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Since Alistair was never really dead, Theresa's marriage to Jared would be declared invalid, and Alistair would immediately divorce Theresa, leaving her free to be with Ethan.

The blackmailer turns out to be Vincent. However, he has just enough left to blackmail his way out of jail. Beth has set her sights on him, and the two hookup to cause mayhem all over Harmony. Vincent starts to run his own seedy tabloid, and his first story is to reveal that EM (Little Ethan Martin) is really Ethan's son. Alistair boots Theresa as his bride and she not only loses her power, but also Ethan.

Ethan meanwhile is confused about what to do. He loves Theresa and Gwen, but Theresa has hurt him and lied to him so much and now Gwen doesn't seem to really want anything to do with him. Of course Ethan has always wanted what he can't have, so he starts pursuing Gwen heavily until he learns she was the one responsible for revealing his true paternity in the first place. Now Ethan is torn as both women have lied to him and hurt him.

However, Gwen doesn't care as she has moved on with someone else; Chris!!! Gwen has kept it a huge secret because she is scared Sheridan is going to freak out, but Sheridan is so obsessed about Luis that she doesn't care. Chris, Gwen, and James make the nice happy family, and Ethan regrets that he couldn't do that with Gwen. It is then Gwen encourages Ethan to make it happen with Theresa, which brings the two together.

Since Alistair was never dead, Theresa's marriage to Jared is invalid. And since Alistair divorces Theresa the second he returns home, she is free and clear to be with Ethan. Of course she's preggers, and we have a "who's the daddy" storyline with Jared being named the father, but of course the baby is really Ethan's.

Pilar manages to comfort Sam over his losing Grace and the two find love. Eve and TC reconcile, and decide to raise Miles after Whitney is killed and Chad leaves town afraid that he'll be a bad influence on his son. Simone finds love with Pretty Crane who is also a lesbian, much to her family's chagrin.

Jessica gives birth to a healthy baby despite the drugs and almost dying. She finds love with a college pal of Noah's and the Jessica decides to take over Grace's B&B. Noah and Paloma break up when she realizes that she doesn't want to be tied down just yet. Noah can't take being rejected and leaves town, just as a sexy new stranger comes in and eases Paloma's lonely nights.

Until next week friends,

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