Things heat up between Lulu and Dustin
General Hospital Recap for Friday, September 13, 2019
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Monday, September 9, 2019

Sam and Jason sat at the counter in Kelly's and talked about Drew's missing plane. Sam noted that she was unable to get any further information from the aviation company, and it had been almost 24 hours since Drew had gone missing. Jason filled her in on Andre's stabbing, and the pair realized that the two cases could be related. Sam didn't think Shiloh could be responsible. Jason received a phone call from Jordan, requesting that he and Sam meet her and Curtis at the police station.

Outside of Kelly's, Scott spoke to Franco on the phone. Franco told Scott he wanted his freedom, or he'd have to find a new lawyer. Elizabeth stood with Scott, and she declared that Franco wanted to be with the woman he loved, and it wasn't her. Elizabeth informed Scott that Cameron had seen Franco and Kim kissing, and he'd heard Franco invite Kim to go away with him. Kim had been noncommittal.

Scott noted that Franco's ankle monitor would be removed soon, but he was still working on a plan. Elizabeth confirmed that she was ready to file the paperwork to commit Franco in order for Andre to perform a reverse memory transfer. Scott thought she might risk losing Franco. Elizabeth was aware of the risks, but she didn't think she had a choice. She wanted her husband back.

Scott asked what would happen if the procedure didn't work. He thought Franco would be confined and would hate them. Elizabeth wanted to speak to Andre. She saw Jason and Sam leaving, and she asked about Drew. Sam announced that they were on the way to see Jordan about Drew and would keep Elizabeth posted. Scott informed Elizabeth that he had a Plan B, and he would do what he did best.

Sonny paid a visit to Julian at Charlie's Pub and offered to have the bar pass inspection. Sonny drank some "bad coffee," and Julian admitted that Sonny's coffee had too steep a price. Sonny stated that he would help Olivia to make the bar a success, but he had a goodbye gift for Julian. He handed him an envelope. Julian opened it to reveal a wad of cash.

Sonny stated that Julian had something he wanted, but Julian noted his distaste for doing any business with Sonny. Sonny mentioned that he wanted to buy the old photos on the wall that Mike liked so much and that connected him with the past. Julian replied that they weren't for sale, and Sonny called Julian "classless."

Julian stated that he had a box of photos, and he would just give the box to Mike because Mike was a "good guy." He hoped Leo would look after him the way that Sonny looked after Mike. Julian offered to take the box to Mike himself, and Sonny admitted that he would withdraw the classless comment. Sonny received a text message from Scott.

Michael ran into Willow at General Hospital, and she was thrilled to announce that she'd interviewed for a pediatric teaching position. Michael promised to put in a good word for her. He told her that Sasha was recovering and that it looked like a long overdue "good spell" was hitting them. Brad appeared with Wiley in his arms, and Michael took the fussy baby from him. Brad disclosed that he had picked up his son from daycare because he'd been fussy there, as well.

Michael mentioned that he'd run into Liesl, who had commented how lucky Wiley was to have two loving dads. "That witch!" Brad exclaimed. Willow was perplexed, and Michael added that Liesl had seemed sincere. Brad thought that Liesl was more dangerous when she was sincere, and he had to leave. Michael offered to watch Wiley with Willow until Bobbie arrived to get Wiley, and Brad agreed. "You're my whole life. Never forget that," Brad whispered to his son as he kissed the child.

Willow admitted she had mixed feelings for being with Wiley, but she got to enjoy him. Michael admired her for putting her son ahead of herself, and he declared that he wasn't afraid that Willow would run off with the baby. Willow told Wiley that his godfather was terrific. She thought that Michael had "a way with little ones." They sat down on a bench with Wiley on Willow's lap.

Willow told Michael he was never na´ve or cynical and always looked for the good. Willow was anxious to hear about the new job, and she was more excited knowing she could be near Wiley every day. She apologized for being inconsiderate, but Michael was happy for her. Suddenly, Michael looked at the boy closely and noted that he didn't look like Shiloh. Willow didn't think he looked like her, either, and Michael assumed it was the blond hair.

Michael and Willow joked about the appearance of babies, and Michael stated that if photographs of him, Josslyn, and Wiley were lined up, they'd look like triplets.

Monica stood in Andre's room and looked at his chart. She told him he was doing well, and Andre mentioned how grateful he was to the staff. Andre confessed that he'd returned to town to help Franco, and perhaps his stabbing had been karma. Monica was worried that Andre would perform the reversal procedure and be successful. She wanted to know about Drew's life.

Later, Elizabeth stopped by to see Andre, who admitted he'd like to reverse time and destroy his research, but he had promised Drew he'd try to help Franco. Elizabeth wanted to know if he could actually help Franco, and Andre replied that that had been the reason for his return to town. He added that Franco might not agree to it, and there were many risks.

Elizabeth promised she would work on Franco, and Andre informed her that the procedure wasn't guaranteed. He told her the odds were one in four, and he listed the possible outcomes. He told her it could work, there could be no effect, Drew's memories could intensify, or Franco could end up in a permanent vegetative state.

At the police station, Jordan and Curtis looked at the map of Drew's presumed flight. Curtis only hoped that someone had spotted the plane. Jordan noted that Robert didn't believe there had been a hostile action, and Drew had been the only passenger on board. Sam and Jason arrived, and the four studied the map. Sam stated that the plane could be anywhere or nowhere.

Sam revealed that she had been shut out of getting any information from the aviation company. Jordan confirmed that the pilot and copilot had originally checked out but had actually not existed, and they'd only been names on paper. Curtis realized the pilot was anonymous, and Jason cited that Andre's attacker had also been unknown.

Jason explained that Drew had been going to Afghanistan to return money that Shiloh had stolen, and Jordan realized there were two cases after hearing the details about Drew and his retrieval of Andre. Sam pointed out that they had to be related, and Curtis suggested that someone had wanted to stop both men. Jordan announced that she hadn't spoken to Andre yet, since he'd been recovering, but she would plan to do that.

Jordan received a phone call from the International Aviation Agency and spoke to someone briefly. After ending the call, she announced that the WSB had located the wreckage of Drew's plane in the Gulf of Aden. There had been no sign of any survivors. Jordan expressed her desire to meet with Robert, and she left the room. Curtis told Sam that he thought Drew would be okay.

Franco was doing pushups in his Metro Court hotel room when he heard a knock at the door. It was Monica, and she asked to be allowed inside. She called him Drew, and Franco appreciated it. Monica revealed that she had never been able to experience Drew's past, and she wanted to know about it. Franco explained that Drew had given him some money that he'd probably use up, but the hotel and ankle monitor were temporary.

Monica offered to give Franco additional money, but he declined. Monica told him she could slow down his release process, but she wouldn't want him to stay against his will. She had all kinds of questions and asked him about his favorite movie. Franco replied that his favorite was Lawrence of Arabia, except for during the holidays, when it was It's a Wonderful Life. Franco liked the premise of it. Monica agreed that it was her favorite, too.

Monica wanted to know more, and Franco admitted he had time and would tell her everything. He thought that Scott was trying to make a move to keep Franco's ankle monitor on, and he would appreciate Monica's influence. She agreed to help, and they shook hands. She offered Franco a place to stay, but he declined that, as well.

There was a knock at the door, and Monica opened it to reveal Jason. He was surprised to see Monica but told her he had some news for her, too.

As Sonny left Charlie's to meet with Scott, Brad arrived to see Julian. They made small talk about Wiley. "Bon Voyage!" Sonny called out to Julian as he walked out. Brad announced that they had a problem, and its name was Obrecht. Julian ordered Brad to "stop borrowing trouble," but Brad disclosed that Liesl had been present when Wiley had been born because she had delivered him.

Julian was confused at first, and Brad called it a "cosmic joke." Julian couldn't understand, but slowly, he began to piece things together. He realized that Wiley was Sonny's grandson, and Brad had dragged him into it. Brad tried to run out, but Julian grabbed his arm in anger.

Sonny met with Scott outside of Charlie's, where Scott told him he needed Franco. He thought that Sonny was his only hope. Sonny wondered why he would help Franco, but Scott reminded him of Franco's many acts of heroism. Sonny reminded Scott that Franco also had a history, but Scott replied that everyone did.

Scott continued that Franco's history had been stolen from him, and he added that both he and Sonny knew what it was like to have lost their children. He was imploring Sonny from one father to another. Scott explained that he might have to detain Franco from leaving, and he was hopeful that Sonny could help to keep Franco in town if Scott was unable to keep things legal. Sonny stated that he would do his best.

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