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Last week, Whitney overheard Gwen and Rebecca scheming to stop Theresa's wedding, so Theresa devised a plan to lock them in the bathroom. Unfortunately, as Theresa and Ethan were becoming man and wife, Theresa's not-so-dead husband Alistair popped up.

So it seems as though Theresa and Ethan will finally get married, although this wedding has had more interruptions than any wedding on television, ever. Theresa has a gut feeling Gwen is up to no good, which should've been obvious as Gwen has hated Theresa for umpteen years and now all of a sudden wants to plan her wedding. Not only that, Gwen is also eager to jump in, volunteering childcare arrangements and such so Theresa and Ethan can have the perfect marriage. Why Theresa and Ethan even told Gwen about the wedding is beyond me.

I also found it odd that Gwen and Rebecca were attending the wedding, but Pilar was the only family member invited. Why didn't Theresa call her brothers and sister and Sam and Ivy? I'm not sure Ivy would be thrilled, but Sam might would've liked to seen his son be married. Whitney and Chad were called, and Kay and Miguel arrived by magic, where were the rest of the families?

Sure enough, Whitney overhears Gwen and Rebecca scheming and tips Theresa off. She devises a plan to lock Gwen and Rebecca in the bathroom so she can marry Ethan, which seems to work. Only problem is that as Theresa and Ethan are becoming man and wife, Theresa's not so dead husband Alistair pops up and alive and well outside Vincent's jail cell. Can't these two live happily ever after?

How cool was it that as Spike was trying to escape, and bribing Sheridan with promises of Luis' love, that Luis busted them. This is the thousandth time Luis has had to explain to Sheridan he loves Fancy, and the fact that he overheard Sheridan trying to help Spike escape so that Luis and Sheridan can reunite has proved to Luis that Sheridan has turned into a Crane. I loved it when Luis told Sheridan to get some help. Just a few years ago, as Alistair was putting Sher Sher through electric shock treatments, Luis was trying to save her. I bet he wishes now he had left her alone.

Still Luis finds Pretty floating in the pool, and has now gotten an earful as to what happened between Pretty and Fancy years ago. The question is, will Luis forgive Fancy or will he dump her the way Sheridan and Pretty are hoping? I'm betting Luis will understand that Fancy is sorry and has changed, but the real question is, if Alistair is alive, are Beth and Marty alive as well? If so, what does that mean for Luis, Sheridan, and Fancy?

Endora tries to give Paloma and Noah a romantic night, but it bored me to tears. Norma and Edna are boring as well. Endora and Tabby deserve better stories and hate that two of my favorite characters are mired down in absurdity before this show moves to DirecTV.

Some Random Thoughts::

Did anyone feel sorry for Sheridan when Chris visited her? She brought all this on herself.

Kay and Miguel are boring. If it wouldn't be for Kay using her magic, she would be boring to watch as well.

Week's Best Quotes::

Sheridan: "Pretty, can you hear me?"
Luis: "Sheridan, she's unconscious."

Pilar to Theresa: "I've seen that look in your eyes before. It's never good."

Julian sarcastically about Vincent: "We can't take our eyes off you. Much like watching a train wreck."

Until next week friends,

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