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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on GL
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Monday, March 19, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Cassie and Reva are talking about going to see the royal council and pleading their case against Edmund. Richard and Noah are against it and tell them just to worry about getting better and they will worry about politics. Cassie argues that she doesn't want Ed to get away with all he has done. She tells Richard their son is dead and Reva is blind and she feels the council needs to hear the whole story. Reva also wants to speak but Richard tells them they can't go anywhere near the palace. Richard tells Cassie they have to heal and wait for justice. Noah leaves to check on Reva's latest CAT Scan. Richard kisses Cassie and says he will let her spend time with her sister. He leaves. Cassie tells Reva she is going to the palace to testify and asks her to come with her. Reva tells Cassie a part of her wants to go with her but she is so angry with Ed that she may lose it. Reva says she really wants to scratch Ed's eyes out but nothing she can do will help. She feels powerless. Cassie says it's her fight now and she can't ask Reva to help. Reva says Cassie deserves to have her say and she will help her all she can. They try to think of a way to get into the palace and Reva remembers the tunnels. She tells Cassie that she believes she can remember how they are enough to feel her way in. Cassie thanks her and tells her that they will have to come up with a good excuse to get rid of the men. Reva says she has mobility training later on that day and they can say they are there. Reva will get dressed and Cassie will come back for her. Reva is feeling around in her bag, and finds Noah's gun. She smiles as she touches it and says, "Just in case, Edmund."

At the palace, Cassie and Reva are walking in the back to where the tunnels are. Reva is telling Cassie what to look for and Cassie is helping Reva by guiding her. They make it to some steps and are walking into the tunnels. Reva says there should be a crawl space. Cassie sees it and they crawl through. They end up at what Cassie thinks is a dead end but Reva tells her it is only a fake wall and they can kick it in. They both put their feet against it and kick it in and they are in the palace.

Cassie helps Reva onto a bench. Reva tells Cassie she is on her own now and she has to make sure Ed lives a long life in disgrace. Cassie doesn't want to leave Reva, but she tells her to go get him. Reva stays on the bench. Reva thinks about Ed and how she hates him and hates him for making her the kind of person capable of hate.

Meanwhile, in the palace sitting room, Ed has a surprise for Beth and wishes her a happy birthday. She says she made Lillian promise not to tell anyone. He tells her that Susan let him in on the secret and he is glad she did. Beth tells him she didn't want him to feel obligated, since he has already been so good to her. He wonders if they should have games or presents first. Beth wonders what kind of games, so she goes for the presents. She opens the gift and there is a tiara in the box. He puts it on her head and says it is perfect.

Cassie gets to the room where the council meets and a guard is standing at the door. She tells him she was called to see the royal council. He says he can't let her in. She says she is a woman on a mission and will have him brought up on charges. Beth comes in, wearing her tiara, and orders the guard not to open the door.

Back at the hospital, Noah and Richard are looking for their girls. Noah tells Richard that the women are not at mobility training. The two of them rush out to look for Reva and Cassie.

At Harley's:

Susan is packing for school. She is trying to decide which stuffed animals to take. Harley helps her decide. Ruth says packing looks like a lot of work. Harley asks about Charlie and Ruth tells her his fever is up to 103. Harley calls Rick to make a house call. Rick tells her he is with Phil and Phil asks if it is alright to come over and say goodbye to Susan. Harley says it is fine. She hangs up and tells Susan they are coming over. Susan is okay with it and tells her that she only disliked Phil when he was hurting her. She goes to call Ed to make sure he has her address and phone number. While talking to him she reveals that it is Beth's birthday. He thanks her.

Rick comes in with Phil and he looks at Charlie. Phil goes over with a gift for Susan to take to school since hers was lost in the fire. It's a laptop and she loves it. He tells her it has everything but a CD writable drive, just in case. Susan laughs and says she knows she still owes him the money and she will try her best to reimburse him. Phil says they will just call it even. Susan thanks him for the computer. Phil says their relationship has not gone smoothly, but he wants to start over. She is important to him and to her siblings. He wants her to promise to come home for breaks. She does and goes up to finish packing. Harley tells Phil it was a nice thing to do. Rick thinks Charlie has strep throat, he says he will take a throat culture and gives him some medication. Ruth thanks him, she tries to pay Rick but he says he would rather have a favor. He wants Charlie to give him an astronomy lesson. Ruth thanks him again and takes Charlie upstairs. Phil offers to take Rick to lunch, but Rick wants to stay and check on Charley. Phil leaves. Rick asks Harley if something is wrong and she says she is surprised that Phil left without argument. She thinks it almost felt wrong. Rick says they are both acting like grownups. Harley hopes they can go back to being friends. She is happy that Rick and Phil are back to their old friendship too. She asks about Michelle and Rick says she is okay but she is trying to pretend Danny's other life doesn't exist. Harley says she should enjoy pretending until reality creeps in.

At Bauer's:

Michelle is walking around the house talking to the baby. She tells him things will work out now that they have his daddy back and she will do all she can for him. There is a knock at the door, its May. May says he is there to bring a baby gift. Movies of course. May says she likes Michelle, and Danny is a nice guy caught in a bad situation but the danger is real. She hopes now that the baby is here, Michelle is motivated to cut a deal for her and Danny. Danny comes in having overheard the conversation and says, "What kind of deal?" May congratulates Danny on the baby and tries to lie about why she is there. Danny doesn't let up. Michelle tells her she has to tell Danny the truth. Michelle tells him that she is FBI and that she is trying to find out info on Danny and the other families. May introduces herself as Mary Murdo, FBI special agent. Danny tells Mary she put out for her government. All of his instincts told him that her bimbo act couldn't be real. She says she really likes old movies and most of all she told him was the truth. She tells Danny that they have to get down to business, federal business. She tries to gets tough. Danny tells May she doesn't have anything on him. She tells him she does. He tells her to prove it or get out of there. Michelle tells Danny to listen to May. Danny doesn't want to, but Michelle thinks May can help them. May says she has been authorized to cut him a deal. She can offer him immunity in exchange for his testifying. But she assures him she has enough to send him to jail. She reminds him that his parents are dead and he could be next. She tells him there is a contract out on him and she wonders why he isn't taking the threat seriously. She asks him to at least meet with her boss. She gives him a phone number and tells him to think about it and get back to her soon. May leaves. Danny says May set him up and he will not help her. Michelle wants him to think about her offer. Danny says he gave his grandmother his word not to betray the other families. Michelle says he should at least talk to May's boss. Danny says this only proves he will never have peace. Michelle strokes Danny's shoulder. Danny is worried and says either way he loses. He can either be killed for ratting out his family or spend the rest of his life in jail. He wishes his child had a father he could look up to. Michelle says they will come through it as a family. Danny only wishes he had her faith.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

At the Bauers':

Michelle is watching the baby sleep. Danny is talking to her about May and the feds. Michelle tells him that May doesn't want him to go to prison; she wants to cut him a deal. Danny asks Michelle how long she has known about May. Michelle tells Danny the whole story and how May had probably already gotten into the computer. Danny hopes May had so many headaches trying because there was nothing illegal on it. He tells Michelle he only used a laptop at the house to do anything the feds would find suspicious. Michelle asks if the laptop is still at the house but he tells her he brought it there and he will go destroy the hard drive so there will be no record. Michelle doesn't think May has a case and that is why she needs Danny's testimony. Danny says even with out a case the feds can still destroy their lives. Danny says the Feds have a lot of leeway with the RICOH statutes, and they can seize his assets. They can seize the clubs and the shirts off their backs just to apply pressure. Michelle says that doesn't sound fair. Danny says that is the way the federal government works. Michelle offers to put everything in her name since they are divorced but Danny says it doesn't work that way. Michelle says it is just "things" and they will survive. Danny says it is like a house of cards, and the other families will see the pressure he is under. Danny says people turn against each other and the feds know this. They are just as ruthless as the mob but they will use the law instead of violence. They will pressure everyone he knows, including Michelle's family. They will all be buried in red tape and everyone they care about will be in a living hell. The feds will go after Michelle the most trying to get her to talk. Michelle says she is worried about them finding out he the truth about how Carmen died. But she promises she would never tell. Danny says she doesn't realize how sneaky they can be. Michelle tells him she knows how to get them to leave her out of it and asks him to marry her. Danny says he would love to marry Michelle again for many reasons but not for that. Even besides that it is possible that they will still make her testify but he doubts it, since the prosecutor will see her as a hostile witness. Michelle thinks they can beat them at their own game. She holds out her left hand and says her finger is empty. He tells her it does look naked. She tells him that it is a shame that the unwed mother of his illegitimate son has a naked finger. Danny tells her that they are still married in God's eyes and he has always felt married to her. Michelle says she also feels married to him but would like it more official. Danny agrees to marry her ASAP. She tells him that was such a romantic proposal so he tries again. He kneels at her feet, takes her hands and asks her to marry him for the fourth time. She says she would marry him 100 times and they kiss. Danny looks at Robert. He and Michelle are holding hands. Danny wants to protect Michelle and his son. She tells him to take it one step at a time. She suggests leaving town. Danny says they are beyond that and he doesn't feel that is any longer an option. The first step is for him to meet May's boss and find out what she knows. He can let them think he will cut a deal until he can get the info he needs. He thinks he can buy time to figure out his next move. Danny thinks all May could possibly have is maybe wiretap information or some conversations. He goes upstairs and destroys the hard drive of the computer. He comes back down and calls May. He tells her to set up a meeting. She tells him she will be in touch and hangs up. Michelle thinks this could be a blessing in disguise. Danny hopes so because he thinks it could be the biggest mistake of his life.

In San Cristobel:

Beth stands in front of the council door, trying to prevent Cassie from getting in to the council. Cassie says Beth has no right to prevent her entrance. Beth says she is no longer the princess and has no rights to be there. Cassie tells Beth she lost her baby and Edmund is responsible. Cassie tells Beth to step aside or she will make her step aside. Cassie pushes Beth out of the way and bursts into the council. She apologizes to the Lord Chancellor but tells him she needs to speak to them before they make their decision. Lord Chancellor tells her this is a closed meeting and they have already heard Richard's arguments. Cassie tells them that things have changed since then and she wants to speak. Dax takes her aside telling her that Richard has more supporters than she knows and her direct approach may push others in the wrong direction. Cassie says Edmund has blocked the news and she is only asking for a minute of their time to state her case. Lord Chancellor talks to the council and they decide to allow Cassie to speak. Cassie says Edmund has not changed and since he assumed power, he has become more ruthless. She tells them that he imprisoned her in her room, to prevent her from talking to the press. She was chased by armed guards and forced off the road and as a result her sister is blind and she and Richard lost their baby boy. Edmund doesn't care who gets in his way. They shouldn't be deciding if Edmund rules, but whether to press charges for murder and assault. Meanwhile, Edmund is in his room going over his speech to the people thanking the council for their support. Beth rushes in and tells him Cassie is speaking to the royal council and Edmund runs to the meeting. He bangs on the door loudly and tells them he has to talk to them immediately. He tells them that Cassie is not allowed to talk to them since in the interest of impartiality; no Winslow was to address the council. Lord Chancellor says she has brought them new information. Edmund tells them that he has the right to confront his accusers then so he takes the throne to listen. Cassie confronts Edmund and tells the council all the things Edmund has done, including the construction accident. Edmund accuses Cassie of being paranoid and tells them he wants a turn to speak. Edmund says all the charges Cassie is bringing about have already been discussed and dismissed. Cassie reminds him of the accident, the baby and Reva. She is right in his face and he is mad. Edmund says it was an accident. Cassie says he set up a roadblock and there were armed guards. Edmund says that Cassie was deeply troubled and she was driving her car at him. He risked his life to save her. Cassie says he saved her to show the guards he has a conscience else he would have let her die. Edmund says he will produce a dozen witnesses to support his side and wonders where her witnesses are? She says Reva is too upset to testify. Edmund tells Cassie her sister isn't one to testify, she is a product of an Oklahoma whore. He then calls Cassie a cheap stripper and her sister is a slut. He is very angry and tells her if she doesn't shut up he will have her silenced for good. Cassie smiles and the council all looked astonished. Edmund realizes that he just lost his cool. Lord Chancellor tells him they have heard enough and asks Dax to escort Edmund out of the room. Outside, Edmund tells Dax he doesn't usually lose his temper like that and asks him to apologize for him. Dax comes back in the room and tells Cassie she has a lot of courage. Richard walks in and hugs Cassie. She tells him she had to come. Noah wonders where Reva is. Cassie says she is waiting by the tunnels. Noah says they just came that way and Reva wasn't there.

Beth is walking around the palace sitting room. Phillip calls her on the phone. She answers. Phillip asks how she is on her birthday. She is being very short with him. He asks if she is having a good one and she says yes. He says the children miss her and would like to see her. Beth accuses him of laying a guilt trip on her. She says the day started out well, and now Cassie is behaving horribly to Edmund and no one gives him the benefit of the doubt. Phillip says he can send the jet to bring her home if she wants to come home. She refuses. He tells her he has to go read to Lizzie. He asks Beth why Lizzie still likes to be read to; Beth says it makes her feel loved. Phillip tells her he will see her when she comes home. Beth says something else Phillip smiles and hangs up the phone. Beth feels bad about yelling at him. Edmund comes back in his room and Beth tries to comfort him but he tells her he needs to be alone. In his room he pours himself a drink and curses Cassie. Reva pulls the gun up and calls to Edmund. She asks him if he is ready to die.

At Tower's:

Blake and Ross are having dinner at Towers. Ross says they needed some grown up time and he is glad they got to dress up and have dinner together. Blake says people dress up at weddings. Ross suggests having a welcome home party for Cassie and Richard.

Buzz and Holly are having dinner with Josh and Olivia. Everyone toasts to Holly for her trip to San Cristobel . Holly starts to mention Reva and Cassie, and then stops. David and Vicki come over to congratulate Holly on her editorial. Vicki is upset about the article, since it may affect the Spaulding business in San Cristobel . David asks how Reva is doing.

Holly gives Olivia the rest of Mrs. Rice's SC chocolates. Blake goes to the ladies room and Ross goes over to Holly's table. He says the wedding will be disguised as a welcome home party for Cassie and Richard and they should include Reva in the guest list too. Blake comes back out and asks Ross what she missed. She asks the others if Reva has her eyesight back. Josh tells her no but her medication will take a while to work. Blake and Ross leave. Olivia wonders if anyone else will ask about Reva tonight. Holly thinks Reva will need a lot of support. Josh says Reva will have Noah to support her. Olivia wants to go home and feed Josh chocolates in bed. They leave. Buzz talks about Josh and Olivia having a hot time in the sack and wonders if he and Holly will as well. She is shocked and he tells her that sex is the next logical step. Before she can respond, Billy arrives and asks if Holly missed him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Reva is still holding the gun on Ed. He asks why she is there. She tells him that she isn't as noble as her sister, confronting him in public. She tells him that she is glad Cassie did what she did but she wants to see him suffer in private. Ed picks up the phone and keeps moving around the room but Reva follows him with the gun and tells him to put the phone down. She tells him that being blind has heightened her senses and she can hear his breathing and follow him wherever he tries to run. Then she tells him that her father taught her to shoot blindfolded and she is dead on accurate. She pulls the trigger and takes out a vase right at the phone and tells him again to put the phone down. He does and she asks him if he is scared. Ed asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants an apology, she wants him dead and so much more. Ed is nervous but insists he will not give in and beg her for his life. Reva tells him all that he has done to her and her family. She is angry most of all at him making her care enough to hate him. She doesn't think he is worth it. Ed asks her if her killing him will give her sight back or Cassie's baby. Reva admits that it won't but says it will make her feel a lot better. Noah comes busting in and tells Reva not to shoot. He tells her that if she shoots Ed, he will win either way; she will either be put in jail or Edmund will live and get the sympathy from the people. Reva says she will have to make sure he dies then to make it count. Noah tells her if he dies they will never get their life together. He begs her to put the gun down and come home with him. Ed tells her to do what Noah says. He tells her that with him there to take up for her, it will be two against one, so he can't touch her. Noah tells Reva that if she shoots Ed, they will be stuck with the shadow of Ed for the rest of their lives. He knows, he has been there and doesn't want that for her. Reva starts crying and finally puts the gun down. Ed tells Noah to get Reva out of there. Noah tells Ed he will see him around. They leave. Ed is furious and takes a picture and throws it to the ground. He curses them all and starts trashing the room. Later, Beth walks by the room and she can hear him trashing the place and screaming. She knocks and asks him to let her in. She begs him not to shut him out and tells him that she is full of anger as well. She tells him he doesn't have to be the perfect prince for her. She begs him to let her be with him. He opens the door and comes out, looking very upset. He says he would never hurt her and she says she knows that. Beth comes in and kisses and hugs him. Beth bandages Ed's cut hand. Ed says he doesn't want her pity and doesn't want to be this person. He doesn't want to see that look in her eyes. An aide comes in and tells Ed the council has reached a decision. Ed looks upset and concerned.

Outside, Noah tells Reva that was the dumbest move he has ever seen a smart woman make. She wasn't thinking and he believes she does need a keeper. She could have gotten killed. He doesn't want her to ever touch a firearm of his again. They could both have been up before a firing squad. She cries. He says he knows she wanted to make Ed sweat but that is not how to get it done. He tells her that the person she upset the most was him (Noah). He hugs her as she cries.

At the Bauers':

Danny and Michelle are looking at their son. He says this is all he ever wanted. Michelle says she knew that all along and that is why she waited for him. Danny says the only reason he continued with illegal trading was to convince the other families he was one of them and not a threat. Now the feds will want him to turn on all the other families. Either he turns them in or deals with the feds. He doesn't think there is any way out for him. Michelle says maybe May's boss will have the solution. Danny says if he has to go to prison to protect her and Robert, he will.

Michelle tells Danny that prison is not an option. Danny says if he takes the fall, the other families will protect her and the baby, they will see him as their hero instead of a traitor. Michelle doesn't want to lose him now that they are back together. Danny says this is the only way. Meta comes in and tells them she could hear them in the kitchen. Michelle tells her about Danny's decision. Danny tells Meta he would have never went to the hospital if he had knows about May. Meta doesn't believe he would have turned his back on his son and his wife. She thinks there has to be a way to get out of this. Michelle tells Meta that May asked Danny to meet with her boss. Meta thinks that could be tricky and Danny goes over the drawbacks again. He admits he is only stalling for time agreeing to meet with the feds. He sits with Michelle on the couch, admiring his son and tells them that every day he spends with them, he will be grateful. Michelle tells him that she has faith that it will work out and they will be together. The phone rings and Meta goes to answer. May tells her that it is May and Meta tells her she thought her name was Mary. May seemed upset that she knew about her but tells her that she needs to talk to Danny. Danny picks up the phone. May tells Danny her boss will meet with him tomorrow. Danny hangs up and tells Michelle he will wait and see what they have to offer. They talk about the witness protection plan. Meta offers to come along if it is somewhere exotic. Danny thinks he should go alone if that is the case. Michelle says they will go together with their baby. Danny tells her that when you go into the witness protection plan, there is no coming back or contacting your old life. Meta comes over and the three hug.

At the Church:

Tony is sitting in a pew at the church praying. He tells God he wants Him to protect Danny where he cannot. He wonders if that makes him as bad as the guy who will pull the trigger. Ray comes in and sees his brother praying. He approaches Tony and asks him how he got in. Tony said he picked the lock. Ray tells him he could have just called. Tony tells him he needed to be there alone and he didn't want to see him. Ray asks him what is wrong and asks if it is about Marah. Tony tells him he broke up with Marah and that is all over. Ray doesn't think he is over her and tells him he should give it a few days. Tony gets angry and says he doesn't have a few days. Ray says he came there for help so he should open his heart and trust Ray. Tony tells Ray to back off. Ray says his job is to listen and not to judge. Tony says Ray judges him all the time. Ray agrees but says he wants to make it better. He wants Tony to trust him. He tells Tony if he tells Ray in confession, his confidence will be protected. Ray goes to the confessional and Tony follows. He tells Ray that he is going to be part of a murder. Ray asks who will be killed and Tony tells him there is a hit out on Danny and he can't stop it. Ray asks Tony if he is sure and advises Tony to warn Danny. He tells him he owes Danny. Tony thinks Danny has to know people are after him. Ray insists that Tony tell Danny or at least Abuela. Tony tells Ray that Abuela can't stop it either because she is in on it. Ray tells him he has to give Danny a fighting chance. Tony gets up to leave. Ray comes out and pushes him up against the wall and tells him to listen. Ray tells him he has to warn their cousin. He realizes that Tony must be thinking of taking over the family. He tells him that is no way to repay Danny. All he has done is decide to leave so he can give his child the father he deserves. Ray asks if Tony taking over has anything to do with why he broke up with Marah. Tony isn't listening. Ray refuses to give Tony absolution. Tony tells Ray he can't tell anything unless he is willing to take off his collar and walk away from the church. Tony tells Ray that the love and forgiveness act is a big crock. Ray says he will forgive him, but Tony's heart is hardened. Tony says he lives in the real world and makes real choices. He doesn't hide in a church when his father gets killed. He reminds Ray that he left his brother when their father died, leaving him for God. Ray asks if he is going to let this happen to Danny. Tony says it is what he has to do to survive and Danny should see this coming. Tony leaves and Ray falls to his knees to pray this won't happen.

At Olivia's:

Marah is sitting on the couch holding her Saint Anthony medal and thinking about Tony. Sam walks into the apartment and asks how things are at depression central. He tells her cheap chocolate is the wrong way to go. He has a better suggestion. He gives her a present that she opens and smiles at. She has no idea what it is. He tells her it is a tuning fork. He shows her how to hit it and get the vibrations and hold it to her forehead. He tells her it will relax and dissolve her distractions helping her harmonize her feelings, aligning herself and centering her power. Marah thinks it is weird, but seems nice. Sam smiles and tells her it must be working since she hasn't thought about Tony in 15 seconds. Marah tells him that she doesn't want to forget about him.

Josh and Olivia come in and Olivia tells Josh the children are playing together nicely. Sam and Marah tell Josh about the tuning fork and are laughing. Olivia brings in the chocolates from San Cristobel and Sam goes for a piece. Marah comes over and tries some. Sam tells Josh they finally found something Olivia and Marah can agree on, chocolate. Josh thanks Sam for helping Marah get over Tony.

At Tower's:

Billy is telling Buzz and Holly about his time in jail because of assaulting an EPA official because of the beavers on the Lewis land. Billy asks Buzz if while he was away saving the environment, Buzz invaded his turf. Holly resents being called turf.

Holly tells Billy he owes her an apology. He says he should have called her while she was away to keep up with his territory. Holly accuses him of being sexist and patriarchal. She leaves. Billy asks if he will get a welcome home hug but she ignores him. He turns to Buzz and asks him if Holly doesn't outclass him. Buzz informs him that she outclasses Billy as well. Buzz says if Billy wants a fight, he is willing.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

At Olivia's:

Sam sees Marah getting ready to go out. He asks her where she is going and she tells him nowhere. He presses it and figures out she is going to see Tony. He asks her not to and she tells him that she has to, she misses him and she wants to talk to him. Marah tells Sam to leave her alone, she is going to see Tony and it is none of his business. She goes out of the apartment slamming the door. Olivia comes out to ask what all the commotion was about. Sam tells her and Olivia is upset. She calls Josh out of the bedroom and has Sam tell him that Marah went to find Tony to get him to take her back. Josh is upset and thinks about going after her but Sam suggests he not do that. He assures Josh that Tony won't take her back. He thinks if Marah goes and gets her feelings hurt by Tony it may nip her thoughts of having a relationship with him in the bud. Sam tells Josh that in the end it will be over with sooner than if Josh interfered. Josh says he will only wait one hour. Sam tells him if it takes longer than an hour he will go with him to find her. Josh asks Olivia what she thinks. Olivia says he did fine, but he should remember that it was all his decision.

At the Santos Compound:

Tony is standing in the dark looking at a picture of Danny. Ray comes in and flips the lights on. He asks Tony if it is any easier facing things in the dark. Ray is still very angry about the hit planned on Danny. Tony tells Ray he can say nothing about it. Ray manhandles Tony and tells him he has to face up to things. Tony pushes Ray back and Ray tells him to go ahead and hit him. Tony backs off and Ray tells him that he knew he couldn't hurt one of his own. Then he reminds him that Danny is one of them as well. Tony tells him he wished he never stepped into his confessional. Ray tells him that was the smartest thing he ever did. Tony tells him the whole thing is very complicated and Ray should leave him alone or things will be a whole lot worse. Ray wants an explanation, but Tony asks Ray to trust him. Ray says he will pray for him and walks out. Tony says, "You do that, you pray for me."

Marah comes in and tells Tony she has to talk to him. He asks her to leave but she tells him she isn't leaving. She apologizes again for the kiss with Sam but assures him she has no feelings for Sam. Tony tells her it isn't only about Sam, he has changed and his mind is made up. Marah doesn't understand and still refuses to leave. Tony doesn't want to talk about it. Marah tells him she loves him. Tony says things are too complicated. She tells him they belong together even if their families don't approve, she is sure they can make it work. Tony asks her to go home. Marah asks Tony to look her in the eye. Tony says she doesn't understand. She asks Tony to talk to her. Geraldo walks in and tells Tony his Grandmother wants to see him. He tells him he will be there in a minute. Geraldo tells him not to take too long. Marah asks Tony if it is because of their families. She concludes that his family feels Michelle corrupted Danny and they don't want Marah to do that to Tony. Tony finally admits it. She goes over and kisses him and tells him that if he wants it, he can tell his family to get lost. Doesn't he want her? Tony says he doesn't know what he wants anymore and turns away from her. Marah asks if his family is more important to him than her. He doesn't want to answer. Marah says she is willing to ignore her family and asks if he is willing to do the same. He tells her he is not. He tells her that he has to see his grandmother and again asks her to leave. She insists he tell her he doesn't care. She thinks they can work things out. He tells her that they cant. She asks if he is just going to throw them away. He tells her that there is no "them" and she is making too much out of this. Marah cries and starts to run out. Tony calls out to her and tells her he is sorry and goodbye. After she leaves, he goes back over to the mantel and takes Danny's picture and throws it in the fire.

At the Bauer's:

Danny is wound up and having a drink. Michelle tells him it has been a long day and things will look better in the morning. Danny says he will not turn over on the other families. If the other families suspect he is meeting with the feds, he is dead. Michelle doesn't think they will find out. They have come too far to let anything bad happen now. She promises they will make it and be together safely. Danny sighs and says maybe she is right. She asks him to come to bed. He tells her he will be up in a few minutes.

Danny fell asleep on the couch and is dreaming about the night on the docks when he shot Carmen. He tells her to hang on and keep breathing but she doesn't make it and he sees all the blood on his hands. When he looks back down at Carmen, he sees Michelle lying there lifeless. He cries out to her and wakes suddenly. Michelle asks him if he is all right. He tells her he had fallen asleep. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her and doesn't want anything to hurt her or Robert. Michelle asks about Danny's nightmare, but he doesn't want to talk about it. He just wants them all to be safe. He has all these different ideas but nothing that he thinks will work. He tells her that the clock is ticking and there has to be an answer. Michelle says if he rests, an idea will come to him. Danny calls May and tells her that the meeting is off. She says her boss will be disappointed and he better reconsider. She says he is making a dangerous decision and he better have a good reason. Danny tells her that the meeting is off again and she tells him that he doesn't have any choice in the matter. The feds will move with or without him and it is up to him whether he will go down with the others or not. Danny tells her she doesn't have enough on him and he doesn't know enough about the other families. He tells her he will meet with her boss but he needs time to see what he can find out about the others. May agrees but tells him that he doesn't have long. She is going out on a limb for him because they are friends. Danny tells her that they are most definitely not friends. Danny hangs up and tells Michelle that he bought them a little time. He is still worried. Michelle tells him they have the perfect baby boy and she is sure God would not have given them a son just to take his Daddy away. Danny says he should have been more aware of May's agenda and they wouldn't be in this mess. He tells her that he bought some time, but sooner or later he will have to deal with the feds.

In San Cristobel:

An aide tells Ed the council has reached its decision and the Chancellor will announce it on television. Ed tells Beth his future has been decided. Beth tells him he is the true heir and the council will rule in his favor. He says he thought that was how it would be until he lost his temper in front of them. She says Cassie was baiting him. Ed looks around and realizes he was out of control, especially when he looks at the trashed room. She continues to say everyone was pushing him and bad mouths Richard, Cassie and Reva. Ed is worried that with what Beth has seen in the past few hours, her confidence in him has to be shaken. Beth tries to talk to him. He tells her if she doesn't want to stand with him, he will understand. She tells him she has had a few doubts, but she has tried to see things through his eyes. So much of his life has been alien to hers. She has tried to imagine what he is going through, being denied his life's dream by others. When she looks at it that way, she understands. She tells him she won't let him face the council alone. Ed puts his coat on and tells her that his anger has served a purpose; it has made him focus. He knows this is the greatest challenge he will ever face and they go in to face the council together.

Richard walks into the throne room and tells Cassie the council is about to rule. Reva and Noah come into the room and sit to the side. Cassie is sure they will vote for a democracy and asks Richard if this announcement isn't just a formality. Richard says Ed has his partisans on the council and they may rule for him. He tells Cassie it isn't over. Ed comes in and says, "Well put, Richard."

The Chancellor starts his announcement and tells them that they have went over all the evidence and they don't think the principality is in the countries best interest any longer. He tells the people that the council agrees with their former Prince Richard and is recommending a democracy. The council tells them they will put it to a vote and will abide by the will of the people. He also announces that any Winslow will be barred from intervening in the election.

Noah congratulates Richard, but Richard says it is not over yet. Cassie asks Reva if she is okay. She says she is and Cassie says she feels victorious. Ed tells the cameraman to turn the camera back on. He greets the people and tells them that his brother has created chaos in their homeland and he is trying to stop it. He says in the interest of San Cristobel , he is abdicating the throne until the vote is completed because he doesn't want the people to see him as ruthless or power hungry. He wants the people to focus on the matter at hand. The people can decide whether to choose the principality or democracy. He says "God Bless San Cristobel" and ends his address. Richard says, "unbelievable". Lord Chancellor tells Ed this is highly irregular. Ed says he should be addressed as Mr. Winslow and he walks away. Beth asks what he was thinking and he tells her to holds him and looks upset. Cassie thinks Edmund's statement was self-serving. She thinks people will see through Edmund like she does. Richard tells her he is a master manipulator and she shouldn't forget that.

Friday, March 23, 2001

In San Cristobel: At the hospital, Richard and Cassie are walking through the halls talking about Reva and how she doesn't want to leave until after the election. Cassie is worried about her and about Richard. He tells her that he truthfully cannot wait to get back to Springfield and start their lives anew. Cassie tells him that she misses their son and they cry together.

Reva's doctor comes in her room and tells her that her stunts were dangerous and she should really think about going home and taking it easy. Reva tells her she wont leave until everything is settled. Richard and Cassie come in and tell her that they are leaving very soon and so should she. She reluctantly agrees to go home. Noah tells Reva he will call and book a flight home and then they can call and let Josh know they are coming home.

Reva calls Josh and tells him they are coming home. She asks how the kids are. He tells her they are fine and will be waiting on her. Reva tells him that he and the kids will have to be there to pick up the pieces for her once again. He tells her that he will be there with the kids. He assures her that she is a good mom and it is her that the kids love, not her eyesight. Josh hands the phone over to Marah. Marah asks her mom to hurry home. Reva asks her if she understands her condition. Marah tells her she does and that she will be there to see for her. She tells her mom that she will care for her like Reva has always done for her. Reva laughs and asks if Marah is planning on running her into walls and such. Marah tells her that she loves her and they end their call. Reva apologizes for Noah having to hear her conversation with Josh. He tells her he understands. Noah tells her that he knows she is afraid but that everything will be fine.

Beth and Edmund are at the palace discussing his abdication of the thrown. He tells her that he just wanted to throw off Richard's claim about him (Edmund) just being after power. Beth asks Edmund if he tore up the room in a rage after just suspecting he lost, what will he do if he ultimately does. She is scared that he will hurt himself if things don't turn out the way he wants. Edmund tells her that before he may have but now, with her there, he knows he will be alright. Edmund tells Beth he wants her to have everything and to be there with him always. She backs away a bit from the commitment and Edmund apologizes. The phone rings and Beth goes to speak to Lizzie. Lizzie asks her when she will be coming home. Beth tells her she will be home soon and changes the subject to tell her how big the kittens have got. She asks Lizzie if Phillip is around and she puts him on the phone. Beth asks Phillip if he set that whole thing up with Lizzie asking her to come home. He tells her that he doesn't have to convince her children to miss her. Beth asks Phillip how Baby Jim is doing. He tells her that he is pulling himself up on the coffee tables and will soon be taking his first steps. Phillip asks if she would like him to bring the kids down to see her. He has some business so it wouldn't be a problem. He tells her he could stay in the hotel, she could see the kids, and he and Edmund could avoid each other. Edmund tells Beth to tell him to bring the children and he can stay at the palace. He promises Beth he will make himself scarce. Phillip tells Beth that they will fly down the next morning. Phillip hangs up and calls Edmund a manipulating SOB and thinks if he wants to play, he will play. On the other end, Edmund hangs up and calls Phillip a SOB.

Beth is happy that her kids will be coming down and she orders all of Lizzie's favorite foods and wants to go pick up some gifts. Edmund tells her that he will be around as much or as little as she wants while Phillip there. They kiss and she says she is grateful and she intends to show it. Beth leaves to pick up some presents and Edmund gets on the phone. He tells an aide that Phillip and the kids are coming down and he would like their rooms made up. He suggests they put Phillip in the room opposite his. He clarifies this by telling the aide he wants Phillip to have a clear view of his balcony.

At Infierno: Ray comes in looking for Tony. Catalina asks what is wrong but he tells her he can't tell her because it would mean breaking his vows. She asks him if she can help him at all or if anyone can. Before he can answer, Tony walks in and Ray goes to him. Catalina goes by and tells Tony to see if he can help Ray. Tony stares at Ray and asks what he had told her. Ray told him that he didn't say a thing but he isn't going to stand by and let Danny die. He informs Tony that he went to St. Michaels and said his last mass that morning. Tony tells Ray that if he tells what he knows he (Tony) will also be dead, not just Danny. Tony and Ray argue again. Ray tells Tony he prayed and the answer came to him. Ray tells him he has found his peace and he will not leave him. He promises him that he will stand by his brother. He reminds him that the decision he makes will affect him forever and he will have to live with it. Ray tells Tony that he came to the church because deep down he doesn't want the hit to go down. Tony tells him that wasn't it. Ray says that there were a lot of other churches in town but you came to mine. He tells him if Danny dies, Tony will see his face every day. He asks if he can live with that. Tony says he can live with whatever gets dished out to him. Ray tells him they can work through this together with God's help. Ray thinks that is the only way to save both of them (Tony and Danny).

Danny and Michelle walk in and say they have something very important they want to ask both of them. They tell them that they are getting married for the fourth time and want them both there. It will be very small with just them and Meta and Rick at Laurel Falls. Danny asks Tony to be his best man. Tony reluctantly agreed and ran out to stock the bar. Danny tells Ray that he will always be his best man but he wanted to make Tony feel included like a real member of the family. Ray asks Danny why the rush, he knows something is up. Danny tells him about May and how she is offering him a deal. Ray tells him to take it and get out of town. Danny tells him he wont rat out the other families but he had to stall the feds so he told them he would talk with them. Ray looked like he was going to warn Danny about the hit when Danny tells him that he and Michelle would like to have one happy day without thinking of things.

At Olivia's: Olivia and Josh are talking about how upset Marah was when she came back in from seeing Tony. Marah comes in and Olivia asks if she wants some orange juice or something and leaves the room. Marah asks if that was so she could get a lecture. Josh tells her that there will be no lectures. She tells him the whole thing was her fault. She doesn't understand what is going on. She knows Tony loves her, but something is getting in the way and she will probably never know. Josh tells her that sometimes love just isn't enough. He tells her she will eventually find another love and move on whether she wants to or not. She asks if that is what happened to him and her mom. He tells her it is. Just then the phone rings, its Reva.

After the call, Marah is crying and Josh looks very shaken. Olivia goes to hug him and asks him how he is doing. He tells her how bad he feels and she thanks him for being honest with her. Josh tells her he is not going to go running back to Reva and she shouldn't worry about that. Olivia tells him she knows.

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