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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on GL
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Monday, October 11, 2004

At Sandy's bedside, Reva wonders aloud whether he killed her son Jonathan. JB peers in from the hallway and mutters, 'Tough break, Mom.' Reva makes phone calls in an attempt to find information on her son. When all of her attempts lead to dead ends, she imagines Sandy taunting her; telling her she believed his lies and accepted him while her true son has disappeared - or worse. Billy arrives and surprises Reva with a phone call to Josh. While she's outside on the phone, Sandy wakes up and tries to write something on a piece of paper. He's interrupted by JB, who accuses him of stealing his life and trying to kill him. Before Sandy can respond or call for help, JB loads him with morphine and knocks him unconscious. JB hides when Reva returns but listens in the shadows as she tells Sandy she will protect him even though she doesn't know who he is.

At Company, Michelle is researching her father's work in Africa when Sebastian arrives, dropping hints that her father and his were enemies. Before he can say more, Danny shows up with Robbie. He tells Michelle he cancelled his interview in New York to be with her after learning she had memories of her mother. Michelle is happy to see her husband and son until she realizes Danny has made an appointment for her to see a memory specialist. Michelle, assuming Danny will never be able to accept her for who she is now, begins yelling and screaming at him to look at her and see the real her - not who he wants her to be. Robbie is frightened by his mother's antics and jumps in Danny's lap. Michelle calms down after seeing what her behavior is doing to her son. Danny tells Michelle whether she believes it or not, she is damaged and needs some help.

At the Beacon, Ross and Blake are discussing Roger when Sebastian arrives. He asks Ross for help. Ross is skeptical but listens as Sebastian asks him for help locating Ed. He quickly informs Sebastian he will have no part in his plan and reminds him there aren't many people in Springfield who want anything to do with Roger - alive or dead. Sebastian tells Blake he will be leaving town soon, but promises he will say goodbye to her. He leaves. Blake is disappointed in Ross for not showing more compassion. After all, Sebastian is her brother. Later, Sebastian calls Blake and asks her to take a trip with him.

Outside at Company, Billy watches while Tammy and JB share a passionate kiss. Tammy tries to introduce JB to her uncle, but is cut short when Billy says he knows him. He sends Tammy inside to pick up a takeout order. JB asks Billy if they've met before. Billy responds they never had to meet for him to see what JB is - a bad guy. He warns JB to be nice to Tammy and treat her right or he will have the entire Lewis family to deal with. Tammy returns and Billy leaves. She apologizes to JB for the way her family is treating him. They kiss again and she says she is ready to be with him. JB promises to make her first time something special. He tells her he has to take care of some business but will meet her later for some privacy.

In Edmund's apartment at Towers, Cassie finds Dinah snug in his bed. She threatens to call the police and have Dinah arrested for breaking and entering. Dinah tells Cassie it would be a waste of time since Edmund invited her to stay and gave her the keys. Cassie is calling Dinah a liar when Edmund walks in and confirms her story. Cassie is shocked that he would let Dinah get this close to him. He informs Cassie he did if for her own good to stop Dinah from telling a room full of people that she tried to shoot her in the woods. Cassie calms down and tells Edmund she loves him and as long as they stick together no one can hurt them.


Olivia tells Bill he let her down by helping Harley behind Olivia's back. Bill assures Olivia he wants their venture to succeed and the two make up.

Later, Olivia is detained by INS agents, sent by Phillip. Meanwhile, Harley returns home, makes peace with Phillip and they agree to a truce. Later, at Company, Harley learns Frank is going to apologize to Alan so he can get his job back. Coop and Marina don't want Frank to do it but Harley tells him he's got the right idea and explains that she has also made peace with Phillip. The Coopers watch as Frank apologizes to Alan but Coop remains disgusted. Later, however, Harley reveals to Bill she's not giving up and she's going back undercover as Ruth. At the mansion, Phillip starts an investigation of Ruth.

Michelle pushes Danny to admit that he longs for the woman she was and he admits he wants his wife back. On the verge of angry sex, they both push away and realize they can't hurt each other anymore. They're both devastated but they agree to end things. Meanwhile, Tony confronts Sebastian about his intentions toward Michelle. It gets heated and Holly arrives just as Tony grabs Sebastian and sees he's carrying a gun. Sebastian says the gun provides him with protection but offers it to Holly in order to win her trust. Tony warns Sebastian to stay away from Michelle and goes. Sebastian then asks Holly, like Blake before her, to go away with him and though she rejects him, she is intrigued by the offer. Later, Sebastian extends the offer to Michelle and asks her to come away with him and embrace her destiny. Later, Danny gets into a fight with Tony and Tony finally admits he wants Michelle for himself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bill and Harley, in disguise as Ruth, meet in secret. Harley plans to strip Phillip of everything he has.

Olivia is arrested and threatened with deportation. She demands to use the phone. In the next cell is Alexandra, who finds Olivia's situation extremely humorous. Alex announces she kicked the bars so hard one day, she broke her leg. Bill shows up, and promises Olivia he will help her. She blasts Bill, and swears she will lose Emma. When Ruth calls Bill on his cell phone, Olivia orders him NOT to answer. Alex points out Olivia is in love with Bill. She blames Olivia for Phillip's current state. Olivia proposes to Alex they help get each other out of jail. When Olivia points out how Alan and Phillip have just sort of left her there to rot, Alexandra agrees to the deal. Despite Olivia's disapproval, Alex says she will call off the dogs. Alex asks what she will do for her in return. Olivia agrees to swear in court Brad Green set up Alexandra. At Alex's request, the guard gladly gives her a phone.

Coop announces, "It is payback time, Phillip." He poses as a food delivery person for him. Lizzie spots him trying to get past the security guard. Inside the mansion, Phillip tells Gus there has been a security breach at Spaulding. He asks Gus to run background checks on some Spaulding employees - including Ruth. Gus refuses, and Phillip decides to do it on his own. Gus informs Alan he is not going to help Phillip. Gus wonders if his paranoia has returned. Outside, the security guard searches Coop's food bag, and finds only a brick. The guard asks Lizzie if they should call the police. She thinks for a moment, but decides to let him go.

Ruth questions Phillip's decision to run a background check on her. Gus tells Phillip he has decided to help him after all. Alone, Ruth talks to Bill on his cell phone, and he assures her he will cover the background check. She hides from Gus. Coop returns driving a bull dozer, and drives right through the Spaulding mansion gates. Gus tells Alan he is preparing to meet Ruth. Phillip comes outside, and sees that Coop has bull dozed down the gates. He says it was an accident, just like when Phillip destroyed Harley's house.

Ruth comes out, trying to convince Phillip not to call the police. He is upset when he learns Lizzie could have been hurt by what Coop did. Phillip orders Ruth to call the police, but she stalls. He asks why she would care so much about Coop. Ruth calls it bad publicity; however, Phillip is too determined to be stopped. Coop thinks he recognizes Ruth. Frank arrives, and upon pulling Phillip aside, offers to pay for the damages to spare Coop. Phillip counters that Coop must learn a lesson for what he has done. After having heard enough of Phillip's ranting, Frank walks away with Coop. Later, Coop refuses Frank's order to apologize. Ruth finally convinces Phillip the bad publicity will hurt Spaulding, plus leak the news about Harley's house being destroyed. She is forced to agree, despite her feelings, when Phillip says he will take care of Coop himself. He tells her to go inside and meet with Gus. Phillip tells Frank that Coop is off the hook. But Phillip swears to make Coop pay.

Ruth prepares to meet Gus. Phillip says Coop will work for him. Alex phones Phillip, and demands to talk. Phillip hangs up on her. Frank forces Coop to take the offer. This makes Lizzie happy.

Frank tells Bill he wants to help Olivia. Later, Bill makes some calls to try to pull some strings for her. He calls Jeffrey. Later, Bill proposes to Olivia.

Gus meets Ruth and it appears he knows nothing.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reva is desperate to find out all she can about Sandy and to learn the fate of her son. A phone call to Switzerland seems to bring results when an old friend of Sandy's returns her call.

What Reva doesn't know is that Jonathan is the voice at the other end of the call, deliberately misleading her and fueling her fears. Later, Reva decides to take serious action and asks Jeffrey to investigate what really happened to Sandy Foster and Jonathan Randall.

Gus conducts his interview with Ruth to see if she is the security leak at Spaulding. Harley is nervous at first, worried Gus will see through her disguise. He takes an interest in Ruth's personality while his instinctive defense of Harley and his love for Zach touch her deeply. Harley realizes she's going to have to work harder to keep Gus from catching on but when she turns for help to her partner, Bill, he has other plans.

In an effort to thwart Phillip's plans to deport Olivia, Bill brings Jeffrey to the jail to perform a wedding. Alex sees it as a chance to help the woman who has promised to help her as well. Though it might be all business for Bill, Olivia, whose feelings for him have developed, believes a real marriage might result. Jeffrey remains skeptical and refuses to be manipulated into breaking the law. But when Bill makes his appeal, he wins Jeffrey over and gives Olivia even more hope for a happy ending.

The newlyweds take the news of their marriage to Bill's dad, but no one could be more stunned or outraged, since it was Billy and not Phillip who arranged for Olivia's deportation! Billy, in an effort to steer Olivia clear of real estate, the Lewis office building and especially Bill, made a Phillip-style move and tried to have her deported. His efforts, he learns to his great regret, have backfired and only thrown the couple closer together.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sandy awakens in his room to find JB/Jonathan and a dressed up Tammy standing over him. Sandy appears shocked, and Tammy assures him that his surgery went fine, he'll be all right. She then introduces him to her friend, JB. Sandy starts getting agitated and is trying to talk but can't because of the breathing tube in his mouth. He starts to get really agitated when Jonathan suddenly starts kissing Tammy. The pair then leave the room. Jonathan sneaks off and finds a nurse. After kissing her, he hands her some pills. She tells him that she'll try to do what he wants.

Reva is at the hospital, ready to be discharged. She's talking to Ross about the hit and run. Ross tells her that they know it was deliberate. Reva wonders if perhaps Tammy wasn't the target--what if Sandy was? Ross tries to convince Reva to let the police handle this. He then leaves after getting a phone call. Just then the same nurse who met with Jonathan sees Reva and gives her the pills, telling her they're from her doctor.

Jonathan returns to Sandy's room alone. He tells Sandy how wild Tammy is about him and mentions about how innocent, how sweet she is. He then notes that all sweet things must go bad sometime. He then wickedly tells Sandy that he's not going to bed alone tonight. Sandy's visibly upset throughout but can't do anything. Before he leaves, Jonathan pulls out Sandy's call button monitor and tosses it in the trash.

Michelle meets with Sebastian and Blake at the Regency Hotel. Sebastian talks a little about their trip. He thinks it will be good for them; Michelle can learn about her mother and Blake can honor their father's wishes. He's dismayed to learn from Blake that Holly's not coming. She tells him that holly doesn't really trust him; she doesn't trust anyone who was connected to Roger. Suddenly, Sebastian admits that he was hiding something. He states that when he first came to town, it was with the idea of stealing from everyone. But once he got to know them, he couldn't go through with it. He asks Blake how Ross feels about her going away, but she states he's fine with it. She's more upset with Holly because she's ignoring her father.

Meanwhile, a torn Holly is in her office holding onto a gold coin that she thinks she should have gotten rid of a long time ago. She's "talking" to Roger, telling him that she's putting him to rest forever and tosses the coin in the garbage. Conflicted, she flashes back to Roger's rape of her and then the first time they made love several years after that. After asking Roger to let her go, Holly gets the coin out of the trash. She then goes to the Regency and tells Sebastian and Blake that she'll accompany them. She's hoping this will help her leave Roger behind. Suddenly, Blake gets a call from Ross asking her to meet him at the jail to talk. When she leaves, Holly asks Sebastian where they are going to go. He simply says "the past."

Blake finds Ross inside and open jail cell looking at paperwork. Blake is ready for an argument and starts to tell him that she's made her decision. She seems surprised when he accepts her decision and tells her he simply wanted to ask about the kids. He then kisses her. While they're kissing, he suddenly runs out and locks her in the cell! Blake demands to be let out, but Ross claims that he's just protecting. Blake thinks he's just afraid he'll embarrass him politically, but he denies that. He tells her he's afraid of losing her; he thinks Sebastian is up to no good.

Having left the Regency, Michelle is at the Lighthouse packing. Tony obviously doesn't approve of her trip. He tells her he doesn't Sebastian, he likes the situation even less when Michelle isn't able to even tell him where she's going. After a little more arguing, Michelle informs Tony that it's over between her and Danny. Tony wonders if it's really true, but an upset Michelle thinks he's just wondering what it means for her and Tony. Tony tries to get Michelle to talk to him, but she gets upset about everyone, him, Danny, Sebastian, wanting things from her. Tony maintains that he doesn't want anything. Michelle still insists that she's going on this trip and she doesn't need him anymore. She's going to live and hell with the consequences. Upset, Tony tells her to just go ahead and go. Ten, she kisses him passionately. While they're kissing, he says that if he was a good guy, he'd have her walk away since he knows this is just about her and Danny. But he never said he was a good guy, and he carries her off in his arms.

Jeffrey is at Towers, on the phone trying to get information on Sandy and Jonathan for Reva. While he's on the phone, Dinah walks in with all the files he asked for, pretty much disrupting his phone call. Just then Cassie walks in. Cassie sees Jeffrey and apologizes for getting upset earlier about him hiring Dinah. She now knows he was only doing it to keep and eye on Dinah--to protect Cassie and her family. She thanks him for what he's done for her. Jeffrey's about to say something, when Edmund walks in and interrupts. Cassie and Edmund then go to their table for their date. Jeffrey turns around and sees Dinah talking to his DC superior, Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds compliments Jeffrey on his work on the Salerno case and tells him the London post is as good as his. Jeffrey tells his boss that he can't leave; he has to help a friend, well, help a friend find someone. Jeffrey then resigns. Reynolds asks if it's about Cassie, but Jeffrey denies it. When Reynolds leaves, Jeffrey tells Dinah about his resignation. She thinks he did it just to be near Cassie, but she thinks he has a problem--he looks like the wrong brother. A little later, Jeffrey gets a message on his voice mail from Reva, asking him to come to the hospital. He starts to go, but gets distracted by Dinah. Knowing Cassie is nearby, Jeffrey warns Dinah to behave and then leaves. Of course, Dinah pays no mind, and goes over to Cassie and Edmund and offers them a gift for their engagement, a bottle of wine. Edmund accepts it as a gesture of goodwill, but a cold Cassie isn't as appreciative. She tells Dinah to stop insinuating herself into their lives and to get a grip. Dinah responds by telling Cassie it's just a bottle of wine and tells her to get a grip.

At home, Reva is getting very woozy. Suddenly, Tammy calls to tell her that Sandy's awake and asking for her. Back at the hospital, Jonathan finds Tammy just finishing her call to Reva. He tells Tammy that they should celebrate Sandy's recover. It's obvious that he wants to seduce her. Tammy seems to be for it and suggests that they go to Edmund's apartment. Meanwhile, Sandy is inside his room trying desperately to retrieve the thrown out monitor in order to call for help. Back at the Lewis house, Reva finally collapses. Just then, Jeffrey enters. in her condition, Reva mistakes him for Richard and tells him that they need to find their son. She starts to get upset about how they abandoned Jonathan and tells him they need to call Marissa. Wanting to calm her down, Jeffrey speaks in a English accent (as Richard) and tells her to get some sleep. He then calls the hospital and tells them about Reva's collapse and asks them to get a doctor over there. Just then Reva wakes up again. This time, she recognizes him as Jeffrey for a moment, then calls him Richard and goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, an agitated Sandy is still struggling. A nurse finds him, muttering "Tammy...cousin...Tammy." To calm him, she gives him a shot.

Jeffrey goes back to Towers to tell Cassie about Reva. Dinah overhears him mention that he let Reva believe he was Richard in order to calm her down. When Jeffrey steps out on the balcony, Dinah follows and asks him how it felt to impersonate Richard again? The lucky man who got to go home with Cassie every night. Jeffrey tells Dinah she talks too much and pulls her into a kiss, which Cassie sees.

Tammy and Jonathan are at Edmund's apartment kissing. A concerned Tammy wonders how many girls he's been with. He tells her it doesn't matter, he's never wanted anyone as much as he wants her. Tammy states that she doesn't want to disappoint him. He asks her if she's scared. She admits that she is, this will be her first time. He assures her that this will be a night she'll never forget.

Meanwhile, Sandy has woken up at the hospital and is struggling to grab the phone. At the same time, Reva has a dream of a man clamping a hand over a frightened Sandy's mouth. She wakes up to hear someone at the door. Still groggy, she stumbles to the door and collapses in Josh's arms.

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