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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on GL
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Monday, April 23, 2001

At Company:

Holly comes in and Buzz comes over to talk to her. He was worried that since he brought up sex, she had been ignoring him. Holly tells him she hadn't been avoiding him. She is a big girl and she knows an inappropriate suggestion when she hears it. Buzz comments that she has came to his place of business now. She tells him she is there to meet Blake. Buzz thinks Holly has been dreaming about him and wanting him but she denies it. He asks her about the surprise party Ross is throwing for Blake. Holly tells him it has been postponed until Richard and Cassie can get back home. Blake comes in and Buzz walks away. She goes over to a table with Holly and shows her the new novel. Holly is so proud of her and Blake asks her why she keeps staring at Buzz. Holly tells her about Buzz bringing up sex and how she is sometime tempted but she thinks better of it. Holly changes the subject and asks Blake why she isn't happier that her book is out and the critics seem to love it. Blake tells her she is still worried about Buzz. She feels responsible for everything, especially Selena leaving and she knows Buzz is still mad at her. Holly figures out that Blake wants her to help her talk to Buzz. Buzz comes over and sees the book. Blake hands it to him and tells him she wants him to have it before they come out. Buzz tells her he doesn't want it. Buzz walks away and Blake follows. She tries to apologize and asks Buzz to give the book a chance; she thinks he may be surprised. Buzz tells her he knows the story, he lived it and he doesn't want to relive it again. He tells her that because of that book part of him was ripped away and he hates it. Buzz claims Selena shared her story and Blake exploited it and told all her secrets until the mob came after her and she had to flee, not to mention Selena was almost killed. Blake tells Buzz she knows he is hurt but she hopes he can read the book and maybe something good can come of the situation. He tells her again he will not read it and accuses her of doing it for money and notoriety. Holly defends Blake but Buzz doesn't want to hear it. He is yelling at her now telling her how she ruined his life and he has been reduced to nothing. Now he is left coming onto a cold bitter woman who doesn't want to feel. Buzz left the room. Blake tells Holly that she only wanted him to read it so he would understand how brave Selena was. When Buzz comes back through the room, Blake tries to get him to understand again. Buzz tells her she tricked Selena into divulging things and then used it all to bring terror into Selena and his lives. Holly and Blake go back to their table. Blake apologizes to Holly. She says she didn't know Buzz was still so angry. She thinks if he gave the book half a chance he would see how heroic Selena was. Holly tells Blake she will meet her at home; she wants to talk to Buzz. Blake apologizes for upsetting things between her and Buzz. She leaves. Holly asks Buzz where he gets off talking to Blake like that. He loves the truth yet he criticizes Blake for telling it. How can he judge a book he hasn't read? He says the only thing that book will give him is more pain. Holly says real life gave him pain and the book is fiction. Buzz tells Holly that Blake knew what she was doing was wrong. She kept after Selena and was desperate for a story ending in her wrecking his life. It is not art, it is selfishness in hardcover. Holly tells him that the only thing she thinks of when she thinks of having sex with him is repulsion. Holly says Buzz needs help.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Beth asks Phillip what it would take for him to let the kids go to San Cristobel . He tells her they can only go if he can go with them but he doubts that will happen. Beth goes to the phone and calls Edmund and asks him and he thinks it is okay since they can watch him and he is sure Phillip will lead them straight to Richard and Cassie. She ends her call after agreeing to see what she can find out about what Phillip knows. She tells Phillip he can go but he will be watched. He can't believe she is being so nice about it since she was very happy when he got kicked out of the country. Beth tells him that she just thinks Edmund and Richard should fight it out themselves without their interference. She starts asking questions about where Richard and Cassie were and how she is sure they are still on the island. Phillip tells her she is so obvious and he isn't telling her a thing. He tells her that it is beneath her to spy for Edmund not to mention she isn't that good at it.

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Cassie hear the guards outside. Cassie can't believe they found them with the cell phone that fast. They run into the basement just as the guard's bust in clad with guns. The guards look the house over as one of the guards goes into the basement. He looks around and doesn't see Richard and Cassie hiding behind some wine crates. He leaves. Just as they started to leave they find one of Cassie's shoes. One guard thinks they should look around again but the other one thinks the shoe had been there since the Santos' last visit. Just then sirens are heard outside. The guards throw the shoe down and leave. Richard and Cassie come back upstairs and are relieved that they left but Richard thinks they may be back. The cell phone rings and they are scared if they answer it Edmund will surely catch hold of the frequency and will be able to find them post haste. Cassie reminds him that it may be Phillip with plans for their escape. They decide to risk it and then ditch the phone. Richard answers and talks to Phillip. He tells him the date of the coronation and how the plan is on for that day. Phillip tells Richard to get rid of the phone and keep it touch. Richard tells Cassie they will have to make a run for it.

At the palace, Edmund is holding Dax's cell phone when Dax enters. He thanks Dax for lending it to him and tells him that Phillip will be coming to the coronation. He also tells him that Beth will be returning soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

At the Police Department:

Harley comes in and Gus is already in the office. She asks him if he ever sleeps. He tells her that he sleeps like a horse, standing up. She tells him he must be one of those pathetic people who live for their job. He tells her they have to get onto the Santos investigation, starting from scratch. He asks Harley what she knows about Michelle. She tells him she is a Bauer and is a good person. Gus makes a comment about Michelle being a Mother Theresa figure. Harley tells him she has her faults but above all she is an honest person. She tells him Danny is also a good person and she feels like Gus is lumping all the Santoses together. Gus says Michelle stole evidence so she is a felon. He hands Harley the Santos file and wants her to re-examine it for clues. She looks at it and Gus walks around the office reassessing the case. When he turns back around to Harley she is asleep on her desk. He bangs a spoon on his coffee cup to wake it. He tells her to do her sleeping at home. She tells him she did, she sleep most of the night. Frank comes in to see how things are going. Gus tells him Harley was asleep. Frank is worry about Harley he thinks she needs to go see a doctor. Harley tells him she is fine. Gus asks Frank and Harley both if they know of any place Danny feels comfortable or of any of his friends. Harley mentions Laurel Falls and how special it is to both Danny and Michelle. Gus says he is going over there to look it over and dig up every inch if he has to. Frank tells him that is against the law and he cannot do it. Gus says he will just take a walk on the public land near by and see what he can see from there. Gus leaves telling the Coopers that he has to meet up with his bosses to explain what happened. Harley asks him what he wants her to do and he gives her a bunch of clerical work. After he leaves, Harley gets up to leave as well. She tells Frank she is going to go work on the case.

At Company:

Buzz is cleaning when Billy comes in and tells him he messed things up with Holly. Josh comes in and he and Billy sit down to talk about the business. Josh tells him about the SC project and how he had to take it on to save his marriage. He saw how much it meant to Olivia and he had to do it. Billy tells him he is really worried about how Reva will react to it. Josh tells Billy he will deal with Reva and her reactions but the truth is this is a great deal. Billy agrees with him and says it is just fitting that Alan should help them regain the money and position that he took from them. Josh tells Billy he has one other problem he needs help with, Tony Santos. Billy tells him it is no problem if he wants to hire Tony. He is sure it will give Tony an opportunity to stay out of trouble with the law. Josh is worried also since Marah will be 18 in a few weeks and he will have no say so in her life so he wants to get Tony out of the life as soon as he can. Billy tells Josh his problem really isn't with Tony. If Marah were involved with a boy scout he would feel the same way about him. Just then, Tony walked into Company. He comes over to sit with the Lewis men and Josh goes on to talk about Tony's new job. He asks Tony about his work skills. Tony tells him he is good with machinery and cars. Josh makes a comment about his hotwiring abilities and Billy asks about Tony's driving skills. Tony sits back and bluntly tells them that he was the best wheelman in Chicago and he never got anyone busted that he worked for. Billy asked if he was a mechanic also. Tony tells them that he supplied cars for a chop shop when he was thirteen, before that he ran numbers. He wants to be honest with Josh. He doesn't intend on hiding anything from Marah or her family any longer. He goes on to tell them that he sold weed when he was 12 and by the time he was 15 he was doing protection and collection. He has a juvenile record and at 17 things went bad. He had to bust heads when things went wrong for his family. A kid pushed him and wound up falling through a plate glass window. The kid was the son of another mob boss and that is why he had to run to Springfield. His brother got shot protecting him and he had planned on returning to Chicago but then he met Marah. Billy asks if everything changed. Tony says not right away but everything Danny did was legit. Josh hires him as an office assistant. Billy tells him if he wants to learn the business, he should use his brain not his muscle. The hours are 7 to 4 with a lunch hour; no personal calls. Josh will meet him at the office in one hour. Tony thanks him for the chance and leaves. Billy tells Josh he kind of likes Tony. He was honest and it took a lot of courage to admit to all of that. Josh says he is hoping Marah won't like the straight Tony since he isn't going to be a bad boy anymore. Billy says Tony is cute and that is all girls' care about at that age. Buzz comes by and asks Billy if they are going to hire that punk, Josh walks out. Billy tells Buzz he just got Josh calmed down when he stirs him up again.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Olivia comes to see Alan to tell him she is on her way to San Cristobel . She needs reassurance from him since she will be opening lines of credit while she is there. Alan tells her to give her that much money and let her run off to a non-extraditing country he will need reassurances as well. He wants Olivia to make the risk worth his while. She asks him what he wants and he tells her an additional 5 percent. She offers him an addition 2 and a half. He accepts just as Claire walks in. Olivia invites Claire and Alan to the coronation. Claire tells her she will check her schedule but she would like to go. Alan tells Olivia that if she wants she can fly on the jet with Beth who will be leaving for SC shortly. He tells her while she is with Beth she could try to tell her why being with Edmund is a bad idea. Olivia tells Alan she isn't so sure it is a bad idea. Beth comes in and thanks Olivia for not being judgmental. They tell her Olivia will be joining her on the flight. Beth tells Olivia she will enjoy flying with her and will warn her about Alan. They discuss the dress designer Priscilla and what they will wear to the coronation. Phillip walks in and Beth tells him that Olivia will travel with her to the coronation. Olivia leaves. Beth tells Phillip even he can't ruin her mood today. She is happy and is glad to be going to the coronation. She mentions to Phillip that Alan is setting up a business deal with Edmund and she leaves. Phillip asks Alan what Beth meant and Alan tells him that he is only lending money to Lewis to do a project. Phillip doesn't want anything to do with making Edmund look successful. Alan tells him to think of it as a way of keeping track of Edmund. Phillip thinks Alan really wants to get his hands on Olivia. Alan tells him he will use his own money if Phillip tries to pull Spaulding out of the mix. Phillip tells him to do what he wants but he will have no part of it. Alan says he was never good at sharing anyway.

At Olivia's:

Olivia comes home and Sam is standing on his head. She tells him her deal is working out great and she will be flying back to SC in a moment. Sam tells her he wants to go with her. She tells him he has to stay in school but he says he is finished with all his work; all he has to do is sit in the class and act like he is paying attention. He is so far ahead of the teachers. Olivia tells him he needs to stay and act like he is learning something so he can graduate. Sam agrees to stay and Olivia wonders why he gave in so quickly. She figures out that he is staying because of Marah's birthday. Sam tells her he is going to do something special for her on her birthday. Olivia thinks Sam is too good for Marah. He tells her that after Tony has to start having real conversations with Marah he won't last two weeks. He is sure once the danger and excitement is gone Marah will be free. Olivia asks him to be careful. They kiss and say goodbye. Sam asks his sister when they get the project going in SC if she will send Tony down there for a few years. She tells him she will and they laugh.

On the Spaulding Jet:

Olivia apologizes to Beth for being late. Beth thanks Olivia for not discouraging her about Edmund. Olivia tells her that she understands him and she would never pretend to know who belongs together. Olivia understands Edmund's appeal. Beth says she loves him. Olivia wonders what her girlfriends think and Beth says she has no girlfriends. Olivia says she understands she only has Holly. Beth has been pretty much of a loner. She tells Olivia she is good at playing with the boys. Olivia says she must mean Alan. Beth asks about the business deal. Olivia is surprised she is interested and shows her the portfolio. Beth is looking at Olivia's plans. She suggests a gallery near the place where the cruise ships dock. Beth offers to help Olivia and Olivia accepts asking her to put in a good word to Edmund. Olivia asks if she and Edmund are serious. Beth says she loves Edmund and would do almost anything for him, except giving up her kids. It is like finding a part of herself that she never knew. She thinks she and Edmund could be very good for each other.

At Laurel Fall's:

Harley comes upon the remains of the fire. She puts some gloves on and finds some scraps of evidence. She is upset now that she knows Michelle did it. Harley calls Gus and tells him to come to Laurel Falls with a warrant. When he arrives, Gus asks Harley how she found this. Harley says she accessed the site from some public land and the crime scene unit is on its way. They won't find any usable footprints, but maybe some tire tracks. Gus asks why she came out here. She says she didn't feel like making copies. Gus tells Harley she did good work and he walks off to answer a phone call. Harley looks very sad that she found the evidence.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

At Lewis Construction:

Josh is showing Tony around the office. He shows him the paperwork on the union and tells him to keep track of overtime and union issues. He gives Tony a handbook to read to get accustom with. Tony tells him he thinks he would be of more use outside. Josh tells him he has to learn the inner workings first and he wants Tony to work inside for now. Josh tells Tony if he ever has to come out to the site he has to by law wear a hard hat. Josh leaves. Tony looks over the book and looks bored when two men come in arguing. They both want to work on different things at the same time but the two would conflict causing OSHA violations. Tony tells them to calm down. The guys ignore him and finally ask who he is. Tony tells him that he is Tony Santos and the other guys get quiet. Tony tells him that he doesn't want Josh to have problems so he suggests the two guys work out their grievances. The guys back away, saying they will handle it. Later, Josh came back in yelling at Tony for handling problems with intimidation. He tells Tony not to be acting like a junior mobster. He tells him next time Tony will have a problem. Josh leaves. Tony can't believe how Josh reacted, he didn't think he did anything wrong, since the problem was settled. Tony sits down and looks over the books again. He is still upset when Catalina walks in. She tells him she misses him at the club. He tells her he will still be working there at night. She tells him he can do whatever he wants because he is smart and a people person. Tony smiles, enjoying the flattery. Catalina is flirting with Tony and she touches his arm. Marah walks in and says hi to everyone. She kisses Tony and Catalina asks them both to come to Infierno and let her buy them some champagne. Tony and Marah agree and Tony leaves to find Josh. Marah tells Catalina that Tony is working for her dad so they don't need her as a go between anymore and Maria Santos is out of the country so she doesn't have to act like Tony's girlfriend. She tells Catalina that if she is going to be a friend to Tony to do it from a distance or she will make sure there is a lot of distance. She glares at Catalina and walks out.

At the Springfield Police Station:

Gus and Harley walk into their office and Harley motions for Frank to come in. Gus is giving orders over the phone about the crime scene at Laurel Falls. Frank asked who is the criminal, Harley says Michelle. Gus tells Frank that Harley uncovered the evidence. Frank wonders what the link is to Michelle. Harley tells him all the evidence was burned on Danny and Michelle's property. Frank thinks they are barking up the wrong tree, but he offers to bring Michelle in for questioning. Gus says Frank can't do it because he isn't objective.

Michelle comes in and Gus tells her that they have found where she burned all the evidence and they think they have enough to prove that she did it. He tells her he would like to give her a deal but if she doesn't start talking there will be no deal. He tells her if she doesn't talk before the lab works comes back he will put her in federal prison and she will not see her baby until he is very old. Michelle tells him she is going to call her attorney and tells Gus he will rip him apart. He slams his fists onto his desk and starts yelling at her just as Ross comes in. Ross tells him that he has to stop badgering his client without thought to her constitutional rights. Ross tells the cops he wants to speak to Michelle and everyone else leaves. Ross sighs and tells Michelle he doesn't want to know any details so Michelle should keep her mouth shut. Michelle tells him a little anyway and he tells her not to discuss it with anyone even Meta and Rick, for their own protection. Gus walks back in and Ross tells him that until he files charges against Michelle he will leave her alone and remember all of her rights. Ross tells Michelle they are leaving and they walk out. Frank asks Gus if he is going to give up now but Gus tells him a lawyer doesn't get that angry unless he knows their client is guilty as sin so he is going full steam ahead. He is sure he will get them very soon.

In San Cristobel:

Olivia and Beth come in to see Edmund. Edmund greets them and asks to speak to Beth about the coronation. They go into the hall and he kisses her. He tells her he missed her and she goes to unpack. Edmund goes back into the sitting room and talks to Olivia. She tells him she has the cash, Alan Spaulding backed her and she is ready to deal. Edmund tells her he hopes she hasn't counted on his support because he doesn't think he can fulfill his end of the bargain especially now that Spaulding is involved. Olivia tells Edmund he has picked a hell of time to pull out. Edmund says maybe next time when you don't need Spaulding money. Olivia realizes this is just a negotiating tactic. She is sure no one else would give him a deal like this with a great big kickback. Olivia tells him what she is offering will benefit him more than money with the support of the people. Edmund knows she is right. Olivia tells him she will have to make payments on his kickback but Edmund doesn't like the idea. She gets him to agree however and Edmund says he admires a woman who knows what she wants. Olivia tells him not to cross her. Edmund says if Richard had married you, you would have persuaded him to keep his illegitimacy a secret and he would still be on the throne. Now Josh will profit from her business sense. Olivia tells him he will also benefit.

Richard and Cassie are on the beach, a secluded area that has a cave near by that they can hide in from the elements. Richard wants to know why she is clanking. Cassie shows him he bag where she brought a blanket, water and jars of food as well as a few dishes. Richard laughs about her lugging all that around but Cassie tells him she wants them to have everything they need while they are stranded on a deserted beach. Richard asks her what he ever did to deserve her. Cassie tells him he accepted her and loved her children, which makes her respect him more than ever She tells him he will always be her prince. They hug. Cassie says they don't have a phone and can't go back to the villa and they only have enough food and water for a few days. Richard goes to the cave and finds some dry wood. He starts a bonfire and Cassie is worried someone will see it. Richard tells her that tonight is the festival of the sea. All the fishermen will build bonfires tonight all along the beach for luck. She likes the idea. She asks Richard how they will contact Phillip. Richard tells her they will do the best they can but he can no longer promise anything. Cassie tells him that he has given her more than she needs already and she loves him. Richard and Cassie curl up on their blanket by the fire and hold on too each other.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Josh comes in with hyacinths for Reva. She tells him she is waiting for a call from Phillip on the status of Richard and Cassie. Josh tells her he is sure they are fine and may even be on the way home by now. Reva is sure Cassie would have contacted her if that were the case. Josh tells her that Cassie is Reva's flesh and blood and she will survive. Josh goes on to tell Reva about Tony's first day and how awful it is. Reva asks what happened, she is sure it couldn't have been that bad. Josh tells her that Tony used intimation by letting two of his men know that he was a Santos. Now they think Josh is hiring the mob to settle labor issues. Reva tells him that Tony doesn't really know any other way since that is how he was raised. Josh tells her not to worry; he is going to try to help Tony. Reva tells him that she isn't worried about that; she is only worried about Richard and Cassie. She tells Josh that they all know he is a good man and his family and she will always love him for it. Noah had walked in the foyer and overheard the last part. Noah comes in and hugs Reva. She tells him about Tony's first day at work. Josh leaves to have dinner with Sam. Noah makes an excuse to talk to Josh and goes to catch him outside. He asks Josh to cut him some slack. He feels left out and wants Josh to give he and Reva some space and maybe not come over so often. Noah said he feels crowded by him and just needs a little distance. Josh tells him he understands since Olivia feels the same way. Josh agrees to give them space and he leaves. Noah goes into the house and Reva tells him she overheard everything. He tries to explain and apologize but Reva tells him she is only upset because she feels guilty. She says she hates that she isn't giving him what it is he needs. She hates that he feels second to Josh and she knows that it is her fault. She tells him she doesn't want him to be jealous of anything but she realizes his jealousy has basis. She tells him that she and Josh have so much history and that can never be taken away but he doesn't have to compete because it is he that she loves and he who is her fiancÚ. Noah hugs Reva and tells her they should just create some history and memories together. Reva says he has given her so much but she hasn't given him anything and she hates that he feels second. Noah tells her that he came in to the relationship with a past as well. Reva tells him that his past doesn't live just up the street. Noah says some habits are easier to break than others and he realizes that. He kisses her. Reva says she is lucky to have found him. Noah says he won't go anywhere until she tells him to scram. She has no interest in doing that.

At Infierno:

Tony and Marah are having dinner. He tells her about his day and his little run in with Josh. Tony tells Marah that everything will be okay and he will eventually prove himself to Josh. Marah tells him that it is impossible. Catalina comes over and says she wants to talk to them. She tells them that she thinks Marah got the wrong idea about her feelings for Tony. Tony laughs and tells Marah he and Catalina are just friends. Marah doesn't like that Catalina brought their talk up in front of Tony and Tony loves the fact that Marah is jealous. He assures Marah that he has no feelings for Catalina except for friendship, nothing like how he feels for her. Catalina looks disappointed and tells them that she has to get back to work. Tony continues to laugh about how Marah was jealous and tells her he thinks she is the best.

Two men walk in and tell Tony that they have a message from Johnny Machado. Johnny is upset about what Tony did today. Tony tells him he was at a legit gig today. They tell Tony they know what he did at the construction site and because of their relationship and agreement with Danny they are there just to warn Tony to back off. Tony tells the guy that he will stay away from the site. Tony punches the guy. The guy tells him that if they have to come back again he will wish he hadn't done that. Marah wants Tony to leave it alone but Tony is yelling telling the guys to get out and not come around Lewis again. They tell Tony to keep out of the Spires project or else. He tells them to get out and never to come back. The guys leave and Tony tells Marah that everything is okay. Marah tells him that everything is not okay and reminds him that these were the people that caused her to be kidnapped. Tony kisses her and tells her he will protect him. Catalina comes over and wants to know what happened. Marah tells her some guy was delivering a message and it won't happen again.

Meanwhile, upstairs at Millennium, Sam is sitting with Buzz. He shows him his acceptance letter from an Ivy League university back east. He thought he blew the college interview. But more importantly he doesn't know what to do because of Marah. Buzz tells him to go ahead and accept and he will have the summer to try to work things out with Marah. Sam isn't sure the summer will do it but he thinks if he defers for a year that will give him plenty of time and if things fall apart he can always take that year and backpack through Europe. Buzz tells him about how he left home and came back years later. Sam tells Buzz he enjoys talking to him and thanks him.

In San Cristobel:

On the beach, Richard and Cassie are by the fire talking about the fishermen who light the bonfires. Cassie asks Richard how they will get to the seaplane and he tells her where it will land and that they will have to hurry. She thinks fate will not let them get caught. Richard tells her that seaplane will meet them at 8 PM on coronation day. Cassie can't wait to ruin Edmund. Richard tells her they only need a cell phone. Cassie wonders how they will get one, she thinks they may have to steal one. Richard tells her there are always options. She asks who will give him a cell phone. Richard knows of a friend who lives a few hundred yards down the beach, Lydia Weymouth. Richard wants to contact her but Cassie is afraid they will be caught. She is sure Edmund will be watching Lydia's house. Richard promises to be careful. She tells him she will go with him. Richard doesn't want them both arrested. He tells her to think of the children; she has to do it for them. He kisses her goodbye and promises to be right back. She says she has a bad feeling about it. He puts on a jacket; Cassie hugs and kisses him goodbye. He tells her not to come out of the cave until she hears his voice. She tells him to be careful.

Richard gets to Lydia's home and hides on the porch. You can hear dogs barking in the background. Lydia comes out and asks who is out there. Richard shows himself and tells her they need help. He tells her they have to get away from Edmund and the island and need Lydia promises to help all she can. She tells Richard that Edmund has already sent people out there twice. He asks for a cell phone and she hands him hers. He thanks her and tells her that is all he needs. He thanks her for saving their lives. Richard leaves.

Meanwhile, at the cave, Cassie hears the guards and the dogs and she runs. The guards find all their gear and campsite. When Richard comes back he calls out for Cassie and goes into the cave. The guard who is in there shines the flashlight on him and tells him not to move.

Friday, April 27, 2001

At Infierno:

Marah is upset that Tony had hit that man earlier. Catalina watches as they argue. Tony apologizes for ruining their evening. Marah hugs him and kisses his neck while she rubs his shoulders. Tony hates that he resorted to violence as well. Marah suggests they go somewhere private so she can distract him. They go into the office to kiss some more. Catalina can peer in until they shut the door. Tony tells Marah how he wants to do well on his job so Josh will cut him some slack with her. Marah gets Tony on the couch and straddles his lap. She starts kissing him and undressing him.

Sam and Josh come in. Josh gets a call from Olivia telling him she will be home in a few days. She tells him there is still no word on Richard or Cassie. Josh is still not thrilled about working with Edmund and Alan. He wants Olivia to come home before the coronation but Olivia doesn't want to miss it. Josh ends his call and he and Sam are discussing Marah's birthday. Sam wants to throw a party for her. Catalina comes over and Josh asks if she has seen Marah. Catalina tells him to try her cell phone.

Marah's phone rings and she sees that it is her dad. She shuts the phone off and Tony tells her she should have answered it. Marah is angry that Tony seems to be rejecting her. She gets off him and starts to walk away with the half dressed Tony following her right into the dining area where Sam and Josh are sitting. Marah storms up to her dad and tells him not to worry she and Tony didn't have sex and probably never will now. She leaves. Tony is left standing there. Josh says, "strike two" to Tony. He asks Tony what he was doing with his daughter, did his shirt just bust open by itself? Why was Marah upset? Tony wants him to trust them but Josh says trust is not a word he thinks of when he thinks of Tony. Josh notices Tony's bruised knuckles and points them out to him as well as listing all the things he did wrong in one day on the job. He says he'd better try to shape up or he's out of there. Catalina tries to comfort Tony. He gets up and walks away from her.

Meanwhile at the Lewis House, Sam has followed Marah home and tells her he was worried about her and she was driving erratically. Marah says she has real problems. She thinks Josh was following her, that's why he was at Infierno. Sam tells her it was just a coincidence. He asks what happened with Tony. Marah is upset because nothing happened. Tony is ready to join the jr. business league, he is like her dad, thinks he knows what is best for her. She says Sam is the only one who never treats her that way. Sam asks Marah how she feels about him throwing her a surprise birthday party? She says now it won't be a surprise but it is a sweet idea. Why does he want to do it and who does he plan to invite? She puts her head on his shoulder.

Catalina and Tony are at the bar. She is sorry about what happened with Josh. Tony says Marah was all over him; she has never been like that. Some girls like to see guys in fights but not girls like Marah. He doesn't get it. Catalina walks around behind Tony and is touching his shoulders. She says he can get out of the mob life and be a better person. She thinks he is brave. Tony says this is from someone who mailed herself to the US in a crate. It is hard to stand up instead of just going along. She says Tony is starting small but will end up big. Once Josh sees what he can do, he will move up fast. Tony will find that he has talents he never dreamt of. Tony wants her to tell Marah that. Marah thinks working for Josh is a stupid. Tony really wants to do it, doesn't know what Marah wants. Catalina says maybe it is just rebellion, maybe she likes the danger? Maybe she fell in love with a picture of you, not the real you?

In San Cristobel:

The guard catches Richard. He recognizes the guard and calls him Franklin. Richard talks to him about how he gave him an award for service. Richard is moving towards him. Things are different now, before you served your country, do you really believe in what you are doing now? When the guard says he can't be sure of anything now, Richard hits the guard and knocks him out. He takes the guard's hat and gun and leaves to look for Cassie. He comes upon Cassie. She is hurt and collapses on the beach. She comes to and tells him she has been hiding in the water to stay away from the dogs and the guards. She stepped on a sea urchin and her foot it sore. Richard thinks he hears the guards again and grabs her and carries her off.

At the palace, Beth comes in with the dress designer. She tells Olivia how great the designer is and Olivia makes a comment about her designing for the next princess of San Cristobel. They go over all the designs and pick out which dresses they want. The designer leaves. Beth asks Olivia if she regrets not marrying Richard. Olivia says no. Beth says it would be quite a fight to bring her children here. Olivia says but every girl dreams of being a princess. Beth says she just dreamt of leaving her unhappy childhood home. Olivia says she never fit with Richard, couldn't find a way into his heart but she has that with Josh and they can build their own kingdom.

Richard and Cassie arrive at the Weymouth's. Richard and Lydia put Cassie in bed. Cassie is short of breath and they can hear the dogs are barking in the background. Richard takes the spines out of Cassie's foot and she cries out in pain. He tells her one of the spines is embedded too deep for him to get it out. He takes her foot and starts gently sucking on it. She tells him she would like to try this again when she isn't in so much pain. He tells her she needs to take a warm shower and helps her into the bathroom. He apologizes for getting her into this again. She says stop apologizing and hugs him.

The designer comes back in to take care of Beth and Cassie. Edmund comes in and brags about how beautiful Beth is. An aide walks in and says he has news about Richard. They tell Edmund that they found the cave and took all Richard's supplies but Richard got away. The aide leaves. Beth says that's not all bad. Edmund says it is great news. Now they know Richard and Cassie are out there without supplies so it is only a matter of time. Beth is looking in the mirror. Edmund says the dress won't do. She will upstage him on his coronation day. Edmund proposes a toast: to the upstaging, to Richard running out of hiding places and supplies, and to his reign as prince.

Cassie limps into the dining room. Richard is there with wine and food and candles, courtesy of Lydia. Cassie says they are pampered fugitives. Richard is sad that he is a fugitive on his own island and now trying to escape from it, and leave the people he has served all his life behind, with Edmund in charge. Richard toasts to the beginning of the end of Edmund's reign.

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