he has done to Paulina and herself, but told him that for Kirkland's sake, she would not give the tape to Joe like she said she would. She then pulled the tape out of the cassette, destroying the tape.

Grant went back to his place to celebrate. Cindy tried to get it through his head that Vicky must be pretending about being so compassionate towards Grant and destroying the tape. She suspected that Vicky knew the tape was a fake. While she was storming out the door, Cindy vowed to Grant that she will open his eyes to Vicky's scheme since he won't.

Back at Vicky and Jake's cottage, Jake filled Vicky in on what happened with Marley, including the threatening note. The happy couple expressed their concern for each other and started to kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Cindy was peeking in the window, taking their picture so she could prove to Grant that Vicky and Jake's marriage was as strong as ever and not on the rocks, as they led him to believe.

Cameron ran around frantically trying to get ready for his wedding to Amanda. Gary and Josie came by to help the nervous groom. Josie gave her wedding wishes and then excused herself leaving the Sinclair brothers to bond. Gary preached to Cameron about love and honesty.

Even though this was Amanda's fourth marriage, she was just as nervous as her proud groom. Rachel came to Amanda's rescue, keeping her calm and sane. She offered her motherly advice and helped the beautiful bride gather the traditional something old, new, borrowed, and blue. She had Paulina's bracelet for something borrowed, and something personal she was wearing under her clothes for the wedding night was something new. Rachel provided a blue pin that she wore when she married Amanda's father, the late Mackenzie Cory. Rachel reminisced about the bravery she and Mac had by marrying against all odds and disapproval from his daughter, Iris. Rachel was a working class girl and Mac was an upper class tycoon. Even though they were from opposite sides of the track, love conquered all. Amanda felt at ease as long as her mother was there providing comfort. All the bride needed now was something blue. Once again, Rachel came to the rescue. She gave Amanda a blue music box that Mac gave her that she used to play for Amanda when she was a little girl. Paulina and Lila came by to help Amanda get ready for the wedding. Lila started to excuse herself to check her makeup. Knowing full well that Lila had other intentions on her mind, Rachel pulled her off to the side and lectured her about acting like a member of the family. Lila told Rachel that she wanted to be with Cass, and that the only reason why she was still living in the Cory Mansion was because Matt was holding hers and Matt's baby hostage. Rachel defended her son. Lila agreed to be Matt's wife but did not promise to like the arrangement. Lila left abruptly. Amanda justified their need for tolerance and patience because she's family. Paulina said that she always will be family and began crying, obviously thinking of her "son" that she gave away.

Paulina gave her blessing and warm wishes to Amanda. Amanda then left the room. Rachel tried to find out what was bothering Paulina since she had been crying so much and the wedding hadn't even begun yet. Paulina started bringing up old feelings about how hard it was for Rachel to accept her as Mac's daughter. Rachel reassured her that once they knew she was Mac Cory's daughter, she was accepted with open arms, and that Mac would have, too, if he would have known of her existence. Paulina wished she could have met her father and that he could be with her right now.

Allie stood in the Cory Chapel praying for guidance of whether or not she should tell her mother about Cameron fathering Josie's baby. She knew if she told Amanda the truth about Cameron, the wedding would be ruined. Just as she asked God to give her a sign about what to do, David (AKA Jordan) entered the chapel.

David tried to bond with Allie. With no one else to turn to, Allie confided in David. David then tried to get Allie to open up to him. He knew that her secret would destroy Amanda's marriage to Cameron. David told Allie that unless she wants to ruin her mother's relationship with Cameron, she should keep the secret to herself. With that comment, Allie knew what she needed to do.

Amanda ran into Allie in the living room. Amanda told Allie how much she loves her. She then asked Allie for her love and happiness at least for that day. Their talk was interrupted by a phone call which turned out to be Cameron. Allie stood in the other room, overhearing her mother's end of the conversation. Amanda expressed her concern to Cameron about Allie's unhappiness.

In the Cory Chapel, friends and family gathered (including Cass) for the much anticipated wedding. The bridal party gathered in the hall waiting for their entrance. Rachel and Amanda walked in. Cameron and Amanda shared a smile. Allie quickly left the room, leaving everyone in concern. Cameron insisted that he go talk to her.

Allie ran back to the house. Cameron ran after her. He promised to do everything in his power to keep Amanda happy. An enraged Allie asked furiously, "Who else do you love, Cameron?" Cameron promised that he only loves Amanda. Cameron couldn't understand why Allie would want to hurt her mother this way. Rachel entered the room and tried to knock some sense into Allie. When Allie realized she wouldn't get her way, she angrily agreed to go through with the wedding.

The music started. Rachel was escorted to her seat. Lila walked down the aisle, followed by Josie and Paulina. Amanda then told her daughter to make her way down the aisle. Allie couldn't do it. Amanda tried to assure Allie that Cameron was a good man. Allie, upset, responded by saying, "No, he's not. You don't even though that he's the father of Josie's baby."

Thursday, February 18, 1999

Determined to prove to Grant that his ex-wife was pulling a double cross, Cindy sneaks onto the McKinnon's porch and snaps a photo of Jake and Vicky kissing as she looks at them through the window. As she stands there waiting for the picture to develop, Kirkland sneaks up from behind her with a fishing net and plops it over her head. He then starts yelling for Jake and Vicky to come out and look at what he has caught. As Cindy screams at Kirkland to let her out of his net trap, Vicky and Jake look on with laughter. Vicky eventually helps Cindy out of the net and Donna shows up to see what was going on. Kirkland says that he found Cindy sneaking around the porch taking pictures, but he caught her. Donna takes Kirkland inside and Cindy told Jake and Vicky that she knows they are playing Grant and the picture she took will prove it. Jake tries to grab the photo, but fails. Cindy accuses them of trying to con Grant, so Vicky and Jake pretend to get into another fight. Cindy doesn't fall for it and says she knows they are trying to get Grant thrown in jail. Cindy told them she has all the proof she needs to blow them out of the water. Cindy leaves and Vicky asks Jake what they are going to do now? Jake and Vicky go back inside and tell Donna what they were doing. Donna told Vicky that what she was doing was brave, but stupid. Vicky decides to go over to see Grant when Chris shows up with a box of candy for Vicky. Jake knows that Chris didn't come all the way over to give his wife a box of candy and asks Chris what he was really there for. Chris told Jake that he was there to get Jake to go meet with a contact of theirs for a story. Jake told Chris he can't go right now, but Chris told him that the contact will only talk to Jake. Jake agrees to go, but makes Vicky promise not to go see Grant, by swearing on her box of chocolates. Vicky swears and Jake and Chris leave. Alone with Donna, Vicky paces around wondering what Cindy was telling Grant, while Donna urges her not to forget she promised Jake she wasn't going over there. Vicky says she knows and then gets a call from a angry Grant who told her that she's made a fool of him for the last time. Vicky hangs up, but was terrified about what Grant might do to Jake. She then told Donna that she has to go see him and do some damage control. Donna asks Vicky if she has learned anything as a result of what Marley put her through? Vicky says she did learn something, she learned she can't trust anyone except herself and Jake. Vicky told her mom that she has to know Marley didn't act alone on this, if Grant and Cindy helped her, than she feels there was a chance that she can get her sister back. Vicky says she was going to use her power over Grant to get what she wants and then leaves.

Grant purchases an expensive bauble in anticipation of a sweet reconciliation with Vicky. Cindy comes home and shows Grant the photo and Grant was crestfallen when Cindy shows him her evidence of Vicky's duplicity and he becomes upset. When Cindy leaves the room, Grant calls Vicky and told her that she's made a fool of him for the last time. Cindy returns and told Grant that he doesn't have to talk to her and she forgives him for being horrible to her. She told him what Vicky did was horrible and he was much to good for her. She went on and says she doesn't understand why he has a soft spot for Vicky, even if she was the mother of his son, he doesn't deserve to be hurt by her. Cindy then told Grant that she'll even forgive him for almost kicking her out when he knew she had no place to go and no money to get there, but there's just one condition. She then told Grant to look at her and tell her that it's over with Victoria. It wasn't real, it could never be real unless hell froze over and then, hey what would they do for fun. Grant simply told her to get out and a hurt Cindy leaves. Shortly afterwards, Vicky shows up to see Grant. A sarcastic Grant asks Vicky if she really thinks that she could lie to him and get away with it. Vicky told him that Cindy was the one who was lying and she's always been jealous of their connection. Grant told her that she and Jake were never on the outs and she has been lying to him all along, but Vicky covers by saying that she was just going through the motions for the sake of the marriage and knows that Grant has had to do that as well. She then told Grant that she doesn't know what was going on with Jake, he's different now. Grant says and over protective. Vicky agrees and says that Jake won't let her out of his site and that he just grabbed her and kissed her and it bought her a little time and gave her an opportunity to decide if she really loves the man Jake's become. Vicky told him that it's taken her so long to realize that he, Grant, was the one whose been there for her the whole time. Grant eventually falls for Vicky's con. He told her that he's been thinking a lot about the night he was shot. Vicky told Grant that she needs him and Grant wants her to show him just how much, and they kiss.

As David watches from his hiding place, Amanda tries to cheer a sunken Allie up by telling her that Cameron was a good, decent, honest man. Allie says no he was not and then blurts out to a horrified Amanda how she overheard Josie and Cameron discussing the baby they conceived. Amanda thinks she may be making it up, but then realizes Allie could be right. Amanda told Allie to walk, and she does with tears in her eyes and her head hung low. After Allie reaches the altar, the music starts, signaling the wedding march and everybody stands up and looks toward the entrance. Amanda doesn't walk. She stands at the entrance to the chapel still reeling from her daughter's announcement. Amanda then slowly walks down the aisle to her waiting groom. As the minister begins the ceremony, he asks if anyone has any reasons why these two should not be together to let them speak now, or forever hold their peace. Nobody says anything as a nervous Jordan watches from the shadows disguised as David. Cameron happily repeats his wedding vows but Amanda just stares at him in silence. When it's Amanda's turn to repeat her vows to Cameron she remains silent. Cameron asks her if she was okay, while everyone else wonders what was wrong. The minister repeats the question and Amanda finally breaks her silence, icily informing her stunned groom that she won't marry him. Cameron wants to go somewhere and talk about this, he doesn't understand what was wrong. Gary intervenes and asks Amanda what's wrong and if she wants to talk to him about it, after all they have been through. Amanda looks at Josie and told Gary that Cameron was lying to him and he knows exactly what was wrong. Amanda then flees out of the chapel. Cameron tries to follow, but Rachel stops him and asks what was going on. Cameron says he has to go to Amanda and leaves. Rachel makes an announcement and says for reason that none of them understand, they aren't going to have a wedding today. Matt comes up to Rachel afterwards and told her that Amanda was shaken when he brought her down the aisle, but he just thought it was nerves. Rachel looks at Allie and told Matt that she thinks Allie had something to do with this. Gary approaches and wonders if anyone knows what was going on. Matt says he doesn't have a clue. After the bride sweeps out of the chapel in tears, Gary wants to go help Cameron, but Josie says he can't be the big brother all the time and always save the day. Gary turns on Josie with some angry questions and says that when Amanda said Cameron knew what was wrong, she looked right at her. He told her that he doesn't get any of this, especially her attitude. Josie says Cameron just needs to be alone with Amanda, but Gary says he's going to try and talk to Cameron because he needs his help. Rachel asks Allie what she knows about this, but Allie avoids her and runs out of the Chapel. David catches up to Allie when she comes out of the Chapel and asks her what she told her mom, but Allie says she doesn't want to talk about it and runs off.

Back inside, Lila and Cass discuss what could have happened and Lila told Cass that Amanda was giddy this morning and couldn't wait to be Mrs. Cameron Sinclair. Cass says they both know how easy it was to get it wrong. Lila agrees, but says that Amanda and Cameron had love and isn't that enough? Cass says yes, in a perfect world, which was what they're going to have just as soon as her charade of a marriage was over. Lila told Cass she lives for that day and Cass told her she was not alone and for her to remember that when she was missing him, he's somewhere wanting her just as much and when they finally do get to be together — look out baby. Lila told Cass she wants to believe that so bad. Cass told her that he'll prove it to her every day of the rest of their lives and he promises. They then get ready to kiss each other when, Matt comes up and told Cass the wedding's over and he can go home now. Cass told Matt he'll go, but only because he doesn't want to add to his mother's troubles and as for Amanda, more power to her. Matt told Cass he doesn't even know what happened and they start arguing. Lila intervenes and told them to break it up and says she thinks this chapel maybe haunted. Cass says it certainly was the place for instant transformations, adding that Amanda suddenly can't stand the sight of the man she loves, and Matt suddenly becomes a devoted husband to a woman he had no feelings for. He then says it makes you stop and think, doesn't it Matt? He then leaves a bewildered Matt with that thought.

Jordan returns and looks into the Lumina laser ball at his image of Amanda and says, now that I've got your undivided attention, Amanda, you're going to lead me to the woman I've loved for so long -- my Amalie, my wife.

Up in Amanda's room, Cameron desperately tries to get Amanda to let him in so they can talk. She finally does let him in and asks him if it was true. Cameron finally admits that the baby was his and told Amanda that he can explain. Amanda says so you actually have an explanation for all of the lies that you told me over and over again and all the phone calls and me coming around the corners and catching you in all your little secret meetings and your excuses. She then told Cameron how she remembers how he just told her that he was helping his pregnant sister-in-law out. Cameron told Amanda that he felt like he had to lie and it wasn't just about them, he had to think about Gary. Cameron says there was nothing between him and Josie, but Amanda says there was a baby. Cameron says they decided that the baby would be Josie and Gary's, not theirs. Amanda doesn't understand why Gary doesn't have his own baby with Josie, but Cameron says Gary was sterile. Cameron says she knows how much having a baby means to Gary, and this was his only chance. Amanda realizes that Cameron has known for some time that Gary was sterile and wonders what else he has been hiding, and what kind of man she's fallen in love with. Cameron says that hurting her like this was the worst thing he's ever done, and he deserves what was coming to him. He told her that he tried to be what she thought he was. He says he hopes one day she'll understand and forgive him. Amanda says she's not that strong right now, and she can't marry him. Amanda runs out of the room and runs past Allie in the hallway. Cameron comes out of the room and looks at Allie and asks her if she got what she wanted and then follows Amanda downstairs.

Downstairs, Rachel was running around trying to find Amanda. Josie and Gary are there as well and Gary asks Rachel if she'll asks Amanda if she'll see him. Rachel says if she can find Amanda and was not making any guarantees. A nervous Josie told Gary that maybe Rachel doesn't want them there and whatever was going on right now was private and they should leave. Gary told her that these are not strangers. Cameron was his brother and Amanda has asked Josie to be in her wedding and he's not about to go home and order take out. Josie told him that was not what she was saying, but she feels that they should just go home and wait for Cameron, because he was going to need them. Gary however, refuses and doesn't understand Josie's odd behavior and told her that she was acting like there isn't any chance for them to patch things up. Josie says that maybe there isn't a chance, but Gary doesn't buy it and told her that this was his brothers shot for a good life and he's not going to give up on him. Just then, Amanda comes running down the stairs with Cameron in tow and told him to leave her alone. Gary sees Amanda and told her that his wife thinks that he should mind his own business, but he can't and wants to help. He then asks Amanda to please tell him what has happened, while Amanda just stares at Cameron and Josie.........

Friday, February 19, 1999

Everyone was questioning Amanda about what made her call off the wedding. All she'll say was that she found something out about Cameron and that now she can't marry him. She doesn't want to say any more about it. She leaves the crowd but asks Gary to join her. They talk, but she doesn't tell him why she called off the wedding. She says if he wants to know, he'll have to ask Cameron. While Gary and Amanda are talking, Josie starts freaking out, thinking she's telling Gary the truth.

Cameron told her the situation was out of their hands now. Suddenly, Josie gets pain in her stomach and feels faint. Gary returned and tends to Josie. Cameron asks how Amanda is, and Gary told him she feels lousy and asks him why. Cameron says that he and Alli just couldn't get along and Amanda had to choose her daughter over him. Cameron finds Amanda and thanks her for not telling Gary about the baby. She says it wasn't her place; that he or Josie should tell him. She says she expects them to tell him before the baby was born. She says the child deserves to know where it came from, and Gary deserves the truth as well. Cameron tries to work things out with her, but she says it's too late.

Jake leaves his meeting with Chris when he finds out that Vicky went to see Grant on her own. While trying to get close to Grant, Vicky tries to convince him that Cindy was involved in the kidnapping, and asks him if he was, too. Grant defends Cindy at first, then says she admitted to co-operating with Marley. Grant presents Vicky with the ring he bought her, and told her he wants her to wear it now... while they make love. She's saved when Jake starts pounding on the door, demanding to see Vicky. When Grant opens the door, Jake and Vicky fake fight for his benefit, then Jake takes her out of there. He's angry for real that she went there alone and says things have gone too far.

Alli leaves the house and went to a bar. She's followed by David. She tries to get served at the bar, but the bartender refuses. Chris sees her there and tries to take her home. David intervenes and says he'll take her home instead. He brought her home, but she went to the chapel to talk to Amanda. David watches the two of them.

Matt and Rachel discuss the way the wedding was halted at the last second, and Matt seems to finally think Lumina may have played a part in it as well as his own wedding. Matt can't figure out why Jordan would want to interfere in their family's business, although he can't deny there's something going on. However, he still claims he married Lila because, "I was confused before. I'm not now."

After Jake and Vicky get home, he questions her about how far she had to go with Grant before he got there. He asks if Grant kissed her. She doesn't answer, which he takes as a yes and gets angry. Vicky has to remind him that she hates Grant. Rather than fight with Jake, Vicky seduces him. Later that night, Jake dreams about Grant kissing Vicky. Jake strangles him and threatens to kill him, then he wakes up.

After Gary and Josie get home, Cameron shows up. He apologizes to Gary for letting him down, then quickly leaves. Gary knows that there's more to the breakup than what Cameron said about Alli. Josie says if they don't want to tell anyone what happened, they shouldn't have to, but Gary doesn't agree, since he thinks they're making a mistake. He's determined to find out what really happened.

David makes his presence in the chapel known, and Alli leaves and asks him to talk to Amanda. He tries, but she leaves quickly. David thinks of Amalie, and promises they'll be together soon.

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