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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on GL
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Monday, March 22, 1999

At the Bauers'
Michelle tells Meta that she has deep feelings for Danny. Meta asks her about Jesse and Michelle said she cares about him but know she doesn't know. She told her that when she heard Danny profess his love for her she felt special. Michelle said she wants to go to Millennium to explain to Danny, Meta said she didn't think he would believe her. Meta stopped her from leaving and told her that Danny was raised to be ruthless and just like his family. She told her to forget about Danny for tonight and tomorrow if she wanted, she could talk to him. Michelle calls Drew and tells her that she confessed to Danny.
Michelle is asleep at the table dreaming about Danny coming by. They were kissing and she told him she wanted him, he said it wasn't going to happen and then he pulled a gun on her. She woke up and heard a knock at the door. It was Danny.

At Drew's Apartment:
Drew heard Jesse at the door. She begged Danny not to tell him that they had slept together. She said she loves Jesse and he would hate her if he knew. Jesse unlocked the door and started to come in. Drew had the chain on and she told him she was dressing. She closed the door and told him to wait a sec. Danny hid in the bathroom. Drew let Jesse in. Jesse apologized for proving the adoption viable and hurting her. He said he was worried because the bartender said she had left with a guy after drinking a lot. He turned and noticed a wallet on the floor. He said 'you aren't alone are you'? Drew grabbed the wallet and said it could be anyone's wallet. She told Jesse that the guy was there and they had a few drinks and that was it. Jesse didn't believe her. She told him she was sorry. Danny comes out and talks with Drew. He says he thinks Jesse cares for her a great deal. He tries to comfort Drew and says that he wont tell anyone what happened. He left. Leaving his wallet.
Selena tells Drew to open up. She tells her that she saw Danny leave and that she may as well have slept with a loaded gun.

At Millennium:
Selena questions the bartender about Drew's whereabouts. Where she went, who she left with. He had no answers. When Jesse comes downstairs he tells Selena what happened.
She went up to check on Drew. Selena sees Danny coming down from Drew's.
Matt comes and asks Bill for his help tracking down where his mother had signed on the computer at. Bill said he would help him.

At Holly's Trial:
Fletcher arrived with Ross and told the Judge that he was to blame for Holly's rapid spiral to lunacy. Holly faints, Fletcher gets her to come around and tells her that he will stand by her through this mess. Holly tells the judge that she wants to proceed with the hearing.
Cassie, Buzz, Reva, Harley and Blake stood up for Holly and told the judge that she was just trying to give the children a better life. Ben arrived and asked to be heard. The judge let him speak. Ben tells the story of the bottle of the brandy and the poisoning. He then said that he hopes the judge will give Holly a second chance. (Everyone was stunned). The DA tries to get the judge to see that bad things that Holly did. Fletcher tells the Judge that he was the reason these things happened. He tells about how he ran off with Meg. He asked Holly for her forgiveness. He tells the judge that Holly is a wonderful woman and she would never have done these thing if he hadn't have acted like he did. At the Bauer Cabin:

Vanessa is writing Matt a "farewell" letter. (A flashback of Matt and Vanessa's days on the island showed today)

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

After all of the heartfelt and compelling testimony from Holly's friends/victims, the judge rules that Holly will return to a psychiatric facility for three months. After that time, she will be evaluated before the district attorney decides whether or not to press charges. Reva, Cassie and Harley are elated and they dash off to Towers to celebrate. Fletcher stays to talk with Holly. Although he apologizes for leaving the way he did with Meg, Holly is not satisfied. In an emotional scene, she describes to Fletcher the pain of being separated from her daughter.

Meanwhile, at Towers, Phillip announces to Reva and Harley that Ben Warren will not be taking over Lewis Oil. Instead, Phillip says that he will now act as the new CEO. He reassures Reva that everyone will keep their jobs and nothing will change. Reva is enraged that Phillip will not just simply sell the company back to the Lewis'. As she gets ready to make a big scene, Josh calms her down and lets her know that he has a plan...A few tables away, Jim meets Beth for their "date." He is awkward and uncomfortable, not having even thought of dating since the death of his wife, but a suave Beth leads him effortlessly through the first date ritual...Out on the dance floor, India and Ross do the fox trot after her return from Switzerland to visit her daughter.

After Holly's hearing, Blake thanks Ben for supporting her mother. She tries (again) to tell Ben that it's over. Later when he shows up at her apartment to SUPPOSEDLY return the key to her place, she happens to be wearing a tiny black nightie and guess where they end up...

Selena and Drew argue about her sleeping with Danny. Finally Drew admits that she did it because she felt hurt and abandoned when she realized that her adoption was real. She asks a surprised Selena to help her find her mother and then goes on to say that when she finds her, she will ruin her mother's life as her mother has ruined hers...

Convinced that Danny is about to kill her, Michelle tries, rather lamely, to defend herself with a large kitchen knife. Danny reassures her that he is not there to kill her but, in fact, wants to set her free. At first, a shocked Michelle thinks he is simply issuing her a death sentence to be carried out by Carmen but Danny gives his word that she and her family will be safe. He hands her back his wedding ring...

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

After spending the night together, Ben discovers that Blake is regretting that they made love. He angrily tells her to find someone else to "scratch that itch." Later, Blake realizes she may have misjudged Ben.

Michelle finds a hungover Drew at her place and boasts that Danny has ended things with her with a promise that she will be safe. As Drew stares in disbelief, Michelle confesses that she realizes she has feelings for Danny. Drew does some fast talking when Michelle finds Danny's wallet on the floor.

Confronting his mother with his decision to set Michelle free, Danny tells Carmen that he will go to the police with all he knows about the family's operation if any harm comes to Michelle. He shows her the ledger he took from her room and offers it as proof of his threat. Realizing she can't stop Drew from trying to find her birth mother, Selena decides to find one for her.

Susan schemes to make Harley feel jealous when she turns down an afternoon out with her so that she can go shopping with her new best friend Beth.

Carmen offers Ben a job she hopes he can't refuse but he turns it down.

Matt's amused when Jesse asks if he slept with Drew last night.

When Michelle admits that Danny's going to end their marriage, Jesse's not interested in reconciling.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Susan swears Lizzie to secrecy that it was her idea that they go out shopping with Beth instead of Harley. Susan then lets Beth know that she has gotten her first period while Jim thanks Beth for being there for his daughter. The scheming teen then makes sure that Harley feels guilty about missing the event.

Holly's suspicious to find Annie working at Cedar's mental ward as part of her community service agreement. The two end up bonding as Holly complains about being the town's newest outcast. Wondering out loud why the town is so quick to forgive Holly and not her, Annie encourages her to insist that Fletcher stay in town.

Desperate to find Vanessa, Matt heads to the Bauer cabin but falls and is knocked out just outside the shelter. Meanwhile, after reading Matt's email note explaining their misunderstanding, a relieved Vanessa decides to rush back to Springfield.

Blake can't believe it when she discovers that Fletcher is making plans to leave town. Holly is hurt to hear about his plans.

Vicky lays into Phillip for putting himself in charge of Lewis Oil after all she did to help Alan. Phillip realizes that she's upset because of what David thinks of her now and forces her to admit that she cares about David. As she does so, David enters the diner and overhears her confession.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Jesse and Michelle decide on the Millennium for their first date since she left Danny. Drew and Danny are disturbed to see them at the club but Danny decides to have a little fun at Jesse's expense. Later, Jesse is shocked to discover that Drew slept with Danny last night. He confronts the two of them just as Michelle returns.

Vanessa stops for gas on her way back to Springfield and is surprised to hear from the station attendant that Matt was on his way to find her. She returns to the Bauer cabin and finally notices Matt's body in the snow outside.

When Reva confesses that she still wants another baby, Josh agrees and suggests that they tie the knot officially. She quickly and happily agrees.

Seeing Annie in the mental ward at Cedar's, Blake warns her to stay away from her mother. Later, a devastated Holly gets some good news when Fletcher stops by with Meg.

Annie joins Alan for dinner and thanks him for everything he did to keep her from going to jail. As she admits she loves him, Alan watches her reaction to seeing Josh and Reva at a nearby table. She denies that her "look" was one of love or affection and insists that she was simply surprised at seeing them for the fist time since court. Alan announces that their relationship is going nowhere until she has Josh out of her system.

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