The road of life makes many wrong turns

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The road of life makes many wrong turns
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Greenlee's fortune cookie couldn't be truer as she travels down that long, harrowing road herself. She is now facing the reality that her relentless pursuit to regain her prior life with Ryan is futile.

Greenlee's fortune cookie couldn't be truer as she travels down that long, harrowing road herself. She is now facing the reality that her relentless pursuit to regain her prior life with Ryan is futile. The gig is up, he loves his present wife and children and there is no room for what ifs and going back. Kendall feels her pain as she explains to Ryan that loving her drains them but she is family and they can't completely desert her. It is definitely an unusual situation but I for one am glad to see this drama concluding. Annie stood her ground and claimed who is rightfully hers, so now they will have to find a way to work together at the company that gives us all one big headache.

Maybe it's me, but whenever they have the majority of the stories centered on FUSION, I get bored and exasperated. I have worked in the business world myself and had to deal with an all-female staff, and I can still remember how those days ended. I hate office politics, I detest backstabbing and too much drama in the work force, and I definitely would not like to see my co-worker's husbands prancing in and out at will. Although it was comical when Ryan and Zach got on the elevator and then turned around and came back to kiss their wives goodbye. Timing is everything. This summer it has to be Fusion, ConFusion, and The Comeback where we will see the cat fights, flirting, and propositions and/or proposals occur.

Ryan is off the sofa and back in his wife's bed. All is wedded bliss in this household. His brother has given in to temptation and took the bite from the apple in the Garden of Eden. He spent the night in Ava's room and Del was talking about it on the basketball court. Doesn't seem to be as much privacy at Wildwind as you think. I couldn't even tell you what Del really said, as I was so happy to see Aidan and hear his accent. I am confused as to why Aidan cannot forgive Ava, or is it Jonathan he has issues with? House Mother Di intervened and will attempt to keep the boarding house harmonious, good luck on that.

The good part is that Lily knows now, there are no secrets, and she is accepting of her ex-husband being with her half-sister. More of the infamous "family overlapping". Babe is seeing a lot of her ex-hubby's half-brother like the old days. She left the situation where her mother was married to her husband's father. What can you say about the lack of good partners in a small town (on a soap opera)???? It was VERY nice to have Jenny's christening in the middle of the week and get back to a bit of the core, the Martin family. Yes, we truly got to see Ruth Martin and the rest of the clan. Godparents were chosen, Jamie and Colby. It was touching that it was the anniversary of the day Joe and Ruth became Tad's adoptive parents. I loved seeing a flashback with Tad's beloved sister, Jenny. Baby Jenny does have the best guardian angels in Aunt Jenny, Grandma Kate, and Dixie.

It was a very poignant scene when Stuart went to negotiate with Zach to get the Chandler Mansion back. This is such a touchy subject with Zach taking advantage of Adam's vulnerability. As devious as Adam is and always has been, don't you find it difficult not to feel sorry for the ogre??? He was actually at rock bottom when he was crying at the yacht club after seeing Krystal at the baptism on the "beach". I have to use that latter word loosely when you realize where Pine Valley is located. But hey, being on the water or shore anywhere is plausible and makes for great beach scenes. Look at how much fun Greenlee and Josh had on their "new beginning". You have to give Josh credit, he knows how to take damsels in distress who are still hung up on their mates, and let them forget if only briefly how miserable they are. He seems to fall for the ladies who are obsessed or still carrying the torch. I haven't decided what I think of this match-up, but if it means Greenlee laughing, talking sensibly, and not chasing Ryan......bring it on. Other couplings are still JR and Amanda playing cat and mouse, Jack and Erica hiding their reconciliation, Sean and Colby, and Krystal running to Derek when she and Adam reach an impasse. Sean was able to stop his mother from exposing his Uncle Jack and hopefully ran her out of town. It really is too bad they didn't have more for Susan Pratt to do on this return, as she really is a good actress and asset to the cast. Same for John James as Jeff Martin. He is on recurring status but seems to be part of the woodwork. Not even present for the Martin gathering.

It appears there will be a lot of business changes in the future. Zach and Ryan are in NYC checking out Eco Fleet. Josh could be running Chandler Enterprises, but I agree with Kristine, hopefully only temporarily. This licensed doctor gets around in the medical and business world, that's for sure. I also would like to see Adam regain his empire, as Palmer did a decade before, and be smarter about allowing his only son access. JR needs to grow up; he has been a spoiled brat and needs to learn humility. Amazingly, his brother Jamie said they are brothers and he's always there for him. Babe wants him to be a good father to Little A, she had every reason to be outraged with what he did. They said it all when they commented that JR goes straight to wrong choices. It's hard to believe this is the same Junior that Dixie raised with such pride and Southern charm through the years. A good on-line buddy from the Sacramento area, Renee, wrote with her AMC comments (as she does periodically) and noted how she hated that JR was responsible for a big mess again and that Amanda is just as childish. She said in closing,

***Its plain to see that I am not liking very much on AMC these day, but that won't deter me from continuing to watch it and hope storylines I will enjoy and want to watch start happening."

Doesn't that say it all? We might not like what is always happening on OUR FAVORITE SHOW, but we continue to watch and keep the faith. There has been more mention and flashbacks to the past history, so hopefully the new writing team will be able to get the momentum going.

It has been great to be on board again in Mary's absence. I am sure she had a great visit with her mother. Kristine will be back again next week, and Mary the week after. I always enjoy filling in when needed and sharing my thoughts and hearing from the loyal AMC fans what they think about it keep the rants and notes coming. Enjoy the rest of your summer and be thankful if you aren't experiencing 100 plus temps like here in Las Vegas.

See you next time with best regards always,

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