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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Noah and Luke share a tender kiss, but they are interrupted by the ringing of Noah's cellphone. Noah's dad screams at him, wondering what's taking him so long. Noah apologizes and says he is on his way. He awkwardly tries to brush off the kiss as a joke meant to loosen Luke up, but Luke isn't buying it. At dinner Noah's father is really impressed with Maddie and openly encourages the relationship -- so much so that he is offering to help pay for Noah's rent. A slightly unnerved Noah asks Maddie to move in with him. Luke later finds this out from Maddie and tells her there's something she should know.

Happily pregnant, Gwen bumps into Sofie at Al's, recognizes her from the OBGYN's office and proceeds to introduce herself. They swap notes on pregnancies and Gwen learns that Sofie's pregnancy wasn't planned. In fact, Sofie isn't all that excited about it. She tells Gwen about her boyfriend without naming him specifically and Gwen isn't impressed by the sound of hm. Cole spots them from outside and wonders what she's doing with his sister.

Dusty argues with Aaron over his (Aaron) refusal to forgive Alison for the tryst with Dusty. Cherie meets Alison and cryptically talks about knowing Emily from their mutual work, which Ali assumes is journalism. Dusty interrupts and tells Ali who Cheri really is. Later, Cherie gets Elroy to upload the video of Dusty and Alison online and then hacks into Dusty's e-mail account to have it sent to everyone he knows. People all over Oakdale start getting the shocking e-mail...

Carly rescues JJ from the quicksand but in the process finds herself stuck. As her head goes under she pleads with JJ to run. At the last second Jack arrives and pulls her free. Before the family can happily reunite, Silas shows up and attacks Jack with a shovel. He grabs JJ but Jack gets the upper hand and subdues him. The police finally arrive and handcuff Silas. JJ asks to speak to him and taunts him by mentioning how polite and respectful JJ will be at his court hearing to put him away. Katie and Brad anxiously await word from AWOL Jack. They finally get through and pass on the good word to Parker. Carly and Jack share a brief moment of togetherness before Katie's call interrupts. Jack tells her pointedly, in front of Carly, that he loves her.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Carly and wounded Jack return home with JJ to the delight of Sage and Parker. Katie arrives to Jack's relief, but the two are continually interrupted, and Katie leaves feeling out of place. Jack finds her and she asks to put the wedding on hold, but Jack doesn't want to. Katie finally convinces Jack that they can continue with wedding plans once she returns from her business trip. Brad offers to keep an eye on the Jack and Carly situation while Katie's gone. Later, the kids clamor for Jack to stay with them, Jack agrees to sleep on the couch. When a customer refuses to stop ogling the Alison/Dusty video on his laptop, Aaron throws the laptop across the room. Aaron's boss sends him home for the night, and Sofie finds out what Aaron's so upset about and advises accordingly. Gwen and Will are shocked when they realize that it's Dusty and Alison on the video and Alison's thrown when Will tells her the link was emailed from Dusty's account. Alison discovers that the video has a ton of hits, and is devastated. Gwen understands Will's need to help his friend, but insists they can't take on Alison's problems when they're about to have a baby. Cheri's about to reveal what she's done to Dusty, when a frantic Alison informs oblivious Dusty that the world is watching them. Once Dusty sees the video, Alison laments at the futility of fighting to stay sober when life is so out of control. As she runs out, Cheri reappears to gloat to Dusty. Luke wants to tell Maddie about his kiss with Noah but hesitates when he spots Col. Mayer listening. Col. Mayer pushes for information, but Luke refuses to answer his questions. Noah arrives and Col. Mayer presses his son to tell him and Maddie what Luke was about to reveal. Luke reluctantly covers for Noah. Then, alone with Maddie, he questions if she's really considering moving in with Noah.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maddie tells Noah that she will move in with him and she heads out to find her brother and share the news. Noah's dad congratulates his son on his relationship with Maddie. After ending the evening with his Dad and Maddie, Noah returns to the station and finds Luke to admit he kissed him because he wanted to. He then explains to Luke that even though he wanted to kiss him it will never happen again because it isn't right for him and he likes the way his dad sees him with Maddie. Luke scolds Noah for not being honest with Maddie about how he really feels. Noah insists that he has made a "choice" to be with Maddie and he will control his feelings for Luke. Luke doesn't believe him and insists he just wants to help him and be his friend. Noah asks Luke not to tell anyone, but he says he is Maddie's friend too and can't lie to her. Noah promises Luke that he won't hurt Maddie, but it is obvious Luke doesn't believe Noah.

Vienna visits Al's with Henry to learn more about the business he won in the poker game. She is disgusted by the patronages eating habits and the diner's menu and insists on selling the restaurant. Henry explains they can't sell it because they have everything wrapped up in it, but insists he can run it on his own and she can just live off the money. Seeing Henry's dedication inspires Vienna to stick it out and make changes so that Al's is up to her standards. Maddie finds her brother and Vienna at Al's and learns about their windfall. When she tells him about moving in with Noah he is concerned that Noah is pushing her to move in with him. Maddie tries to persuade her brother that Noah is a good guy who is honest and not hiding stuff from her. Vienna reemerges from the kitchen with a treat from her childhood and realizes that she and Henry can make the diner what they want.

Dusty figures out that Cheri is the one who posted the video of Alison and him and threatens her as several people look on. Lily intervenes and asks Cheri to leave, but before she goes she tells Lily to check her email. Dusty explains to Lily about the video and she tells him that the Stewart sister's are in deep trouble and may need more than just his help. Lily offers to help Dusty and he thanks her for being a good friend. He wishes her a good night and heads up to bed.

Alison runs into her mother in Old Town and apologizes for the video. She explains to her mother who posted the video and why. She tells her mom not to worry about her because she isn't going to use, but is worried about how this video will affect the people she loves, namely Emily and Aaron. After leaving her mom she returns to Dusty's room and tells him that Emily must know about the video being broadcasted to everyone she knows. Dusty convinces her everything will be fine and she leaves to go to her meeting. Soon after her departure, Dusty gets a call from Cheri who offers to "go away", but he insists he already knows how to get rid of her.

At Carly's home, Jack gets ready to bed down for the night on the couch and the two revisit JJ's kidnapping and return home. As they say goodnight, Jack struggles with his shirt and Carly returns to help injured Jack get undressed for bed. As she passes him a seductive look, Jack insists he can finish on his own but he relent s when Carly persists. When she sees his injury is more serious than he let on she chides him for playing it tough and tells him she is the only one who will ever know how he really feels. The two go back in forth about their past and time together and as she heads upstairs Jack tells Carly not to come downstairs in something more comfortable because it won't work this time. Carly tells him that she wouldn't think of it and she knows nothing will happen because she doesn't want it to. Her response shocks Jack and he calls her out on her recent manipulations and attempts to get back together with him. She explains that she won't sleep with him because she wants more and doesn't want him to use it as an excuse. He tells her that they will never again be together and he has moved on with Katie. Carly doesn't believe Jack and tells him that she knows they are both still in love with each other. Carly then explains that after he left her she went a little crazy and did it in true "Carly style" and that is what her leaving with Simon was. She tells him she will wait for him to return to her because she knows it will happen. Jack rejects the idea that if Carly just waits him the two will reunite. The two make a playful $50 bet on the idea that Jack will some day return to Carly.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Barbara brings Gwen some of Johnny's baby things. Meanwhile, Cole witnesses Sofie comforting Aaron over Alison. Aaron suggests Sofie ask Gwen to help Cole with his music career, and Gwen agrees to meet Sofie. Gwen and Cole come face-to-face, and Gwen rages at her brother for abandoning her. Jack doesn't want the kids accustomed to him staying over. Meg and Craig arrive and Carly slams the door in their faces. Meg realizes Carly will always blame Craig for Rosanna's accident. Parker wants them to stay, and Craig and Parker bond, as Jack questions Meg about Craig. Later Meg refuses to wear Craig's ring, as Jack comforts Carly over Rosanna. Rosanna learns she's been in a coma for two years. Paul tells Rosanna about Johnny and Rosanna wants revenge. When Paul hesitates at taking Rosanna back to Oakdale, she asks him if there's someone else in his life now. Paul agrees to take Rosanna back to Oakdale and admits that Craig wasn't the only one who hurt Jennifer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Iris arrives at Gwen's house after getting a call from Gwen. She sees the baby outfits and toys that Barbara has brought over and tells Gwen she's sure that Barbara will shower the baby with money. Gwen says she's taken all she's going to get from them, and she's not getting anything from the baby. She asks why Cole picked this time to come back to town; Iris fakes surprise that Cole is in town, but Gwen tells her not to even try that and warns her that whatever she and Cole are planning won't work. Iris wonders why Gwen can't be more helpful to her own brother, but Gwen says she doesn't owe him anything. She tells Iris that she and Will don't have any money of their own anymore anyway, thanks to her, so she couldn't help Cole even if she wanted to, then she throws Iris out.

At the Lakeview, Cole is upset with Sofie for trying to get him together with Gwen. Sofie apologizes for not having known that Gwen was his sister, but Cole just tells her not to talk to Aaron anymore about anything important about them. He leaves, and Sofie is upset. When Aaron comes into work later, he asks how things went with Gwen and is surprised to find out that Gwen is Cole's sister and that she wouldn't agree to help Cole. He asks Sofie if she's told Cole about the baby she's carrying yet, but Sofie was hoping for good career news to put Cole in a good mood before she told him. An angry customer is rude to Sofie when she forgets to bring his water and ketchup, and she leaves the lounge in tears; Aaron follows her and puts his arms around her and tells her not to worry; Sofie tells him that she can't do anything right, but that if she has a problem with Cole, she has to work it out with Cole.

At Al's Diner, Henry and Vienna are bemoaning the lack of customers when Alison comes in for her shift. They explain that they are the new owners of the diner and thus her new bosses. Vienna doesn't like the waitress uniform and asks Ali if she'd mind showing some skin. Alison is startled by the question and walks off into the back. When she returns, Henry apologizes for the way that sounded and tells her they're just trying to make some uniform changes. He asks her if she's heard from Emily lately, saying he heard that Emily was traveling in Europe. Alison says they're not exactly talking. Vienna notices a man pacing outside, and Alison says he's probably come to stare at her; when Henry wonders why she thinks that, she says he's probably either seen the porn movie she made in Vegas or the video of her and Dusty having sex that's circulating on the Internet. Henry is shocked to hear that but doesn't let it faze him. Vienna agrees they still want Alison working there, but Vienna says the man outside needs to come in and buy something or go away. The man comes in and tells Henry he'd like the waitress to come outside so he can taste what she's really selling; Henry grabs the man and puts him in a headlock and forces him to apologize to Alison before throwing him out. Alison thanks Henry but says she's not ready to deal with this today, and she leaves. Henry says it doesn't matter anyway since they have no customers; Vienna says she has an idea to solve that problem, and later, Henry finds her dressed in a sexy Swedish outfit giving away free samples of her cooking outside to a gathering crowd.

Alison goes to Will and Gwen's house, but Gwen tells her that Will is out of town. Alison says she doesn't know where else to turn, because Will is one of the only friends she has left, but she can see that Gwen would rather that not be the case. Gwen says she doesn't mean to be rude but she's had a rough day already and can't deal with Alison's stuff, too. Suddenly, Gwen bends over in pain, holding her abdomen.

Lily runs into Dusty leaving the Lakeview, and he says he's on his way to meet Cheri because she called him, but when he says he doesn't know what Cheri wants, Lily tells him not to go, or at least to let her go with him. Dusty says that's not necessary and assures Lily that he'll take care of Cheri and make sure she doesn't ever hurt him or Alison again.

Dusty goes to Cheri's hotel room, where she tells him that she now regrets having released the video onto the Internet and wants to make things right with Dusty. She insists he share a drink with her, saying this is hard enough for her to do. Dusty assumes this is an attempt to stop him from striking back, and she agrees, saying she'll leave town if he'll give her $50,000 to do so. He tells her to forget it, but then, something in his drink causes him to sway and pass out.

Holden finds Aaron at the farm, working on his motorcycle during his lunch break, and they talk about the infamous video. Aaron says that Alison's inability to tell him about her one-night stand with Dusty is what made him break up with her; he could take everything else, but not her lack of trust in him. Holden says he completely understands, because Lily has kept several secrets from him, and now he finds himself unable to stop wondering what else she might be keeping from him. Aaron says not taking Lily's phone call the other day was probably not the best way to mend their relationship, and Holden agrees. Lily walks up, and Aaron gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Lily asks Holden if Aaron's okay and offers to try to talk to him; Holden tells her that's not a good idea because she'd just try to make excuses for what Alison did. Lily says she wouldn't do that, because Alison's a grown woman, and what she and Dusty did, they did when neither of them was in a relationship with someone else. Holden accuses her of making excuses for Dusty, and Lily says she's not making excuses, but she's not judging them, either, and she wonders who he's really mad at, Dusty or her. Holden says Dusty should mind his own business, and Lily thinks so should they, and she asks what happened to letting Aaron make his own mistakes. Holden responds that sometimes people keep making the same mistakes over and over; still angry, he leaves. Lily picks up her cell phone and calls Dusty. The ringing of his cell phone helps to bring Dusty back to consciousness; looking across the room, he sees Cheri on the floor, covered with blood.

Rosanna and Paul are on a plane heading back to Oakdale, with Paul trying to answer Rosanna's many questions about Craig, Jennifer, and Johnny. Paul confesses to Rosanna that after discovering the secret Rosanna had found out about Johnny being alive, he had decided to keep the truth from Jennifer, because he believed that returning Johnny to Jennifer would be like sending Craig after her, and he worried about what Craig would do to Jennifer, based on what he had done to Rosanna. Paul tells her how much he regrets this, now that he knows the pain of losing a baby and now that he knows how little time Jennifer would have had with Johnny before she died. Rosanna says she understands his thinking, and it's more Craig's fault than his. Paul tells her that Craig has taken everything Rosanna had and made it his own; Rosanna responds that she'll enjoy taking it all back from Craig.

At Montgomery Enterprises, Craig is offended when Meg refuses to put on her wedding ring until Meg explains that Paul originally gave her that ring but took it back to the store after having a vision of her wearing it that led to something bad happening to her. Craig is astonished that he and Paul had the same taste in wedding rings but is relieved to find out what the problem is and immediately takes Meg to Old Town to buy her another wedding ring. The ring needs to be sized, so Meg goes back to the store to have them make it smaller while Craig waits outside. His cell phone rings, and it's Dr. Cutler from Rosanna's hospital, saying angrily that he should not have taken his wife from the hospital without their consent. The call is disconnected, and Craig is obviously very flustered by it when Meg returns. He tells her he's decided they should take the corporate jet and leave tonight for a real honeymoon, a chance to have a new beginning. He talks Meg into the trip, but she wants to have dinner first at the Lakeview, so she goes home to change. Craig goes into the lobby of the Lakeview, where he tries again to reach Dr. Cutler; as he shouts into the phone, angrily declaring that this is a medical emergency, he turns to see Paul, very much alive, wheeling a no longer comatose Rosanna into the room. He turns white and almost drops the phone in shock at this sight.


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