The gay kiss controversy

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The gay kiss controversy
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Luke has been groomed to be a character we love, and he has been surrounded with family and friends who discuss his sexuality openly and honestly. It's reasonable to expect that Luke's story will continue to be well told.

Two Scoopers, you are a vocal bunch when you've got something on your minds. In my last column, I wrote about the kiss between Noah and Luke and published a sample of the negative mail that had overflowed my e-mail box after it occurred. (At the time of publication, my mail regarding the kiss had been 100 percent against it.)

Since that time, I've received more than 600 e-mails about the gay storyline, many praising it and ATWT for showing reality and telling a difficult story. (I usually try to answer each e-mail personally, but I found it impossible to do last week, with so many responses. So, don't be offended if you didn't receive a reply.)

I was concerned, after all the negative mail about "the kiss," that TVs across America would be shutting off the show. But, it appears that for every person who threatened to shut off their TV, I received an e-mail from someone who started watching because of Luke's gay story or promised to remain watching through the conclusion of this tale. ATWT has tapped into a controversial storyline that excites passionate views on either side, as evidenced by the record number of e-mails I received. In the hands of another show, I would be worried as to how this would play out. But ATWT has groomed Luke to be a character we love and has surrounded him with family and friends who discuss his sexuality openly and honestly. I have no doubt that Luke's story will continue to be well told. Now, if Noah would just be honest with poor, sweet, Maddie, and come out of the closet, then I might like him, too.

For more on fan reaction to "the kiss," please click over to our blog section where Soap Central founder Dan J Kroll has more to say on the issue.

In other musings:
--Only Carly Snyder could pull off wearing a little black cocktail dress to a barbecue. I can see why it's Jack's favorite dress, but come on. Would it have killed her to put that rocking body in a pair of jeans?

--I love the Dusty conflict going on between Lily and Holden. It's great use of history, considering Dusty and Lily used to be lovers. And it's about time that Dusty had a friend in town that isn't a Stewart woman.

--Question to the music people: Why did you play creepy dramatic music during the Luke and Noah scene? That music seemed more appropriate for the horror/slasher scenes in the woods last summer.

--Is anyone else worried about the future of Al's Diner? With Henry and Vienna running the joint, I don't think it will last through the year. I'm hoping it doesn't fold. Where will the good townspeople go for fries, and where will Lucinda get her vanilla milkshakes if Al's goes under?

--Speaking of Al's, with Henry and Vienna making out on top of the table, let's hope they use a good disinfectant. All together now, Ewwww!

--Katie and Jack have bad luck when it comes to jewelry. First, Katie demolished part of her engagement ring down the disposal, and then her new watch didn't fit. Some might think that all these jewelry mishaps were a bad omen, and by "some" I mean Katie and Carly. Perhaps they're right.

--I hope this Gwen and Will storyline isn't going where I think it is. All clues are pointing toward Alison as a surrogate mom for the Munsons, since Gwen lost the baby. Please, stop this tale before it gets going! The Munsons have had too much going on in their lives for years. Can they just get some down time to be kids and relax? I'd like to see them graduate from college before they start worrying about diaper duty again.

--Place your bets on long it takes Brad and Carly to start up a relationship. I don't think Carly will be alone too much longer.

--It's good to have Rosanna back in town. But, I hate to see Paul manipulating her like she's Meg Snyder. Rosanna, hopefully, is too smart for his games. I'm enjoying the Rosanna and Craig scenes, too. She's bitter and out for revenge. Craig, watch your back. Your enemy list now includes Lucinda, Barbara, Paul, Rosanna, Lily, Carly, Dusty and Lucy.

--Jack Synder has strange taste in movies. The guy just lived his own cop shoot 'em-up action story, why would he want to go watch the same kind of storyline on the big screen?

--Years ago, I loved Paul Ryan. But his character transformation to an arrogant manipulator has alienated me to the point where I think he's a spoiled brat who takes extreme measures when he doesn't get his own way. Where is the sweet Paul who fell in love with Rose? Ah, that's right. A different actor played him. When the show changed actors, they changed the character, too. I hate smarmy Paul.

--I couldn't help but laugh when Ro kicked Craig and Meg to the curb. Craig declared he had paid the taxes, but I guess it didn't matter. Ro owns the property and the house at Fairwinds. Do you think Craig can get a tax refund?

--Thanks to everyone who helped me remember all the names little "Johnny" has had. But, there still seems to be some confusion. Rory, Billy, Craig Jr, Cabot and Johnny were all names given to the kid, according to readers. However, some disagree that Cabot was "Johnny," explaining that Cabot was a different baby all together. If anyone can remember the history of these babies, please advise me. I remember a "Cabot," but I don't recall if he was "Johnny."

Finally, thanks to all of you who took time to write this past two weeks. I had no idea I had so many fans. : Your kind words are appreciated, and I enjoy all of you, too, even if we disagree! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. I'm headed to the lake to work on my tan.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry gives his approval for Maddie to move in with her boyfriend, Noah.)
Henry: "If he's half the man you say he is, I'm sure everything will be fine, and if he's not, I know people."

(Brad checks in on Carly and Jack after they return from their adventure.)
Brad: "Hello. I just came to check in on my brother, make sure he wasn't hanging from the ceiling with an exotic dancer."
Carly: "That's more your style, isn't it Brad?"

(Brad and Carly argue about her relationship with Jack.)
Carly: "I've lost Jack before. I always get him back. It's what I do."
Brad: "You know, you can put it on your business card, but if Jack ain't buying, you're out of work."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Melissa)
"I am very disappointed that the so many viewers are being narrow-minded about Luke's new relationship. I'm impressed that ATWT went out on a limb to do this particular storyline. I am not offended, and I think it's very realistic to show a young gay man struggle with his first relationship. Kudos to the writers! It was very tastefully done, and I find the actors compelling. I've been watching the show for 25 years, and I have no plans to turn it off!"

(From Two Scoops reader Lynn)
"I want to say kudos to ATWT for their gay storyline. I am shocked out how many people are outraged by this storyline. It is 2007, yet we still treat homosexuality like a dirty secret that should be kept behind closed doors. There was one time in television when people felt the same thing about having interracial relationships. I say rock on ATWT."

(From Two Scoops reader Faye)
"I am disgusted with the gay storyline. I realize that it is happening in the real world, but do I need it shoved down my throat on the soaps? NO!!! So the OFF on the TV is used, and I won't be going back again."

(From Two Scoops reader Terri B)
"Come on people, get over the "Kiss." If they are going to tell the story of two gay men, I am glad that they are not wimping out. No, it may not be comfortable, but it is real life. I am a 61-year-old female and have watched ATWT since I was in the grade school. I will continue to watch for (hopefully) many years to come. Good for you CBS."

(From Two Scoops reader Kristy)
"I'm amazed that one little kiss could get people so mad. Perhaps Noah should have shot Luke instead because there is nothing "morally" wrong with that. I think that if a person stops watching a show that they "love" over a single storyline then perhaps they should spend that time doing some real good in the world such as feed/clothe/house the homeless, volunteer at a hospital, become a pen pal for our soldiers over seas, clean up a local playground, write to congress about the lack of health care for the poor, volunteer to teach someone to read that can't, donate formula/diapers/clothing to poor single parents, organize a fundraiser for schools in your area, or donate books to your local library. Surely, if you want to act morally superior you should back up that act with actions that could improve the world. If, on the other hand, you just want to sit on your bottom and type meaningless rants about the wrongs of homosexuality on a soap opera then maybe you aren't as morally superior as you think you are."

(From Two Scoops reader Dan)
"Here's at least ONE viewer who has started to watch ATWT BECAUSE of Luke and Noah's storyline. Who wants to see them kiss? I do. Thankfully, I'm not such an ignorant bigot that I don't get a major thrill at watching the sexual tension between Jack and Carly. Love is love, human emotions are human emotions, and drama is drama. Every one of you who would stop watching a soap because they dare feature gay characters as real, fully fleshed out people, are a frightening and pathetic commentary on what societal prejudice can do to cloud people's minds."

(From Two Scoops Melody.)
"You should research your statistics before you quote propaganda in your commentary. Recent studies that are much more accurate than the Kinsey study (which is where 10% of the population is gay propaganda first appeared) support findings that less than 5% of the population of both men and women is gay." You can read more about these scientific studies at as well as a breakdown of the U.S. Census at (read footnote #5). These figures are based on actual studies, not propaganda from groups with an agenda."

(From Two Scoops David.)
"I love two scoops but have been caught up with the boards and haven't read as often lately, but I caught your most recent edition and was inspired to comment. At first I found it odd that all the feedback you included that related to the Noah/Luke storyline was negative, but it's entirely possible that those of us who enjoyed it were too busy re-watching and posting about it and neglected to send you any feedback. So though I'm sure by now you've received an abundance of messages from Noah/Luke fans, I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the storyline. I have no objection to seeing a gay storyline on soaps and am excited that ATWT is pursuing one. They've really taken their time fleshing out Luke's character, and I've been waiting for him to find romance. The kiss was exceptionally good. I've seen a lot of gay themed shows and movies and the sincerity and vulnerability the actors portrayed made that one of if not the best gay scenes ever. And one of the best soap kisses in years. I hope ATWT can make this a character driven story and not get carried away with trying to teach the world about acceptance or worse, in my opinion, cater to intolerance and scrap the storyline."

(From Two Scoops Penelope.)
"Thanks for your comments about Luke and Noah. I thought your remark that no one commented on the morality of Emily becoming a hooker etc was right on. You've inspired me to write to ATWT in support of the storyline.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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