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This secret about Ethan Martin's paternity has got to come to an end soon. The way that Ethan is acting now, he'd definitely forgive Theresa for lying to him. He didn't get upset about the last million or so lies that she told him, so what's one more?

If I am ever involved in any life or death situation, please don't let Fancy anywhere near me. Not only did she watch Theresa stand there and almost choke to death, but she called Ethan before the paramedics were called. Like Ethan can do something to stop her from choking. And she was a police officer; didn't she have to be CPR certified? I did love Jared stopping long enough to ask why Fancy called Ethan. Fancy replied that Ethan would want to know. Wouldn't Pilar also want to know? I didn't see anyone calling her.

Ethan shows up with Gwen and Rebecca in tow, and its Gwen's miraculous face slapping that apparently got the poison out of Theresa's system. I don't think anyone has ever attempted to murder me with rat poison, but I'm pretty sure you don't hack yourself to death. I would think it would integrate in your system and cause organ failure. But that's just nursing school assumptions.

I did love the thirty or so minutes that Sheridan was possessed and she went off on Theresa. The snarky attitude and calling Theresa a bitch was a hoot!!! And then moments later Sheridan was fine, but Theresa sat down and still continued to talk to her. I would've left her and her poisoned tea. The elf said that no one was supposed to remember what they did while they were possessed. Why is it that now Gwen and Sheridan remember trying to kill Theresa while being possessed? Are his powers wearing off, or was he lying?

And why oh why has Gwen decided to not spill the beans? This long drawn out secret about EM's (Ethan Martin) paternity has got to come to an end. The way Ethan is acting now, he'll forgive Theresa for this. It won't matter that she's lied to him and kept his child from him. It didn't matter the last million or so times she's lied to him, what's one more? And it's time for the truth about Gwen leaking Ethan's paternity to come out. I know Gwen tried to tell Ethan and he said he didn't want to hear it, but the truth should come out anyway.

I am to the point I hate Ethan. All along he has been the reason for the bitter feud between Gwen and Theresa. After swearing up and down he wanted to remain true to his wedding vows all the while chasing after Theresa and cheating on Gwen, he has the nerve to tell Gwen she better not hurt Theresa. He was the one who was caught in bed with another woman. Gwen may have lied to him about his paternity reveal, but otherwise she was true and faithful to him all along.

I also love how Ethan knocks Jared out of the way during Theresa's rescue, and then gets upset when Jared leaves after hearing Theresa say she loves Ethan and watching the two of them all over each other. Is Jared really supposed to sit around and watch the woman he loves canoodle with her true love? But Jared is very sincere as he overhears Gwen and Theresa discussing EM's paternity and decides to give Theresa a divorce so she can be with Ethan. I'm with Gwen; I thought he'd give her more hell than that. Everyone who has found out this secret is hanging onto it and now the only person who doesn't know is Ethan.

So Luis is about to die. Apparently his execution is only hours away and several people know who the blackmailer is but won't come forward. What exactly is holding Sheridan back? I feel like Eve will blab the truth now that she knows its Vincent but I want Luis and Fancy to find out Sheridan knew and did nothing to help. Well, she did try to poison Theresa. But other than that she did nothing to help.

The whole thing with Eve and her son (Vincent)/the blackmailer was long and drawn out. I mean Vincent tried to kill Eve, but Eve still kept trying to reason with him. And Eve is yet another person that has had an opportunity to see who the blackmailer is and doesn't bother to rip the mask off. Vincent had to come to her and reveal himself. I did think that it was very suspicious of Valerie to show up immediately after the blackmailer escaped out the window. But it remains to be seen if Vincent and Valerie are the same person.

I did feel sorry for Julian who was looking forward to meeting his son and making up for all the wrongs he's done as a father. And then he was so disappointed his son left. But then the truth comes out. Vincent is Julian and Eve's son/the blackmailer. So what to do with this info now? Whitney will of course freak out when she realizes that her hubby slept with her brother.

So Kay and Miguel are married??? What about Fox; isn't she still married to him? And has Fox not learned his lesson? Why is he still trying to kill Miguel? As if that will make Kay love him. And I hate that Kay thinks her powers will solve everything. Are her powers strong enough to stop the dark side, that's went so far as to bring back Norma and Edna to help kill Miguel? Frankly, I'm with Norma, Edna, and the dark side. Miguel is boring.

Some Random Thoughts::

Loved the plug for DirecTV in Tabby's bowl.

Why did Sheridan have to kill Theresa? She knows who the blackmailer is, why doesn't she tell the police?

Week's Best Quotes::

Ethan: "I have every intention of marrying Theresa."
Rebecca: "Forgive me, but there is another man -- um, what's his name? Oh, Jared, that's right, Theresa's husband."

Julian talking to God: "And speaking of Father, I hope you've given him appropriate accommodations in the afterlife. Feel free to turn the heat up."

Until next week friends,

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