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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on GL
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Monday, April 13

Josh is adamant that Real Reva spoke to him telepathically, and said that she was trying to get back to him. Clone Reva was afraid, and kept saying that she just had to be dead, and if Josh would happen to be right, what would happen to her? Then, Josh got a call from the Coast Guard; the fuselage of the plane was found, and there was no way anyone could have survived.

Harley was able to escape from the greenhouse, where Carl was lurking around. She came back to the Spaulding mansion, and was distressed that Beth was not there. She told everyone what had happened; that Beth was to be used as bait to catch Carl. The police were called, and it was obvious that nobody was happy with Harley. Then, Beth came downstairs. Carl was nowhere to be found, until he appeared at the front door. He was covered with dirt and mud, and said "To hell with you Alan, and your family", and fell to the ground, with a gunshot in his back.

Real Reva couldn't believe that Sean was refusing to let her off the island. She pressed him as to why and he admitted that he was wanted for the murder of his wife, lawyer, and best friend. Sean said that he was set up, and he was absolutely innocent.

Tuesday, April 14

Dinah stops by the Lewis house looking for Reva and refuses to believe Cassie when she claims that her sister is out of town. Dinah accuses her of stealing her sister's husband and points out that many people saw her arguing with Reva in a sleazy bar the other night. Cassie angrily denies it and threatens Dinah before Hart interrupts and pulls them apart. When he asks for the truth about Josh and her relationship with him, Cassie denies sleeping with Josh. Holly is frightened when a drunken Ben stops by, looking for Blake. She admits that she knows about her daughter's relationship with him but claims that Blake has left town in order to get her life back in order again. Ross assures Holly later that there is nothing Ben can do to come between him and his wife. When Carl dies after cursing the Spaulding family, everyone is a suspect in the shooting according to Frank. Frank shows a letter found on Carl supposedly written by Beth. Beth realizes that Alan stole it and blasts him for scheming to keep her from being with Phillip. Phillip is shocked and hurt to learn that Alan hired Carl to keep him from Beth.

Wednesday, April 15

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa.

When Reva wakes from her nap, Sean offers her a mango. Reva tells him that she is dreaming of ribs. She pleads with Sean to help her get back to her family; they need me, she cries. When Sean leaves the hut, she says, "Nobody says no to Reva Shane!" She leaves the hut calling out for Sean and telling him that she won't tell anyone that she saw him.

Sean is sitting on the beach and talking about the woman the boat was named after. He talks about her smile and her laughter. He wants to know why Nora made him fall in love with her. He wants to know if she is happy with the new man in her life. He turns and sees Reva. He is upset she that she overheard his thoughts. Reva apologizes and once again pleads with him to help her. At last Sean agrees to help Reva get home.

Josh tells Creva she must try to get along with Cassie. He wants to be sure she will be perfect for the welcome home party. Josh sets Creva down in front of various plates of food. He wants to see what she has learned. Creva tells Josh she known all of Reva's favorites. Josh only wants to see what Creva chooses first. Creva pick up a fig with maskapone. She savors the flavor of the fig. Josh tells her it's a mistake. He mentions Reva only likes greasy foods and asks Creva to eat some okra. Creva picks one and begins to eat it. Creva hates it, but Josh tells her to learn to love it. Creva won't eat the food. Josh tells she must love it because it's the only way it will work. Josh talks about Reva's relationship with Billy. He talks about the kids. He tells her that Shane doesn't know Reva very well but Marah is very close to her Mama. She asks Josh if it would be ok to take more medicine to make her closer to Reva's age and Josh agrees.

Billy asks Cassie about having Reva's favorites, ribs and pecan pie, for the welcome home dinner. When Billy notices that Cassie is upset, he offers to talk to Hart. Cassie tells Billy not to bother, since they broke up. Just then, Hart arrives at Lewis Oil. Billy greets Hart and leaves them alone to talk. Hart wants to talk about last night; he doesn't want to give up on their relationship. Hart orders Cassie not to give him "we need space speech." He won't allow it. He kisses her. Hart says he will never allow Cassie to get rid of him. He offers to take Cassie, Tammy and Peter on a trip, but Cassie declines, saying that it is the wrong time. Hart accepts her decisions and says he will see her at the welcome home dinner.

Phillip doesn't want Beth to worry about Alan; he is going to pay for bringing Carl into their lives. Beth is concerned because Allan may not have killed Carl. It doesn't matter to Phillip if Allan is or is not guilty; Phillip only wants Alan to pay. Lillian comes down stairs and tells the parents that Lizzie is very upset. Beth explains she told Lizzie that Carl had drowned. Lillian doesn't think it's a good idea to lie to Lizzie; but Phillip agrees with Beth. Beth asks Phillip to tell the staff not to mention Carl around Lizzie. Nettie enters and tells Beth she found her shoes in the laundry room. The shoes are covered in mud and Nettie offers to take the shoes to the repair shop. Phillip takes the shoes from Nettie and tells her he'll take care of the shoes. As Phillip walks out of the room, the doorbell rings and an officer is at the door. He asks to use the phone because he has found new evidence in the pond.

Frank warns Harley to stay away form his investigation. He hints that Phillip is now a prime suspect in the case. He releases Alan. Alan and Harley have a discussion. Alan thinks Harley should thank him, since he is the reason Phillip is with her. Frank reenters the room and tells Harley not to bother Alan. Alan tells him everything is fine. Frank gets a call. The dive team has found something in the pond. They all leave for Spaulding mansion.

Alan wants to know if he is still a suspect. Frank doesn't answer, but he tells everyone that a gun was found in the lake. Phillip tells Frank that he saw someone with a gun near the pond and that person was his father. Harley asks Phillip to be sure, since there is very little lighting around the pond. Phillip tells Frank that he is sure. Alan tells Phillip that the truth will come out, but he understands why he did it. He fed him to the wolves to protect the mother of his child. Harley seems not to believe Phillip's story and walks towards Beth. She asks Beth what is the real story. Phillip comes over and tells Harley to leave it alone. Harley looks at both of them and leaves.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Cassie and "Reva"
Cassie tries to explain that she needs more time to adjust to the new Reva, because she's still grieving her sister. "Reva" accuses her of just wanting to be the primary figure in Josh and the kids' lives. This discussion takes place while "Reva" tries on the real Reva's dresses, in order to select one to wear to the upcoming family dinner. She also asks Cassie to explain to her about lovemaking -- what it's like, how to do it, etc. -- but Cassie insists she wait to learn about that topic. Reva reveals that she plans to make love to Josh after the dinner tonight.

Josh and the kids
Josh has a talk with the children about their mother's return. He explains that she's experienced some trauma and may act a little different than usual.

Reva and Sean
Reva probes Sean to learn more about him. During the course of their antagonistic conversations, he sees that she truly does love husband Josh.

Harley and Phillip argue about who shot Carl. Harley breaks into tears and says all she really wants to do is stop fighting and take a drive in Phillip's car with the top down and the music playing real loud. Phillip agrees and off they go to the car to take a ride to the inn at the lake for lunch. When they reach the car, though, Harley finds a pair of Beth's muddy heels hidden in the backseat and accuses Phillip of trying to cover up the fact that Beth may be the murderer.

Alan accuses Lillian of murdering Carl, or hiring someone to. Once alone, Lillian calls the man she met in the bar, JC, to ask him if he might have misunderstood her and killed Carl.

Cassie warns Josh that clone Reva has taken more of the aging formula and now looks "exactly the way Reva did the last time you saw her."

At show's end:
Maura hears someone outside the house and runs to the door. She opens it to "Reva" and throws her arms around her, saying "Mama!" Somewhat taken aback, the new Reva greets her with a stiff hug and a little pat on the head.

Friday, April 17, 1998
by Soap Central

Harley is stunned when she realizes the lengths Phillip is willing to go to protect Beth, even suppressing evidence in a murder case. Alan overhears Lillian on the phone with the person she believes may have killed Carl. Alan forces her to admit that she hired a person to get Carl out of town, but she swears she never meant for him to have Carl killed. Lillian balks when Alan wants her to take partial responsibility for intercepting the letter in exchange for his silence, but gives in when he points out that she could be charged with murder. The clone bonds with Marah before the family dinner, while a horrified Josh learns from Cassie that the clone will probably try to become romantic with him. Josh gives "Reva" last minute instructions for the "small family dinner." Both are shocked when they open the door to a huge surprise party. As Reva joyfully prepares to leave the island, Sean can't bear to see her go and rips apart her boat.

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