Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on GL
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Monday, June 23, 1997

JENNA and HARLEY are still locked in the "freezer." Harley is trying to convince Jenna that she has a workable plan to get rid of Jeffrey. Jenna finally agrees to go along with it. They agree that nobody else can know about this plan. When they come out, Buzz is there asking what they were doing in there. They make up an excuse. Jenna calls Jeffrey to have him meet her in the country club bar. Harley tells Buzz that Jenna did not mention him while they were locked in the freezer. He suggests they have a party that night but she says she has a date with an old girlfriend from high school. She keeps insisting that she and Mallet are fine. Later, Jenna tells Jeffrey that she was meant to live the good life spending his money. She suggests that they forget about a New York heist and do something smaller and safer. They dance. She suggests that Jeffrey order another bottle of champagne while she freshens up. Harley runs into him spilling her drink on him.

ANNIE is being wheeled into the hospital. ALAN is with her. She is in severe pain and wants to know where Josh is. (Of course, he is already at Cross Creek with Reva.) Two policemen are there and say that they are not to leave her side. When she leaves the hospital, she will go straight to jail for perjury. After Rick takes Annie to an examining room, AMANDA comes in to see if she can help Alan. She says, "You have got some real feelings for Annie Lewis." Alan tells her that he has finally found someone who needs him. Rick tells Dr. Sedwick that Annie needs surgery; she has a massive uterine infection probably because of carrying the dead fetus so long. Later Rick reports to Alan that Annie is still in surgery and that she has had a transfusion. He suggests that Alan go home, but of course, Alan won't leave. Later still, Rick tells Alan that she will make a full recovery but they found her condition was more serious than they thought. It will hit her very hard and she will need someone to be with her.

JOSH and REVA are at Cross Creek. Josh says nothing will ever come between them again. Reva tells him that she was going through some of her old stuff and she shows him a poem that she wrote about him when she was only eight. He tells her how scared he was that the trial wasn't going to go right. They talk about eating but end up dancing instead. Flashback to the first time they made love and to their wedding day. They make love.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Harley meets with Jenna at her hotel room, and wants to make sure that Jenna is still going along with their plan. Jenna says that she is getting too scared of Jeffrey finding out that he will be victim to a set-up and wants to back out. Harley tells Jenna that there is no way that she will let the plan fall through; after all, she is doing this for her father so he may live with Jenna happily ever after. Jeffrey walks in on their conversation, but doesn't catch on; he thinks that Jenna is helping arrange the NY heist w/Harley. Harley leaves to meet with Phillip at the country club. Phillip threatens to blow her cover if she doesn't fess up to what she is now involved in. Harley begs Phillip to go along with her plan, but she doesn't divulge the details yet. Jeffrey & Jenna see Harley & Phillip at the club together and Jeffrey ask Phillip to s/w him concerning a business deal & a dinner party that he & Jenna are putting together.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Josh and Reva discuss Annie. What can she do to us now? they wonder. Where are we going to live? They exchange happy kisses as they contemplate their future life together.

Annie is having bad headaches in the hospital. She yells at Alan, telling him that she is barren and is never going to get over *that* pain. Annie yells at the doctor; she wants a heavy-duty pain killer, but they will only give her aspirin because she's a recovering addict. When the nurse with the medicine cart arrives, Annie sends Alan out to get her lunch and fakes a choking spell to cause the nurse to turn her back. Then she steals a narcotic and takes it instead of the aspirin.

Dinah tells Hart that she's going to Switzerland to look for her mother, and that she wants him to accompany her. Hart says he must go to Minnesota with Bridget and Peter, but he understands her need to go and looks forward to their reunion when they both get back to Springfield.

Little Billy graduates from high school, and Billy gives him cuff links first, then keys to a new car as a present! Bill is ecstatic!

Josh and Reva decide to build their own house. While they are talking, Alan phones Josh to let him know Annie is in the hospital. Josh tells him he doesn't care. Afterwards, Reva decides she must speak to Annie personally before they will be able to go ahead with their lives. As she puts it, they can't build their dreamhouse with Little Miss Nightmare waiting to haunt them.

Alan returns to Annie's hospital room with a sandwich and sees she's done a total Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde. Now she's perky and tells him that two little pills have done the trick. He thinks she means aspirin....

Michelle has a ghostly visitation with her mother, who tells her that she's always with her and that she approves of Michelle looking for the recipient of her mother's heart. Michelle then receives a graduation present left by a mysterious woman. The gift has no card or tag on it. After she leaves to join the procession, an unknown woman's hand is seen placing a single pink rose atop the gift.

Griffin Williams offers Dahlia's mother, Tina, a full time receptionist position with his firm. She accepts his offer and this leaves her free to leave the halfway house.

Bill is the class valedictorian. As he gives his speech, Vanessa stands watching from the wings! Matt gets permission to go backstage to snap a picture of Bill, and he walks right past Vanessa, not even seeing her!

Annie has a dream that Josh comes back to her and apologizes for being with Reva. In the dream, he kisses her and asks if he can come home. He says he really loves her....not Reva. When Annie wakes up, softly calling Josh's name, it's not Josh she finds next to her hospital bed, but Reva! Smiling, Reva says there are a few things that they need to straighten out...

Friday, June 27, 1997

Reva came to see Annie while in the hospital and told her that it was over and she and Joch were going to continue with their life; while hearing this, Annie openly took several pain pills that she had squirreled away, wrongly hoping that Reva may take pity on her. Vanessa showed up at Bill & Michelle's graduation, but kept herself hidden. Her physical therapist mistakenly believes that Matt has hooked up with Dinah, and tells Vanessa, ruining her plans to finally show herself to Matt.

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