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General Hospital Recap for Thursday, January 13, 2022
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GH Daily Recaps (Thursday, January 13, 2022)
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Thursday, January 13, 2022

On the phone with Tracy, Brook Lynn begged her grandmother not to say anything to Ned. As she got off the phone, Chase arrived, and he informed her that she'd missed "Bailey's" appointment. He assured her that the appointment had gone well. Brook Lynn confided that Tracy had figured out that "Bailey" was actually Louise, and he wondered, "How screwed are we?" Brook Lynn thought that Tracy would have her back, as Tracy would do anything for the family. She added that Tracy thought it would be safer for Brook Lynn to take "Bailey" to Amsterdam.

Chase and Brook Lynn talked over other ideas of where to live, as Brook Lynn refused to break her promise to Maxie to protect "Bailey." Chase suggested that they move in with him, but she didn't think it was practical with his tiny apartment. He told her that they could get a bigger place together, and Brook Lynn warmed to the idea. She called him a genius and hugged him. He went to check on "Bailey" while Brook Lynn texted Lucy about apartments for rent.

When Chase returned, Brook Lynn showed him an apartment she liked, but he balked at the price. Brook Lynn thought that Tracy would "put her money where her mouth is," so he agreed to it. However, he wanted to talk about boundaries with her. She thought back to when he'd lost his towel in the sauna. The two threw out things that annoyed them about the other.

At the hospital, Felicia handed a cup of coffee to the guard outside of Peter's room, and she promised to tell Mac how diligent Officer Baird was. She admitted that she wanted to have a word with Peter, and the officer assured her that, as she was the wife of the acting commissioner, he would allow her in the room. She went into the room and closed the door, and Peter demanded to know why she was there. She replied that she wanted to know where Louise was, but he advised her that, as a private investigator, Felicia should be able to find Louise herself.

Peter talked about how Felicia had failed Maxie, and he would never fail his own daughter like that. Felicia replied that they might never know, as Louise could be lost forever. "What if I could lead you straight to her?" he wondered, and he mentioned that she was in a "unique position to ensure that I'm treated fairly." She accused him of being a liar like Faison, and she couldn't wait to see Peter end up as pathetic as his father. She stormed out, and Peter pulled at his handcuffs in frustration.

Victor approached Drew at the Metro Court bar and suggested that they "break bread." "Not bread. Bones maybe," Drew growled. He got in Victor's face just as Sam arrived, and she held Drew back. Drew warned Victor not to make any wrong moves, or he would make Victor wish that he'd stayed dead. Sam and Drew walked out, and Sam handed Drew a drawing that Scout had done of Drew. Drew was immediately happy, and he apologized for almost losing it on Victor. She marveled over the fact that she hadn't walked in on Drew strangling Victor.

Drew referenced his ELQ shares, and he asked Sam to get him up to speed on what had happened. She updated him on how Valentin had control of them, but the deal had been contingent on Drew's death, so she figured there were grounds for Drew to get the shares back. He understood that she'd just been trying to keep her family together, but she bitterly laughed about how it had fallen apart, anyway. She excused herself to check in with Dante, so Drew thanked her for the talk. She was glad he was back and that they could maintain their relationship. He insisted that their bond was unbreakable, and she smiled and left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie sat down with Anna, clearly not enthusiastic about another "grilling session on Louise." Anna insisted that she only "grilled" suspects and not victims. She had Maxie tell the entire story about the night of Louise's birth again. Anna didn't know what she could be missing, and Maxie reminded her that Peter claimed to have information. Anna assumed he was lying, and she added that everything led back to Maxie and Austin, the last two people to see Louise. Maxie excused herself, and Victor immediately sat down across from Anna.

Victor asked about Maxie, but Anna stated that it was none of Victor's business. He talked about how awful the disappearance of her baby was, just as Maxie returned, angry to see him. She insisted that Peter would never get his hands on Louise, and she would do anything to protect her children. Just then, his phone went off, and he revealed that Valentin wouldn't be joining him for lunch, so he left. Anna told Maxie about an idea she had. She suggested that Maxie go back to the woods and try to jog her memory by reliving the night of Louise's birth. Maxie agreed, so Anna assured her that Anna would make the arrangements for Maxie and Austin, as his memory would be helpful as well.

Austin entered his office and saw that Valentin had left, so he called Valentin. He wanted to talk about how they were going to retaliate against Brook Lynn, but he thought that they would have a more productive conversation face to face. A short while later, Austin was off the phone when there was a knock on his door, and Victor entered, looking for Valentin. When he learned that Valentin had left awhile before, he entered, anyway, and asked for a moment with Austin. He wondered why Austin had first suspected that Brook Lynn was lying about "Bailey's" paternity.

Austin didn't think it was any of Victor's business, but Victor played the family card. Victor continued that he'd wanted to retaliate against Brook Lynn, and Austin related that he'd wanted to do the same. He told Victor the story of how Brook Lynn had almost cost him his job. Victor thought it was good to know who Brook Lynn really was, and Austin related that he knew Brook Lynn better than Valentin and Maxie did. Victor questioned how Maxie was related.

Austin talked about how Maxie claimed Brook Lynn as a friend, but he feared that Brook Lynn would just turn Maxie into another one of Brook Lynn's victims. He commented that Brook Lynn had been letting Maxie spend time with "Bailey," which was helping ease Maxie's pain. However, he thought that Maxie's friendship was an asset that Brook Lynn couldn't afford to give up. Victor believed that Maxie was the key to getting back at Brook Lynn.

In Britt's office at the hospital, she and Brad shared a meal from the Metro Court restaurant. She thought it would be better if they were actually there, but Brad didn't want to be seen in Carly's hotel. Noticing how sensitive Brad was, she asked what was going on, and he told her to chalk it up to reentry into society. She promised to be there for whatever he needed, but she believed that his "doom and gloom" attitude was about more than reentry. Brand admitted that he was afraid of his Aunt Selina.

Britt ranted that Selina couldn't dictate Brad's life just because he was staying with her, but Brad thought Britt had forgotten who Selina was. He continued that Selina had made him do something horrible, which made his previous crimes look like nothing, and he didn't want anyone associated with him to pay the price. Britt reminded him that they were best friends, so he could tell her anything. He reluctantly told her, "I poisoned Peter August."

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