Carly and Brad scheme

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Carly and Brad scheme
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Lily has never spoken truer words than when she advised Carly to stop playing games and tell Jack exactly how she feels.

This week we saw the last performance of Jennifer Landon as Cleo Babbitt - as annoying as the character of Cleo was; it showed why Jennifer Landon has won two Daytime Emmys as she is a terrific actress. After the Branson saga ended, it was back to Oakdale as other characters faced off over their trials and tribulations: Carly, Meg, Emily and Alison.

This saga ends with the character of Cleo being taken away to jail which is a good move for the show to get rid of the character - I hope it does not mean that she may escape from jail at some point and return to Oakdale to create more havoc. I commend Jennifer Landon on creating a character so totally different from Gwen who made it look as if she was being played by a different actress. I also applaud Jesse Soffer for his performances throughout this story as he never got too close to Cleo and knew instinctively when Cleo was impersonating Gwen.

Luke got an eyeful in Branson when he burst in on Noah and Maddie in bed. It didn't seem to extinguish his crush but it looked as if he is more interested than before. I was pleased to see him be honest to admit he was gay as Noah seemed to be caught totally off guard. I have to wonder where this will lead.

Jade now sees how her bad deeds almost got herself killed. Jade is her own worst enemy. I just wished the show had done more with this character like branch her off with someone else instead of letting her continually be a nuisance to W and G. I believe the character and the actress could have been as pivotal a character as Gwen or Maddie or Alison.

Carly and Brad
Lily has never spoken truer words than when she advised Carly to stop playing games and tells Jack exactly how she feels. I remember when Hogan Sheffer was writing the show that the characters acted like adults without a lot of these clichés. This story could be so much stronger if the adults stopped playing games and were truthful and let the chips fall as they move towards each other.

Brad certainly knows how to play Katie well. Katie always falls for his schemes. Katie needs to listen to him though as she is going to be on the losing side this time. Jack will eventually realize that he wants to be with Carly and Katie needs to go for Brad now as they will end up together.

Emily Knows the Truth
I know this story was constructed to benefit Kelly Hensley's maternity leave. Honestly, how angry can a former prostitute be about the man she wants sleeping with her former porn star sister? There is a hypocritical edge to this whole thing. Emily will go away and come back in a few months wanting Dusty - any bets on this?

I understand why Aaron is angry because he asked Alison specifically if there was anything else that she needed to tell him. If she could tell him about her movie career and her drug addiction, I think she could have told him about Dusty too. So will Alison do now: go after Dusty for real or revert to her former destructive self? The question is: how much does the audience care about this version of Alison?

Meg and Craig
I know I am being somewhat critical of a lot that is happening in Oakdale right now; however, this story is almost unwatchable. We know that Paul will turn up alive as he is truly James Stenbeck's son. Meg brought all of this on herself by trying to outwit Craig of all people.

The one bright spot here is bringing back Scott Bryce as his Craig has so much history with certain characters like Margo, Lily, Lucinda, and Holden. Margo never had the kind of moments with the last two Craigs like she did this week with Craig.

In my last column, I asked if Katie belonged with Brad or Jack and I received some interesting replies - here are some of those comments:

Ashley said, "You asked who Katie belongs with Brad or Jack. How about Snickers? I'm sorry but I feel that Katie should just be alone for a while, poor Snickers who is feeding that adorable little bunny anyway. But to answer your question, I think Brad is better suited for Katie."

Lois said, "Jack and Carly forever...They will find a way to get back to one another. Whoever else who wants Fluffy [Katie] can have her."

Marketa said, "I only wish, that Katie will not belong to anyone ... uh, I really do not like her character. I am 100% Carly fan, I love her trouble-making, yet passionate personality, and it's actually funny to watch what she will do next to get back with Jack. I believe she will though"

Sandra said, "Katie and Brad have better chemistry than she and Jack. Carly and Jack the chemistry is so awesome!"

Kristy said, "I'm disappointed that the writers are basically rehashing the Carly has to move heaven and earth to get Jack back. I'm a huge CarJack fan but shouldn't Jack be the one to fight this time? Also, I have had it with Katie. I simply cannot stand her smugness, I FF every scene that she has with Jack. If this is how this storyline is going to go I would rather Jack and Carly not be together and Jack and Katie could move to snoozeville."

Lee said, "Katie belongs with Brad, Carly with Jack. Carly and Jack are like Margo and Tom twenty years ago or at least ten years ago and should mature together instead of the contrived storylines to keep driving them apart. She can still get into wacky situations. Now that she and Lily are teaming up, she can create all kinds of trouble and still be with Jack and the kids."

Lucie said, "Carly and Jack are just about the best and most meant to be couple on daytime television... their chemistry is right on every scene, however... even though Katie is just temporary. It's good to see some catfighting between two strong characters like Carly and Katie. I like this storyline, mostly cause in the end. Jack and Carly are destined to each other no matter what the sexual/emotional tension between them right now makes the SL so good. It would be shame if they overdo it or overplay them or drag it for 1 year. I would like to see it more or less believable!"

Lesa said, "Katie and Brad so belong together...but not so sure about Carly and Jack....Carly is becoming so obnoxious."

Finally, a question for you: do you think it's time to for a writers change on this show to bring a fresh perspective and some real excitement back to Oakdale?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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