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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Laura approached the police station and was promptly hounded by reporters asking about the bird flu, Drew's accident, and Andre's attack. Laura reassured the reporters until Jordan emerged from the station and reminded the group that there was a scheduled press conference later in the day. Once the two women were safe in the station, Laura asked for a rundown of all that had happened in town in the previous few days. A few minutes later, Jordan hung up from a phone call and wished that the reporters would give Drew's family some space.

Jordan related that the WSB was handling the investigation into the crash as a high priority. Laura wondered if Drew's crash was connected to the attack on Andre, and she asked for Jordan's theories. Jordan believed that someone wanted to keep Andre from restoring Franco's memories. Laura also wanted to clarify that the bird flu wasn't going to spread, and Jordan told her that Sasha had been targeted by Cassandra for retaliation. Laura believed that Valentin wasn't telling them the whole story about why.

On the phone in his office, Jax told someone to keep looking and to spare no expense. When he hung up, he explained to Hayden and Curtis that he'd hired a private service to scout the area around the wreckage of Drew's plane. Jax commented that his investigators weren't hopeful, but Curtis refused to count Drew out. He shifted the subject to the codicil, and Hayden explained that it was said to be hidden on one of the many Cassadine properties. Jax picked up that they needed to focus on first ruling out Spoon Island. Hayden took the opportunity to excuse herself to go check in on Elizabeth. When she was gone, Curtis wanted to leave to minimize the risk of Valentin seeing Curtis and Jax together, but Jax stopped him because of "unfinished business."

Jax wanted to make sure that Curtis was up for working on the case, and he wanted to clarify who Curtis was working for. Curtis assured Jax that they were on the same side and that he would never be working with Valentin again. Jax warned Curtis that his friendship with Nina could suffer when the job was over. However, Curtis was confident that his friendship with Nina would survive. Getting back to the case, Curtis believed that they needed someone who was an expert on Helena, and he knew just the person.

Sam found Elizabeth at the hospital to check on her, and they talked about Drew. Both agreed that Drew could very well be alive, and Elizabeth was grateful that Drew had given Elizabeth the chance to put her family back together. She couldn't believe that they might lose Drew, but she commented that it wouldn't be in vain. Judging from the look on Sam's face, Elizabeth knew that Sam had something to say. After some bickering, Sam blurted out that saving Franco wasn't worth Drew's life.

Sam and Elizabeth continued to argue until Hayden happened upon them and wondered if there was a problem. Elizabeth explained that she'd just overreacted to something, but Sam continued to talk badly about Franco. Hayden scolded Sam until Sam started in on Hayden. Sam's phone went off, and she revealed that she had somewhere to be. When she was gone, Elizabeth told Hayden that there was always tension between her and Sam, and it was only ever a matter of time until it blew up.

Josslyn was sitting in Oscar's Meadow when Cameron and Trina arrived. They updated her on what had happened during the school day, including Cameron fielding endless questions about Franco, and Dev's rising popularity with the girls in school. Trina was telling Josslyn all about the "hot new English teacher" when Cameron's phone went off. He revealed that it was Elizabeth summoning him home because she had something to tell him. When he was gone, Josslyn figured she should go home, since she'd been avoiding Carly all day. Trina proposed that, instead, they get a snack and talk about why Josslyn had cut school.

Elizabeth hung up the phone and told Hayden that Bobbie would be getting Jake and Aiden home, and Cameron was already on his way home. Elizabeth didn't know how she would be able to tell her boys, who were already going through so much, that Drew wouldn't be returning home. Hayden assured her that they would tell the boys together.

Sam entered Jax's office, and Jax wanted to see how Sam was doing with the news about Drew. He informed her that Aurora was already in "disarray," but he had a solution that he would need her help with. He wanted to protect Scout's birthright and have things ready for Drew when he returned home, so he proposed that Sam run Drew's half of Aurora. Sam appreciated him caring about Scout and the company, but she needed to learn more about Drew's situation before she could give Jax an answer. He advised her to take her time, and he assured her that he would always be there if she needed anything.

In Franco's room, Franco told Kim about Drew's accident, and she was in disbelief. She slid down to the floor in tears, and he locked his arms around her. There was a knock on the door, and Kim got up to answer it, since Franco refused. She let Chase in, and he wanted to ask Franco some questions. He asked multiple questions about Franco's whereabouts during Andre's attack, and Kim insisted that she had been with Franco at the time. She continued that Chase could easily find surveillance footage from the park, backing up the claim, because "Drew had nothing to do with it."

Chase promised to pass the alibi along to Jordan, and he assured Franco that he hadn't been a suspect, anyway. Kim instructed Chase to contact Scott if he had any more questions for Franco, and Chase left. She asked Franco why he hadn't defended himself, and he replied that he'd had nothing to defend. He admitted that he was happy that she'd called him Drew. Kim had to leave and told him that she'd already said everything she'd needed to. She ran out, and he sadly closed the door behind her.

Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte entered Charlie's, and Charlotte hoped that Rocco would like her gift. Across the room, Rocco was unenthusiastic about his birthday party, and Sonny and Lulu tried to cheer him up. Sonny crossed the room to greet Valentin and Nina, and Valentin asked to talk to Sonny before the party started. Olivia entered and hugged Lulu, and Lulu wondered what was wrong with Rocco. He revealed that he missed his father, and he asked how long Dante would be sick for.

Olivia handed Rocco a gift and urged him to open it. He read the card, which was addressed to "the best son in the world." Lulu was confused as Rocco opened the gift box to reveal a new baseball glove. "If you talk to my dad, tell him thank you," Rocco said, and he ran off to test it out. Lulu scolded Olivia for lying to Rocco like that, no matter how well-intended it had been. Olivia yelled that Rocco was still a part of the family even if Lulu had decided to no longer be.

Outside of the restaurant, Valentin told Sonny that they had a common enemy in Cassandra, but Sonny believed that Cassandra couldn't care less about Sonny's family. Valentin pleaded with Sonny to "do what you do best and take care of Cassandra." Nina emerged as Valentin told Sonny that he would be indebted to Sonny if Cassandra was no longer a threat. "You got the wrong guy. I import coffee," Sonny replied.

Rocco was playing with Dustin, and Olivia wondered who he was. He lifted Rocco onto the counter, and Olivia ran over, demanding to know who he was. Sonny returned, and Lulu introduced them both to Dustin. He apologized, not realizing he'd interrupted a private party, but Lulu welcomed him to stay, and Rocco seconded the thought. Laura entered and put her gifts down, and she walked over to Nina and Valentin. She thought it was curious that Cassandra had only targeted Nina, even though police reports had made no mention of her.

Laura went over to Lulu and was happy to see Rocco so happy. Valentin and Nina approached, wanting to talk about Charlotte's schedule. They wanted to make sure that she was able to be at their wedding, and Laura wondered if that was a good idea. Valentin replied that they didn't want to put their lives on hold for Cassandra, and the two decided to leave.

Lulu began to clean up, and Dustin helped her. She thanked him for staying and figured that he hadn't planned on spending his night that way. He revealed that he'd wanted to stay, and Lulu thought that Rocco had been happy that Dustin had stayed. "I hope he's not the only one," Dustin replied. Across the room, Olivia watched the interaction and commented to Sonny that she didn't like Lulu's involvement with someone else. Sonny advised her not to jump to conclusions, and he reminded her that Dante had made his choice. He wondered if Olivia wanted Lulu to put her life on hold, and he left.

Trina and Josslyn arrived at Charlie's, and Trina was excited to spot the "hot new English teacher," Dustin. Laura approached the girls and asked how their first day had been. Trina answered that she thought English would be her favorite class. "It's too soon to call," Josslyn replied. "You are your father's daughter," Laura said with a laugh, citing Josslyn's diplomatic answer. She advised Josslyn to "jump in and do your best." Curtis arrived, took Laura aside, and apologized for interrupting. He asked her to tell him everything she knew about Helena.

Outside, Nina remarked on how suspicious Laura was, but Valentin added that she couldn't prove anything. Nina realized that she was never sure if Valentin had things under control or if he was good at faking it in order to reassure her. He replied that he never fully had things under control, but he was "taking care of it." Nina noticed that visiting hours at the hospital were almost over, so she pulled him away to go visit Sasha.

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