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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on GL
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Monday, September 29, 1997
by Sarai

Dahlia goes to Marcus with the incriminating pictures of themselves, and demands to know the truth about his feeling for her. Marcus says that he doesn't know who took the pictures, and he did not arrange for the pictures to be sent to Marcus, but admits that he has romantic feelings for her. He kisses her and she pulls away and slaps him HARD across the face, and stomps out. She find Marcus at Company and they make up.

Alan tells the maid, Nettie, to pack up Annie's things, as she is no longer living there. Josh comes over, punches Alan in the face, and vows to destroy him. Nettie comes in with Reva's watch that she has found on the front porch; Josh does some quick thinking, calls Cross Creek, and finds that the phone is off the hook. He and Alan take off for Cross Creek, suspecting that Reva and Annie are there.

Annie wakes up in the car with Reva, only to find herself tied up, and with a bad headache from being Chloroformed. Reva takes Annie into Cross Creek and forces her to look at all the family memories that are there; Reva & Josh's name carved into the mantle along with the kids' names; photo albums containing pictures for family reunions, their wedding; the rug that Josh & Reva have made love on; etc. Annie screams that she doesn't care about all this, and the fact is that Reva still doesn't have her beloved lost baby sister. Reva brings in her next surprise, Fran. Fran tells Annie that the only reason that she testified again her was that Alan paid her off. Annie is absolutely shocked.

Nola is about to confess her obsession to Buzz, but is interrupted when Jenna comes home. Jenna is literally all over him, professing her love etc. This makes Nola think again about what she was about to do. She ends up blabbing a lot of gibberish about how she used to fantasize a lot when she was a child, and they may have to fantasize themselves in order to find the stalker. She leaves in a rush, and Jenna and Buzz are pretty dumbfounded.

Michelle is studying at Company, and tells J that she missed Jesse, even though they agreed not to see each other for their families' sake. Jesse comes in, and ends up talking to Michelle. J offers Jesse a job since Jesse is pretty much out of the bike repair business. Jesse accept the job, and is happy to be able to see Michelle. They decide to go ahead and call each other and be social. Michelle begins to tell Jesse why she was in his neighborhood in the first place; she tells him that she was looking for someone with the last name of "Diaz." Jesse has to go wait some tables, but before he leaves, he tells her that his Mom's maiden name was Diaz.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997
by Sarai

Vanessa confides in Jenna and tells her of her pregnancy, and of her decision to terminate the pregnancy because of her health. Jenna will support her in her decision.

Matt goes to Company to speak with Ross and Blake about building a nursery for the boys; he gets angered when he realizes he will never have children of his own. Blake offers to lend her support, but Matt doesn't tell her what is going on with Vanessa.

While at Company, Michelle finally tells Jesse that she is looking for the recipient of her Mom's heart. Jesse looks horrified, and asks her what date her Mom died & became an organ donor; when Michelle tells him the date, he rushes off obviously upset. He ends up slamming into Nola, causing broken dishes to fly everywhere, and he quits before she can fire him. He goes into the restroom, unbuttons his shirt, and looks at the scar on his chest, and says that he has the heart Michelle is looking for, but can never let her know.

Michelle gets a call from her Aunt Mehta to come home right away. When she gets there, she is greeted by her father (a new Ed Bauer).

Buzz meets with Ross, who tells him that the marriage between Jenna and Jeffret was annulled, as there was proof that Jeffrey forced her into the marriage. Buzz is elated, and can't wait to marry Jenna. Nola sees this, and fantasizes of stealing Buzz at the alter. J can tell that there is something troubling his mother, and tells her to go take a few days vacation at the Bauer cabin, to which she agrees.

Annie remains tied up while Fran and Reva tell her the truth of Alan's payment to Fran to testify against her at the trial. Alan and Josh burst in, and Annie is untied. She asks Alan if there is any validity to what she has been told, and of course, Alan tries to cover for himself. He ends up taking Annie out of the Cross Creek cabin, but as soon as they are outside, Annie tells him off! She says that she was the only one she trusted, and now she has nothing. She even said that her whole life has been a pile of trash and she is left holding the bag.

Reva tells Josh that she is so happy to have her husband and her two children back, and she is putting the search for her sister on hold for now.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997
by Cheryl

Harley is coming out of the bathroom after changing into her flannel, neck-high, long sleeved, don't show a thing nightgown. She opens her fold-out couch and gets into bed. Harley tells him that it is okay for him to leave. Phillip is reading a very thick book. Harley assures him that she is going to be okay and asks him to leave again. He refuses stating that he will be there to make sure nothing happens to her. He brought War and Peace to read and he was going to be just fine sitting there. Phillip does offer to get into bed with her. She starts yelling "get out" and then she gets a phone call. It is Annie. "Hi Caitlin" Annie threatens to get even with Harley. Phillip tries to get on the phone but Annie hangs up. Harley tells Phillip and now he absolutely won't leave. Harley gets bored and starts clipping coupons. She said that she has done it for years and it takes her mind off things. She can't cook though. She takes her scissors and offers to give Phillip a haircut. Phillip runs from her and lands in her bed (don't get your hopes up) and grabs her coupons and threatens to destroy them if she comes near him with those scissors. Harley lays beside him and they start kissing. (Did I tell you that I love this man!) Then the phone rings. It is Reva and she tells Harley that she is putting off finding her sister for now. After she hangs up the phone, Harley takes this very personally. She feels that she has screwed up the case. Phillips tries to make her feel better and then she starts to blame him. He is the one who distracted her. Phillip gets mad and starts to leave after being ordered out by Harley. She stops him at the door.

Ed Bauer is home and he tells Michelle it is because Rick called him home. Things had gotten out of control in the house. Michelle tells Rick that he had no right. Michelle asks her dad why he came home for this. He didn't come home for her graduation and he didn't come home for her birthday either. On that note, Rick leaves the room. What Michelle said hurt Ed and he says he is sorry and tells stories of how he longed to be at home and be with her. He then tells her that he wants her to go back to Africa with him. She declines and Dad thinks it is because of Jesse. Dad tells Michelle that no matter what Jesse and his dad said to her, he didn't do anything wrong the day that Jesse's mother died. Michelle then tells him about her search for Maureen's heart. They say they are sorry to each other. Michelle tells her dad about Jesse and wants him to meet him. Maybe Dads could talk to each other and then she can go out with Jesse again. Michelle goes to bed and Rick comes back into the room. Ed tells him that he has to stop Michelle from finding the person who got Maureen's heart. If he doesn't the search will lead back to Jesse. Ed tells Rick that when Jesse was born he had a congenital heart defect. Ed had kept tabs on the boy through years. Ed always felt guilty about what had happened to Jesse's mom even though he didn't do anything wrong. When Jesse got older he needed a heart transplant. Ed pulled some strings and got Jesse's name put to the top of the list. Jesse's dad doesn't even know.

Cassie is all dressed up and ready for her date with Billy. He comes to her door to get her for dinner. Billy asks that instead of just getting a table right away maybe they could stand on the terrace and look over the whole town of Springfield with the lights on. Cassie thinks that is a great idea. Later they sit down to dinner and get along just fine. Cassie talks about Tammie and Billy tells her how much she reminds him of Reva. Billy says that he wants to walk off dinner and asks Cassie to join him on the beach. Next Billy is dropping Cassie off at her room and she says that she can't believe that they walked the beach talking the entire night. She really enjoyed the breakfast on the pier too. Billy starts to leave and Cassie stops him and kisses him. She sits him down, takes off her blazer, sits down next to him and tries to kiss him. Billy stops her. He tells her that he is very attracted to her but this is only their first date. He doesn't want her to do anything that she will regret. Billy leaves and Cassie is dumbfounded.

Alan is outside of Cross Creek cabin looking and calling for Annie. He uses his cell phone to call the maid (Neddie??) He tells her to keep an eye out for Annie. Annie is hiding in the bushes and listening to Alan. She says out loud "We will never be together again, Alan." She then breaks into the cabin and takes a fire poker and runs it along the names engraved into the mantel. Next you see her sleeping on the couch with an "Annie's Get Even List." The names on the list are Reva, Josh, Harley, Phillip, Alan, and Cassie. She then walks around the room and goes into the dining room. She finds the liquor cabinet and talks out a bottle (vodka) and makes her self a drink.

Drew shows up at the club where "Daddy" and Sugar are. Daddy tells Drew that Sugar has told him everything. He has seen the pictures that she took. And Yes, Sugar even told Daddy about their little fling. Drew and Daddy argue and Daddy cuts Drew off of the cash flow. No more credit cards, no more allowance etc. Drew blames Sugar and Daddy tells her to get a job. Sugar wishes Drew well as he leaves.

Drew sees Jesse in the club. He buys her a drink and she offers to spend her last $100 on him taking him out. Jesse declines and goes home. Jesse is home and Drew comes over. Michelle calls and Jesse is not nice to her on the phone. Drew wants to know what is up with this girl and why is Jesse so upset.

Sugar walks over to Daddy and asks him if he is going to get fired. But before he fired him Sugar told him about a sweet deal that he just accepted back in L.A. Daddy tells Sugar he can't take Dahlia with him.

Thursday, October 2, 1997
by Angela Vogel

Jenna clues Harley in about her drunken behavior the night before. She lets her know that while intoxicated, Harley announced to the whole room (including her father, Buzz) that she's been sleeping with Phillip. Harley also learns that she expressed her true feelings for Phillip and lamented the fact that men always leave her, even her father! Harley is miserable over news of her "loose mouth" and starts feeling visibly sorry for herself in front of Jenna, who promptly tells her that there are worse problems in life! Harley can see that Jenna is upset about something, but when she probes, Jenna won't reveal anything.

Buzz confronts Phillip at the diner; he wants to know what his intentions are toward his daughter. Phillip says he doesn't know what exactly is taking place between them, but that one thing's for sure -- he's NOT using Harley!

Frank does a profile on Buzz's stalker and tells Buzz that they'll only have a chance at catching her if she has a previous criminal record. Eleni has an idea, however, for how to go about snagging this person.

Nola arrives at the cabin in the rain and remembers when Buzz told her he was free to marry Jenna. She looks at her own reflection in the mirror and says, "That's pretty pathetic if the only way you can get a man is to send him flowers and hide in his closet."

Vanessa explains to Matt that she doesn't want him to go the hospital with her because she could never go through with what she has to do if he were there. Matt tells Vanessa to focus on what they will gain, not what they will lose. They agree that eventually they would like to adopt a child. Vanessa then calls Jenna to take her to the hospital. Jenna is "saved by the bell" and, leaving to pick up Vanessa, escapes Harley's questioning.

Phillip shows up at Harley's apartment and she tells him to get out of her life and closes the door in his face.

Friday, October 3, 1997
by Kimberly

"The House that Love Built" (also known as Matt and Vanessa's)
Vanessa and Jenna prepare to leave for Cedar's for Van's D&C. Matt barely says five words to his wife as she leaves, but admits the D&C is hard on him as well. Matt reaches into a desk drawer after Vanessa leaves and finds the letter to their unborn child that Vanessa wrote. He charges out the door to stop Vanessa.

Jesse and Drew Jacobs have become chummy. Since Drew is broke, she leans on Jesse for support, while giving him advice about his love life. Jesse persuades J to hire Drew as a waitress, despite his misgivings. She is a total loss in the waitress department, trying to give some overweight customer bran muffins instead of the high fat food he apparently wanted. Michelle walks in and talks to Jesse, but he appears disinterested and tries to get Michelle to drop the surgery for whoever has her mom's heart (him). After he walks away, Drew tells Michelle to back off, and alludes to the fact that she (Drew) knew that Michelle called Jesse very early that morning. Michelle, thinking that Drew slept with Jesse (she did not, although she meant to imply it), confronts Jesse, who denies it. As he confronts Drew for her words, she spills a drink on Jesse. When he takes of the shirt he is wearing, she notices that he has a long scar on his chest. Jesse warns her never to reveal that he has the scar, especially to Michelle.

Alan rushes into the emergency room, grilling Lilian and searching for the missing Annie. She assures him that Annie would not have been admitted without someone recognizing her, but promises to call local hospitals for Alan's former mistress.

Vanessa and Jenna arrive for her D&C. Rick performs the pre-op tests, and asks Vanessa to lie down. Several times she requests to get the procedure over with as soon as possible. Rick realizes that Vanessa hasn't signed the consent form, even though she is sedated. She signs anyway. Meanwhile, Matt rushes to the hospital in search of Jenna and Vanessa. Jenna assures Matt that he is too late to stop the D&C. The door opens, and Vanessa is wheeled out. Matt, fearing the worst, breaks down, but Vanessa assures him that she could not go through with the procedure.

Jenna makes an appointment with a doctor as she has not been feeling well (does anyone read a baby into this?)

Cross Creek
Annie breaks back into the Lewis cabin and flies into a rage at the Reva photos, Reva and Josh wedding pillow, and the "Reva+Josh" carved into the fireplace mantle. She takes an ax to the mantle, and discovers an old friend, a bottle of vodka. After she consumes the little alcohol inside, she starts on HB's bourbon (without the branch). She spits the bourbon all over Reva's photo, and destroys the pillow. All that activity leaves her with a headache/hangover, and Annie goes in search of pills. She still carries "Annie's hit list" with Reva, Josh, Phillip (underlined twice), Harley and Fran on it.

Bauer Cabin
Nola goes to the cabin to seek solitude and think about her actions with Buzz. A heavy rain brings Nola to the window, where she sees Buzz approaching. He enters the cabin in a friendly mood, and Nola loses some of her nervousness. The feeling is short-lived, however, as Buzz confronts his stalker. Nola attempts to explain her actions, stating that she started having feelings for Buzz after he kissed her at the housewarming party for Vanessa. Nola realized that everyone at the party had someone in their life . . . except for her. She swears she meant no harm, and sent the flowers (the first gift) as a joke since Buzz complained no one ever sent HIM flowers. From then on, the gifts just snowballed, but each was meant with affection. Buzz, after Nola confesses to romantic feelings for him, states that he hopes they can remain friends. He offers to store dry firewood for Nola (although Justin Deas, the actor, took wet firewood) but falls down the basement steps at the cabin.

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