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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on GL
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Monday, June 15, 1998

Jenna keeps up her childbirth screams while Buzz rushes to find Griffin to marry them. At first, Charles tries to put a stop to it, mostly because of his persona grudge against Griffin. But, Buzz signs a waiver dismissing any liability against the hospital, and the wedding proceeds. Frank is the best man, while Harley is the maid of honor. Selena sees what is going on with Drew trying to steal Jesse from Michelle. She warns Drew to keep away from Michelle, and Drew doesn't take her advice too kindly.

Michelle and Jesse make up, and share a lingering kiss.

Drew looks for Jesse outside the hospital, and Selena has the pleasure of telling her that he took off with Michelle.

Dinah is at the hospital also, and runs into her mother, who is there for Jenna and Buzz's emergency room wedding. She becomes jealous when Vanessa gives Jenna a family heirloom pin, and feels like she has never been part of the Chamberlain family. Dinah also has harsh words for Matt, who had forewarned Hart about getting a paternity test. Matt points out that if Dinah had any doubts about who the father was, she would have had no problem with a paternity test.

Reva convinces the clone that she needs a video camera with some tapes so she can watch home movies of her children. She plans to rig the camera to the television, and tape herself, and send the tape inside so Josh can watch it.

Tuesday, June 16
by Soap Opera Central

Holly laughs Ben off when he offers to show her why Blake finds him so attractive. Ben tricks Holly into letting him contact Blake, who is stunned by her own reaction to his phone call. Jesse and Michelle make love, but Jesse doesn't know if he fits in with Michelle's plans for the future. Dahlia and Drew fight about Drew's relationship with Jesse. Though the doctor tells Dinah the crisis has passed, Dinah takes full advantage of her situation and lies to Hart that her situation is still touch and go. Hart agrees to stay with her.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Phillip discuss how Lizzie's doing. Beth tells Phillip about what happened with Lizzie when Phillip ran off to the hospital to check on Harley -- how Lizzie was afraid that Daddy loved Harley more than them. About this time, Lizzie comes into the room. She's very disturbed. It turns out that her friend Lauren, whose birthday party Lizzie had been planning to attend later that day, has called her to "uninvite" her. Lauren has told Lizzie that she and other kids don't want to play with a killer. Phillip and Beth comfort Lizzie, and then Lizzie asks Phillip if he's going to be around, or is he going to be with Harley. Phillip explains to her that Daddy loves Harley, but he loves Lizzie more than anything in the whole world. Phillip and Beth and Lizzie then leave to go to the hospital for Lizzie's appointment with child psychologist Dr. Bradford.

Meanwhile, at Cedars, Harley arrives with gifts for Jenna's new baby. Buzz and Jenna are amused by Harley's gifts -- hockey sticks, pucks, a helmet. Harley describes to Buzz and Jenna what all she's been doing at home to prepare for the baby's arrival, and she also tells them how much she plans on helping them with the baby. In the course of this discussion, Harley puts her foot in her mouth and makes a cutting remark about Buzz's fatherhood skills. Harley apologizes, and Buzz is understanding. He then leaves to see about paying the hospital bills. A large bouquet of beautiful flowers arrives for Jenna -- the card is signed "Phillip and Beth", which depresses Harley. Jenna tries to comfort her. Harley leaves, and in the hallway who should she run into but Phillip, Beth, and Lizzie. It seems that Dr. Bradford's child psychology office is just across the hall from Jenna's maternity room, because just then Dr. Bradford sticks her head out of an office and asks to see Beth and Phillip alone, first. Harley and Lizzie sit together, and Lizzie tells Harley, "I love you, because you gave my daddy back to us."

Vicki Brandon is talking to Alan on her cell phone, and she tells him that she has a plan, and Alan has to trust her. She then drops in on Michael. They talk briefly about the difficulties of getting funding for scientific research, but then Vicki asks Michael to tell her more about his relationship with Celeste, the woman he loved but who died. Michael talks about Celeste, and Vicki asks to see a photo of her. When Michael leaves the room to look for a picture, Vicki starts putting some of his file folders into her briefcase. He returns in time to catch her in the act!

At the Lewis pool house, Clone Reva walks in wearing a new wedding dress. Her idea is that if Real Reva models it, she can get a good idea of how beautiful she'll look in it. Real Reva is stunned at this request, then gets good and mad! No way is she going to lift a finger to help this wedding come off! Clone Reva doesn't understand why Real Reva is so upset about this. They argue furiously, and Real Reva is able to grab a handful of wedding dress and rip the skirt off of the dress! Clone Reva starts to stomp off, but then Real Reva comes to her senses, and by talking about having heart and having compassion, she gets Clone Reva to agree to bring her a videocamera and tapes. Later, after Clone Reva has dropped off the camera and tapes, Real Reva begins taping a message to Josh about where she is and how she got there.

In the Lewis house, Josh tells Matt about his phony proposal to Clone Reva. Then Marah and Shayne arrive back home from tennis camp. Josh sits them down to talk to them about going to spend a few weeks with Uncle Rusty in Oklahoma. Marah is immediately mistrustful, and asks Josh point blank if he and "Momma" are splitting up. Josh says no, but that "Momma" is still adjusting after her big Florida trip, and needs plenty of rest and peace and quiet. He also asks the kids to tell him if "Momma" does anything that seems strange or just not right. Later, the kids discuss telling Josh about their pre-camp hotel sojourn. Marah wants to tell, but Shayne is dead set against it. But when Matt, on his way to work, tells the kids that Dad really does need to know if anything strange happens, Marah decides to tell Josh. She goes inside to talk to him, but all she gets a chance to tell him is that she and Shayne did something before going to tennis camp, because Clone Reva walks in on them!

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Dinah and her baby are fine -- she did not miscarry! When Dinah can't convince Dr. Sedgewick to keep her in the hospital another night, she puts a spin on the story to Hart, saying she's afraid the pregnancy will be touch and go, and she really needs his help. She also decides to call the baby Laura if it's a girl, after Hart's mother.

Michael Burke catches Vicky going through his files, and accuses her of trying to steal his cloning research. Vicky tries to talk her way out of it, but ends up revealing her partnership with Alan Spaulding. Michael sees that her friendship and come-ons have been nothing more than part of her plan to steal his research.

Reva records a message for Joshua one of the tapes the clone brought her.

The clone interrupts Josh and Maura just as Maura is about to tell her father what happened before camp. Showing off her wedding dress, the clone surprises Maura with news of the wedding. Maura is confused, saying, "If you guys are getting married soon, why did you want to send Shane and I away to Uncle Rusty's?" The clone, too, is suspicious. Josh recovers by saying they'd have the wedding at Cross Creek, and since Rusty lives in Tulsa, the kids would have a head start by being there. Fortunately, the clone believes him. She asks him to tell her how much he wants her. Josh hugs her, and looking at the real Reva's picture on the mantelpiece, says she's the only one he's ever wanted -- no one else (the implication is, he's speaking to the real Reva, not the clone).

Cassie and Harley run into each other and Cassie tells Harley all about Dinah getting pregnant. Harley says, "Doesn't that seem a little too convenient?", suggesting that Dinah's baby might not be Hart's. As Harley and Cassie talk, two handsome guys come into the bar and flirt with them. They decide they are tired of feeling bad, and accept drinks from the men.

Dinah asks Hart to check her out and drive her home. On the way out, Hart encounters the doctor who reveals that Dinah is really fine, not confined to bedrest as Dinah had told him. He marches right back into Dinah's hospital room and confronts her on her lie! Dinah insists she really did collapse, but admits to being over-dramatic. Hart says she kills every ounce of compassion he has for her when she pulls scams like this. He demands honesty if he's going to be there for her. "Either you tell me the truth starting now or you're doing this by yourself. The choice is yours."

Michael tells Vicky to go to hell and physically throws her out. Then he throws his research papers in the fireplace and ignites them -- all but the ones Vicky has stashed unbeknownst to him in her purse.

The clone comes in as Reva's taping herself, but Reva is able to conceal it.

Harley and Cassie joke with the men about what they do for a living. Harley says she's a brain surgeon and Cassie says she's a sex therapist for men who can't let go of bad past relationships. The four share some laughs, but when the men proposition them to go someplace quieter, Harley and Cassie say no, realizing that they are in love with Phillip and Hart, "the good guys." Just then, Hart comes in and sits down at their booth, saying, "I love you, Cassie Layne." He tells Cassie how Dinah tried to scam him earlier at the hospital.

The clone asks Reva for wedding advice. Reva suggests the clone set up the videotape of the kids (the one she recorded over) for Josh to watch one night after work (to help him relax, she says).

At show's end:
The clone suggests Josh watch the tape of the kids, and he puts it in the VCR.

Friday, June 19
by Soap Opera Central

Off the clone's suggestion, Josh is about to watch the tape with Reva on it. A well-meaning Cassie steps in and tells him it's time to go. Meanwhile, the clone sees Reva's tape and is enraged by her betrayal. The clone stops Josh as he starts to watch the video again. Josh breaks down to Cassie, wondering if he's losing his mind. Meanwhile, Sean gets Reva's letter in jail and realizes he has to find a way to save her again. Ross and Holly head to the airport and Ben plans to be there for Blake's arrival as well. However, he receives a mysterious phone call and goes to hotel room instead, where Blake is waiting for him.

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