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I'd like to start this week with a formal request to the AMC writers. Could we please go a few days without a baby nearly dying?

I'd like to start this week with a formal request to the AMC writers. Could we please go a few days without a baby nearly dying? I know you have a lot of programming hours to fill, but I'm thinking they can be filled with something other than major trauma for the show's pre-toddler set.

Spike's life had to saved again this week, after he had an allergic reaction to the mysterious vitamins provided by Dr. Hilliard. As expected, Ryan snapped and flew into a violent rage, upping his threat quotient with Greenlee (who Erica revelaed was behind the doc's interest in Spike) and attacking Hilliard. I guess because this approach has worked so well for him in the past. I'm not sure if Hilliard is evil, but even a well-intentioned doctor can prescribe something that can cause an unforeseen allergic reaction.

Erica was quick to jump on the Hate Hilliard bandwagon, citing her experiences with him at the Betty Ford Center. Now, I'm not saying Erica's out of line, but I'd kind of like to know if there is any specific reason she should hate him. So far, she's only attacked him for things he did before he went to rehab, namely, getting his license revoked after prescribing painkillers to himself. I guess Erica forgets when she swiped Maria's prescription pad to write herself a 'scrip all those years ago before she went to rehab.

Watching Erica rail against Hilliard for his shady, pre-addiction activities is a little like watching her scream at Greenlee and Babe for stealing babies. Or am I the only one who remembers she stole Maddie? I'm not saying she's not right, or that I don't enjoy watching her in action, but it's a more than a touch hypocritical.

"Kangarooing" with Kendall

Kendall, of course, blamed herself for Spike's problems, prompting her to doubt her abilities as a mother. Fortunately, after a pep talk from her husband, she was finally able to let herself connect with their other child, Ian. Watching Kendall "kangaroo" her little boy was beautiful; watching Zach watch his wife and child bond may have been even more beautiful. The moment was broken when Greenlee showed up, of course, and it seems as though Kendall has redirected her anger back at Greenlee. I guess we're supposed to believe that Mrs. Slater showed up on Greenlee's doorstep to either reconcile or kill her former "sister." Personally, I'd prefer the latter.

While Kendall was waiting outside Greens' penthouse, Zach showed up at Cambias Industries to find Hannah waiting for him. Of course, the first thing Zach thought of was the last time they spoke, when the psycho asked Zach to impregnate her. We are supposed to believe, or at least entertain the notion that Zach gave into her demands. Well, I'm not even going to go there, and if the writers decide to, they're crazy.

I won't get into the whole "why Zach wouldn't do this" speech again. It's not worth repeating right now. Whether she's pregnant or not, odds are she's working with Adam. There are a million possibilities, none of which are worth discussing until we actually hear what Hannah has to say. As they say, I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it.

Speaking of jumping off bridges, I think I'd rather do that, or just about anything else, rather than watch the budding "romance" between Greenlee and Aidan. I've always liked Mr. Devane, and I'll always hoped the writers could find him a good, front-burner love interest (and Maureen/Maria doesn't quite count in my book). I've really only enjoyed him with Kendall (circa 2004) and Di. Granted, there aren't too many other options for Aidan right now, but Greenlee? Really?

Grumbling About "Graidan"

I just don't get the attraction, on either side. Greenlee is usually focused wholeheartedly on the men she truly loves, like Leo or Ryan. Her attraction to Aidan reminds me of her relationship with Jake Martin. Her first choice wasn't available, for whatever reason, so she settled on a guy who she merely likes - and who, more importantly, will defend her. I don't think for one second that she wouldn't run back to Ryan if the opportunity presented itself, even though Ryan's little "I'm watching your every move" speech ticked her off. My feelings about this relationship were summed up, oddly enough, by Julia. Did you catch the looks she shot Greens and Aidan while she was stitching up Devane's wounds? A mixture of disbelief and confusion, with a healthy shot of "Aidan, you could do so much better!"

Aidan's instantly annoying when he's defending Greenlee against Ryan or Zach. And watching Greens equate what she did with Spike to Zach masterminding the blackout was more than a little frustrating. The difference? Zach's actions, though wrong, were carried out because he wanted to stop Kendall and Greens from making destructive choices. Greenlee stole Spike because she wanted him to herself, regardless of other people's feelings.

My annoyance with Aidan even carried over to his interrogation of Annie later that day. I don't know what we're supposed to think about the latest Mrs. Lavery. Did she knock out Aidan and take the locket? Was it her brother, Ritchie (who may or may not be Wes from the Comeback?) Is he the dangerous one, or is Annie the one to worry about? Ryan tried to get some answers from Ritchie's prison psychiatrist, but he ended up coming off like a regulation moron.

He lectured a licensed doctor about his ability to diagnose mental problems. He balked when that doctor suggest Ritchie was wrongly convicted, even though Ryan knows the truth. Finally, he nearly attacked the doctor when he suggested Ryan doesn't know his wife very well... which he doesn't. Oh, and the next time there's a mysterious crazy person terrorizing Pine Valley, I hope the writers try not to link it to a children's song. Between "Red Rock" and "Ring Around the Rosie," I'm ready for a change. What's next? A serial killer who stalks people to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?"

From One Extreme to the Other I thought AMC did a decent job, once again, of acknowledging the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. It wasn't the focus of the episode, like last year, but it was mentioned in a way that I think most people can relate to, with the "where were you then" conversations and reflections on how different the world seems now. It was nice and it was necessary.

In contrast, we then had to watch Ava - who suspected she was pregnant as JR and Jonathan sparred over her future - end up in the hospital with appendicitis, refusing surgery because she thought she might end up with a scar. It took a team of people to convince this stupid little twit to get a life-saving operation. Are you kidding me? That little story about her mother did nothing to convince me her fears were justified. It might be tough to be a model with a scar, but it's a heck of a lot harder to do when you're dead. It's just another item on the "Reasons I Don't Like Ava" list.

Well, that's it for me this week. See you soon.
-- Kristine

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