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Did Chad really think that Alistair wouldn't kill him last week? Alistair tried to kill his own daughter; Chad means nothing to him.

This column is only through Wednesday's episode as I am going out of town for the weekend. I will include Thursday and Friday's episodes in next week's column. Also, for those of you who don't know, I will not be able to continue to with the column once Passions moves to DirecTV in a few weeks. I don't have DirecTV and it's not in my budget to get it. I am sorry to see this column go, as I have written it for the last 5 years. I will miss the column and Passions.

Every once in a great while the writers come up with a line that is meant to be serious. The actor delivering the line means for it to be taken seriously as well, yet it comes across as the most hilarious moment. I haven't laughed hard in a long time, but Monday when Theresa said, "I told him [Ethan] the truth about Little Ethan and the shock has killed him" I almost peed on myself. It wasn't meant to be funny, but the line is so Theresa. She didn't learn until later that Alistair had poisoned Ethan.

And I loved how everyone calls Alistair all sorts of names, they all know how hateful he is, yet when he threatens to let them or their loved ones die, they all beg him to have mercy. Did anyone really expect Alistair to care if Ethan were dying? I mean Theresa begged and begged, as did Gwen, but did they really think Alistair was going to give in to them.

Did Chad really think that Alistair wouldn't kill him? I mean this is the same man that has tried to kill his own daughter. Chad means nothing to him. It was a shocker however that Chad was killed. Brook was wonderful during those scenes as she begged Chad not to die. As Whitney finally relented and told Chad that she loved him, Chad died, and Brook conveyed all those confused, hurt, angry emotions perfectly as she crumpled beside him.

Of course we also had to have Theresa and Gwen go at each other as well. Nothing is at peace unless these two are threatening each other and blaming each other. Funnily enough, Theresa had nothing to do with Ethan's poisoning, but it will be her fault if Ethan dies because the strawberries were meant for her. As if she would've let Ethan eat them, let alone eat them herself. But Ethan is forgotten when Gwen receives a call saying "he" is sick. Who is "he", and why is "he" more important than Ethan all of a sudden?

I'm a little miffed with Fancy and Luis. If Fancy wants to leave, let her Luis. Sheridan would take you back. This nonsense of the "Crane Curse" and how Fancy is going to ruin Luis' life was boring. I mean she thought he raped her and was partly responsible for sending him to the death chamber. If that didn't ruin his life, nothing her family name throws at him will ruin it. And besides, he's been in love with Sheridan for forever, so it's not as if he's not familiar with the treacherous Cranes.

How about Sheridan rushing to Vincent's rescue. Part of me thinks she rescued him so he can help her get Luis back. She has no love for Vincent, so why is she bothering to save him? But the Spikeman comes up with an offer she just can't refuse. He's offering to help her get Marty, who apparently is alive, back. Spike just upped the ante; can Vincent match it?

Kay just won't listen. Poor Miguel is seeing a shrink who gets an eyeful of the magic going on in Tabby's house. Tabitha warns Kay that Miguel will eventually pay for all the havoc she's been creating, but Kay refuses to listen, smarting that her powers are under control. Now she's planning her "magical wedding". This is a huge disaster waiting to happen.

So Esme is feeling a little blue because Viki's parents are dead and she doesn't know how to tell Viki. Fox comes in with a place to stay and just generally being the knight in white armor Kay fell in love with. It makes me wonder why Fox ever stooped to such lows to hang onto Kay when there was never a need to.

Some Random Thoughts::

It's sad that Chad died, but I'm not really sorry. I never really liked him.

How about that kiss Vincent laid on Spike?

Week's Best Quotes::

Theresa: "You monster!"
Alistair: "Oh, Theresa, come on. Expand that vocabulary of yours. Try "fiend," "demon," "ogre." There are so many different possibilities."

Tabitha: "Enough with the rhyming, Kay. It's worse than your magic."

Until next week friends,

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