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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on GL
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Monday, May 15, 2006

At Company, Coop and Ava agreed to stay out of each other's business while Lizzie tried to convince Ava they should be friends. Ava didn't want to be any part of it. Lizzie said she wanted to start being nice to Ava, since Coop was always so nice to Lizzie's family's employees.

While Coop was off speaking with Ava, Lizzie found the engagement ring in Coop's jacket. She left Company to get ready for that evening's dinner at the club with Coop. When she was gone, Ava told Coop they should just be friends. Coop could show her baby pictures, and she'd tell him about her dates.

Coop told Ava he might propose to Lizzie. Ava told him to do what he thought he should do. Lizzie went to the Spaulding mansion and told Grandma Lillian about the impending proposal. Lillian said she was happy for Lizzie but wanted to make sure Lizzie didn't get hurt if Coop was only going to marry her out of a sense of obligation. Lizzie told Lillian she didn't want to end up alone, feared, and hated the way her father, Phillip, had.

Meanwhile, Alan and Beth, Mallet and Dinah, and Harley and Gus were all on different parts of the island. Alan and Beth arrived at the Spaulding retreat and continued their sparring banter, which led to Alan's confession that he felt he might have a chance, with the new baby, to have a child who actually loved him. He also presented Beth with a white wedding gown. She told him both the baby and the baby's mother loved him. After more banter and a few passionate kisses, Beth noticed coffee cups and Springfield newspapers on the table. Everywhere the name "Spaulding" appeared in the paper, the name had been circled. Alan brushed it off as the help keeping up with news back home.

It took a few minutes, but Dinah finally got it through to Mallet that she had not killed Alan-Michael. She explained how she regretted her past and was ready to move on. She confessed that she and Alan-Michael had eventually begun conspiring to push Harley out of Spaulding. Dinah and Mallet left the jet and returned to the hotel area.

At the hotel, a policeman told Mallet that Alan-Michael was at the station, wanting to press charges against Dinah Marler for assault. Mallet said that Dinah had left the island. When the officer left, Dinah thanked Mallet for not giving her up. They headed out to look for Gus and Harley so Dinah could apologize to Harley.

Harley and Gus received the fax that Ross's private investigator's partner sent. It was a photo of Phillip in that very room, with a date stamp of 4/1/06. Harley immediately returned to her earlier suspicions that Phillip was still alive. Gus was very resistant to the idea, but eventually started to believe when Harley shared her theory that Ross had been killed because his private investigator had discovered Phillip was still alive. Someone hadn't wanted Ross to reveal the truth.

Gus and Harley went to the Spaulding retreat and confronted Alan with their accusations. While there, Harley noticed the Springfield papers as Beth had. Beth noticed the crossword puzzle in the paper had been filled out in red ink, just as Phillip had always done it -- and it was in Phillip's handwriting. She screamed at Alan, "What is the truth?"

Alan continued to accuse Gus and Harley of lying, but when she revealed her theory about Alan's involvement in Ross's death, Beth was shocked and said, "Oh, my God." Just then, she heard a noise in the hall and rushed to the door, calling out Phillip's name.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lizzie, convinced she was about to become a bride, was throwing herself a party and invited Jonathan and Tammy. At the country club, she demanded that Coop give her the ring. Coop said he wasn't ready yet. Lizzie surprised Coop by being understanding but later burst into tears. Coop revealed to Ava he hadn't proposed to Lizzie. Lizzie, however, lied to Tammy and said the engagement party was still on.

Gus, Harley, Alan, and Beth expected Phillip to walk through the door -- but it was Rick, instead, followed by Dinah and Mallet, and Blake and Jeffrey. Harley announced that Phillip was alive. They guessed that Ross had been on his way to see Phillip when his plane had crashed. Dinah asked if Phillip had killed Ross, and Harley wondered if Phillip was dangerous.

The shock caused Beth to have abdominal pains, and she went to lie down with Rick at her side. But then she realized that Rick had known Phillip was alive all along. She smacked her former prom date, but that was nothing compared to Dinah's screams that Rick had killed her father. Rick admitted that he had helped Phillip pay the mechanic to tamper with Ross's plane, but it was just supposed to have delayed Ross, not kill him. Beth collapsed in pain.

Colin told Reva he wanted her to skip radiation and go straight to chemotherapy. She was still trying to process the possibility that her cancer was spreading when Jonathan showed up in need of medical attention himself after a motorcycle accident. Colin patched him up, and Reva covered for why she was at the hospital.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mallet was trying to reassure a very upset Dinah that Phillip couldn't hide forever -- justice would be served. The sentiment didn't console Dinah, who couldn't comprehend how Phillip could let something like that happen to her father. Dinah soon stalked off, and Mallet was left alone with Harley. Mallet finally confessed to Harley that he had known Phillip had been alive since her wedding the year before. A shocked Harley demanded to know why he hadn't said anything. Mallet told her that he had lost Phillip -- he had been long gone, and Harley had just been so happy that day.

Harley told Mallet that he had to tell Dinah everything. Mallet knew she was right but was concerned that Dinah could blame him for ultimately causing her father's death. At that point, Gus entered with news -- a plane had recently taken off from an unoccupied house; it could be Phillip. At that point, a policeman arrived to ask Mallet questions about Dinah.

Gus spotted Dinah walking around the corner and kept her from being seen. He then consoled her on the loss of her father, since he had gone through the same thing when he had been young. Gus told her she had to hang on to the people she had, like Mallet. Dinah admitted that she didn't trust easily. She was also worried about becoming what she had once been. Gus assured her that they all had demons. His talk seemed to help Dinah.

A little later, Dinah was talking to Mallet about how she finally understood the agonizing grief that had led Harley to seek comfort with Mallet when they had thought Gus had been dead. At that precise moment, Gus walked by and overheard everything. In shock, Gus angrily shattered the glass that he had been holding. When Harley and Mallet arrived on the scene to help Gus bandage his hand, Gus kept silent about what he had heard. Instead, he asked Harley if she remembered how they had agreed to be open with each other. He then asked to speak to his wife alone.

Alone, Harley asked an eerily silent Gus if there was a problem. She wondered if it was his leg and if he needed a -- Gus finished the sentence for her; she wanted to know if he needed a pill. He then started talking about how they had agreed that trust and truth were everything. He had once believed that. Harley thought she knew what was wrong with him. She thought he was too afraid to let his guard down because he was anticipating their next crisis.

At that point, Dinah and Mallet returned, and someone suddenly knocked on the door. It was a preacher who was there for a renewal of vows. The group figured it had to have been for Alan and Beth, but they were gone. Suddenly, Harley got an idea -- she and Gus could renew their vows. Gus wasn't too comfortable with that idea, but Harley stated that it'd give them a chance to reaffirm their love. Dinah and Mallet started to leave, with Mallet giving Harley a gentle kiss on the cheek. Gus couldn't help but envision that kiss as seductive.

Alone, Harley tried to convince the unenthusiastic Gus to go along with the ceremony. She told him she wanted to feel closer to him and celebrate their love after everything that had happened over the previous two years. She told him to give her one reason, just one, why they shouldn't. Gus kept quiet and agreed to renew his vows. However, when the time arrived, Gus couldn't go through with it and stormed out in the middle of the vows.

Harley went after Gus and urged him to put the past behind him. Gus maintained that some things a person couldn't get over. Harley then started talking about why she loved Gus -- he was her hero, a quirky, flawed hero. She told him how devastated she had been when she had thought he had been dead. She had hardly wanted to go on living without him. He was her life. She told him she loved him, and he was all she'd ever want or need.

Meanwhile, Mallet and Dinah were in Ross's suite. Mallet was telling Dinah that he had known Phillip was alive for the past year. Dinah was upset -- not so much because he had kept quiet but because he was saddling her with it at that moment. Mallet pointed out that he knew what keeping secrets did to a relationship. He then pointed out that when she had told him about her plotting with Alan-Michael, he had forgiven her.

Mallet needed to know if Dinah could forgive him. If she could, that was great; if not, then that was that. An upset Dinah found a letter among Ross's things, addressed to Mallet. In the letter, Ross gave his blessing for Mallet to date Dinah and asked him to take care of her. An extremely touched Dinah hugged Mallet. He asked if that meant he was forgiven; she assured him there was nothing to forgive him for. They then made love.

Meanwhile, Gus told Harley he loved her. He told her he regretted vanishing on New Year's Eve. He was sorry he hadn't been there to ease her pain. They both admitted that they couldn't see their future without the other in it. Afterwards, Gus and Harley made mad, passionate love. Later, a restless Gus went downstairs and got himself a drink. He then went looking for pills and took one.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mel overheard Alan blaming Rick for Ross's death. Mel was horrified that Rick had once again put Phillip ahead of everyone else. Mel declared that she didn't know if she could forgive him. She added that if he could forgive himself, then he was not the man she had married. Mel wanted Rick out of the house -- even if Leah was scheduled to return home that night.

Meanwhile, Beth miscarried. Lizzie continued with her engagement charade, even throwing a party, despite the fact that Coop had declined to propose. Her celebration hit a snag when Lizzie's "fiancé" actually showed up. Coop realized what Lizzie had done and told her he couldn't stay. Lizzie threw a tantrum on the patio then ordered Jonathan to help her snare Coop, or Lizzie would tell Tammy they had slept together.

Lizzie's self-centeredness was interrupted as she heard about Beth and rushed to the hospital. A genuinely upset Lizzie called Coop and sobbed about a miscarriage. Coop rushed to the hospital.

Buzz was offering Ava a pep talk about Coop when Frank and Olivia walked in. Olivia urged Frank to make up with his dad, and he told her she was a good person. Ava observed that Olivia really had him fooled. Olivia snapped back that Ava needed to get off her good girl pedestal. Frank admitted to Buzz that he wanted them to reconcile but needed to know if his father still had feelings for Olivia. Buzz said he did have feelings for Olivia. He cared about her a lot and would love to see her with his son.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Reva postpones her chemotherapy in order to be there for Josh at his fundraiser. She gets Cassie to cover for her and slips out.

Meanwhile, Ashlee tried to get Jonathan's attention. When he wouldn't talk to her, she proceeded to buy alcohol at his place with a phony I.D. Soon after, she showed up, drunk, at Josh's party, with her mother, District Attorney Doris Wolfe. In front of everyone, Doris called Jonathan a criminal and announced he had served alcohol to a minor. Jonathan was arrested. Josh tried to page Reva. Cassie blamed Jonathan for Josh's party being a failure. She promised to help Jonathan if Tammy promised to keep him away from Josh's project.

Gus was still dealing with the truth about Harley and Mallet and reached for a pill. At Josh's party, he washed it down with some wine. Harley realized he was stoned. Gus told her it was because he knew she had slept with Mallet.

Coop arrived at the hospital to learn it wasn't Lizzie who had lost the baby; it was Beth. He admitted it was all finally real to him. Later, Alan told Lizzie that Phillip was alive. Lizzie realized Alan had to have been in on it and screamed for him to stay away from her baby.

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