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Dinah's antics with Cyrus seem to suggest that she's getting ready to have some serious issues with Mallet. Her medical bills, in addition to her illness, are adding a lot of stress to their relationship.

Boy, you go away for two weeks and there are a lot of changes in Springfield! They must have heard me (and you) complaining about how slow things were moving. Now it seems I need a scorecard to keep up with my football picks - and life in Springfield, too!

When I went away on vacation, Harley had just learned that Gus and Natalia had slept together. But during my GL viewing marathon since I returned they slept together twice - and are now breaking up. I am SOOOO confused with this one. As much as I adore Harley and Gus, I would NOT have hopped back into bed with him. My husband knows this - it's the one thing I know I could never forgive. But to give Gus such mixed signals was wrong as well. I don't think these two will survive - much as I hate to say it. But Daisy certainly has a lot of the blame for this on her shoulders - she went in search of Natalia which started this whole situation in the first place.

Speaking of Daisy - it seems that her relationship with Rafe is going at hyper speed. Now I was a teenager a long time ago, but this whole relationship is too serious, too fast. While part of me is glad that the show devoted some time to discussing the consequences (after the fact) I think they really rushed this whole thing. But to devote a whole show to it certainly had many of you hopping mad - it seems these Wednesday shows are stretching to fill the time. Maybe GL should go back to the drawing board and only do these special shows once in awhile. It seems they worked in some cases, but not in others.

Daisy's grandmom certainly had her hands full this week. She's been at odds with Alan forever and now they are best friends? Of course, there is something fishy going on, but I'm not in favor of making fans buy a book to learn what happened. Needless to say I'll make my way to the bookstore Tuesday to see if I can get a copy of the book and at least start reading it by next week.

The whole Lewis construction fiasco was something I didn't see coming, either. I guess being away from the internet and the show for two weeks I missed quite a bit. But I still can't see Cassie wanting to throw away her freedom (possibly) for Billy's lapse in judgement. This will, of course, pave the way for Bill to come home this fall, but I can't figure out how it will all play out.

Dinah's antics with Cyrus have me wondering if she's getting ready to have some serious issues with Mallet. Her medical bills, in addition to her illness, are adding a lot of stress to their relationship. Now with Mallet stealing money from the station, will he be able to help Dinah if he's caught? And how safe is Marina if Griggs figures out how much she means to Cyrus? More trouble seems to be ahead for both couples.

The mayoral race should be heating up, too. But we see Buzz and Doris only sporadically now. And what exactly is Ashlee hiding? I have the feeling that her past involves a big mystery that causes her to shy away from Coop's arms. I certainly understand some of her trepidation - she's had to endure many awkward glances and evil comments I'm sure - high school is a difficult place to be if you are the least bit different. But hopefully she can overcome her fears to see what a great guy Coop is - before Ava gets her hooks back into him!!

Hopefully the new book - and watching GL at a slower pace - will give me some answers!! Along with something for this cold I can't shake!!

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