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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on GL
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Monday, December 7, 1998

Miss a show last week or maybe you just wanna review what happened a few months ago? Either way, our Daily Recaps Archives has over one year's worth of Guiding Light recaps for you to check out.

Holly brings Jenna's children home and puts them to bed. Her brother Ken comes out and asks her to talk about the fact that she is the stalker. Holly finally admits that she probably is wanting to be caught, and expects the police to arrive any minute.

Blake shows Ben the letters that she found that were written by Ben's birth mother to him before he was born. Ross shows up and Ben confronts him about the letters. It is apparent that Ben's mother had a very strong feeling of love toward him, and had a difficult time giving him up for adoption. Ben asks Ross how he could have supported his birth mother in giving him up (Ross would have been about ten years old). _Ross claims not to have known about the deep feelings that his mother had, and declares that if he had it to do over again, he would have not intercepted the reunion that Ben would have had with his mother.

Reva is having lunch with Abby in the diner when she sees Teri. Reva tells Abby that she is sure that Teri knows something about Annie that she not sharing. Abby watches a conversation that Teri has with Frank, and is able to read her lips. She can tell that Teri is saying that she fears Reva is having some sort of mental problems with letting go of Annie. Reva later goes over to Teri and questions her on her family and her interest in Annie. Teri cuts the conversation short, and leaves. Reva tells Abby that she is booking a flight to Detroit to visit Teri's brother.

Jenna drives over a ravine, determined to kill Jeffery and herself before letting him near her children. Buzz & the police find the wreck, and see that Jeffery is dead. Jenna is in bad shape, and they call for the helicopter. Jenna tells Buzz that she is so thankful for him rescuing her from a life of no happiness and filled with crime. She dies in his arms.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

Phillip continues to try to reach Susan's adoptive father but there is still no answer. When pressed for another way to reach him, Susan, who is beginning to show a more manipulative side of her personality, becomes evasive and slips out the door to be with Harley, who is at the diner comforting Buzz.

Buzz and his family mourn Jenna's death. Frank and Eleni discuss what to tell little Coop about his mother's death. Pounding on her apartment door, Josh insists that Teri let him in. Dinah, who is visiting at the time, discreetly disappears into the other room. With a husky voice, Josh passionately declares to Teri that Reva is out of town and that they need to talk, leading Teri to believe that he may finally be physically interested in her. They kiss. When Josh inadvertently calls her "Annie", Teri panics and worries that her identity might be revealed.

Meanwhile, Reva meets the REAL Teri DiMarco's brother in Detroit and discovers that her brother has suspicions about his sister since her supposed departure from Detroit. He tells Reva that it is almost as if his sister Teri has "become another person". Michele tells Drew that Danny told her he thinks Jesse killed Mick. She goes on to say that Danny kissed her. Drew and Michelle discuss Danny's motivation for kissing her. Michelle decides to keep this information from Jesse and asks a more than eager Drew to keep Jesse distracted for the next few days.

Wednesday, December 9
by Angela Overmyer

Today's recap was provided by Snoopy

Buzz heads to the docks where he talks aloud to his dead wife that he doesn't know if he can handle her memorial service today. Though Phillip tells Susan that she's to stay home, Harley asks Phillip to take her with him while she takes some time alone to remember Jenna. She then imagines being with Jenna who advises her that she will know how to get through the service today. Phillip introduces Susan to Lizzie and Beth who doesn't like the idea of Lizzie going to the memorial service. When Blake finds her mother not dressed for the service, Holly confesses that she is to blame for Jenna's death. Blake convinces her otherwise and after she leaves, Holly imagines being with Jenna. She quickly apologizes for what she has done though Jenna assures her that she is not going to judge her for her actions. Holly decides to end her stalking plans. Matt warns Vanessa again that her work is interfering in her personal life. Jenna's spirit pays Vanessa a visit and lectures her that family always comes first. Vanessa "hugs" her goodbye, crying that she was one of two true friends she had. Jenna next surprises Coop and Rocky to say goodbye and give assurances that Buzz will raise them to be perfect little boys. Alexandra pours a brandy for Jenna and toasts to her, promising to keep a close eye on Buzz for her. Jenna's spirit finally shows at the docks where she comforts her husband who regrets the many things they will not be able to share.

Thursday, December 10
by Angela Overmyer

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

While scheming to take over the Triple Z land that Lewis Oil has leased for years, Vanessa can't concentrate and confides to Alexandra that she's concerned about Beth's undying interest in Matt. Alexandra assures her that she's not too old for Matt.

Wanda can't believe it when Josh refuses to act on the lease renewal even though the Spauldings may win the property. When Reva arrives at the Lewis Oil office, she also shows no interest in discussing the land lease. Instead, Reva confronts Josh and admits that she met with Teri's brother in Detroit. He's upset to hear about her snooping which causes Reva to wonder why Josh is so quick to defend Teri. When their argument almost turns into a fight, Josh asks Reva to leave.

Tired of hearing her go on and on about Josh, Dinah complains to Teri that even though she's back together with Hart, they have not made love since before her accident.

Sending Teri out, Dinah then meets with Dr. Steven Morton to discuss the plastic surgery options for her disfigured face.

Teri fears that Josh is out of control and decides to destroy the spiked aftershave lotion so that he doesn't take anymore of the truth drug. She breaks into the house and starts looking for the bottle only to be interrupted by Reva.

Cassie calls Harley and is saddened to hear about Jenna. She urges Cassie to call Reva but Cassie isn't interested and hangs up before telling her how she can be reached.

Friday, December 11
by Angela Overmyer

Today's recap was provided by Snoopy

Reva catches Teri snooping in her bathroom and demands to know why the detective is there. Teri quickly lies and claims that she saw their door wide open and feared the stalker was inside. When Reva all but calls her a liar, Teri reminds her that she once saved her life. Alan confronts Josh about the Triple Z land lease and is rocked when a troubled Josh responds with a warning to stay away from Teri. Buzz worries Frank, Eleni and Selena when he suddenly decides to take the boys and sail around the world as he planned to do with Jenna. Selena locks him in the cooler with her and does her best to convince him to stay. Waiting for Susan's father to arrive, Harley lectures her daughter that she can't stay with her and Phillip because she already has a home. After Susan runs upstairs to get her things, Harley worries to Phillip that she's abandoning her daughter all over again. Phillip reminds her that she will spend plenty of time with her. Jim LeMay arrives and talks about the death of his wife Connie and how it's affected Susan who never cried after she died. After his off-hand comment that he needs a drink, Harley confronts him about Susan's complaint that he's been drinking too much. He denies that he has a drinking problem and stuns her with the news that Connie died 15 months ago, not recently as Susan claimed. When she comes downstairs, Susan tells her father she wants to stay. Reva is shocked to hear from Alan about the land deal Josh refused. Meanwhile, Josh confronts Teri and kisses her passionately. When he won't back off, Teri knocks Josh out.

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