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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It suddenly clicked for Julian where Brad had really gotten Wiley. He pushed Brad into a chair and demanded that he tell Julian the whole story. Brad told Julian every detail, including Liesl delivering Nelle's baby, and Nelle's idea to swap Brad's deceased child with her own. While Brad rationalized Nelle's reasoning for swapping babies, Julian called Brad na´ve and said that Brad had played right into the sociopath's hands. Brad knew that what he'd done had been stupid, but he wasn't sorry about it.

Brad continued that he'd overheard Liesl talking about "Wiley's real parents" on the Haunted Star, and he'd panicked. Julian was shocked that Brad had tried to kill Liesl. Brad informed Julian that he and Liesl had a "supposed truce," but he didn't trust her, so he needed Julian to kill her. As customers entered Charlie's, Julian quietly reminded Brad that Nelle was also a problem. However, Brad thought that Nelle had no reason to talk. Brad said that Lucas would lose everything if Julian didn't take care of Liesl, who could talk "at any time for any reason."

Maxie and Peter entered the hospital so that Maxie could gift Sasha a new robe. They agreed to have a picnic with James after the visit, but Peter needed to make a phone call while Maxie went into Sasha's room. On the phone, Peter asked someone why Andre was still alive. He conceded that Drew had been dealt with like Peter had asked, with a wreck and no body. However, Andre was a problem and couldn't be allowed to perform any procedure on Franco. Just then, someone hit Peter from behind, and he jumped.

Peter turned and saw Wyatt, the Port Charles Pioneer Scout who'd found Peter when Liesl had held him hostage. As Wyatt's mother chased after him, the boy begged Peter to save his life, since he'd once saved Peter's. He explained that his mother wanted him to get a tonsillectomy, but he didn't want to go through the pain. Peter asked if Wyatt had missed anything fun all the times he'd been sick due to his tonsils, and Wyatt confirmed that he had. As Maxie watched, unseen, Peter assured Wyatt that he would be sick a lot less, so he wouldn't miss out on anything, and he would get a lot of ice cream after the surgery.

Peter reminded Wyatt of how brave he'd been when he'd found Peter in the cabin, and he urged the boy to be that brave again. Wyatt finally agreed, and he was glad that he'd bumped into Peter. Wyatt's mother thanked Peter, and they walked away. Peter spotted a smiling Maxie, who called him amazing. Peter wanted to be the man she thought he was, but he believed that he wasn't. She countered that he was a good person, and she would help him see that. The two shared a kiss and left to pick up James.

As Kim waited for the elevator at the hospital, she remembered the kiss she'd shared with Franco. Elizabeth stepped off the elevator, and Kim asked how she and the boys were holding up. Elizabeth answered that Cameron had been a lot of help in convincing Jake and Aiden that everything would be all right, but it had been made more difficult when she'd learned about Kim and Franco's kiss. Kim immediately apologized, and Elizabeth reminded Kim that Franco wasn't actually Drew.

Elizabeth insisted that Andre would fix Franco, which would only make Kim's pain worse. Kim explained that it had felt "incredible" to finally be able to share memories of her past with someone, even if it hadn't been with the real Drew. Elizabeth urged Kim to stop feeding into Franco's delusions and stay away from him. Kim acknowledged that Elizabeth was right.

Jason arrived at Franco's room and was glad to see that Monica was there, as what he had to say concerned both of them. He told them about recent events concerning Drew and Andre, up to the news of Drew's plane going down. Franco recognized that it tied back to him, but Jason had no idea who was behind it. He offered to take Monica home, but she wanted to go to the hospital and call the WSB. Jason and Monica made their way to the door so that he could drive her. Franco asked Jason to let him know of any updates, and Jason agreed.

Later, after dropping Monica off at her office, Jason put in a call to Franco. Franco guessed that he was probably next on the hit list, and Jason advised him to watch his back. He offered to help protect Franco if he felt like he needed it, and Franco appreciated the offer. "I was under the impression we couldn't stand each other," Franco commented. Jason answered that too many people would be hurt if Franco was dead, and he hung up. "Copy that," Franco muttered.

Minutes later, Franco was on the phone, asking about a one-way ticket to San Diego, when he was startled by a knock on his door. He ended the call and cautiously opened the door to Kim. He was happy that she was there, as he had something to tell her, but she interrupted him. She told him that, as amazing as their moment in the park had been, things were not real and couldn't last, and she couldn't leave with him. In response, he told her about Drew's "accident." Franco knew that "this body isn't mine," but Drew's body was "at the bottom of the ocean.

At the hospital, Elizabeth called Scott and informed him that things had gotten "problematic." She said that she wanted to get everything in order to commit Franco, and she suddenly noticed Jason observing her. She told Scott that she would call him back, and she hung up. She didn't know or care what Jason had heard, and she reiterated that she refused to give up on Franco. Jason updated Elizabeth on Drew, and she was upset that the only thing remaining of Drew was the collection of memories in Franco's head.

Josslyn was sitting at Oscar's Meadow when Michael walked by. He asked if she was supposed to be in school, and she replied simply, "I cut." She explained how wrong it felt to her that everything was just "okay." She continued that she'd been walking to class, and she'd almost passed right by Oscar's locker without even realizing it. She'd learned that they'd given his locker to a new student, and then she'd almost walked right by it again. She thought it was unfair that she had so much going on in her life while Oscar didn't even have a life.

Michael thought that Josslyn couldn't stop living, and he assured her that grieving was a process. He told her about a business trip he'd had in London, and he and his associate had walked through Kensington Gardens after their meeting. He'd seen ducks in the pond, and all he'd been able to think about had been Jonah and how Michael had wanted to take his son to the park to feed to ducks. He'd lied about having to make a call, so he'd hidden in the bushes and "lost it."

Michael had thought that staying stuck in that mindset wouldn't have been a tribute to Jonah's memory. He related that, wherever Oscar was, he wanted Josslyn to do great things. Josslyn hated being sad, but she felt guilty every time she felt happy or hopeful. Michael advised her that finding joy in love honored their lost loved ones' memories. Josslyn remarked that Michael always seem to be there right when she needed him, and he responded that that was what brothers were for. Michael put his arm around her, and she leaned on his shoulder.

Carly hung up the phone just as Sonny arrived home, and she informed him that Josslyn hadn't made it to fourth period. Minutes later, she got a text from Michael, and she was relieved that Josslyn was with him. Carly blurted out that things weren't working out with Dev, as she couldn't ask Josslyn to keep lying to Jax. She added that she'd researched some boarding schools, and there were some good ones close by. Sonny thought that she was using Josslyn as an excuse, but Carly thought that her concerns were valid.

Carly also didn't think that having Dev around would help Josslyn with her grief. "Did it help your grief when you slept with Jax?" Sonny shot back to a stunned Carly. She reminded him that she'd had every reason to believe that he'd slept with Nelle, but it hadn't helped her grief. "Did sleeping with Martina help yours?" she asked reminding him of her divorce lawyer. Carly believed that she was mentioning legitimate concerns, but he was throwing things from the past in her face in response.

Sonny thought that Carly was targeting a child and said that he'd rather she take things out on him than Dev. Carly halted the conversation and told him that they were both terrified, and their fear always made them lash out at each other. Carly reminded him that they needed each other, and their baby would need both of them. She refused to let him use Dev to drive them apart. Sonny apologized for the "cheap shot," and she forgave him. He wondered if she had an apology, and she only laughed at him. They agreed not to fight anymore and shared a kiss.

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