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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on GL
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Cassie realized it was Richard walking through her door. He said he had come to say good-bye to her. He said he had failed her by trying to protect her instead of including her in his last days. He was caught up in being her prince instead of her husband. He told her that her future was full and bright and that she needed to let go of him. He also said he regretted not being a better brother to Edmund and told her that Edmund never was given anything he wanted or needed. He never had the love or anything else that was handed to Richard in abundance. She told him that she could not let go but he said she needed to let HIM be the keeper of the flame and let go and open up her heart to others. She begged him to stay and he said, "You know I can't, I love you so very much, good bye." He left through the door and Cassie got up and ran to the door but when she flung the door open, it was Edmund standing there, not Richard! Cassie was very upset insisting to Edmund that Richard was there. Edmund helped her by letting her talk about her "dream." She told Edmund that Richard spoke of him and she realized that Richard was right. Edmund didn't have a thing. He didn't have friends, love or even material possessions. They shared a very nice conversation and parted on a happy, fun note. Edmund had even made her smile for the first time. Cassie went back to bed longing for Richard and staring at his picture at her bedside.

Phillip and Ross had a meeting and Ross warned Phillip of getting involved with Spaulding again. Phillip thought he might be happy this time at Spaulding if he could actually run things his way. Ross asked him if he was willing to give up everything to run Spaulding because that's what it would take. Phillip didn't answer Ross but when Ross left, his answer was apparent when he announced to Olivia that he didn't want to run Spaulding TEMPORARILY, he wanted to do it PERMANANTLY. Of course, Olivia was VERY happy about that.

Gus had a hard time explaining to Harley why Alan was there. Harley thought Alan was putting on a show. Gus filled Harley in on Alan's condition and how he thinks someone is doing this to Alan and told her how he saw a skull and crossbones when offered tea. He also told Harley about Phillips news conference and how he didn't even mention that his father was missing. Harley was starting to sway onto Gus's side after that but warned Gus that the real Alan would be back. He may be like a lost puppy now but the real Alan Spaulding will return and she doesn't want Gus to get hurt.

Part of Alan's memory came back...he remembered that he didn't like Gus very much but told him that he's the only one he can trust now because he isn't one of the lizard people. He didn't remember Harley and thought it was a pet name Gus gave her because he liked Harley Davidson motorcycles. When Alan fell asleep on the couch, Gus tucked him in. Alan woke up slightly and said he wished he had a son like him and asked him if he played chess. When Gus said no, Alan said he would teach him and even offered to buy him a Harley!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Reva can't shake the feeling that Alan wasn't her stalker and decides to go search for him. When Josh urges her to stay home and Frank rebuffs her offer to help the cops, she goes out on her own. She stops at the Spaulding mansion to get some sort of feeling about Alan's whereabouts and finds Alexandra awash in guilt. Reva gets a feeling that Alan's disappearance somehow is connected to water, which upsets Alexandra greatly. Reva begins to suspect that Alexandra is behind Alan's disappearance. Danny and Michelle tell Marah and Tony about their wedding plans and ask them to serve as maid of honor and best man. As the girls discuss the details, Tony suspects that Danny's trip to New York marked his return to the mob. Danny convinces him the trip was necessary to bring a final conclusion to their old life, not continue it. Ben puts to rest Marina's questions about Mrs. Hendon. Later, Marina sets out alone to search for the contraband the thug demanded she return. The thug confronts Marina again, and Shayne comes to the rescue and knocks him out. Tony and Marah show up and after the guy regains consciousness, Tony takes him outside. He is surprised to learn the thug has a message for Danny.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Tony and Marah came by Danny and Michelle's new house, and after Marah told them about the thug who threatened Marina, Tony pulled Danny aside and filled him in on the rest. After Tony told Danny about the thug's (Ernie's) message from Don Salerno, Danny made a private call to Rico in New York. Rico told Danny that Ernie's still working for his "family" and that a "transition period" is needed before things smooth over, but Danny warned Rico to end ALL his activities in Springfield by tomorrow, and to stay away from his family---saying it's non-negotiable. Later, after Michelle and Marah walked in on Tony and Danny, who were about to conduct a search of the tunnel at the museum, Danny and Tony eventually leveled with them about the entire situation. After Tony and Marah walked off, Michelle told Danny that she's not naive, that she knows a person can't just walk away from the mob without other people trying to drag them back in again. She also told Danny she knows he's placed guards outside their house (camouflaged as gardeners). She eventually told Danny that she understands that it might be scary while he's trying to break free from his old life, and makes Danny promise not to keep secrets---to keep her informed as things progress. In New York, Rico told his cohort, Roberto, about his call from Danny Santos and that he doesn't enjoy being given ultimatums from anybody. Rico hinted to Roberto that he's going to test Danny.

At the Spaulding mansion, after Alex convinced Frank that Alan may have drowned, he radioed headquarters and got a search party organized to drag the lake. A frantic Alex told Phillip about the latest, and when Phillip heard that Alex assumed that Alan met his end at the lake all because of a "vision" which Reva had, he thought it was ridiculous. Frank later popped in to tell them that searchers recovered Alan's raincoat at the lake. Alex and Phillip arrived at the docks, where Rick was also. When Alex overheard Rick tell Phillip that he's now the temporary Medical Examiner, Alex nearly fainted. Frank called Gus and told him what all was going on regarding the search and the raincoat. When Gus learned that Alex was at the docks and very upset, he rushed out, telling Harley it's the perfect time to get a confession out of Alexandra. Alan woke up as Gus was leaving and he gave Gus a Spaulding crest to hold onto for good luck. At the docks, Phillip told Rick about the guilt he feels and how he should've been more aware of Alan's condition. When Olivia showed up, she was unnerved at the possibility that Alan could be dead. After telling Phillip that her amniocentesis had been postponed, Phillip told her that when it's rescheduled, he wants a paternity test performed on the fetus. Gus showed up at the docks just as Alex clutched Alan's raincoat and was wailing about being "sorry." Gus kept cornering Alex and tried to instill even more guilt in her, all the while loosening her resolve. Later, when Gus told Alex that Alan must've been drugged, Alex faltered for a second and admitted she was guilty, then quickly recovered. Later, as Phillip and Olivia looked on in horror, Frank and Rick inspected a body that the search party brought to the docks. Phillip and Olivia were relieved that the body wasn't Alan's, but Frank and Rick were stunned when it turned out that the body was that of Jed Simmons, the former Medical Examiner (who'd been missing for a week)!

At Harley's house, Alan was hungry so Harley served him breakfast. When she left the room, Alan held-off eating, figuring there was poison in the food. He grabbed a fireplace poker and stashed it under the sofa he'd been sleeping on. Later, Alan and Zach sat together and Alan told him how he knows that Gus and Harley hate him, yet they're keeping him there, thinking he's crazy. Harley was later stunned when Zach asked her if his grandfather was crazy. After Zach was put down for a nap, Harley went to make a phone call to Gus when Alan came up behind her, poised to strike her over the head with the fireplace poker...

Thursday, April 24, 2003

At the docks, Rick expressed his anxiety to Frank that his very first job as Medical Examiner is to do an autopsy on the body of the man who previously filled the position. Frank told Phillip and Olivia that the police will still continue in their search for Alan. Phillip approached Alexandra and Gus, just as Alex was about to spill the beans about drugging Alan. Phillip took Alex back to the mansion. At Harley's, she saw Alan wielding the fireplace poker in a mirror's reflection and quickly put a halt to it, subduing him in time. Afterwards, Alan told Harley he was scared to eat the food she'd given him. Harley eased Alan's mind by eating some of the food, then telling him that she and Gus are the "good guys." When Gus returned home, Harley told him about Alan's attempt to kill her and said she's nervous with Alan under the same roof as Zach. Gus told Harley that before Alan goes anywhere, he wants to get to the bottom of why Alex wanted Alan drugged. Alan, who overheard, uttered the words, "the will." When Gus asked Alan what he meant by that, Alan said he didn't remember. Alone with Harley, Gus surmised that if something happened to Alan, then succession of control at Spaulding would move on to the next person in line, and that Alexandra hates Gus' guts. Harley told him not to try to figure any of this out and told Gus to kick Alan out and hand this matter over to the cops---reminding Gus that she's on medical-leave and that he is suspended. As Alan listened nearby, Harley told Gus that the real Alan Spaulding is a snake and that it's only a matter of time until he becomes that man again, telling Gus she doesn't want him to get hurt. Just as they were arguing over Alan, Frank stopped by.

Overhearing Edmund ordering flowers for a lady, Cassie mistakenly assumed the flowers were for her. Edmund told Cassie that the flowers were for Beth and that he wanted to mend fences with some people he'd hurt over time. Cassie advised Edmund ditch the idea of flowers and tell Beth face-to-face how he feels. When Edmund saw Beth, he awkwardly asked if she could forgive him and somehow get their friendship back. She told him it might be a tough task to be friends and that she'd think about it---then told Edmund that she's noticed he's become smitten with Cassie. Edmund was shocked at this, and denied it. Later, when Cassie noticed a preoccupied Edmund, she asked how the talk with Beth went, and he told her it wasn't so bad. Cassie told him there's hope: that time heals all wounds. Edmund thought about those words, then overheard when Cassie got a message to meet Danny at a construction site. Later, after Cassie arrived at the construction site, it seemed quiet and deserted, so Cassie called out Danny's name. Suddenly, Ernie appeared, and with a mean look, slowly approached Cassie. When she turned to leave the area, another man stepped out of the shadows, blocking her way. Cassie was trapped---not to mention frightened.

At the Spaulding mansion, as Olivia was about to leave for her amnio with Dr. Sedgewick at Cedars, Phillip asked her to get a paternity test done, but Olivia told him that with all that's going on, now's not the right time. When Phillip saw Alexandra, he asked her why she was huddled with Gus earlier, but Alex only said that Gus saw she was greatly upset and wanted to help her out. When Phillip asked Alex, point-blank, whether or not Gus is Alan's son, and that Harley told him that, Alex got indignant. Not satisfied, Phillip told her that his main focus right now is on finding Alan---and told Alex to stay out of the situation. Alex reminded Phillip that Olivia is carrying a Spaulding baby, which is "power", and that Olivia will use the baby like a pawn in a chess game. She then pressed Phillip to find out the paternity of the baby. After Phillip left, Beth came by and asked Alex if there was anything she could do to help the family right now. Seeing how anguished and alone Alexandra was, Beth offered to move back into the Spaulding mansion with James for a while. Tearfully, Alexandra accepted. At Cedars, Phillip arrived just after the amniocentesis was completed and Olivia and Dr. Sedgewick were looking at the monitor where the baby's ultrasound image played out. After Dr. Sedgewick told Olivia that she has to send the amniotic fluid to the lab for tests, Phillip left Olivia behind and followed the doctor out. When Phillip asked Dr. Sedgewick whether the amniotic fluid would also signify the paternity of the baby, Dr. Sedgewick said it would, but was very firm with Phillip, telling him that it's Olivia's call to have that test done. Phillip stared off.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Frank went to visit Harley and found her and Gus arguing outside her front door. Alan was inside with his ear against the inside of the door trying to listen. Harley told Frank she was not mad at anymore but doesn't agree with the investigation he started and said he was only looking for somebody to blame. When Alan knocked something over by the door, Gus ran in saying it was Zach and got Alan out of eyesight. Frank thought everybody was acting strange and jumpy and insisted on going in to say good-night to Zach.

When there was a noise in the closet, Harley tried to keep Frank from opening it but he did anyway, it was only Zach. Frank left when he got a call from Rick about the identity of the body they found in the lake. Alan seemed to be coming out of his drug-induced state of mind because he knew Harley's name and knew Franks name and that he was Harley's brother. He kept pressing them about WHY they were helping him because he knew they didn't like him. He kept hounding them until Gus finally blurted out "I'm your SON, OK? I'm your son!"

Eden was at the Beacon with Bill and Eden was worried about one of her girls who didn't make it back when she should have. Bill thought she should hire protection for her girls and that she should ask Harley if she would be interested in the job. Eden said Harley would rather clean toilets.

Frank went to see Rick who showed him a business card they found in the coat pocket of the man pulled from the lake. The card was not legible but they sent it to forensics, which pointed a path right to Eden. Frank went to see Eden and asked her why she thought they found the dead body of Jed Simmons at the bottom of the lake with her business card in his pocket.

Buzz and Marina were discussing her birthday coming up. Ben showed up and overheard and said he had been working hard to earn money for her birthday MONTH. When Buzz and Ben were alone, Buzz was obviously suspicious about what he was doing to make all this money. He told Ben that he reminded him of himself when he was younger and warned him against doing whatever it takes to have it all. He said people work so hard and will do anything to have it all and in the end it ruins your life and you have nothing. It didn't seem to work, Ben left for his job.

While Danny and Tony wondered why Cassie was late, Rico's thugs were harassing her in an alley saying they were going to use her to send a message to Danny. Cassie KICKED THEIR BUTTS! She was another Bruce Lee and managed to kick both their tales before Danny and Tony showed up. Danny was furious and called Salerno and told him he forgot who he was dealing with and said "times up!" Cassie was proud of herself and was pumped up and wanted to show Tony some of her moves she used on the thugs but Tony said he saw enough. She was so excited she wanted to go work out at the gym and grabbed her stuff but as she was walking out, Edmund grabbed her arm and startled her. She flailed around and threw him back and he landed on the couch. After Edmund picked his jaw up off the floor, he asked Cassie what the heck was going on! She told him what had happened in the alley and he was shocked and worried. He told her she could have been hurt or killed. Cassie acted like it was no big deal until Edmund opened her eyes to who she was dealing with then Cassie seemed to realize what danger she was really in. She broke down and cried and Edmund touched her arm and comforted her.

Danny picked up Tony and said, "Let's do it."

Ed went to see Michelle at their new house. Ed, Michelle, Danny and Rick were supposed to have dinner. Michelle was not happy when Danny told her he had another business meeting to deal with and couldn't stay. Rick couldn't make it either and Ed and Michelle ate alone. Ed told Michelle she should slow down and that her and Danny didn't need to move so fast with buying a house and getting married right away. He also feels Danny is addicted to Carmen's way of life and will slip back into it. She defended Danny even though you could see the apprehension in her eyes.

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