Another World Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on AW
Matt asked Lila to tell him everything she knew about Lumina. Matt started to remember what had happened to him at Lumina. Cass thought he saw Frankie. Remy and Joe were both sure Tito was lying about being Paulina's son. Grant threatened Vicky after finding out about her betrayal.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on AW
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Monday, February 22, 1999

Matt and Lila discuss Amanda and the way she called off her wedding so abruptly. Suddenly, Matt asks Lila to tell him everything she knows about Stark. He told her that maybe Stark affected Amanda's wedding as well as his own. Lila was amazed that he might finally be realizing he's been Luminized. Matt was confused with all the strange things that have happened to his family, and he can't deny that it seems like someone was out to get them. Problem is, he can't remember anything that happened to him at Lumina, so he needs Lila to tell him everything she knows.

Cass visits Jordan and asks him if he knows anything about why Amanda called off her wedding. Cass offers Jordan a deal... undo whatever he did to make Matt marry Lila and Cass will stay out of his way. He says if Jordan won't go along with him, he'll convince Rachel that Jordan caused Amanda's wedding to be cancelled. Cass tries to get Jordan to reveal his interest in Amanda, but Jordan won't co-operate. Cass told him he'll be watching his every move until he's ready to talk.

Amanda was cleaning out the chapel when Josie shows up. Amanda lets Josie know exactly what she thinks of her. Josie almost hits Amanda, and Amanda eggs her on... she'd love a reason to hit her back, she says. Josie tries to explain that all the lying was for Gary's sake, but Amanda says all Josie wanted was to keep people from knowing the kind of person she is. Josie reminds Amanda that she has a history that was less than perfect. They continue to have it out with each other. Josie blames Amanda for the whole Boca Linda fiasco because Amanda had to go putting herself in danger and Gary and Cameron had to rescue her. When Josie makes a comment about Amanda having a daughter just like herself, Amanda slaps her. Josie was worried that Alli will spill the beans to Gary. She told Amanda she's not going to leave until she realizes how much she loves Gary and how much the truth will hurt him. She actually gets on her knees and begs Amanda not to tell Gary the truth. As Alli listens from around the corner, Josie says the truth could drive Gary to drink, and that would destroy him. She begs Amanda to keep Alli quiet, and Alli steps into the room. She wants Amanda to understand that she didn't tell her about the baby to hurt her, but when she was spying on Cameron, she did want to hurt her then. She leaves upset, and runs into David. He explains to her that she did what she thought was right. Alli feels guilty about hurting Amanda, but David reminds her that the problem with Cameron really has nothing to do with her. He told her she needs to focus.

Lila meets Cass in the park. She fills him in on what happened with Matt. They hope Matt was really starting to catch on, and not just acting as Stark wants him to. Cass went for some food, and when he returns, "Frankie" was sitting with Lila and admiring Jasmine. Cass rushes over, but bumps into someone on the way. When he looks again, Frankie has vanished.

Josie asks Amanda again to keep Alli quiet, but Amanda says she can't control what Alli does. She makes it clear that when Gary does learn the truth, it won't be Alli who hurts him, it will be Josie and Cameron. Alli returned in and says she won't tell anyone about the baby. Josie thanks her and leaves. Alli was much calmer, and she told Amanda she spoke to David, and he always makes her feel better. David enters the chapel. Amanda thanks him for again helping Alli.

Matt asks Rachel to use her influence on Jordan to get him out of the lab, so Matt can break in and do some investigating. Rachel warns Matt to be careful; Stark isn't just dangerous, he's sick. She calls Stark, but Ms. Allen says he's out, so Matt decides it's the perfect time for him to go there and see what he can learn. Ms. Allen finds Matt at the Lumina lab. He claims he's supposed to be there, that Jordan sent for him. She buys his excuse. Matt checks things out. When he touches "the chair", he suddenly stops. He has a flash of memory about his Luminization.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Paulina was worried about Tito's whereabouts and didn't want to worry Joe. Joe insisted that she accept his help. He called the police station and had an APB placed on Tito so they could find him once and for all. Paulina disapproved of the APB. She thought that that would just scare him away. To make his wife happy, Joe canceled the APB. Joe went to look for Tito by himself promising to Paulina that she would never have to go through this again.

Remy paid Tito a visit just as he was finishing his packing. She called him on his bluff. She told Tito that she knew that he wasn't Paulina's son and that she could prove it. She remembered that when they were in foster homes together, Tito used to talk about growing up with his mother in Vegas. Tito said that he made up those stories because he didn't grow up with his real mother. Remy then wondered how he ended up in the same city as his biological mother. She also reminded Tito that they came to Bay City to con Nick and that he never mentioned anything about his mother being Paulina Cory. She warned him that if he was lying, she will find out about it.

Joe went Tito's and ordered him to stay in town. He said that as long as Paulina wants him around, he will be around.

Meanwhile, Remy went to see Paulina. She tried to convince Paulina that Tito couldn't possibly be her son. Before Remy could say anything further, Paulina told her about the DNA test and that they are a match. Remy couldn't believe it. She asked if there was a chance of a mix-up. Paulina said that there was no chance of that, but that even before the test, she knew Tito was her son. When Remy asked how she knew, Paulina said she had something to show her that she hadn't shown to anyone except Tito. She went in the other room to get the locket. While Remy was waiting, she pulled out her locket. Paulina came out with the matching locket. Just as she was going to show it to Remy, Joe and Tito walked in preventing Paulina from showing the locket to Remy.

An excited Paulina hugged Tito and expressed her gratitude to Joe for finding him. When Joe and Paulina left the room. Remy asked Tito how he managed to pass the DNA test. Tito told Remy that this meant a lot to him and that it would be best if no one knew that they went way back. Little did they know, Joe reentered the room and was listening.

Paulina, Tito, Remy, and Joe sat around listening while Paulina went through her photo album. She showed Tito pictures of her father, Mac, and the other Cory relatives in the photo album. Joe looked at Remy. Knowing that she was upset, he asked her if she was all right. Remy abruptly excused herself and left. Paulina wondered if Remy was all right and if something was bothering her. While Paulina and Tito went back to the photo album, Joe went to go get dinner. Paulina asked Joe to get dinner for four. Once Joe left, Paulina introduced "Tim" to his little brother Dante.

When Paulina put Dante to sleep, Tito asked Paulina if they were rushing things. He expressed his concern about Joe's dislike for him. Paulina promised to handle Joe. Tito suggested that he go away to college and just visit on the weekends. Paulina didn't really like that idea. Then Tito said that he just has to work to afford tuition. Paulina wouldn't hear of that. She insisted on putting both her sons through college. Tito thankfully and happily accepted her offer.

Joe went to the park and found Remy. Joe knew that Remy didn't believe that Tito was his Paulina's son. He tried to get the truth out of Remy. Remy reminded Joe that the DNA test was a match. Joe begged Remy to tell him everything she knows for Paulina's sake. Remy stuck to her story that she didn't know anything. When Joe left, Remy remembered that she picked Bay City on a map as the city they should go to, that Tito never even wanted to come to Bay City in the first place. If he was lying about that, then he could be lying about everything.

At Lumina, Matt stood in the very room in which he was "brainwashed" and stared at the chair where he once sat. Like a flash flood, the memories started to pour in. Just as he remembered, Ms. Allen came in and warned him that he was not supposed to be there. Matt expressed his anger to Ms. Allen that he knows full well what Mr. Stark did to him and shouted for Ms. Allen to make Mr. Stark aware of that fact as well. Matt then stormed out in a rage.

In the Cory Chapel, David offered his help to Amanda in getting over her breakup with Cameron. Amanda appreciated the offer but no one could help her now. David told Amanda about the love of his life and his tragic love story. Amanda realized that David could understand his pain. In between the tears for Cameron and her pain, David was able to make her smile and even laugh. He persuaded her to try something he learned in a stress management course. Feeling silly, Amanda agreed. David hypnotized her, sending her back to the time they once knew each other in the 1700s. When he asked her what she sees in her hypnotic state, Matt entered the Cory chapel calling Amanda's name and taking her out of the hypnotic state before she could recall those happy times under David's spell. Matt told her (and David, who was listening) that the person who ruined her wedding to Cameron was the same person that caused all their other family problems... Jordan Stark.

Amanda assured Matt that her problems had nothing to do with Jordan Stark. Matt finally excused himself and left. Amanda thanked David for coming to cheer her up but that she really wanted to be alone. He complied. Before David walked out the door, Amanda mumbled the word "Stefanodos" (phonetically spelled). David asked her what she said. Amanda repeated herself and wondered why she had even said it to begin with. She then asked David what Stefanodos is. He told her it was a flower that was very rare. Amanda reasoned that the florist must have mentioned it. As David turned to leave, he remembered that Stefanodos was the flower that she was holding on their memorable day back in the 1700s.

Gary went to see Cameron. Gary couldn't understand why his brother called off the wedding at the alter. He knew that it couldn't have had anything to do with Allie. Gary demanded that Cameron tell him exactly why Amanda called off the wedding, that whatever it was, the four of them (Gary, Josie, Cameron, and Amanda), who have gotten so close since the incident at Boca Linda, could fix whatever went wrong. Cameron insisted that this time nothing could make it right. When Gary wouldn't let up, Cameron said that he slept with another woman and Amanda found out about it. Gary was furious. He read Cameron the riot act, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Cameron opened the door. Josie entered the room blurting that she just talked to Allie. When Josie saw her husband, she asked him why he was there. Gary, still in a rage, said that his brother just told him about the sexcapade that ruined his wedding. In shock, Josie looked at Cameron and said, "You swore to me you'd never tell anybody." Gary, in more shock than Josie, asked Josie how she knew about this. Before Josie said anything incriminating, Gary asked Cameron why he told Josie and not him about all of this. Finally, Josie put two and two together and figured out that what Gary knows isn't truth. Before Gary left, he continued to give Cameron the third degree. He then left saying that Cameron was making him sick.

Josie informed Cameron that Allie said that Amanda made her promise not to tell anyone else. Josie then blamed herself for everything that happened. Cameron blamed himself and vowed to leave Bay City and never come back. Josie couldn't believe that Cameron would want to leave without ever seeing his child. Cameron reminded Josie that it was Gary's child. Josie promised to tell her child about Uncle Cameron someday, all good things. Cameron told Josie not to tell anyone that he was leaving until he was already gone. Josie said that he really should say good-bye to certain people before he leaves. Cameron knew she was right. When Cameron was alone, he wrote Amanda a letter telling her good-bye.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

At Tito's apartment, Paulina contacted the college Tito told her he wanted to attend. She told Tito the information the college needed and he was in. Tito was amazed that Paulina acted so quickly. Then Remy came by. Paulina wondered when Remy and Tito became such good friends. They both acted like they weren't really that close. Paulina demanded to know what was really going on. She knew they were hiding something. Remy lied saying she owed Tito money that she borrowed from him. Paulina remembered that Remy did borrow money from him, making their lie believable. When Paulina left, Remy let Tito have it with both barrels. She told him that she knows he was lying because he didn't even have an interest in Paulina until he found out she was rich. Remy then threatened to go to Joe and tell him everything.

Tito called Paulina and told her that he could probably start some of his courses now even though the spring session had already started. He then asked Paulina for the money that she offered. Paulina happily told him that whatever was hers, was his.

Joe went home to find Paulina on the phone, fighting with someone about getting to her trust fund. Joe reminded her that she said she would never touch that money. The two argued. Paulina said she wanted to give her money to her son. When Paulina left, Joe called Remy. He asked to see her right away.

Joe informed Remy that Paulina was giving her inheritance to Tito. He asked for her help. Remy desperately wanted to tell Joe what she knew but didn't. Joe threatened Remy that she better not be teamed up with Tito or know more than she was letting on.

Paulina went to see Tito with the college application. She told him that she would be transferring her money from her father's estate into an account with his name on it. So the money was his. He will be the one writing the checks.

At the police station in Joe's office, Jake and Vicky tried to come up with a plan with Joe to get Grant and Cindy. Vicky was convinced that Grant was ready to turn on Cindy. Jake didn't like the idea that Vicky was putting herself in danger by being alone with Grant.

At Josie's desk at the police station, Cindy told Josie that she was aware that the entire police department was scheming against her. She wanted to know what the status was with Marley. Josie said she didn't know. When Cindy wasn't getting the answers she wanted, she threatened to go to Joe and tell him about Josie's wrong-doings. Josie reminded Cindy that whether Joe knows the truth or not, she would still go to jail for all that she has done. Before Cindy could go storming into Joe's office, she saw Jake and Vicky at Joe's desk and wondered why they were there. Cindy didn't believe Josie when she told her that she didn't know why they were there. Cindy hid until Jake and Vicky left.

Once they were gone, Joe asked Josie to go into his office. He told Cindy to leave. He asked Josie what was going on with her and Cindy since he has seen them together more than a few times. Josie told Joe that Cindy was on to them. Joe assumed that Josie was being nice to her so that she'll help them with Grant. Josie played along. Then she promised to do better with Cindy next time. Joe was more than understanding. The two began discussing the facts of the case. Joe told Josie that Grant told Vicky that Cindy confessed to Grant that she was an accessory to the kidnapping. All they need now was proof.

Cindy continued to stare into Joe's office wondering what was going on inside. Gary came up behind her. He asked what she was doing there. She said she was looking for him. He offered his ear if she ever wants to talk. Cindy assured him that she will be okay. When Cindy saw Josie come out of Joe's office, she asked Gary how Amanda and Cameron's wedding was. He told her that it was called off. When the two finished their conversation about the wedding, Gary left renewing his offer if she ever wants to talk. Cindy promised to take him up on his offer sooner than he thinks. When Gary was gone, Cindy blackmailed Josie for the latest information she has that could put her behind bars.

Cindy wondered who told the police that she was behind the kidnapping. Cindy knew that it had to be Grant. Cindy then asked Josie if Joe was on to her. Josie told her that he can't be because there was no proof. Cindy vowed that there will never be proof once she gets her hands on Grant. Josie warned Cindy not to hurt anyone including Grant or she will make sure that she goes to jail. Cindy quickly reminded that Josie's problems will not go away by sending her to jail. "The truth can ruin somebody, just like Cameron and Amanda," she enlightened.

In the park, Jake and Vicky argued about the proper approach to making sure Grant and Cindy get exactly what they deserve. Jake didn't like the idea that Vicky was alone with Grant. Vicky assured Jake that that was the only way Grant will open up to her.

Tyrone went to the hospital to see Marley. Marley was drawing a self- portrait. The portrait consisted of herself standing alone in a corner. She told Tyrone she was trying to find the person she once was but can't remember her. A voice said, "I remember her." The voice belonged to a smiling Jake. Tyrone tried to get Jake to leave because he would upset Marley. Marley insisted that he stay. When she went to get some tea, Tyrone told Jake that it was unfair that he keeps coming to see Marley, pretending to be nice to her just to get information about Grant and the tape. Tyrone left momentarily so Marley and Jake could talk.

Jake told Marley that Grant and Cindy are behind the threatening letters. He reminded her that on their last visit, she said that Grant had no idea where the tape was. Marley agreed with his recollection. He begged for her to tell him where the tape is. Marley asked Jake that if she tell him where tape is, will he have the same feelings for her that he used to have. Even though one simple word would get him the tape, Jake couldn't promise that. He tried to remind her of all the horrible things Grant has done. Jake said how much the world needs the old Marley back. Finally, Marley asked how she could help. Jake asked where the tape is. The two smiled, while someone in a surgeon's outfit and mask was listening carefully. That person was Cindy. Marley told Jake that the tape was in a plastic bag, in a potted plant at his house. Cindy quickly barged out the door.

Vicky went to the comforts of her home. Just as she was making herself comfortable, Grant came from upstairs telling her how beautiful she is. Vicky asked what he was doing there. He said he just had to see her. He picked up Kirkland at school since Donna was having lunch with Nick. He begged for a kiss. Vicky's excuse was that she didn't want Kirkland to see them kissing, and Jake was going to be home any minute. Grant ordered Vicky to tell Jake that she was leaving him so they could be together, the three of them.

Cindy went to Vicky and Jake's to find the tape before Jake got there. To her disappointment, she saw Grant and Vicky embracing. When the two left with Kirkland to take him to his friend's house, Cindy saw the opportunity to look the tape. She went into the house and looked through every potted plant she could find. Unfortunately for her, there were more plants than she bargained for. Eventually she found it just where she heard Marley say it was. By that time, both Jake and Vicky were coming home.

Outside the cottage, Vicky told Jake why Grant was there. Jake then told Vicky where Marley said the tape is. As they were opening the door to go into their home, the two cheered that it was finally over.

Thursday, February 31, 1999

Matt was on the phone to Tyrone trying to find out exactly where Cass was at. He asks Tyrone if he knows where Cass was headed. He then told Tyrone that he needs to talk to Cass now, not an hour from now and he finds it hard to believe that Cass would leave the office and not tell Tyrone where he could reach him. Obviously Tyrone told him where he could find Cass and Matt told him that he knows which park it was and then hangs up. After hanging up he grabs his coat and heads out the door.

Lila arranges to meet Cass in the park, Cass meets up with Lila in the park and asks her what was up. Lila asks Cass if he remembers her telling him about Matt becoming obsessed that Jordan has zapped his mind. Cass told her he remembers and asks her what of it? Lila told Cass that she was up with Jasmine in the middle of the night and saw a light on in the library and Matt was holed up in there till this morning trying to find out everything he could about hypnosis and ESP. Cass says good, maybe Matthew's finally getting ready to accept that everything he's done since he married her was just a direct result of the power of suggestion -- someone else's suggestion. Lila told Cass that was what scares her. Cass asks her why, adding that Matt can't keep invoking the sanctity of their marriage after he realizes that he had no conscious part in it. He'll have to let her go. Lila told Cass that Matt won't let her go if he finds out that she knew. Cass asks her about what and Lila then explains her fear that Matt will take Jasmine away from her for good if he learns that she knew how Jordan had an unseen hand in their bizarre nuptials. Cass has a shocked look on his face and Lila told him that it's not like she knew exactly that Jordan Stark was going to do something to Matthew's mind, but she had a sense that he had the power to do something. She then says she didn't know how much power Jordan had until Matt insisted that they get married right away. Cass asked if that surprised her and Lila told him of course it surprised her. Cass asks her if Stark promised that he would make a wedding happen. Lila told him no, Zak was the one. He told her if she just focused, she could have anything she wanted. Cass asks her exactly what did she tell Zak that she wanted? Lila told him she wanted Matthew to love her and she wanted him to make Matthew love her. Cass asks her if she actually thought it was possible for one person to be made to love another person? Lila told him she knows it was crazy, but she was out of her mind. Her baby had just been taken from her and she just kept getting that sense, that fear, that their lives are going to spin out of control and there's absolutely nothing they can do to stop it. Cass says come here baby and then comforts her.

Matt spots Cass and Lila embracing on a park bench. He approaches them and told Lila he kind of figured after she was breaking her neck yesterday to get here. He then asks her what was her excuse today, she was picking up Jasmine? Lila told him she did pick up Jasmine. Matt says and Cass just happened to be here right. Cass intervenes and told Matt that this was neutral ground and since Matt doesn't appreciate it when he comes over to the house, so when he and Lila want to talk, they meet here. Lila then asks Matt if he was following her. Matt told her he called Cass' office and was not spying on her. Cass asks him what does he want then? Matt told Cass he needs to know everything Cass knows about Jordan Stark and Lumina. Cass asks him why and Matt told him that he thinks it's possible that a few of his decisions in the past few months may have been prompted by some sort of manipulation of his subconscious. Cass was shocked and Matt tell him if he was waiting for him to say he was right, he doesn't know yet. He needs to find out more. Cass told Matt he's still in the middle of his investigation and doesn't have a full dossier on Stark yet. Matt asks Cass to give him what he has, but Cass told him he can't and to be perfectly honest, Matt could funnel the information right back to Jordan Stark. Matt can't believe Cass means that and Cass told him that this could be a con. Him pretending to suspect Stark, but all along he's still his puppet. Jordan was putting him up to it so that he can undermine any strategy that's been devised to expose him. Matt told Cass he can't win. If he fights Cass's logic, he's luminized. If he went along with Cass, he's luminized! Cass told Matt he just doesn't understand what prompted this new enlighten perspective of his. Matt told Cass it's kind of been a gradual thing. The more he heard, the more Cass's theories began to make sense and then when he went over to the Lumina Lab, he was there alone for a few minutes before Ms. Allen threw him out and something hit him and he remembered something. Lila and Cass asks him what he has remembered. He told them about the magic chair and how Stark put his hand on his shoulder and told him something that changed. Cass told Matt that a physical cue like that was a fundamental technique of hypnosis. He then asks Matt if he believes now that he was hypnotized. Matt admits to Cass he believes Jordan may have hypnotized him into making some erroneous decisions in recent weeks. Cass says at last they are finally getting somewhere. Everything that Matt has did after Stark touched his shoulder, everything that seemed abrupt or illogical or without precedent, was just the result of a posthypnotic suggestion. He then told Matt that when he marched into that Chapel to marry Lila, it wasn't because of some deep-seated impulse to protect his baby. That's just what Stark told him to say. Matt agrees and says it seemed like he was doing what he wanted at the time, but he doesn't know now. Lila told him it must be awful feeling like someone was controlling him like that. Cass says that Matt can't deny it now. Matt says not anymore and Cass says, so it wasn't really a marriage. Matt says he didn't say that. Cass told him he just admitted he was hypnotized moments before he walked down the aisle. That wasn't him marrying Lila, that was Jordan Stark's version of him, which pretty much invalidates any ceremony. He then says if the wedding isn't valid, Matt has to let Lila go. Matt says the hell he does and doesn't care how the marriage started. What matters was how he feels now and he has come to cherish his wife and family and was not letting them go just because Cass told him to. They then start arguing and Cass told Matt that this was about control. He hated being controlled and manipulated by Jordan Stark, so now he's getting some power back so that he can control everybody else, including Lila. The two end up fighting and during the altercation with Cass, Matt was knocked cold for a few moments and comes to feeling completely free of Stark's mind control.

Josie was on the phone calling Cameron when she receives a knock at the door and opens it to find Cameron standing there. She's relieved he hasn't left yet and invites him in. Cameron told her he was still going, but he was just thinking about what she said about talking to Gary and asks if he was here. Josie told him Gary's not home, but maybe that's good because now she can tell him what she's thinking. Cameron asks her if she thinks it's a good idea for him to go. Josie told him it's not going to change the fact that Amanda and her daughter know he's the father of her baby. Cameron told her that may very well be, but him not being around will make it less of an issue. Josie told him that's not true, because out of sight doesn't necessarily mean out of mind, especially Amanda's or even Cindy's for that matter. Cameron told her there was no perfect solution, but if he sticks around it could make thing worse. He then told her since Gary's not around, he will write him a letter or something. Josie told him he doesn't have to do that, because Gary will be back soon. Besides, Gary would be devastated to learn that Cameron had said goodbye by a letter. Gary walks in and told them both that it already was too late. He was devastated when he found out what his brother did to the woman he's supposedly in love with. Cameron told Gary that was not what Josie was talking about. Gary asks if there was more and Cameron told him he just came to say good-bye, he's leaving Bay City. Upset to hear that his brother was leaving town, Gary reminds Cameron that they can patch up their differences but only if he stays in Bay City. Gary then told Cameron that he doesn't understand why he would want to leave town after one fight? Cameron says he's just trying to make life easier for Amanda. Gary told him to think about his niece or nephew. He then asks Cameron how was this easier for them? They're not the only Sinclairs' here. There's Josie and the baby and he's the baby's uncle and no matter how Amanda feels, he knows she would not want Cameron to know he's breaking up an entire family. Cameron told Gary it's more complicated than that, but Gary asks him what about their investigation business? Cameron told him he'll find another partner, a better one. Gary apologizes for lashing out at him in anger and says that he was wrong for telling him he hadn't changed. Cameron was glad to hear that Gary doesn't think he's a total loser, but still decides to leave. Josie told Gary that Cameron has his reasons and maybe he should just let Cameron go and respect Cameron's decision. Gary asks Josie how can someone in Cameron's position do any type of thinking when his world was entirely destroyed? He then asks her if she honestly thinks he should let Cameron go. Josie says if that was what Cameron thinks he needs to do. Gary then says what was it with them and asks if they have made a pact together, because he was constantly feeling like they are in cahoots against him. Josie covers by telling Gary that she agrees with him and even tried to convince Cameron to stay, but he won't.

Cindy sneaks into the McKinnon house and unearths the package Marley buried in one of her sister's potted plants. Jake and Vicky come in from outside and Cindy went and hides in the kitchen. Jake told Vicky that Marley told him that the tape of Grant's confession was in one of their plant pots. While they search the plants, Cindy cowers behind the kitchen counter hoping not to be discovered. After much searching and still coming up empty, Jake told Vicky that he can't understand it. Marley said that the tape was in one of these pots in a plastic bag. They then head into the kitchen with one of the plants and Jake wonders why it was laying on it's side. Vicky says maybe one of the boys probably knocked it over. Jake says or maybe Marley was a little careless last time she checked. While they are at the sink feeling down in the plant pot, Cindy was on the other side of the counter, hoping not to be discovered. Jake feels something in the plant pot and they both think it was the tape, but it turns out to be one of Kirkland's toy cars. A disappointed Jake then told Vicky that he can't tell the difference anymore between what Marley says and what she means and what's really going on. As Jake was talking, Vicky senses that someone was in the kitchen with them and ask Jake what would he say to a nice, long, hot shower? Jake told her it all depends on if he's going solo or if he has company. Vicky asks him if that was an invitation? Jake asks her what was with them? Here they are thinking they're going to crack some big case and end months of misery and suffering, but no they come to a dead end and to top it off, they're talking about getting naked. Vicky told him that would be the idea and leads him away. A relieved Cindy comes from out of her hiding place and tries to make a mad dash for the front door, when Jake and Vicky come out and catch her. Vicky says, "leaving so soon? A caught Cindy told them that they scared her and she was just -- Vicky cuts her off and says, you was what? You was just sneaking out of here? Jake yells at Cindy to give it up, while a stuttering Cindy told them she was just here looking for something. Vicky says for the tape? Cindy says yeah, for the tape, but she came up empty-handed. Jake says sure you did, lets see. He then grabs Cindy and manages to wrangle the tape away from her and finds it in a plastic bag, just like Marley said. Vicky in the meantime was on the phone to Joe and asks him how soon could he get over there, because they've had a little break in. She told Joe there was no damage, but she thinks he'll probably want to question the perpetrator when he sees who it is. She hangs up and told Jake that Joe's in his car, he's close by and he'll be right there. A nervous Cindy asks them if they really have to do this whole cops and robbers thing, because she gave them the tape willingly. Vicky asks her about the break-in and says are they just suppose to turn the cheek about that? Cindy told them there really was no break-in and their security's a little lax. Jake says that brought up the burning question. How did she find out about the tape, because Marley just told him where it was today. Cindy told them this was not a competition and they are on the same side. They want the cops to have the tape and so does she. Vicky told Cindy that's a bunch of bull if Cindy thinks that they'll believe that she was going to take the tape to anyone, but Grant. A sarcastic Cindy asks Vicky when the sudden change of heart came? Vicky asks Cindy what was she talking about? Cindy asks Vicky if she was forgetting that she's suddenly Grant's biggest fan? She wants Grant to have the tape remember? She doesn't want the cops to have the tape, at least ever since she's suddenly discovered the man he truly is, the father of her son or at least that's what she was whispering in his ear. Cindy then sarcastically says maybe it was all and act. Vicky told Cindy to sit down, she's a little agitated. Cindy told Vicky that she told Grant that Vicky would turn against him and that every word out of her mouth was a lie, but he wouldn't believe her. She then asks Vicky if she knows why? Vicky says nothing, but stands there with Jake looking amused. Cindy told her that Grant actually believed that Vicky cared about him and has feelings for him. Isn't that pathetic? Jake says yeah, it is. Cindy then kicks herself for being such an idiot. Jake told Cindy that it must be a little tough to take, since she put herself on the line and sticks her neck out time after time, after time for the guy and he only has eyes for Vicky. Cindy agrees and Jake says you'd think he'd at least appreciate your loyalty. After all, you were one of the few people that was with Grant the night that Vicky was kidnapped, but you never said anything to anybody, did you? He then told Cindy that was because she always wanted to protect Grant. Cindy thinks Jake was buttering her up to sing and told Jake that she isn't telling him squat and she's not waiting for Joe either. She then tries to leave, but runs right into Joe.

Joe takes great pleasure in bringing Cindy down to the precinct house for booking. Cindy demands to be granted a phone call. Joe told Cindy he's too stoked to deny anybody anything. He then told her that having the tape in his possession means that one day he'll be able to explain to his son that when someone tried to burn down their home and take away everything they had, he didn't get away with it. Justice was done and it means maybe he can keep believing that when he comes into this dump day after day, there's a reason for it. A reason that he can make sense in this stupid world. Cindy asks Joe if that was a yes or a no to the phone call? Joe told Cindy he'll get someone to process her and then walks away. Cindy yells after him that she doesn't know what she was doing here. She didn't burn down his stupid house! Jake and Vicky come into the station and Jake told Cindy that she knew who did and she kept it to herself, which makes her an accessory, just like an old alligator handbag. Cindy told Jake that Grant forced her to do that and they have no idea what kind of hell her life has been. Vicky told Cindy if she starts trying to play the victim here, she was going to lose her lunch. Cindy asks them who do they think made her go into their house to get the tape? Vicky doesn't buy it and told Cindy she knows that Grant kicked Cindy out, so don't go pinning this whole little escapade on him. Vicky then told her she was going to bring Grant the tape because she thought she could get back in his good graces. Jake adds or she was going to blackmail Grant, one or the other. Joe returns and told one of his officers to book her. Cindy says she thought the booking was Detective Sinclair's job, adding that Joe was always sending Josie after her. Joe told her Detective Sinclair was off duty, while one of his officers told him that Josie called. She's starting her maternity leave. Joe, Vicky, and Jake head into Joe's office to listen to the confession. Granted her one phone call, Cindy dials the Sinclairs' number and warns Josie she's ready to start singing unless she gets some special attention from a certain pregnant detective. Josie went into the other room to talk to Cindy. Josie told her that she can't do anything, she's gone on maternity leave because of her medical problems. Cindy told Josie if she helps her, Josie won't have to worry about stress any more or stress about anything Cindy might say. She then told Josie her husband will never have to know that she has gotten knocked up by his brother, unless of course, Josie deserts her in her hour of need. Josie told Cindy she'll come to her rescue. However, Gary overhears Josie and told her she was as white as a sheet. He then asks her what the hell was going on and Josie covers by telling him it's about a case she was working on. She then told him she has to head over to the station and will be right back. After she was gone, Cameron agrees not to leave tonight.

Meanwhile inside Joe's office, A fuming Joe listens to Grant's taped confession about the fire he set at the Carlinos' house. Joe decides Grant must pay, and grabs his gun. Jake suggests someone else pick up Grant, and Vicky agrees and told Joe that he has every right to feel the way he feels, but she just doesn't think he should be alone with Grant right now, especially not with a gun. Joe says he took his gun out to leave it here, because he doesn't trust himself with any weapon, but he has to be the one to bring Grant in. He has to do this for his wife, his son and for himself.

Back in the main part of the station, Cindy makes a phone call to Grant as well and triumphantly informs an alarmed Grant that the jig was up. Grant asks her where was she and Cindy told him she's at the police station, because she was apprehended after breaking into Jake and Vicky's house for his tape. Grant asks her where was the tape now? Cindy says no, you mean Vicky didn't give it to you after she took it from me? She didn't come rushing over to your arms with a declaration of her undying love and the proof? Grant shouts at her, "where was the damn tape?" Cindy sarcastically says silly her, Vicky couldn't possibly be with him, because she's here with Joe Carlino selling Grant out, just like Cindy said she would. Grant told her she was lying. Cindy says why don't you get your flame-retardant butt down here, Mr Mayor, because even as they speak, Joe, Jake and Vicky are listening to every word about how Grant torched the Carlino home. Grant asks Cindy how could she let this happen to him? He then asks her what in the hell was he suppose to do now? Cindy told him she guesses he will have to tell Vicky to give up her humdrum life and go on the lam with him or she'll be forced to visit him every Thursday night when they put him in maximum security. Grant told Cindy that if they ship him anywhere, he'll see to it that she has similar accommodations. The officer returns and Cindy told Grant she has to go and hangs up on him. Josie shows up at the station and runs into Cindy, who gives Josie one of her threatening stares. At the same time Joe, Jake and Vicky come out of Joe's office and Joe told Josie that Adams informed him that she wanted to talk to him. Josie told him yes she did and she also stopped by to get some things from her desk. Joe told her the good news, he's got the tape of Grant's full confession under lock and key in his desk drawer. He then told Adams to cuff Cindy to the desk, because he doesn't trust her not to try to split. He told Josie and Adams that he was heading out to bring Grant in. After Joe, Vicky and Jake are gone, Josie told Adams that she'll take care of the prisoner and Adams leaves to go do something else around the office. Alone, Cindy told Josie that she wants the tape now. Josie told her it was locked up in Joe's desk. Cindy told Josie she knows Josie knows where the key was so, quit stalling and get in there and get it. Josie isn't sure about this, but Cindy says she wants to make sure Grant gets what was coming to him and has every intention of giving the tape back, but she only wants to make sure she doesn't go down with Grant. Josie was hit with labor pains, but Cindy thinks she's faking and told her to get the tape. Josie went into Joe's office to get the tape. As Josie was snooping around trying to find Joe's key, Joe comes in and discovers her there. Josie tries to cover by saying she thought Joe was bringing Grant in. Joe told her he was a little overeager and needs to get a warrant first, but before he does that, he thinks they need to talk first.

Gary and Cameron talk and try and sort through things. Gary confides to Cameron the real reason he got busted from the police force years ago, because he wants to make a deal that they never hide secrets from one another. Cameron swears to Gary he'll make it up to him for betraying his brother's trust. Gary asks what he has to make up? Cameron says for all the screw ups he's made. Cameron told Gary he has to go, but promises to call him before he leaves town. Cameron leaves and Gary knows Cameron was still hiding something.

After hanging up with Cindy, Grant says to himself, "Victoria, you shouldn't have done this to me. No, never again Victoria, never again. He then pulls out his wedding photo of him and Victoria and begins to have flashbacks of the last few days they have spent together leading up to this day. Realizing Vicky has played him for a fool, he smashes their wedding photo and vows to take his revenge.

Vicky and Jake are relaxing on their living room couch and Vicky told Jake that she can't believe that they can finally hold each other and not have to worry that somebody's looking in the window. Jake says and they don't have to lay awake at night wondering where that damn tape was either. Vicky sadly agrees and says that Grant was finally going to face the music. Jake asks her if she was starting to feel sorry for the guy, but Vicky told him no, she's not feeling sorry for Grant, but for Kirkland, if Grant went to jail. Jake told her they will cross that bridge when they come to it, right now he thinks they have a couple of minutes that the could spend together. As they snuggle into each others arms, Vicky suggest that they go take that hot shower. Jake agrees and the two of them start kissing each other passionately. The phone rings and Vicky told Jake that she'll get it. She picks it up and it's Grant who told her to listen carefully. He then told her she will not have the chance to betray him again. She has run out of chances...........

Friday, February 26, 1999

Etta Mae complains to Tito about the quality of his work. He can't wait to get Paulina's money so he can quit that job. Remy arrives, and Tito asks her if she told Joe all about him. She says no, but that Nick was on his way over, and she will be telling him the truth about their past together. She tries to convince Tito to just come clean before Joe digs up dirt on him, but Tito says he needs more time. Paulina arrives to discuss the money she's giving to Tito. She told him that there will be a slight delay in having her funds transferred into his account. In the meantime, she still wants to introduce him to Rachel and the rest of her family. He says he'd rather wait until he's in school. She agrees to wait, but says she's proud of him right now. Before leaving, Paulina tells Remy that she can still come to her for anything. Remy and Tito continue talking. She admits it's hard watching him with Paulina, because she hasn't found her own mother. He tries to get her to change her mind about telling Nick the whole truth. When Nick arrives, he and Remy leave to talk in private, although Tito listens in. She told him about her history with Tito, and that they were partners when she was planning to con Nick. Nick's angry that she kept it from him for so long. He says that because she kept quiet about Tito, she gave him the chance to move in on Paulina. She told Nick that Tito was Paulina's son, and Nick wants to go to Joe with what he knows. Remy says Tito promised to do that himself. Nick says if he doesn't do it fast, he will. Remy asks about the status of her relationship with Nick. He says she's been keeping the truth from him for months and that he's hurt. When he leaves, Tito told her she blew it for both of them. Remy was upset. She thinks that without Nick, she has nothing. Tito reminds her that they'll always have each other.

Joe went into his desk for the tape and realizes it's not there. He screams that it was there five minutes ago and asks Josie who could have taken it. He was freaking out. He told Josie that Grant must have someone working for him on the inside. Joe announces to all the cops that someone there was stealing evidence, and had better own up to it. He promises to find out who it was and says that person will regret what he's done, then he storms out. Cindy congratulates Josie on a job well done. She told Josie to hang on to the tape and to deliver it to her later.

Grant phones Vicky and told her that he knows she took the tape to Joe. He says she's gone too far this time and that she will regret it. She tells him that she couldn't have taken the tape to Joe... after all, she tore it up in front of his own eyes. She says HE must have been lying to HER about what was on that tape. He warns her to keep watching her back. They hang up, and Jake was upset that Grant was threatening Vicky. Joe arrives and told them that the tape was gone. They're not sure what to do next. Vicky offers to wear a wire to get evidence against Grant. Jake was reluctant to agree to this, but Joe assures him that the two of them will back her up the whole time. Vicky went out for air. Joe calls Josie and told her they're moving on Grant with or without the tape. He told her to come to Jake and Vicky's. Jake told Joe that if Grant lays a finger on Vicky, he'll kill him. Joe says he'll have to get in line behind him. Grant finds Vicky outside her house, and takes her away to talk. When Josie arrives, they fill her in on the plan. She asks where Vicky is, and they tell her she's outside, but she says she didn't see her on her way in. Jake runs outside calling for Vicky and realizes she's gone. Meanwhile, Grant frisks Vicky before talking to her. She still pretends to be on his side. Grant still wants her, but was very wary of her. She told him that the police already lost the tape. He's happy about that, and it's obvious he didn't know it before she told him. He continues to try to woo Vicky away from Jake. Paulina arrives and Joe told her how they found, then lost, the tape. Vicky returns home to everyone's relief. She told them Grant had no idea the tape had been stolen from the police. They wonder who was behind it. They think of Cindy, but she was handcuffed to a desk at the time. Cindy was about to be released and Josie requests to Joe that she be the one to keep surveillance on Cindy. He agrees. He went back to the station and releases Cindy. He told her Jake and Vicky decided not to press charges. Cindy tries to talk to Paulina like the friends they used to be, but Paulina was very cold to her. Cindy gives up and leaves. Josie went home and hides the tape. She's quite upset, and Gary tries to comfort her. Jake and Vicky argue some more about Grant. Jake again threatens to stop Grant once and for all.

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