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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on GL
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Monday, January 13, 2003

While Ben and Marina were going up to the cabin, their car broke down. They were stuck on the side of the road and Marina told Ben she new how they could keep warm and showed him the box of condoms she brought. Ben told Marina that when they make love it's going to be special, not in the back seat of a car. He told her he was not in a rush, she was worth the wait. Frank and Buzz were on their way to the cabin too to check up on the kids and found them. Marina was busted again when Buzz found the box of condoms. Not only was Ben's car broke down but Franks battery died and since Marina played the radio in Ben's car, Frank couldn't use it to jump start his. They were all stuck on the side of the road.

Gus was nursing a hangover at Company after getting drunk with Alexandra. Gus discussed with Harley what him and Alexandra talked about during their drinks. Harley thought it was odd that Alex seemed to know Joe August and had suggested maybe he was involved with the Santos for something other than money. Harley called David Grant and asked him to find out whatever he could about what Alexandra was up to before coming back to Springfield. Surprisingly, when Alexandra's cell phone rang, it was Joe August's x-partner, Mr. Baker! He told Alexandra to "up the fee or Gus and Harley will know everything you don't want them to know."

At the Bauer cabin, Danny and Bill argued about what was best for Michelle. When Michelle got back, Bill left them alone and she told Danny she needed room to breath and told him to leave. He left and went back to the Beacon where Cassie was and Cassie said told him she can TEACH him how to get Michelle back.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Olivia and Phillip wake up together in lover's bliss after their night of passion. As close as they feel and as angry as they are at Alan, Olivia feels that they must take the next step carefully. Olivia does not want to go any further with Phillip until she severs all ties with Alan. Phillip agrees with Olivia and they each leave looking forward to a new future. When Olivia returns to the house she is surprised to find Alan looking desolate with all the gifts she bought him for Christmas. Alan takes the blame for everything and burns the pre-nup in the presence of Olivia and Phillip. Olivia and Phillip are left alone to deal with Alan's latest actions. Josh and Reva are each trying to figure out who is making the prank calls to Reva. Marah feels left out by her father, but Tony tells her that Josh is only trying to keep Marah separate from Reva's drama. Marah convinces Tony to help her figure out how the calls are being made. Meanwhile Reva gets Annie Dutton's location out of Alan. However, when Reva shows up at the mental institution she discovers that Josh is already there.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

At Company

Tony enters. Tony told Marah that the person making the calls was making it seem as though the calls were coming from inside the house. Marah couldn't understand why someone would do this. Tony promised her that nobody was gong to hurt her or her family. Marah was trying to convince Tony that she needed to drop out of school. But he told her she couldn't drop out because he was also going to the University. Tony found out that if a person had a type of equipment they could out in close to her house and make the calls.

At the mental institution

Reva and Josh visited Annie's room. It looked identical to the Lewis' study. Annie appeared. She ran to Josh and wanted to know how was his trip. She continued to kiss him on the cheek. She told him to not be afraid of the slut (referring to Reva). Annie told her that Reva's obsession with Josh had gone on long enough. Annie wanted to know why she was there bothering her and Josh. Reva told Annie she had no hard feelings. Annie said she had hard feelings even though she did win Josh. Josh suggested to Annie they listen to what Reva had to say. Reva wanted to know why she was bothering her by calling her. Josh wanted to know if Annie had been calling. Annie said, "Busted." Josh wanted to know why she had been calling Reva. Annie told her she was a murderer. Josh wanted to know why she was calling Reva. She said since he had been out of town, she wanted to see if Reva had her hooks in Josh. When Annie left the room to get some ice for the glass of water, Reva looked at the phone. Josh made the comment that there was no way Annie had been making the phone calls. Reva couldn't think of anyone else that hated her enough to do this. Annie enters. Josh said he would walk Reva out. He told Annie he had to go out of town again. Josh and Reva exit. Annie told Reva to come and see her and they would talk about the phone calls.

At the Beacon Hotel

Edmund offered to buy Alex a sable coat if she would answer his question. He wanted to know what was on her mind. She replied that everything was going to blow up in her face. When Alex answered her phone, it was Ray Baker. He told her he was in the lobby and he was coming to her room. Edmund offered to help, but she said it was business. When a knock was heard at the door, Edmund introduced himself. Edmund exits. Baker told her they needed to renegotiate because of what he had that could destroy her precious family. But she told him not to threaten her with blackmail. But he said he would go to her brother or the press. She warned him that if he does she would take him apart to where he would be poor and miserable. He told her the clock was ticking. Baker exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

Phillip entered the study to find Alan. Alan said he had messed up the best thing that ever happened to him. Olivia entered. He told her that he tricked her into signing the prenuptial. He threw it into the fireplace. He told her she was a free woman. He said he would call the lawyers and release her bank account and her part of the Beacon. He apologized for doubting her and apologized to Phillip. He wanted them to give him a second chance. Alan exits.

Phillip laughed and said Alan was good. He asked her if she was buying the act. He reminded her that this was not innocence from Alan. But she wasn't convinced. He also reminded her that he faked two heart attacks. As she started to cry, Phillip apologized. Phillip suggested she tell Alan that the marriage was over. Olivia realized that Alan does love her. He wanted to know when they made love; it was only payback to his father. Olivia took Phillip's face in her hands and said that the night with him was wonderful. But she pulled away. Olivia exits. Alex enters. Phillip screamed at Alex and wanted to know if she was happy. He told Alex he and Olivia were in love. She told him to go ahead and tear the family apart. Phillip exits.

At Harley's house

Blake said she was out of the romance business. She wanted to work with the big boys again. Blake said Ross doesn't know about this idea.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Gus and Harley's house

Harley was sweeping getting ready for Rick Gardner, a lawyer. The lawyer was to determine if their relationship was a fit environment for Zach. Rick Gardner enters. Harley introduced Gus. Once they were seated, Rick said he had good and bad news. He said the family court had assigned a court date. The bad news was that Phillip charged that his son would be exposed to an unsavory environment. Harley explained that Phillip thought that Gus would be a bad example. Rick said to convince him that Mr. Spaulding was wrong. Harley didn't feel as if she needed to defend Gus. But Rick said the arbitrator didn't agree. He reminded Gus the he committed a murder and burnt Eden with a cigarette. But Gus said that his sister lied about everything. He shared the information that Phillip tried to bribe Eden. Gus said that Phillip obtained his records without Gus' knowledge. Rick said that if Eden would swear that her previous testimony was false it would sway the decision. Gus exits to find Eden. Rick said if there was anything about Phillip she needed to bring it up. He reminded her that she was going to need every weapon she could get her hands on.

Gus enters. He found Harley sitting beside the couch in the floor. Harley said that Phillip was a jerk. She told Gus that she was going to have to hit below the belt. Gus told her that he couldn't depend on Eden. Harley left to check on Jude. Gus called his source about the information concerning Phillip.

At the Beacon Hotel

Aloud, Danny said this was no good. Cassie enters. She commented that he didn't need any more coffee. Shaking his head, he said that all of his plans had been for Michelle and Robbie. Cassie reminded him that he still had Robbie. But he couldn't understand why Michelle was shacked up with Bill in a cabin. He said, "I would like to beat the hell out of him." Danny said all the changes he wanted to make wouldn't be good since he couldn't share them with Michelle. He thought that maybe Michelle would be better off with someone else. Cassie said she knew what it was to lose someone. Danny said he didn't know what will happen next. Danny exits.

At the Bauer cabin

Wearing pajamas and an old flannel robe, Michelle enters. She told Bill good morning. She kicked off her house shoes. She took off her robe. She walked in front of Bill and began to unbutton her pajama top. Bill stood up and took off her pajama top. He ran his fingers down her arm and across her stomach. He then untied her pajama bottom...suddenly he realized he was dreaming. He decided it was time to leave. He said he felt guilty about being at the cabin when he had so much to do. But Michelle didn't believe him. He said he was leaving because of her. As he was leaving, he said he was fine with taking things slow, but he couldn't hold up his end of the bargain. She said it made her nervous when he spoke about how much he liked being with her. He told her that he thought about coming to her bed the night before because he wanted to make love to her. Michelle insisted he stay. Bill decided it wouldn't be a good idea to leave her alone. Michelle gave him a challenge for the slopes. Buzz, Frank, Ben, and Marina enter. Frank wanted to know where the chaperones were. Bill said he had some jumper cables. Ben, Frank, and Buzz exit.

Michelle told Marina to come back in her body. But she said her family was wrecking her life. Marina said she spent the night in a freezing car. She said that Ben was so sweet to her. Michelle wanted to know if Ben had been pressuring her. Michelle told her she needed to be sure she is ready for this. Michelle said a real relationship was based on respect, trust, and honesty. She said she could tell that Ben cared about her. Marina wanted to know if she was making a mistake with Bill. Michelle said that was a good point.

Michelle packed her suitcase and was ready to leave. Bill asked her if she was going skiing. Michelle suggested she go home. She felt it wasn't good to be in such close quarters. Frank told Marina that she lied again.

At Company

Eden told Gus she was sorry that she ran out on him. Gus explained the situation about Zach and that he wanted her to tell the truth about what happened on the roof. But Eden didn't like to be pressured. When she tried to stand up and leave, Gus pushed her down in her seat and said she was going in the courtroom and admit to what she did. He told her if she didn't do this she wouldn't have a brother. But she was worried about what she would say about their father since she was trying to protect both of them. Gus reminded her to do the right thing. He said what their father did had nothing to do with Harley. He warned her to do the right thing or he would cut her loose. But she said she couldn't. He stood up and told her to take care of herself. Gus exits.

At Inferno

Cassie enters with Robbie to see Danny. Cassie said he could stay with him all morning. Cassie said she wanted to remind him that his life could be as rich and wonderful as he wanted it to be. Cassie watched as Danny played with Robbie.

Friday, January 17, 2003

At the Bauer cabin, Bill and Michelle both decide to go back home but they were going to meet that night to go on a real date. Bill was going to pick her up and take her to Towers.

Frank and Marina were fighting as Ben and Buzz look on. Marina was pleading with her dad to trust her. When Frank asked Buzz to explain why they couldn't trust her, he let it slip about the condoms he found in the car. Frank was really hurt and demanded the kids return home that night and threatened to send Marina back to her mom. Marina had never seen her dad that hurt.

Danny returned Robbie to the Bauer's. Ed was there and Danny told Ed he might as well have pushed Bill and Michelle into bed together since he encouraged Michelle to go to the cabin with him. While they were talking, Michelle returned home. Her and Danny talked a little while Michelle opened up some mail she received. It was the final divorce papers. Danny tried to tell her that they didn't have to sign them and that they could make a fresh start but he could tell by the look on Michelle face that she was serious about going through with the divorce. Danny said what seemed to be his final good-bye to Michelle and when he left, she signed the papers.

Bill went to see Beth to pick up some of the things he left there. He could tell Beth had been crying and she explained to him that Lizzie wants to go away to boarding school. Beth went to Phillip with Lizzie to try to explain the reason she wants to go to boarding school. Lizzie can't handle all the difficulties in the Spaulding family. She explained to her mom and dad that she knew Alan faked his heart attack. She needs a break. Bill suggested to not let her go but she explained that when someone wants to leave bad enough, you have to let them go. When Beth started sobbing, Bill wrapped his arms around her.

Phillip and Alan were arguing over Olivia and Alan figured out that Phillip is in love with her and suspects that they slept together while he was in the hospital. Olivia sent a note to them through the Butler that she was leaving; she had to get away and clear her head. Phillip and Alan agree to not talk to each other but Phillip had the last word by saying he would fight for Olivia and "May the best man win."

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