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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on GL
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Harley and Gus make love on the set of 'Light of Love.' Afterwards, Harley receives a phone call from Mallet informing her she is not safe with Gus because Alan knows where she is and he intends to kill her. Harley convinces Gus that they should separate until things cool down and they can find each other again. As they make their plans, Alan is seen in the shadows aiming a gun at Harley as she kisses Gus. She departs to leave the studio, but hears a gun shot and finds that Gus has been shot. She is shocked to see Mallet standing over Gus with a gun in his hand.

At Jeffrey's apartment, Jeffrey tells Cassie that she called him Richard. Cassie doesn't believe him and insists if she did it was because earlier Edmund was there and planted doubts in her mind. Jeffrey is bothered by the idea that Cassie's only attraction to him is as a reminder of her dead husband. Cassie asks Jeffrey to blindfold her and proceeds to tell him that it was him - not Richard - she has depended on all these months. Dinah interrupts the exchange to inform Cassie that Edmund has plans to keep the baby to himself once it is born. She leaves abruptly when Cassie asks if she can feel the baby move.

At Nate's bar, Jonathan has found Reva alone with Nate who she doesn't know is really Alfred. He accuses her of never being happy even though she has the perfect life. He uses her desire to be with Nate as proof of her selfishness. Reva responds that Nate isn't his business and tells him she wants to help him because he is her son. Jonathan is overcome and demands that she admit he isn't good enough to be her son. He yells at her to tell him she would love him more if he looked more like Shayne. He begins to cut his hair with knife and cries that she answer if he is more like her son and can love him now. Nate watches on with naked amusement. He breaks the exchange when Reva holds Jonathan and cries with him. He tells Jonathan to leave and go someplace else because no one wants him there. Jonathan sobers and tells them they deserve each other.

Dinah is in the hallway preparing to enter her suite when Jonathan approaches and hints that he wants to go to bed with her. She looks at his hair and tells him to go away because she wants to be alone. Once she is inside, Jonathan enters her room and discovers an apparatus she has been using to simulate pregnancy. Dinah admits she miscarried weeks ago but needs more time to work on Edmund before revealing the truth. She will 'do anything' if Jonathan will keep her secret. They make love.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cassie knocks on Dinah's door just as Dinah and Jonathan are enjoying some time in bed. Cassie refuses to go away and reminds Dinah that she has a room key. Jonathan agrees to hide in the bathroom but only after Dinah promises he can have as much mindless sex with her as he wants...he assures her it is a lot! Cassie marches into the room and demands to know what is wrong with Dinah, who tells her she just felt a little dizzy. Cassie panics and wants to take her to a doctor but Dinah tells her it is nothing. Jonathan surprises them both by walking out of the bathroom and announcing to Cassie that he and Dinah are seeing each other. Cassie is furious! Dinah tries to tell her Jonathan is helping to protect her from Edmund. Jonathan kisses Dinah goodbye and leaves her to deal with Cassie by herself. Cassie has all sorts of advice for Dinah, but they are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Twyla, whom Cassie has hired to be Dinah's personal doula, or birth coach. Dinah freaks! She refuses to let Twyla touch her, for good reason. Twyla tries to reassure her it is okay, for now. She starts to teach Dinah and Cassie breathing exercises. Cassie is surprised as she suddenly realizes the baby is coming soon.

Reva tries to reach Josh, Olivia and Jonathan by cell phone but no one answers. She leaves messages and tells them she needs to speak to them all immediately. After leaving Dinah's room, Jonathan comes to talk with Reva. She tells him his adoptive father is alive but Jonathan refuses to hear it. He tells her he does not want to see his father; they are all better off leaving it alone. Reva refuses to let it die. She tells him they need to find Alfred so he can confront him. Jonathan tries to tell her there is a lot at stake and not to follow through with her plan. But he can't talk freely as Nate is listening to everything.

Harley is distraught at the sight of Gus on the floor of the studio. It appears he has been shot in the chest. When Mallet appears with a gun, she is furious, assuming he has killed Gus. Mallet grabs Harley and tries to carry her away. They are fighting when a policeman sees them and points his gun at them. Mallet talks to him, telling him he is also a cop. He says he needs to call for backup and for an ambulance. When the policeman does so, Mallet grabs Harley and they run. He takes her to his hotel room where she is very angry. But Mallet admits to Harley that Gus is not dead; it was an elaborate plan he and Gus concocted to get Harley out of danger. Harley is both relieved and angry.

Alan saw Gus fall to the studio floor and believes Gus is dead. Sebastian, having followed Alan, grabs him and convinces him to leave the studio. Alan is distraught. Sebastian takes him to the hospital where he receives medication and oxygen. While the medication takes effect, Sebastian hears Alan admit to killing Phillip. Sebastian sees dollar signs since he now knows something Alan definitely doesn't want anyone else to know. He gloats a bit, but in a flash, Alan reaches up to strangle Sebastian. He has heard everything! Sebastian tells Alan his secret is safe with him, his sons are gone now, but he is there to help him...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Josh returns from his trip to Cross Creek and is welcomed by Reva who is more than happy to have him back. She confides in him that Jonathan's father is alive and Josh agrees to help her search for him so that Reva can help Jonathan get over his childhood. Later, however, feeling guilty about how wonderful Josh is being, Reva confesses to her attraction to Nate. Josh is understandably hurt and wants to go to San Cristobel , alone, to dig up information about Alfred. Torn between Reva and Nate, Jonathan goes to Dinah for some comfort. They make love and a down-on-family Jonathan questions Dinah about why she wants a family. He tries to convince Dinah to let go and just have fun with him. Dinah seems to give in to him but later, she calls Edmund and leaves the phone off the hook as she and Jonathan have sex. Bill and Olivia return from Cross Creek for their adoption finalization but Bill is too woozy from his accident to make it to court. Olivia is disappointed until Bill surprises her by arranging for the judge to come to them. Later, Bill's adoption of Emma is finalized and the new family rejoices. Danny and Marina are sharing a romantic night together when a call from Michelle breaks the mood. After seeing Danny's reaction, Marina thinks she already has her answer about where Danny's heart lies but Danny assures her that his future is with her.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Alan obsesses about killing Phillip. Ross finds Alan acting neurotically in an apartment. Alan says that his room service order smells like almonds and that cyanide contains almonds. When Ross leaves, Alan throws the food to the floor.

When no one is looking, Coop and Lizzie can't keep their hands off of each other at Company. But when Ross arrives, they pretend to hate each other. When Ross leaves, Coop tells her that he is tired of sneaking around and wants her to come away with him to a music festival. Alexandra warns Lizzie about being careful. Alan lurks as Lizzie and Coop kiss. Alan calls Sebastian to ask him to teach Coop a lesson. Alexandra says that she will not allow it and that if anything happens to her or anyone else she loves, he will spend the rest of his days in prison. They trade threats.

Harley tries unsuccessfully to sneak away from Mallet to find Gus. Mallet tells her that he's over her. She doesn't buy it and thanks him for helping her.

Sebastian finds the note Dr. Wallace left for Gus in Wallace's hotel room. Gus finds Sebastian who tells him that Wallace was working at Cedars the night Phillip died. He tells Gus that Alan sent him to bring Gus home. Alan calls and Sebastian tells him that Gus is alive but got away. Sebastian tells Gus that he wants Gus out of the way so that he can be Alan's son. When Sebastian tries to follow him, Gus gives him a sedative. A nurse picks up the note that Wallace left for Gus.

Gus arrives and kisses Harley as a disappointed Mallet looks on. Harley wonders why Alan is so obsessed with her and why he was willing to get his hands dirty. Mallet and Harley leave Gus to find Sebastian.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Cassie and Jeffrey are outside Company. This is their first public appearance as a couple and Cassie is very reluctant about going into the restaurant. After some assurances from Jeffrey, Cassie is finally ready to go inside. Tammy's also there and is very surprised to see her mother with Jeffrey. After giving her blessing on the relationship, Tammy asks to speak to Jeffrey alone. She asks him what she should do if someone seems to be hiding something. He knows she's talking about Sandy and just suggests that she trust him. Suddenly, Jeffrey's cell phone rings--Marissa Randall was found dead in the ocean. Tammy leaves and Cassie returns, but Jeffrey now has to make calls regarding Marissa. Giving him some time, Cassie steps outside.

Dinah and Jonathan are in bed together in her suite. Suddenly, Edmund starts knocking on the door demanding that Dinah open up. Dinah tries to explain Jonathan's presence in her bed by stating that pregnant women need sex and Jonathan was providing it for her. Dinah tries to flirt with Edmund, to get him to provide what she needs, but he points out that he'd only be using her. Jonathan's in a mood and explains that everyone uses everyone. When Edmund implies that Jonathan should be glad he's changed for Cassie and the baby, Jonathan asks what if there was no baby? Edmund can't take Jonathan any longer and abruptly leaves the room. Dinah's a little concerned about Jonathan's hostility and tries to get him to talk about his childhood but he clams up and leaves the room to get ice. He runs into Tammy. When it becomes apparent to her that he doesn't know about his mother yet, Tammy tells Jonathan to check his messages and she's sorry. Jonathan goes inside the room to check his messages and learns that Marissa is dead and the police suspect foul play.

Meanwhile, Edmund has come across Cassie outside Company and tells her that he'd like to end the bad blood between them for the baby's sake. He thinks the baby needs a stable, unified family, but Cassie insists that she's going through with the divorce. Edmund then tells Cassie that her name is not on the contract that Dinah drew up earlier. He tells her that as a result she has no claim to the baby, she's "just an egg." But he has the power to make her dreams come true. All she has to do is choose between the baby and Jeffrey O'Neill.

Mallet enters the hospital and asks the nurse where Sebastian's room is. She tells him, but when he enters the room is empty--except for Harley who is there for the same reason he is. Mallet tries to convince Harley that she needs to leave right away before someone spots her. But Harley stubbornly refuses and insists that she can help back him up. Instead of listening to Mallet's advice that she go back into hiding, she spins the theory that Sebastian killed Wallace. Mallet states that he'll talk to the hospital staff, but Harley tries to tell him she needs to come along. Suddenly, Harley's phone rings. It's Gus who's just learned that Harley snuck out while he was sleeping. Gus gives Harley the same argument that Mallet did that she's not safe on the outside but she's not listening to him either. Seeing there's no convincing her, Mallet gets on the phone and convinces Gus to just let her stay and help. Unbeknownst to both of them, Sebastian has seen them through the window and makes a call to the police. Just then, Andrea Wallace comes to the hospital to retrieve her brother's body. Hearing that Mallet and Harley were asking about her brother, she accuses them of being the ones who paid him and got him killed. Mallet and Harley are shocked that Wallace was bought off and Harley tries to find out just whose payroll Wallace was on. Seeing that Harley's coming off way too strong, Mallet takes over the questioning and Andrea tells him that a wealthy patient was paying her brother for something and he was spending the money lavishly. Andrea then gets her brother's effects, which includes the note the nurse retrieved from the room. After Harley compliments Mallet on his smooth questioning skills, he convinces her to go back to the hotel with him.

Immediately after he talks with Harley, police burst into Gus's room. As soon as he's handcuffed, Frank enters and tries to get Gus to tell him where Harley is. Gus states that he doesn't know--she's long gone.

Harley and Mallet arrive at the hotel but Gus is gone. Harley is desperate to find him, but Mallet insists that Gus can take care of himself, the important thing is for her to clear her name by finding the real killer. But Harley is certain that Gus has been arrested and needs to save him. Mallet tries to convince her that the best way for her to help everyone is to save herself. Failing to persuade her, Mallet handcuffs her to him so she'll stay put.

Andrea reads the note that Wallace left for Gus.

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