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Passions Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on PS
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Edna and Norma use Spike as their slave. If he doesn't do what he is told, Tabitha will send him to the basement. At the Bennett's household, Simone can't believe that she has a murderer for a brother. Sam gets prepared to arrest Jessica for the dead johns, but Kay uses magic to try to save Jessica. She freezes Sam and everyone else and decides to go to Tabitha for help. Instead of walking over to Tabitha's house for her assistance, she zaps herself over there, but Sam, Paloma, Jessica, and Noah are also with her. Sam wonders how they got to Tabitha's house. Tabitha keeps warning Kay not to use her powers until she is properly trained. She now has to cast a spell to reverse what Kay has done, so that they won't get suspicious. Kay makes another attempt to prove that Jessica is innocent. She cast a spell on Spike so that he would confess, but her spell backfires. Spike confesses, but Noah, Paloma, Simone, and also Sam confess to the murder of the johns as well. Kay can't seem to get her spells to work in her favor. After disobeying Tabitha, Kay zaps Sam and the others back to her house. She thinks her magic has saved the day because Sam decides not to arrest Jessica. He arrests Kay instead stating that all the evidence points to her.

Sheridan pushes an unwilling Pretty to tell Luis about what Fancy did to her. Meanwhile, Luis and Fancy are making up for lost times by spending some quality time with each other. Fancy remembers the incident with Pretty while with Luis and is affected by it. She promises herself that she can never let Luis know the truth. Meanwhile, Pretty and Sheridan are upstairs looking for Luis and Fancy. Sheridan doesn't want Pretty to get sidetracked, so she keeps reminding Pretty that Fancy was Alistair's favorite. Both Pretty and Fancy have fond memories of each other, but Pretty's scar have torn them apart. While Sheridan leaves to meet her visitor at the cottage, Pretty goes off in search of Luis and Fancy. Chris is back in Harmony to discuss James with Sheridan. He tells Sheridan that James is having a hard time dealing with the separation. Sheridan apologizes to Chris. She insists to Chris that she wants to see James, but Chris tells her that James needs to adjust to the separation first. Sheridan seems to understand the situation. While feeling sorry about what she did to James, Sheridan tells a mystery visitor that she cannot see him/her right now. Back at the mansion, Fancy awakens from a nightmare about Pretty telling Luis the truth about the scar on her face. She turns to Luis to tell him about the nightmare, and Pretty walks up on her and tells her that it's time to turn her nightmare into a reality.

Theresa and Ethan are planning to elope, and Gwen walks in on them in a compromising position. She apologizes for barging in and tells Ethan that Little Ethan is asking about him. Theresa is suspicious of Gwen and asks what she is up to. In addition, Theresa tells Gwen that she will tell Ethan the truth when it's convenient to her, and they will work it out, and they will be very happy. Gwen tells Theresa that she is incapable of making anyone happy. All she will cause is misery. Ethan walks in on Gwen telling Theresa that he is Little Ethan's (LE) father, and Ethan asks her to repeat herself, but Gwen plays it off and states that he is like a father to LE. Against Theresa's wishes, Ethan tells Gwen that they are eloping.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Theresa is still very suspicious of Gwen, wondering why she is so eagerly helping with the elopement. Gwen softens for a moment as Ethan opens his heart, thanking her for helping, but when she sees Jane and remembers losing Sarah, her heart hardens again, revenge still in her plans...

Luis confronts Sheridan about her trying to kill Theresa. Sheridan apologizes, cries over everything she has lost - James, Marty and especially Luis. Finally, Luis has had enough, this all stops now! Meanwhile, Fancy pleads with Pretty to let her hatred and bitterness go, let them be sisters again. But forgiveness is a far reach for Pretty, who threatens again to tell Luis what Fancy did and the only thing the two sisters will ever share will be loneliness...

Endora provides Edna and Norma a day at the beach in Tabby's living room, much to the dismay of "lotion-boy" Spike. Kay's attempts at magic get in the way as she tries to clear Jessica of the murder accusations and ends up being arrested herself!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In Tabitha's parlor, Paloma and Noah guard Spike, while Tabitha, Endora, Edna and Norma look on. Inexplicably, Paloma and Noah go outside to wait for the officer who will escort Spike to prison. Endora and Tabitha also leave the room so that only Norma and Edna are left with Spike. He immediately tries to bamboozle them into letting him go but they are too wily for Spike and he is eventually taken away by a police officer. However, just as they arrive at the police station, Spike overpowers his guard and escapes. Blissfully unaware, Paloma and Noah share tea with Tabitha, Endora and the girls and dream about their wedding. Endora wants a wedding also, so she uses her powers to create a magical place where wishes come true. Paloma and Noah accept it without question because they believe that the magic is caused by their love for each other. A lovely, romantic setting is enjoyed by all.

Gwen arranges a wedding for Theresa and Ethan, who is thrilled that Gwen is being so helpful. Theresa and Pilar as skeptical and wonder what she is up to. Rebecca prods Gwen to drop the bomb and tell Theresa's secret, that Little Ethan is Ethan's biological son, to Ethan. Gwen does not want to do it in front of the children. Rebecca says that she will distract the children so that Gwen can have her revenge. They all exit the mansion for the wedding chapel. When Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the chapel, Theresa and Ethan are kissing. Gwen vows to herself that Theresa will now feel the pain that Gwen feels.

Sheridan and Luis enter the dark pool house. When they turn on the lights the body of a blonde woman is floating in the pool. Luis jumps in because he thinks it is Fancy. When he pulls her out, Sheridan recognizes Pretty. Fancy comes in and says that she has called Eve. Luis applies CPR, and Pretty starts breathing but remains unconscious. When he notices her scar he begins to ask questions. Sheridan says that it was deliberate, but before she can tell him it was Fancy who caused the scar, Eve arrives. She asks about the accident. Fancy has a flashback to the fight with Pretty, but tells Eve that Pretty tripped and fell in the pool. Eve believes her. Sheridan does not. Sheridan receives a phone call and excuses herself to meet Spike in the mansion. Pretty regains consciousness, but she does not correct Eve's assumption that her fall was an accident. Eve receives a call and Luis escorts her to the mansion so she can have some privacy. Sheridan tells Spike to leave her alone, but he tells her that he needs help and that if she helps him, he will help her get her fondest desire. Before she can respond Luis interrupts them and wants an explanation, At the pool, Pretty threatens to tell Luis that Fancy tried to kill her. She tries to leave, but Fancy grabs her around the neck. She lets her go, but Pretty starts screaming for Luis.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The time has arrived - Theresa and Ethan are finally getting married. Theresa is still worried Gwen will hurt her in some way, but Ethan is over the moon with happiness. Gwen goes to help Theresa change into her gown as Rebecca smiles, knowing Theresa is about to be blown out of the water. Whitney arrives and is nervous to hear that Rebecca and Gwen are there and grows worried. But her worry is more than justified when Whitney overhears the dastardly duo rehashing their plot against Theresa.

Luis catches Spike with Sheridan in the mansion, demands to know what is going on. Sheridan fumbles for excuses for them being together as Spike tries to make his escape. Despite Sheridan's non-help, Luis gets the thug into custody and taken away... Now Luis wants to know what the blazes is going on with her!

Fancy and Pretty continue their fight by the Crane pool, Pretty wanting Luis to know the truth about her scar. Eve interrupts and Pretty screams that Fancy is trying to kill her again!

Tabitha's and her motley group return from the adventure in the clouds. Norma and Mrs. Wallace want to continue dancing so Endora sets up a conga line and limbo contest that soon lays Tabby out, flat on her back...

Friday, August 17, 2007

The psychotherapist tells Julian that Vincent's state of mind has deteriorated, and Julian is shocked at Vincent's behavior. He is hiding underneath the bed, but Vincent's eyes seem contrary to what the psychotherapist thinks. It appears as if Vincent is pretending to be isolated from his surroundings. The psychotherapist suggests hypnotism to get to the root of Vincent's problems. Vincent emerges from underneath the bed and behaves like a child. The psychotherapist hypnotizes him. Vincent reveals under hypnosis that he fails the mission that was given to him, and Julian wants to know who gave him a mission. Vincent would not say. All he mentions is that he was told to bring pain to the Bennett's, Russell's, Lopez-Fitzgerald, and everyone in Harmony. After leaving the jail cell, the psychotherapist concludes that there is someone else involved who is behind Vincent's atrocious behavior. Eve and Julian think of Alistair, but Eve states that it's not possible. Back in the jail, Vincent receives a visitor, and he tells his visitor that he did not reveal anything to Eve, Julian or the psychotherapist, and he begs his visitor not to hurt him. It turns out that his visitor is none other than Alistair.

Pretty tells Sheridan to explain to Luis that Fancy is a monster, and Sheridan pretends as if she knows nothing of Pretty and Fancy's incident. She doesn't want to appear to Luis that she has it in for Fancy. Luis' questioning in regards to Pretty is interrupted by a phone call to Eve. She tells Pretty not to be vindictive towards her sister, and she also tells Fancy to tell Luis the truth since secrets have a way of coming out. Pretty finally shows Luis the scar on her face and tells him that Fancy is to be blamed. Luis misinterprets Pretty's story. He thinks Pretty's scar is just an accident and Fancy has nothing to do with it, so Pretty proceeds to tell him her version of the story. She tells the story to Luis without mentioning Fancy, and Luis wonders what kind of monster would do such a thing to Pretty. Pretty then blurts out that Fancy is the monster that has scarred her for life.

Kay receives a phone call about Theresa's wedding and tells Miguel about it. Miguel wants to go to the ceremony, but Pilar tells him that it's too far away and he won't make it in time and hangs up. Miguel thinks something is wrong. Kay suddenly has an idea that she can use magic to get them there on time. She cast the first spell, and all it does is shock and confuses Miguel. They are both transformed into wedding attire from a much earlier generation. Kay tells Miguel that his mind is playing tricks on him.

Whitney tells Theresa that Gwen and Rebecca are plotting to destroy her wedding, and Theresa is frantically trying to figure out a plan to save herself. Pilar tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth before he finds out from Gwen and Rebecca, but Theresa has no intentions of telling Ethan. She wants to marry him first before telling him the truth. Theresa sets her plan in motion to marry Ethan without any interruptions, so she enlists Pilar, Whitney, and Chad's help. They are supposed to make sure Gwen and Rebecca go nowhere near her or Ethan during the ceremony, so Theresa pretends to be locked in the bathroom, and Chad and Whitney manage to lure Gwen and Rebecca to the bathroom and lock them inside. Rebecca realizes that they have been bamboozled. While Theresa is about to marry Ethan, Rebecca threatens Chad that she will announce to the world that he is gay. That sort of hit a sore spot for Whitney. She tells Chad that Theresa is doing the same thing he did. She is entering a marriage with lies. Back at the chapel, as the Justice of the Peace (JP) proceeds to marry Theresa and Ethan, Kay uses her magic to delay the wedding so that she and Miguel could get there on time. The JP suddenly starts choking heavily and begins to speak gibberish. Theresa seems confused, and Ethan lends his assistance. Kay and Miguel finally arrives, but not without Miguel getting suspicious. Kay tells him that he fell asleep on the way while she drives. Kay uses her magic to get the JP back to his normal self, so the wedding is back on track. Theresa tells the JP to skip to the good part because it has been quite a chore getting to the altar.

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