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Theresa and Ethan finally got married last week, and while they were enjoying their wedding night, Gwen and Rebecca were trying to figure out where the newlyweds had gone, so that they could bust the marriage up.

Theresa and Ethan get married and enjoy their wedding night while Gwen and Rebecca try to figure out where the newlyweds have gone so they can bust the marriage up. Alistair, who has revealed himself to almost everyone in Harmony, shows and literally threatens to kill the two of them if they blab. Gwen is not happy about that and wants Theresa destroyed and sets out to tell Ethan the truth.

In the meantime, Alistair is sending poisoned chocolate covered strawberries to the newlyweds hoping to off Theresa. Alistair reveals this plan to Gwen and Rebecca and the thought of Theresa dead satisfies them enough to keep quiet. However, it may not matter as Ethan has made quite the pig of him and has indulged in all but one strawberries. Looks like the honeymoon may be over for these two.

Fancy refuses to leave with her grandfather once he makes his grand entrance, so Fancy pulls a gun on him to try to prevent him from escaping. Pretty fights with Fancy and allows Alistair to get away. Pretty feels as though helping Alistair escape will cause him to love her. I loved Fancy telling her she's as delusional as Sheridan.

Pretty tells Fancy and Sheridan this week that they are both evil like Alistair, yet the minute he came back to town, she was jumping to leave with him. Why? He told her to change her name to "Ugly Crane" and that she wasn't worthy of the Crane name. Yet the second Fancy refused to leave with Alistair, Pretty begged her grandfather to take her away. Could it be that Pretty always wanted to be Fancy and she started the fight that caused her accident? She blames Fancy because she could never be Fancy? Fancy was the favorite granddaughter and the pretty one after Pretty was scarred. Now Fancy has the hot boyfriend, and all Pretty has is her scar. This storyline would be better if Fancy and Pretty were twins. Their names would make more sense too.

Pretty spills the beans about why she's not so pretty, and Fancy thinks her relationship with Luis is over. Fancy couldn't have had strong feelings about her relationship with Luis before if she thought he'd just leave her without hearing her side of the story. Or maybe Fancy really does feel guilty about what's happened to her sister and she assumes that everyone will think the worst because she feels horrible about her actions.

Luis tells Fancy that he knows it was an accident and that she didn't mean to hurt Pretty. But not before he saves Sheridan from Vincent. Seems in order to get back in Alistair's good graces, Vincent has agreed to kill Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is reveling in the fact that Luis will come running back to her the minute he hears what Fancy did to Pretty. She lights candles, pours wine, and dons a negligee in the pitiful hopes of winning her lost love back.

If Alistair was behind Vincent's evil doings and ordered Vincent to bring death and destruction to Harmony, why did he use Fancy? Was Alistair trying to put Luis to death to torment Sheridan? Theresa? Pilar? And how did Alistair not know EM was Ethan's son. Everyone in town knows it, yet the secret keeper does not? I assumed way back when he forced Theresa to marry him he knew.

So Kay is using and abusing her powers and flitting her and Miguel all around the globe despite the warnings from Tabitha to stop. Meanwhile poor Miguel thinks he's going crazy and is seeking help. See Fox didn't need to fake and illness, he just needed Kay to drive Miguel insane.

Some Random Thoughts::

So Big Al is back and he says Beth and Marty are dead. Is he telling the truth?

I loved that Kay thought it was weird Gwen was at Ethan and Theresa's wedding. I also loved her comment about no Charity or Fox at her and Miguel's wedding.

I like Fox and Esme, but what is up with her niece that only talks to her? It's kind of weird and her niece looks old enough to be her sister.

Week's Best Quotes::

Rebecca to Theresa: "We want everyone to hear what a treacherous bitch you are."

Rebecca to Whitney: "Are you gonna sic your bicoastal husband on us?"

Rebecca, after Gwen asks if she slept with the limo driver: "Well, you know, I always try to be fair and equal opportunity."

Edna: "I am giving Norma a Brazilian wax."
Tabitha: "Oh, like deforesting the Amazon jungle isn't enough."

Edna about Theresa: "Oh, what color was her dress? I hope not white because I hear Theresa is at least five times removed from being a virgin."

Until next week friends,

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