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Can't Alan find happiness with someone that his son's aren't interested in? At least we know that Harley is safe from Alan's advances!

I'm not an expert of high society fundraisers, but the Springfield Diabetes Gala certainly shows that there is something for everyone at the event - besides charitable giving, of course.

The original backdrop for the event was the money grab of all of the Springfield's elite - and friends of the Spauldings - who attended the event. But there is certainly more to this little evening that stroking checks for a very worthy cause.

There was so much drama and tension in the room you could cut it with a knife. Natalia/Gus/Harley, Matt/Vanessa/Billy, Alex/Cyrus/Marina, Matt/Dinah/Mallet, Natalia/Gus/Alan, all vying for attention and making viewers wonder what would happen next. And sure enough, something did on all fronts.

You knew that Alex and Cyrus wouldn't survive this scheme - but the wild ride we are about to be taken on is more than most fans had even thought about. You either thought that Cyrus and Marina would ride off into the sunset of the south of France - or not. But wait til you see where we go in the next few weeks. This story will surely impact most of Springfield - and the longtime friendship of Alex and Buzz - forever.

Thankfully the event wasn't on Main Street or at a Beacon Hotel room, which we are so sick of seeing. And it was great to see the characters, even in their triangle stories, interacting with one another. Everyone looked great, the set was one we hadn't see in a little while, and the story will certainly take off from here. But some of the fallout from the event will surely anger some fans.

Dinah and Mallet have had more than their share of struggles, it's true. Dinah's brain injury and the lack of medical insurance (something the show could certainly mention more since it is a very real situation that affects millions) has caused their relationship to teeter at the breaking point. Dinah is an impulsive woman when healthy, but this new, injured Dinah - with the impulsiveness and lack of sense - is someone new. How can she thinking kicking Mallet to the curb will solve anything? And will he let her off the hook that easily? I sure hope not. While I wasn't always in favor of this couple, they have certainly grown on me over time. Plus, they are one of only a few happy couples left in Springfield, which makes me sad.

Another now ex-couple that really had my attention was Reva and Jeffrey. I know that the fan buzz on this couple has been strong - and I really like them together, too. Now Reva and Alan have this unholy alliance that is causing Reva to move into the Spaulding Manion? Come on, GL!! The "breakup" scenes were great - but I hope that the "make up" scenes - whenever that is - are even better!!

Speaking of Reva, while I have bought the book that explains the Jonathan story - I am only through a few chapters thus far. I'm not sure that it explains much of what is going on with Reva and Alan. When I finish the book - which I hope is this week - I'll be sure to pass on any tidbits here.

The other little bit of story on Alan has me shaking my head. I can see an Alan/Natalia situation brewing, which will complicate this storyline even more. Can't Alan find happiness with someone his son's aren't interested in? At least we know Harley is safe from Alan's advances!!

This week will certainly be an exciting one - leading up to Fall Sweeps. Until next week...

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