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We all know how secrets have a way of coming out in Pine Valley. Annie blames herself for her mother's suicide.

We all know how secrets have a way of coming out in Pine Valley. Annie blames herself for her mother's suicide. I really like Annie and felt her pain when she was talking about her mother's death. Guilt can be such a destructive force, and it appears Annie has suffered enough. I think Ryan can relate to Annie's situation since her brother, Richie, is a cruel person not unlike Ryan's father. Now Annie spoke of sending Richie to prison by lying in court while testifying against him even though the D.A. is the one that lied about Richie going to a mental institution versus prison. Richie sounds as if he is/was an evil individual and perhaps had other crimes to pay for, but then Annie should not have lied under oath, causing his incarceration.

Ryan did his best to defuse the situation and then encouraged Annie to forget the past, move forward, and start by throwing the locket into the water. That would be the PV ocean! So did Richie send the locket with the purpose of having something bad happen to the person that is wearing it? He should still recognize Annie, but has he turned the deed over to someone else and that person could then cause harm to whoever is wearing the locket? It could all be a red herring too. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Boy is JR one good-looking guy! I can see why the attraction is there for Amanda. Those two really have the makings of a dynamite pair. I dare say even a supercouple. Now, I can see there could be bumps in the road since Ava has entered the picture. Ava, who could care less that her lovemaking with Jonathan is being captured on film by the paparazzi. I personally don't understand JR's logic that Ava and a shopping web site would be anything anyone would be interested in.

It appears Ian is still in the background, as Josh is in charge of checking on him. Kendall is obsessed over Spike and is still in denial about Spike being deaf. Her secret of continuing to take Spike to Dr. Hilliard was revealed, and Ryan was duly unhappy. Is anyone surprised? I feel sure Spike's condition will not improve because of any vitamins the doctor is giving him. I wondered why Kendall was dressed in a Red Wings jersey, considering Pine Valley's proximity to the Flyers, Rangers, and Islanders or the fact that the Mets are in first place and Yankees and Phillies both have wild card possibilities. Oh, well, I guess she was supposed to be sexy in her trench coat and heels. I didn't find their private time all that enjoyable.

Julia and Josh seem to be a couple, at least currently. I don't see the attraction, and I feel sure Julia and Tad will be paired up once Kate's identity is uncovered. I'm not looking forward to a Julia/Tad liaison, as I don't like when a character sleeps with both the son and father. The whole storyline loses so much considering Dixie won't be there for the reunion. The Powers That Be should never have killed Dixie.

Ho-hum on the Krystal and Adam/Stuart scenes. They were rather uninteresting and predictable. If Adam wants Krystal back, he certainly knows how to woo women, so why is he doing the pursuing? Instead, Adam is acting like a wuss, and even though I don't want Adam and Krystal to reunite, I'd prefer to see Adam go back to his demanding presence, which means going after what he wants.

The sniping between Greenlee and Erica can't hold a candle to the old Erica and Brooke scenes. Now those were classic, however Greenlee comes off as snide and sarcastic while Erica appears just spiteful and nasty. Jackson tries to show each of them that they both have some goodness in them but, quite frankly, fails. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week come from Robin who writes: "My main gripe about the show is ERICA! It is not only that this constant on again, off again thing between her and Jack is stiflingly boring (who could care if her 119th marriage fails or not? ... her vows only last for about 15 minutes), it is becoming embarrassing to see an obviously sixty-ish former beauty trying to look and act as if she were still 28 but she would be ever so much more beautiful if she groomed herself as the still lovely grandmother that she has become." Oh, my I'm not sure Erica will ever be referred to as a grandmother....

Greenlee's involvement with Dr. Hilliard has been exposed, and we all know it won't be long until she's blamed for any and everything that affects Spike adversely. Once Erica found out about Dr. Hilliard, she ran right over to see him and take matters into her own hands. Surprise -- Erica and Dr. Hilliard are "old" acquaintances, as she immediately referred to him as Dan. Is there ever anyone that shows up in PV without knowing someone there?

Congrats to Cameron Mathison on his selection to Dancing With the Stars. I personally do not watch any of these type of shows, but I wish him much success. He's truly a great guy with all the extra things he does outside of AMC.

It's official that Alexa Havins is leaving AMC when her contract expires. A new actress has been cast, and I'm unfamiliar with her work. [For more, please click here.] One thing is for sure: Alexa will be hard to follow. Although I've never enjoyed the character of Babe, I've never denied the talent of Alexa, and I understand she has already signed on for a movie role. I'm not surprised and see her going far. Wishing much success to her and to her husband, Justin (now ex-Jamie).

Take care; thanks for the emails, rants, raves, comments, and support!! I'll be off in a couple of weeks but will see you in about a month.


Mary Page
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