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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on GL
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Monday, January 6, 2003
by DEE

At the Beacon, Olivia asked Cassie to help her keep her half of the Beacon and told her she was scared Alan was going to invoke the prenuptial agreement and take her half. At first, Cassie reminded Olivia of how she tried to steal it out from under her when Richard was in the hospital and told her she would not help her. Olivia told her that Alan does not care about the Beacon only money and if something happened financially, Alan would withdrawal. Olivia said that she cared about the Beacon as does Cassie. Cassie new this was true and agreed to help her keep it.

Phillip came to see Olivia at the Beacon and said he was going to fix the mess between her and Alan because he felt responsible for it. He called Alan and pleaded with him to give Olivia another chance. Alan asked "would Olivia happen to be there with you?" and he said "yes" and he asked to speak with her. Alan told Olivia that he's going to invoke the prenup and that he was going to "bleed her dry." Beth was at the mansion and saw that Alan looked miserable. She talked with him and he confided in her about Olivia and Phillip. She encouraged him not to seek revenge.

Reva, Josh, Billy, and Bill talked about how Billy doesn't approve of Bill seeing Beth. They told Bill how cute him and Michelle look together. Billy told Bill how happy Michelle makes him. Bill admitted to them that he had a dream about Michelle. Bill still left to meet Beth for New Years Eve at the Country Club. They were taking Lizzie too because Lizzie's New Year's Eve plans fell through.

Danny went to see Michelle at the hospital and she told Danny how much she was looking forward to him coming over. They kissed! She told him to come over at 9:00pm and she would have Robbie in bed. He went back to the Beacon to wait and get ready and talked with Cassie. Cassie told him how good of a man he was and when he touched her cheek, you could see that she didn't want him to remove his hand.

Carmen called Danny to say good-bye and told him she was on her way to prison. She was really standing outside the Bauer's waiting for her chance to take Robbie. Danny told her to "have a nice life." When Mel left, Robbie and Michelle were alone in the house and Carmen rang the doorbell. When Michelle came to the door, she saw Carmen and Carmen said "I've come to get my Grandson."

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Alexandra assumes that Alan is faking another heart attack and refuses to help him. When Olivia and Phillip walk in they accuse Alexandra of trying to kill Alan. Alexandra demands that Alan confess to Phillip and Olivia the truth. Alan blurts enough to let them know that he faked his first heart attack, leaving Olivia and Phillip astonished at Alan's deception. Later, Olivia refuses to go with Alan when he is taken to the hospital. Harley and Gus attend their commendation ceremony, where Gus becomes unsettled by Eden's admission about their father's indiscretions. Gus goes with Harley to Baker's apartment to get more answers, but they find the place stripped bare. Later, Harley tries to console Gus as he deals with his father's true identity as well as his own. Josh and Billy have fun giving Tony a hard time on their hunting trip, but are impressed by his dedication and commitment to Marah. Josh and Billy voice their fear about Marah and Tony's relationship, which leads to an understanding between the three men. Marah implores Reva not to be so protective of her, which prompts Reva to disclose that she is receiving threatening phone calls. Later, Reva receives a call on her unlisted cell phone.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

At Company

Marah hugged Ben. Ben told bill that Michelle said they could use the Bauer cabin. Bill told him that he and Beth were ancient history. Ben suggested this could be a rebound for Bill. Bill said he was going to play the field for a while. Marina enters. She asked Ben if he found a place to stay. Bill wondered how Frank would agree to the trip.

Bill explained Ben's plans to Marah. She explained where Tony was. Bill was shocked. She said she was tempted to see how they were doing. Bill said he needed to check on someone else. Before he had to explain he decided to leave.

Marina tried to explain the ski weekend trip to Frank. She said the entire trip was for charity. Frank was worried about Ben's fraternity being there. Marina reminded him how good she had been. Frank agreed to let her go. Buzz was shocked that he caved in. Ben thanked Frank for letting Marina go. Frank wanted to know what the charity was. Frank told Buzz that they were going to the mountain. But buzz said he wasn't going.

Billy enters. He explained what happened to Tony. Bill informed him that he and Beth was no longer an item. Bill asked Billy of he ever pushed too hard.

Outside of Company

Alex told Buzz that Alan had a minor heart attack. Alex said she hoped when she returned to Springfield she could retain some order. Alex said there was something that nobody else knew and she needed to prepare the family. Alex exits.

At Cross creek

Since Tony hurt himself, Josh suggested they get an ice pack. Billy said Marah would be on the warpath when she finds out. Marah enters. She asked Josh before entering the cabin how everything was going. He told her he didn't need her help. When he said they just got back to the cabin, she wanted to know why they got back so early when there was still daylight. When she tried to go in, Josh stopped her. He told her that he and Tony had a few nice chats. He felt it would be best if she leave so he could continue to do some bonding. Marah goes in the cabin and heard Tony moan from pain. Josh admitted that he set the tension on the bow a little high. Josh and Billy agreed to meet Tony and Marah at the hospital. Josh and Billy exit.

At the Beacon Hotel

Holley told Reva that she had a brainstorm about doing a piece on the Spaulding family. Holley explained that it would be interesting to find out what Alex was up to since she came back to town. When Reva's cell phone rang, she told Holley to continue talking because she didn't want to answer it. Holley said the public wanted to know what was behind Alex returning to town. Reva accepted the challenge. Reva exits.

Josh tried to talk to Reva, but she told him that she got another call. She told Josh that it wasn't Edmund. Reva said there was someone who hated both of them and would do this. Josh said maybe Anne Dutton.

At Cedar's Hospital

Bill enters and stopped Michelle in the hallway. He apologized for what he did and commented that it should have never happened. He said he wasn't thinking clearly and continued to apologize. He wanted her to know that he saw her and Danny together and how they were kissing. Michelle told him she wasn't with Danny anymore. Bill told her he ended the relationship with Beth because they both wanted different things. Bill asked her if she wanted to go on a ski weekend. But she said she wanted to keep things simple. Michelle exits. Marina enters. She wanted to make sure she was prepared for the weekend. She asked Michelle to give her some birth control pills. Michelle told her that she came to the wrong person. Michelle said she would get her a list of gynecologists. When Michelle returned, Marina was gone.

At the Spaulding mansion

Reva enters to see Alex. Reva said she had a proposal. She wanted to do an in-depth review of the Spaulding's. Edmund enters. Alex told Reva that she declined, so Edmund suggested she leave. Once again she accused him of making the phone calls. She answered her cell phone and the person said, "It was going to be her time soon." Looking at Edmund she realized that he wasn't the person making the calls. Alex told Nolan to escort Reva out. Edmund said if the phone calls stop, Reva would have more time to spend on the Spaulding project. He wanted a seat on the Board for his help.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

At Company

Gus wanted to know if Harley found anything. As she was touching his hand, she said she had a watch on Baker's credit cards. Harley reassured him that his dad was his hero and that was all that mattered. Josh enters. He wanted their help because he thought Reva was in danger. Josh explained the calls came after Christmas and now they are coming in on her cell phone. He gave them a list of the dates and times the calls had come in. Harley said she would get the phone company to start investigating. Josh mentioned that he thought it might be Annie Dutton. With Harley's help he further explained the Annie Dutton story to Gus. Harley agreed they needed to find her. Harley took Gus aside and said she would handle this for Josh, and he said he would dig into his father's finances. Gus exits. Harley said she had someone at the station doing a computer search to find Annie. Harley suggested telling the person who was calling the police was involved.

At Cedars Hospital

Rick told Alan to remain calm since he had a heart attack. He said there would be some changes when he returned home. Reva enters. She said she came to visit a sick friend. Alan told Rick to hide the scalpels. Rick exits. Reva mentioned that she came to check on an old buddy. Alan told her that he tossed Olivia out of the house. Reva replied that she didn't think there would be another women after Annie Dutton. Reva apologized for raising his blood pressure. After taking deep breaths, his pressure decreased. Reva said she needed his help to find Annie. The doctor came in the room and told Reva she would have to go because of Alan's pressure. He told Reva to stay away from Annie.

Cassie enters. Cassie wanted to set some ground rules for the Beacon. She said it was a special place for her family and the people of Springfield. Alan said he wasn't going to be her partner long since he figured Olivia would be moving back into the mansion. He was convinced that Olivia would return. But Cassie said if he believed that, he was in for a massive shock. Cassie told him that Olivia was through and she wouldn't be crawling back. Cassie told him if he was really sick this time she hoped he got better because he had his work cut out for him. He called the Beacon Hotel to talk to Olivia. But they told him she gave instructions she was not to be disturbed.

At the Spaulding mansion

Phillip screamed at Alex because she knew Alan had faked previous heart attacks. But she said she couldn't tell Phillip because her plan was to keep the two of them from killing each other. But she knew if she had told him he and Alan would have been at each other's throats. Phillip insisted that she was more interested in taking over the Company. Alex apologized that she didn't tell him. Then he remembered why he left the house because of the lies and the manipulating. He continued to yell that he knew better. He said that is why nobody ever sticks around very long. He said the family was she and Alan. Alex exits.

At the Beacon Hotel

Olivia enters. Cassie wanted to know what Olivia was going to do about Alan being her partner. She told Olivia to fix it. She said she did everything she could to make the marriage work. Cassie suggested she go to Alan. But Olivia said she was done. Cassie said she was going to talk to Alan. Olivia received a call from Phillip. He wanted to see her. She told him she would be in her room at the Beacon.

Gus enters and sat at table with Alex. She said she was drinking to drown thoughts of her brother. Gus said his father was giving him trouble because he heard he wasn't the man he thought he was. Gus spoke about Joe August and how he came home after his mother died. Alex said maybe his father was beholding to the Santos for another reason. Alex said her chauffeur would take him home. Gus exits.

Josh enters and told Reva to let him know where she was. She was upset that he got the police involved. Reva told him that she went to see Alan for her research. But she also asked him about Annie Dutton. She said she thought he knew where she was, but wasn't telling. Harley enters. She said they haven't found Annie yet. She said the good news was they located the source of the calls. The source was the Lewis' house on their second line.

Olivia's room (Beacon Hotel)

She removed her wedding band and put into desk drawer. Phillip enters. Olivia said she ordered a light supper, but they both agreed they were not hungry. Phillip put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. He told Olivia that she was right when she told him to go with his feelings. He commented that he had forgotten who Alan was and who he was. He said he had been worried about everybody's feelings that he got lost. He said he wanted her so bad he could taste it and that he loved her fire and her passion. He admitted that her heart wasn't wrong because he did love her. As he turned to go, Olivia ran to him and wanted to know where he was going. Phillip said there was no turning back. They began to kiss passionately.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Buzz found Marina's birth control pills when her backpack fell and everything dumped out. Marina tried to pass it off as a friends but Buzz said, "don't con a con." He told her he wouldn't tell Frank but gave her a lecture about what kind of things the pill doesn't protect against.

Beth went to see Danny to ask to have her lease broken and spilled the information about her and Bill breaking up. She told Danny about Bill's feelings for Michelle. Danny went to talk to Michelle at the hospital but Ed had talked Michelle into going on the ski trip with Bill so she was not there. Ed told Danny that Michelle was leaving for the weekend but wouldn't tell him where. He also told Danny that he wasn't capable of giving Michelle the life she deserves. Danny couldn't believe Ed felt that way. Danny checked his messages and Michelle had left a message about where she went.

Bill was happily surprised when Michelle showed up at the cabin. Michelle told Bill that she needs an emotional break and they agreed to keep their relationship the way it was before the kiss they shared. When they realized they didn't have any food, Michelle went to the store to get it and while she was gone, Danny showed up! Danny decided to wait for Michelle to get back. Bill told him that Michelle didn't want him there and Danny said that Michelle is confused and needs space and Bill said, "Like your giving her?" Danny said "I'm obviously not making myself clear." He gets in Bill's face and said, "Stay the hell away from my wife."

Alan left the hospital and went to the Beacon to talk to Olivia but was stopped at the desk. They said she asked to not be disturbed especially if it's Alan. Alexandra walked in and saw what Alan was doing and told him to get back to the hospital. Alexandra got him somewhat calmed down and then Beth showed up and convinced Alan he needed to be back to the hospital then he agreed to go with Beth back to Cedars. This whole time, Phillip and Olivia were upstairs making love!

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