LEWIS Family Tree
Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis (deceased)

a. Sally Maiden Name Unknown (deceased)
    c. Harlan Billy Lewis II
        m. Diane (maiden name unknown) Lewis (deceased)
            c. Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis
                m. Phillip Spaulding (Divorced)
                   c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Kurt Corday (deceased)
                m. Will Jeffries (deceased)
                a. Roger Thorpe
                   c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Nick McHenry (Divorced)
                m. Rick Bauer
        a.Reva Shayne
            c. Dylan Shayne Lewis (Given up for adoption. Adopted Father named Cody)
                a. Harley Davidson Cooper
                    c. Susan "Daisy" Lemay (Given up for adoption)
                       a. Rafe Rivera
                           c. aborted child (deceased)
                m. Bridget Reardon (Divorced)
        m. Reva Shayne (Divorced)
        m. Vanessa Chamberlain (Divorced)
            c. Harlan Billy Lewis III
                m. Beth Raines (as Lorelie Hill) (Invalid)
                m. Olivia Spencer (Divorced)
                m. Ava Peralta (Annulled)
                    c. Max Harlan Lewis (Ava's son with Remy Boudreau) (deceased)
                m. Lizzie Spaulding
                    c.Name and sex unknown (Lizzie was pregnant in Fall 2010)
        m. Nadine Cooper (Divorced) (deceased)
        m. Vanessa Chamberlain (Divorced)
            c. Peter Reardon (Adopted)
            (Shares custody with Bridget Reardon)
        m. Vanessa Chamberlain

m. Martha Maiden Name Unknown (deceased)
    c. Patricia "Trish" Lewis
        m. Andy Norris (Divorced)
    c. Joshua Lewis
        m. Sonni Carrera (Divorced)
        m. Reva Shayne (Divorced)
            c. Marah Lewis
            c. Shayne Lewis
                a. Lara Pizano (deceased)
                    c. Henry Cooper Lewis
                m. Dinah Marler (Annulled)
                m. Marina Cooper (possibly married)
        m. Annie Dutton (Annulled)
        m. Reva Shayne (Divorced)
        m. Olivia Spencer (Divorced)
        m. Reva Shayne (Divorced)
        m. Cassie Layne (Divorced)

m. Reva Shayne (Divorced)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape


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