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Gwen is back! It's about time, and it's time for her to let Theresa and Ethan have it for the hurt and humiliation that they've put her through.

So Gwen is back!!! It's about time, and it's high time she let Theresa and Ethan have it for the hurt and humiliation they've put her through. I know some of you are suspecting her of being the blackmailer, what with her shiny red shoes and all, but the blackmailer lost a shoe at the hospital. Unless Gwen has access to a never ending supply of shiny red shoes, I don't think the two match up.

Another reason I don't believe Gwen is the blackmailer is that the blackmailer knows Theresa's secret, and there is no way Gwen would keep something like that from Ethan if she had a chance to blow Theresa out of the water. I think the blackmailer is threatening to hurt Ethan if Gwen doesn't leave him be, so Gwen is taking this seriously (unlike Theresa) and trying to distance herself from Ethan.

Theresa once again plays the role of hypocrite to a tee. She urges Whitney to let Chad be a part of Miles' life, as a father is so important to a son. However, she repeatedly denied Julian the chance to be a father to EM, and now she is keeping the boy's paternity a secret from Ethan. She has, in essence, denied two men the chance to be a father to her son. But has the nerve to berate Whitney because Whitney feels Chad may be a bad influence on Miles.

And I hate the fact that Theresa just can't be a friend. Why Whitney keeps calling on her is beyond me. Theresa goes to Whitney to be a shoulder to cry on, and ends up dumping all her problems on Whitney's lap. And when Whitney, being a good friend, advises Theresa to tell the truth, Theresa refuses. At this point in the game, Whitney has found her husband having sex with another man. Theresa can't stop herself from sleeping with Ethan, even though she's married to Jared. Whitney has the bigger problem, hands down.

So Kay now feels as though she has to play magician every chance she gets. It's not enough she almost brought Tabby's house down, now she is making deals with demon elf's to save Jessica. I probably would pull out all the stops to save my sister too, but why didn't Kay trust Tabby, who has tons more experience, to help her save Jessica? And what about poor Fox? No one's bothered to check on him since the "earthquake" knocked him unconscious.

Sheridan and Fancy work so well together until one of them mentions a future with Luis. Then its 20 minutes of catfights, name calling, and tattling. Their squabbles have lead to deaths, escapes, and quite possibly will lead to Luis' execution. The doctor that ran the blood tests on the blackmailer ends up dead, thanks to the blackmailer, and Valerie is found tied to a chair in an office, claiming the blackmailer did it. Hmmm...

Eve walks in on Julian and Ivy again, and has the nerve to throw a fit. I have to agree with Julian that Eve should've knocked. I also agree with Ivy that Eve is jealous because Julian has moved on. I love Julian and Ivy back together, and I feel like Eve should let that boat sail. She chose not to be with Julian, and now that he's with someone else, she has no right to be jealous.

It's amazing how quickly Noah, Paloma, and Simone realized Spike had Jessica and set out to search for her. Then they decide to call Kay and Sam to ask for their help, and the next thing you know, they are running into Spike. Then Paloma and Noah see the dirt on Spike's shoes and Sam calls for a rescue team to go up to the woods to look for Jessica. The rescue team consists of Sam, Paloma, Miguel, Noah, and Simone, who find no trace of Jessica.

Some Random Thoughts::

Why did Spike bury Jessica alive? Wouldn't it have been easier to overdose her and then kill her? And haven't we seen this before - with Sheridan?

That was a mighty roomy coffin Jess was in? She could turn all the way around and even had room to move after the coffin was half filled with dirt.

If Whitney didn't send it, then who sent Chad the text message?

The guards in the prison where Luis is locked up are racking up between Sheridan paying off mortgages and Fancy bribing to hug him.

The cleaning crew taking bets on who Julian was sleeping with was hilarious.

Until next week friends,

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