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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on GL
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Monday, August 13, 2007

After a shower with Dinah, Mallet reviews the difference between the hot and cold faucets so he doesn't get burned again. They laugh and he reassures her that he will provide for her both emotionally and financially. When he leaves to get dressed, Dinah is determined to contribute as well.

At dinner at Towers, Cyrus and Alex decide to go for a sunset boat ride. As Cyrus leaves to go clear his calendar, Alex tells him that she does trust him. When he is out of earshot, she immediately calls Dinah and tells her they need to meet. While waiting for Dinah, Alex is approached by Doris and Ashlee. Alex tells Ashlee that she misses her smile around the mansion. When they take their leave from Alex, Doris is miffed that Alex didn't say she missed her as well; after all she was married to her brother at one point. Ashlee basically tells her to get over it. Doris reveals to Ashlee that after Doris has won the election, Alan will be allowed to purchase the Main Street Promenade. Ashlee realizes that this could put the Coopers out of business.

When Dinah meets Alex at Towers, Alex says that she is willing to pay for all of Dinah's medical expenses, both present and future, if Dinah will help keep Marina away from Cyrus. Dinah is hesitant and asks for time to think it over. Dinah goes to Lizzie's new bar and sees Remy getting into trouble. She takes advantage of the situation and calls Marina to come intervene. Marina arrives and takes Remy away to her room. He tells her that he may be drunk, but he can see that while Marina is waiting for Cyrus to be free, she's the one who is locked up. Dinah, meanwhile, calls Alex and tells her that she is in on the deal. Dinah then returns to The Beacon and runs into Cyrus who is outside Marina's room. He has flowers and wine for the two of them. Dinah warns him about Remy. Cyrus eavesdrops at the door and hears the pair discussing him and his situation with Alex. He returns home to Alex with the flowers and the newlyweds kiss. Frank shows up soon thereafter and offers to take his stood-up daughter out for pizza. She agrees as long as there will be no lectures.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus thanks Natalia for making a bad day better. When his phone rings in the hallway, Alan intercepts the call, seeing that it is Harley calling, but doesn't answer it. Gus reaches the phone, but there is no call from Harley. Gus returns to the study where he and Natalia are subjected to Rafe's blaring music. The two decide to dance to show that they "still have the moves," but Gus pulls away and heads home. Natalia follows him there and brings him food. Frank, having learned that Gus is in town, heads to the house with Buzz in hot pursuit. When the two arrive, Frank confronts Gus harshly until Natalia comes to Gus's defense. Frank is unhappy to find Natalia there. Verbal mayhem with the quartet ensues until Buzz tells everyone to shut up. He takes Gus aside, assuring him that he knows that Gus and Harley's relationship is rock solid and they will get past their problems, whatever they are. Natalia insists to Frank and Buzz that Gus loves his wife and will do the right thing. When Frank and Buzz leave, Natalia finally confesses to Gus that she now believes that it is she that belongs with him, not Harley. At that, she leaves.

As the final Cooper left at CO2, Coop encounters Ashlee and her mother. Ashlee reveals the plot for the Main Street Promenade that Doris and Alan have cooked up. Alan arrives and Doris warns him there could be trouble. Ashlee and Coop take off for a massive petition signing drive to stop the sale of the promenade. At Towers, Coop suggests they get Stuart to help get some heavy hitters to sign the petition. Ashlee throws her arms around Coop, telling him that he is brilliant and that's why she loves him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alex and Cyrus have just finished a conversation about preparing to go sailing, when Alex pulls him in to her and kisses him romantically. He tells her that wasn't part of their deal, and she responds by saying that all deals have amendments. She tells him that she knows he hasn't lived up to his bargain of not seeing Marina, and that she realizes that is a very hard thing to do, so to make it easier, she is making him an offer to work at Spaulding by using his talents of outsmarting people to help make the Spaulding's more money. She tells him that she knows for him it's more about the thrill of being able to deceive more than the money, and she is offering the chance to do that, and implies that she wants him to live up to the "No Marina" deal, then hands him the papers that spell out the details. Just then, Marina calls him. He leaves.

Cyrus goes to meet with Marina, who is waiting for him with dinner in her room. While she is glad to see him, he tells her that he thinks they need to take a break. He tells her that they can keep sneaking around but at some point it will be too difficult, and that she deserves a normal life, not a life where she keeps waiting around for him, putting her life on hold. Marina can see that he is serious about this, and she is very shaken and upset, almost panicked. She tells him that she gets to be the one who says when she's done waiting. He tells her no, he's ending it - now. Marina becomes more visibly shaken and says that first he wants to take a break and now he wants to end it, then very anxiously begins to think of all the things they can do to make things work. With soft, sad sounding music in this scene, he tells her it's time for him to go, then kisses her. The kiss grows in passion, and they tumble to the bed, but soon, Marina stops what is about to happen saying, "You don't get to do this, this 'one for the road'. In her highly emotional state, she pushes him toward the door and tells him to leave if that's what he wants. He is sad by all of this; it's not really want he wants either, but he thinks he's doing what's best for her, and he turns to leave. Marina, with a quiver in her voice, desperately says "No, wait" and grabs him, asking "is that what you really want?" He hangs his head sadly, and fighting his own true emotions he replies with something that he thinks is best for her: "Maybe it's all I've ever wanted." He leaves, and Marina falls against the door, brokenhearted, and cries.

Cyrus returns to the mansion and hands her the papers saying they are signed, sealed and delivered.

As Marina chooses to deal with her hurt energy by with a physical workout in her room, Coop knocks on her door, wondering if she saw Ashlee. Marina tells him she hasn't, and since Coop can see something is wrong, he asks if she's ok. Marina tells him that Cyrus ended their relationship. When Marina asks why he's looking for Ashlee, he tells her about how Ashlee was having a problem and that he cares about her, and upon saying that he cares about her out loud, it makes him realize that he really does care about her more than he thought.

Lillian comes by to visit with Alex. Lillian tells her that she kissed Cyrus romantically. Lillian asks to know more about how things are going, and learns that Alex is falling for him more and more, and can see that Alex is doing her usual "Spaulding Rules of Engagement" things to get and keep Cyrus.

As Marina waits for Cyrus to contact her, she talks to Buzz at CO2. He informs her of Alan and Doris' plan to tear down his business and build a new mall if/when Doris becomes mayor, and she is running un-apposed. He also tells Marina that he has a date tonight with Lillian. Later, when Buzz and Lillian meet to begin their date of Pub-crawling, Buzz hands a clip board to her and asks her to sign a petition, saying he needs 200 signatures before midnight. When she asks what the signatures are for, he informs her that he is running for mayor!

As Ashlee and Coop collect signatures to save CO2 at Towers, they hug in a moment of celebration of how good things are going, and Ashlee lets it slip that she loves him. This catches him off guard, and he nervously tries to avoid discussing it, but she pulls him out to the balcony and insists that now that she said it that they discuss it. Ashlee tells Coop she's not sorry she said it, but then he put up a wall, and she needs him to now admit his feelings for her. He tells her that there's nothing to admit. She asks why he's there with her and not Ava, since he's "with" Ava now. He responds by saying because they are friends, and to not make him chose. She tells him to not say they are just pals saving some street. Coops' phone rings - it's Lynn, informing him about the problem between Buzz and Doris.

After Marina leaves Buzz on Main Street, Doris shows up wanting to make Buzz an offer, now that he knows about the plan to tear down his business for a mall. She knows that he has influence with many people in town, the "regulars" that he sees in his business, and she would like him to endorse her and her plan. She offers to help him keep his business when the mall is being built. He responds by taking a campaign button and tossing it away, then does this with another, and another, until finally he grabs the whole box and dumps it over, then proceeds to tear down her campaign posters, and before long, the two of them are causing quite a scene! Lynn, the waitress at Company, calls Coop and tells him there's a problem and that he should come by to help as quickly as he can.

Coop and Ashlee arrive and they each physically pull their parents apart from their tussle. When Ashlee finds out that Doris was rude to the Coopers, she tells her to leave them alone, then walks over to the Coopers and sides with them, leaving Doris standing alone. Doris and Ashlee have an emotional fight, where Ashlee tells her mother that she is the reason she had so many problems, and Doris leaves, shaken and hurt by what Ashlee said to her. Ashlee also feels bad about how strained things are and bursts into tears after Doris leaves - Coop comforts her. While Buzz and Coop comfort Ashlee, she sees Doris and quickly excuses herself to go over to talk with her. Ashlee sees her mom is crying, then Doris tells her that everything she has ever done is so that Ashlee can have a better life, and that nothing, not even being mayor, nothing means anything if she didn't have Ashlee. Ashlee tells her that she loves her, but she can't see her hurt people, and that it's not too late to change. Doris tells her that she loves her too, and that she doesn't want to see people hurt Ashlee. She says that other people appreciate her but that they will never love her the way she deserves to be loved, and that Ashlee deserves better. Ashlee, who is already wondering how Coop feels about her anyway, cries hearing her mother say this, knowing it's possible that what she's says may be true, and they embrace each other, both crying.

As Ashlee and Coop collect signatures to save CO2 at Towers, they hug in a moment of celebration of how good things are going, and Ashlee lets it slip that she loves him. This catches him off guard, and he nervously tries to avoid discussing it, but she pulls him out to the balcony and insists that now that she said it that they discuss it. Ashlee tells Coop she's not sorry she said it, but then he put up a wall, and she needs him to now admit his feelings for her. He tells her that there's nothing to admit. She asks why he's there with her and not Ava, since he's "with" Ava now. He responds by saying because they are friends, and to not make him chose. She tells him to not say they are just pals saving some street. Coops' phone rings - it's Lynn, informing him about the problem between Buzz and Doris.

Rev. Rutledge tells Josh that although it's earlier than usual, he feels that Josh has come so far along in his studies to be a minister that he wants to recommend Josh attend his retreat, something of a milestone along the path to be a minister. Josh declines, saying that he is needed at home right now.

Cassie and Blake have what Cassie is calling a "crazy fun night" dinner at Towers. Cassie shows Blake the letter that her dead ex-husband, Rob wrote to her and tells how she is feeling that she wants a fun night, like the fun girl she used to be, before she becomes a ministers wife. Just as Cassie starts to say that she knows it won't change her, Blake interrupts to say, "Oh but it will." Cassie explains that she's not sure she's cut out to be a minister's wife, that she won't be able to answer questions about the world being a decent and fair place since Tammy's death. Blake tells her the answer is that she has to blow off steam every once in a while, and that she can help her with that part. She tells Cassie to call Josh, and that they will have a girl's night another night.

Josh has now joined Cassie at Towers, and she is telling him that she needs to know that she will be able to still be herself when she is married to him. He assures that her that she can. Cassie then tells him that she wants to get married, now, before he leaves for the retreat. He tells her that he isn't going to the retreat, but she insist that he does because it's what is best for him, but she want to be married to him before he leaves. Josh eagerly says ok, and they begin to make wedding plans, with each of them on their cell phones making arrangements. And with that, a wedding is quickly coming together.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inside the Light: Till Death

Cassie gets ready for the wedding to Josh while Olivia frantically searches for Emma, who has been picked up from school by a total stranger. As she goes out of her mind trying to find her, she receives a phone call from Emma. Emma tells her that she is at Reva's.

Down at the bar, Lizzie volunteers to be Billy's date for the wedding. At Towers Jeffrey checks several email messages reminding him of the wedding and slams his laptop closed. Cassie is disappointed that Reva has not RSVP'ed. Josh tells her that his children have declined to come. Later, Cassie has a Tammy moment when she looks in the mirror at her wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Reva takes the phone from Emma and explains how they've been watching movies and having tea parties all night. Olivia tells Reva how frantic she has been and that she has no right to bring her daughter into this. Reva replies that Olivia didn't hesitate to bring her Jonathan into it. Olivia hangs up on Reva and rushes out of her hotel room straight passed Jeffrey, who glances around puzzled.

At Cross Creek Josh shows up, using his key. Reva tucks Emma away and greets Josh, saying that she needs the locks changed. He wants to pick up some cufflinks for his wedding. He tells Reva that he's getting married today. Reva bets he wished she wouldn't have been home. Josh isn't in the mood for a confrontation. Reva isn't in the mood to wish him happily ever after with her sister. He says that he hopes she'll come to the wedding, takes the cufflinks and leaves. Reva goes back into the room with Emma, wondering what they will do next.

Meanwhile Blake helps Cassie prepare for the wedding. She winds up putting a stain on her dress. Frantic, Blake leaves to get stain remover. While she's gone, Tammy makes an appearance. Cassie worries that she should be so happy and that Tammy is not there. Tammy reassures her that she can be happy.

Meanwhile, Josh is on Main Street, which is decked out with flowers for the wedding. Billy shows up to be the best man. Lizzie and Billy watch Josh pin RJ and Lizzie reminisces about Sarah.

Later Olivia picks her child up from Cross Creek. Reva and Olivia bicker about the situation as Jeffrey shows up. He wants to know what they are arguing about. Neither explains it to him, but he notes that Emma is in her car, whereas she didn't have Emma when she left the Beacon. Olivia snaps at him for following her. He replies that he actually was coming to Reva to invite her to the wedding. In front of appalled Olivia, Reva accepts. Olivia scoffs and Reva throws her out of the house.

Meanwhile, Josh learns from the Reverend that the licenses for the marriage are not ready, but assures him that they can take care of it at the court house later. All the attendees gather on Main Street. Jeffrey and Reva arrive. He offers a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. Reva assures him that she is fine. Just then Cassie and Reva spot each other and share smiles. Reva approaches Cassie, who is excited that Reva has come to wish them well. Reva says nothing and Cassie becomes cross.

Reva explains that she has told them how she feels about this. Cassie persists that Reva should be able to just wish them well even if she doesn't mean it. Reva doesn't feel like lying about it. Cassie insists that people do it all the time. It makes the world go around. If Reva can't be happy for them, or at least pretend, Cassie tells her that she shouldn't have come. She stalks off. Reva takes a hard gulp of champagne as Olivia sleeks up behind her to tell her nothing has changed. Reva scowls and says that she really doesn't want to mess with her right now. Olivia glides by her, saying that she knows she wouldn't hurt Emma.

Later Jeffrey tries again to find out from Olivia what she and Reva were fighting about. Olivia avoids a straight answer. Alone, Olivia calls Alan to discuss something regarding Emma. Reva finds Jeffrey to take their seats. Jeffrey wonders how the conversation went with Cassie. Reva avoids the question by taking her third flute of champagne from the waiter. Guests take their seats and the wedding begins. The reverend asks for any objections to the marriage. Reva's champagne flute crashes to the floor. Everyone looks at her. "Oops!" she says and asks them to continue.

As Josh and Cassie exchange their self-written vows, Reva loudly tosses away the glass. They say their vows and exchange rings. Just before they are pronounced married, Olivia's starts up her car, it charges, and Reva splats on the windshield.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Josh and Cassie exchange rings. Olivia tells Alan she's on her way as she gets into her car. The engine starts – as the minister is pronouncing Josh and Cassie.....Cassie tells Josh to check it out – they'll finish what they've started. They show Olivia looking through her windshield to see Reva lying on the windshield with blood coming from her nose. Reva falls to the ground. Josh comes to Reva's side – tells her to hang on. Mel calls for an ambulance. Jeffrey asks Olivia what she's done. Jeffrey tells Frank her official statement it was all an accident, she didn't see Reva and reminds him she was in her vehicle and did not flee the scene. Frank tells Olivia to make sure she's there tomorrow when he returns. She thanks Jeffrey for defending her. He walks out.

The scene is taped off with police tape. Billy is looking over the scene and finds Reva's purse – with a photo of Josh and Reva's wedding from the past. Lizzie approaches Billy offers to drive him to the hospital. Alan stops them with a sarcastic remark about Reva. Billy pushes Alan – telling him to back off. Alan tells Billy he thinks he's drunk. Lizzie defends Billy to Alan. Billy warns Alan he's a mean drunk and to remember what he did to Roger Thorpe. Alan asks Lizzie if she's choosing to tend to a degenerate like Billy. She tells Alan he's a better man than Alan.

They wheel Reva into the emergency room. Mel tells Josh and Cassie it's too soon to tell Reva's condition. Cassie wants to be with Reva in the room and is upset - remembering being there with Tammy. Cassie and Josh stay at Reva's side. Someone from the hospital comes in asking Josh to fill out forms. Mel tells them Reva has no internal bleeding, just some bruising and broken ribs. They don't know the extent of brain damage, if any, until she's fully conscious, but they're hopeful. She congratulates them on their marriage. Cassie asks Josh if they are, in fact married. Just then Reverend Rutledge comes in and they ask him if they're actually married. He tells them they're not officially married, but they have an excuse to throw a second wedding. He says they can make it official by coming down to the courthouse. They don't want to leave the hospital.

Frank takes Olivia home and questions her. Frank reminds her how she sent someone to attack Ava – he asks Olivia if she intentionally ran her car into Reva. Just then Jeffrey walks in telling her not to answer the question. Jeffrey drags her into another room to talk to her privately. He asks her directly if she tried to run Reva down. She tells him it was a mistake – she didn't see Reva until it was too late.

Reva opens her eyes for a moment. Josh goes into her room to tell her the extent of her injuries (Reva's eyes are close). Josh tells her he knows she's mad at him, but she's got to put that aside right now and come back to them – while Cassie is listening in. He tells Reva she could have objected the normal way rather than throwing herself into a car (he's trying to joke with her). Cassie comes in to be with them. She offers to sit with Reva while he goes to find something to eat or drink. Cassie sits down and tells Reva to hurry up and open her eyes because she wants to talk to her about Josh. Cassie tells her she needs Reva and can't afford to lose each other. She asks Reva if she did this on purpose to stop Josh from marrying her. Cassie says she knows Reva couldn't put her through it again, considering what happened to Tammy, or did she? Josh comes in and asks Cassie if she's ok. She tells him as long as she has him and Reva everything is good and they walk out to find Mel. Reva clutches the blanket

Jeffrey orders flowers for Reva. Ava meets up with Jeffrey – she tells him Olivia needs them both. Jeffrey tells her he's done his part. Ava thanks him. He tells Ava he did it for her. Ava asks him if he thinks she did this on purpose – and he returns with "She did it to you, didn't she?" and walks off leaving Ava to think.

Olivia goes to visit Alan. He jokes that she almost made road-kill of Reva. She tells Alan it was an accident – and that Reva kidnapped Emma. He tells Olivia he understands her need to protect her daughter. Olivia says she wanted to do it, but it was an accident and no one believes her. Alan asks her what re-started this battle. She tells him it's because of Jeffrey. Alan invites Olivia and Emma to dinner next week to meet her new cousin, Rafael.

Billy throws a drink against a wall and storms off (while Lizzie watches from afar). He gets to the hospital and Josh lets him know Reva's condition. Josh asks Billy if he has taken a drink. Billy tells him he took some champagne, but threw it away. Billy and Lizzie go back to her bar. Billy orders a drink. Lizzie apologizes to him for Alan's behavior.

Jeffrey goes to the crime scene. Frank sees Jeffrey looking at the tires. Olivia did not even try to stop the car – there were no skid marks. Olivia didn't even try to stop the car.

Music plays while Alan rearranges pictures of his family members. Billy gets his drink as Lizzie watches in the background. She approaches Billy and lays her head on his shoulder. Jeffrey kneels down near the car. Josh brings Cassie some food. Olivia shows up in Reva's room. She tells Reva she didn't do it on purpose. Reva opens her eyes and tells her she knows she didn't – but no one else knows that – convenient. That's why she took that little leap onto her windshield – guess who's the boss now?

Friday, August 17, 2007


Reva admits to Olivia that she threw herself in front of her car. Did Olivia think she would let her blackmail her forever? Reva smiles and says what better way to get Olivia off her back than attempted vehicular homicide. Olivia threatens to go to the police and Reva puts on a show of giving a very convincing statement to the police about how Olivia went gunning for her with her car. She then reminds Olivia that she recently confessed to having her own daughter mugged so her credibility with the police is low. Reva tells Olivia to keep her mouth shut about Jonathan and Sarah and her memory will get very fuzzy about the accident; otherwise she will implicate Olivia. Olivia asks about Jeffrey. Reva states that Jeffrey is free to choose who he wants. Olivia asks why she is fighting for Jeffrey when she wants Josh.

Ava is at the Beacon trying to convince Jeffrey that Olivia is innocent. Jeffrey points out that Olivia has tried to run someone down before--namely Ava. Ava insists that Olivia would never risk losing Emma just to hurt Reva. At that point, Olivia arrives and goes in her room without seeing the pair. Ava talks Jeffrey into speaking with Olivia for five minutes. When Jeffrey knocks on Olivia's' door he asks which one she is--the loving mother or the one who will take out her enemy. Olivia insists that it was an accident and asks why Jeffrey finds that so hard to believe. He brings up her past and she reminds him that he is trying to get over his; why can't she? She then asks if things were reversed and Reva had hit Olivia would he think Reva deliberately tried to hurt her.

Doris and Ashlee are at CO2 trying to do some campaigning when Buzz stops them After the two trade jibes, Coop warns Buzz against running against Doris. After all, he went against Phillip and Alan and it almost killed him. Buzz assures Coop that he is strong enough to handle the campaign. Meanwhile, Doris is telling Ashlee how much she wants to be mayor and about how qualified she is, as opposed to Buzz. Doris then sends Ashlee over to Buzz to talk him into dropping out of the race. Ashlee goes an does just that. She warns Buzz that Doris really wants the job and will do anything to get it. She adds that Doris can be mean, like a pit bull. Buzz cannot believe they thought he would drop out just because she wanted him to and asks Ashlee if she wants him to. Ashlee admits that she does not. She wants her mother to welcome the competition and treat him with respect but she does not see that happening. Coop has overheard the exchange and tells Ashlee that her mother is manipulating her. Ashlee shoots back that he is one to talk--Ava is doing the same to him. Ava knows about Ava's "mugging" add tells Coop that she is milking it for all that it is worth. Ashlee then brings up that she told Coop she loved him the other day and he has yet to respond. Coop states that it was just sprung on him; he needs time to take it all it. Ashlee states that the fact that he has not said anything says it all. She tells him Doris was right--he cannot see himself with someone like her. Coop denies that he is that shallow but ends up going to Ava's.

At Ava's, Ava pours Coop some wine and suggests that they can talk or, as she says seductively, whatever. After they have some pleasant conversation, Ava comments on how it feels like old times. She then kisses him and declares that she never stopped loving him. Coop interrupts the kiss and admits that it would be so easy for them to get back together but he cannot say that he loves her. Ava states that he will in time. Coop insists that he cannot make any promises and Ava asks if it because she hurt him or would he rather be saying it to someone else.

Doris has called a press conference on Main Street for the express purpose of bashing her opponent. She tells the press that one can learn a lot about a person by ex examining their parenting skills and starts talking about Buzz's children. Later, Buzz gives his own press conference. When asked if he has any comments to make about Doris's own daughter, Buzz takes the high road and refuses to discuss it.

After Doris's press conference, Ashlee comes across Stuart who is there looking for Ashlee. Later, Ashlee kisses Stuart and invites him to her place.

At Cedars, Josh interrupts Cassie who is pumping Frank for information about Reva's accident. When Frank leaves, Josh tells Cassie to leave everything to the police. Cassie reminds Josh how much Reva hated them getting married and wonders how far she would go to stop it. Josh refuses to believe it but Cassie argues that Reva has been known to act on impulse. During the discussion, Josh notices that Reva is now awake and they go to see her. Reva insists that she is fine. She just has some broken ribs and a hurt nose. When Cassie starts asking questions about he accident, Josh interrupts again and Cassie goes out for some water. After talking with Mel about how much Reva stuck by her this year, Cassie goes to Frank and wants him that Olivia could be a danger.

As she is talking with Jeffrey, Olivia gets a visit from the police--she is being brought in for questioning.

When Reva suggests that they should be on their honeymoon, Josh admits that the wedding didn't happen--her accident interrupted it. Reva smugly says she is glad about that. Josh subtlety asks if she threw herself in front of the car in order to stop the wedding. Reva laughs a the suggestion and states that maybe it was Fate stopping him from making terrible mistake. Later, Reva is on the phone with her father and before signing off says "Of course Josh is here." That choice of words upsets Josh because of what it implies. Reva again insists that she did not throw herself in front of the car. She thinks it was a sing--like the one at the Lighthouse when they were about to get divorced. This talk about Fate is upsetting to Josh and he asks about Jeffrey. Reva admits that she likes Jeffrey a lot and she knows he loves Cassie however they are not them and at one point they will find their way to each other. Josh insists that what happened was just an accident; he will marry Cassie and nothing Reva says will stop it. As he goes to leave, Reva states that she does not want to sabotage him and Cassie but she thinks that Fate is on their side. Reva tells Josh that she does not think he will ever marry Cassie.

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