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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on GL
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Monday, October 22, 2001

As Catalina listens from outside the dorm room, Tony explains to Marah why he lied to her and to himself about helping Josh. Realizing what Tony is going to do, Catalina rushes back to the Santos home where she comes on to Tony and starts kissing him passionately, whispering to him all the wonderful things he does to her. Meanwhile, Tony encourages Marah to give Tony another chance and go to him. Marah finally dons an overcoat and rushes to see Tony but finds him in bed with Catalina, making love to her. She runs off but not before Catalina sees her. Unnerved when Lorelei goes on and on about Beth's handsome ex-husband, Edmund reminds her that Beth and Phillip are no longer married. Lorelei gets some time alone with Phillip and after beating him soundly at poker, asks him about her inheritance. Before he can answer, Edmund returns and is upset with what's going on. Edmund insists that he and Lorelei act like the married couple they are supposed to be. Buzz doesn't like it when Harley reveals her decision to marry Rick even though she doesn't love him. As he lectures her, Gus arrives and puts in his two cents worth about marrying Rick. Rick tries to shoo Gus away but the FBI agent grabs Jude and holds the baby, reciting part of "Casey at the Bat" to him. Later, Gus asks Harley about her feelings for Rick.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

While Cassie's away at a bank opening, Alonzo agrees to sign away any rights he has to his son but assures Richard his promise is all he should need. Holly confronts Tory about her feelings for Ross and Tory guesses that Blake's mother is suspicious of her feelings for her boss. Blake also senses Tory's attraction to Ross and decides to give her a make over in hopes that she will find someone attracted to her. After making love, Catalina hides her feelings of guilt from Tony. She confesses to her startled lover that she was a virgin until last night and assures him that she wanted this to happen. She agrees when he suggests that they become a couple. In pain from the anguish he caused Marah, Sam confides in his sister and is furious when all she worries about is whether her duplicity will be revealed to Josh. Showing off the student newspaper featuring a photo of his son as the school's star football player, Clay boasts to his daughter about his high hopes for him. Mel warns that Remy has his own dreams. Clay is upset when an injury to his son's interior cruciate ligament ruins his hopes for Remy's football season. He then accuses Remy of getting injured on purpose so that he would be able to spend all of his time on his music.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Lorelei, still posing as Beth, assures Phillip that Edmund doesn't want any of the money left to her by Bradley. Phillip reminds her that Bradley left her a Colorado silver mine and she quickly covers her mistake. Phillip then complains about how much she has seemingly forgiven Edmund, revealing how the tarnished prince had her locked up in a palace tower after Cassie escaped from his evil clutches in San Cristobel. Alone with "her husband," Lorelei announces to Edmund that she no longer needs him in her scam and vows to move forward with the plan on her own. Felicia invites Reva to accompany her to New Orleans for a seminar. The two explore the modern-day Robechaux house where Daphne-look-a-like Danielle offers them a personal tour of the house. When Reva asks about the family, Reva learns that General Hudson had Jack arrested for espionage and executed while his wife watched. His wife then disappeared while the family lost the oil-rich plantation. Reva then reads the final letter Jack wrote and tells Felicia he wrote it for Reva. Felicia argues with Reva about her active imagination. Later, Reva worries when a stranger threatens her with a warning to leave the past buried. At Spaulding Danny reviews the company's new security system room and then calls Michelle to report what he has learned. Claiming someone needs to "guard the guards," Gus offers to spy on Danny for Phillip who hires him.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Danny is in the secured computer room reading his secret camera when Michelle comes in with his lunch. Danny questions how she got past security, and she says it is because she is married to the head of security. Danny begins to plot the course of their break-in when Phillip walks in. Phillip tells Danny that he has hired a backup for him as head of security. Phillip introduces the new hire--- it is Gus! Gus, in his own charming way, questions Michelle about her being in the secured room. Gus and Phillip exit, and watch everything that Michelle and Danny do on a hidden camera. Gus tells Phillip to remind him never to cross Phillip. As Gus and Phillip watch, Danny tapes the room and explains how the cameras, laser beams, and floor panels work. The lasers are on a random program that won't be know until the day of the break in. Phillip and Gus enter and question Danny about his taping the room. Phillip asks Danny pointblank, if he is still a thief. Phillip explains that he installed a new security camera and caught Danny. In examining the camera, Phillip realizes that it has no tape in it. Danny explains that it was a test of security to see if he could get a camera by them., and Gus backs him up. Phillip apologizes and leaves, but takes the camera with him. Gus reveals that he has the tape, and that Danny was very sloppy. Gus says he has his eye on Danny, and given enough rope, Danny will hang himself.

Alonzo comes to the castle to speak with Richard, but runs into Cassie. He tells her that the contractors of the Harbor Project are going to tear down the Commercial Fishing docks, which will cost those fishermen their livelihoods. Richard enters and listens to what Alonzo has to say, but defends the Harbor Project. With Cassie's support, Alonzo explains that only the contractors will come out ahead, and that would be okay if there would be somewhere else for the fishermen to go. Alonzo tells Richard that they won't be just relocating and industry, but destroying a community. Cassie suggests a public forum for both sides, but Richard says no. Richard proposes a meeting with the fishermen today. He calls Dax to see up the motorcade. Dax smiles to Mrs. Mayhew that this will show Alonzo first hand how to execute leadership.

At the riverfront bar, Richard asks the fishermen who they feel about the Harbor Project. No one is very forthcoming with opinions. Alonzo attempts to get the conversation going, and encourages the men to speak for themselves. One of the men, Walton, says he thinks that the meeting is nothing but a joke, and that the Harbor Project will go on regardless of the opinions of the working class people. He implies that Richard is only there as a show of good faith, so when things go ahead as planned, Richard can say that he tried to make concessions. Walton goes on to insult the previous monarchy, and said that he didn't vote for Richard. He then makes a lunge toward Cassie. Alonzo steps between them.

Olivia shows up at the Spaulding Mansion to confront him for leaving his money clip behind, and informing Josh that he intends to take Olivia away from him. Olivia informs Alan that she loves Josh, and will stay with him. Alan says that Josh won't understand the difference between Alan having Olivia's heart, and him having her body. Olivia says that Alan should be grateful for what he gets. Alan goes to touch Olivia's face, and she bites his finger. She gives him the conditions of their affair..."Where she wants, when she wants, and how she wants", and if Alan drags her marriage down he will never get near her again! Alan retorts that he can outlast Josh in all ways, and that when Josh is out of the game, Alan will be there to give Olivia everything that she desires. He goes on to describe to Olivia what qualities he desires in a woman. He tells Olivia that she is it, and someday she will realize it. They kiss. Olivia again warns Alan to stay away from Josh. Alan says it sounds more like a challenge than a warning. They kiss again, and Olivia again informs him that it will be on her terms.

Reva is in New Orleans at the old Robechaux mansion. She is speaking with a man who obviously very uncomfortable with her presence. She explains to the man why she is there, and asks about the Robechaux family. He said they no longer exist, and that she needs to leave the house alone. He then calls her by name. Reva is a little unnerved by this, and asks how he knows her name. He refuses to give her answer, only saying that she needs to leave New Orleans because she doesn't know what she is dealing with. After the man leaves, Reva finds old books where "Jack" has written letters to someone, and mentioned the words "Always" and "Trust in your Heart." She wonders why "Jack" was executed.

Back at her home in Springfield, Reva discusses what happened in New Orleans, and what her time travel really means. After Felicia leaves, Reva calls Josh to thank him for watching Shayne while she was in New Orleans. She asks Josh if he can watch Shayne for a little while longer. After hanging up, Reva looks at the portrait, and saying "Trust Your Heart", she walks through the portrait and back to the 1860's. Once back there, she spies a casket. Thinking it is the executed "Jack," she opens it. What she sees takes her breath away.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Marah confronts Catalina, but pretends that she never saw Catalina and Tony together. Catalina attempts to make peace with Marah, but Marah wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to convince Sam that it would best for him if he left Springfield. Sam suspects that Olivia just wants him to leave town. Josh arrives and asks what they are arguing about. Olivia informs Josh that Sam and Marah broke up. Sam admits to Josh that he lied to Marah, but he doesn't go into the details. Marah arrives at the country club and breaks down when she sees her dad. Josh comforts Marah, who doesn't reveal why she and Sam broke up. In Civil War era New Orleans, Reva is saddened to learn that young Beau Robechaux has been killed in battle. Jack is touched to see Reva mourning for his son and he confides in her that he believes Regina is cheating on him. Reva confirms Jack's suspicions that Regina and General Hudson are having an affair. She even provides Jack with the Yankee dispatches that Regina intercepted. A furious Jack grabs his dueling pistol and sets out to kill General Hudson, but Reva stops him. She convinces him to put the gun away. Regina looks on as Jack pulls Reva into an embrace and vows revenge on Regina and Hudson. In San Cristobel , Alonzo punches Walton when he disparages Cassie. Alonzo tells Cassie that they will never find out what the people of the island truly need until they go visit the neighborhoods without a presidential caravan. Cassie agrees to join Alonzo and they set out for the neighborhoods by boat. Richard grows concerned when Cassie does not return to the palace, but a security guards informs Richard that he saw Cassie getting on to Alonzo's boat.

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