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Reva and Lizzie's lost weekend will soon become clearer, but one has to wonder how long Reva can keep the fact that Jonathan and Sarah are alive from Alan and Lizzie.

It was great to see the overprotective Dinah come to the defense of her hubby - literally taking a bullet for him this week!

When Dinah and Griggs were doing the tango this week with their guns, I kept thinking to myself (and as Dinah revealed) you have NO idea who you are messing with! This is the woman who killed the love of her young life (Hart Jessup, Blake's brother) who took the bullet to save his current love (Cassie). After years on the lam, she is fiercely protective of those who love her - and who she loves.

The whole shooting of Matt was very well done - the anguish that Dinah felt when she realized Mallet had led Matt off to eliminate him for Griggs. The events that have snowballed into the shooting were partly her fault - her past with Cyrus. She feels responsible. But let's not forget hit-man Mallet who's shady past added more fuel to the fire. Add Matt's inept business decisions and you have a recipe for disaster!

But now we have to wait to see how it all ends! I'm pretty sure GL had this story ready in case Emmy winner Gina Tognoni decided to leave the show (which she had discussed the possibility of in previous interviews - but she has since re-signed with the show). I'm sure this story will be on the short list for Emmy time submissions for this year!

Reva and Lizzie's lost weekend will become a little clearer this week. One has to wonder how long she can keep the fact that Jonathan and Sarah are alive from Alan and Lizzie. Of course, there are rumors that Tom Pelphrey will return to GL - which I know many fans would welcome!

And the summer romance of Daisy and Rafe might have been stalled with his release, but Daisy has big plans to come home and find "vent boy" - if she only knew how easy that would be! '

I'm glad that GL brought up the Bauer bar-be-que (that I mentioned last week). It was tough to watch Rick want to turn the tradition over to Josh - but he's hardly in a better place to assist - although the farm might be a nice choice for a different venue. How about they have a Labor Day or Memorial Day event there? Leave the Bauer bar-be-que alone - and maybe give us some more Bauers to help host!

This week seems to have enough balance to make most fans happy - seeing their favorites at least a time or two. I know that is tougher to do in summer - when the actors have vacation plans of their own - but don't forget the fans who look forward to seeing everyone in Springfield on a regular basis!

Hopefully you'll find something to tune into this week as we prepare for the big 4th of July celebration. And for those fans in the DC area or travelling to DC - GL alum Hayden Panietierre (ex-Lizzie) will spend her 4th here in the nation's capitol and will appear on the broadcast seen on PBS. I have to admit I've lived in the area since I was 6 and have never been - maybe this year I'll make it downtown in the heat and the crowds...

Keep the Light Shining and Congrats to GL!!!

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