Alienation and betrayal

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Springfield might get the reputation of being the loneliest town in the country, the way that its residents are going. It seems that most people are at odds, or looking to cause trouble.

Springfield might get the reputation of being the loneliest town in the country the way the residents are going. It seems most people are at odds - or looking to cause trouble.

Even though I hated the whole Reva "Hide My Cancer" angle, it was sad to see her go to the doctor alone this week. Now that everyone knows about her cancer, she is still isolated from the other characters (except Jeffrey - who provided a great shoulder to lean on). Maybe GL can find her some friends or family who will be a more integral part of her life.

While I wasn't looking forward to the "Inside the Light" episode with Josh playing reverend for a day it was a nice look at some of the history of the show. Thankfully someone remembered all that Lizzie has been through in her young life. I'd like to see her have a chance at happiness and finally find a friend that might make her life easier - as long as it's away from the Spauldings! Some of the story was a little hokey - but Frank and Marina's scenes set up the wedding that will take place this week between Alex and Cyrus. Ahhh, another match doomed for failure!

Olivia's off the cuff reactions to events always seems to backfire on her. It seems that GL really wants to make this character as unlikeable as possible. While I adore Crystal Chappell, I do find some of Olivia's shenanigans over the top. Like Lizzie - and Reva - she has a lot of baggage to overcome. But GL seems to be painting her with the same brush they do so many other characters - one where you aren't rooting for her anymore. Yes, the character has suffered greatly, but you want to see her take that past and make it into something positive for herself - and her daughter. I don't mind the challenges, but we have to see something good in the character - something we can identify with - to make you root for her to succeed.

I guess the most amusing thing about Olivia is she is more like Reva than she realizes - or at least wants to admit. Both strong willed ladies who have, er, had their fair share of men, and willing to do whatever it is to survive. I can see GL wanting to make them rivals at times, but this all out war that is brewing isn't fun. Not when other people will get hurt in the long run. I can't say more without spoiling what will happen, but let's say that Olivia's reactions are going to cause trouble for someone other than Reva (which always seems to happen in these situations).

The relationships with Gus/Harley/Dylan/Natalia are also heating up! It looks like next week will have more of the same - hopefully without police involvement. It was quite touching that young Zach called the cops on Gus - I think a PSA on the issue would have been a nice touch as well. Hopefully the adults can behave better and make better examples for their kids. But since this is daytime....

This week promises more fireworks to end the month - and I can't wait.

Next week's "Two Scoops" will be later than usual. I'm back from San Diego but am heading on a mini-vacation to see my favorite player, Cal Ripken, Jr. inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame next weekend. I hope to have the column up late Monday or Tuesday when I return. Hopefully we've got someone to cover the spoilers or they might be delayed as well.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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