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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on GL
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Monday, August 20, 2007

In her hospital room at Cedars, Reva taunts Josh that he and Cassie will never actually be married. He says that what happened to Reva was not fate, but an accident. Reva holds onto the event as fate. She seems very sure of herself. When Cassie arrives and reveals that she had Olivia arrested, Reva is upset that Cassie got involved. Cassie said she wanted to be there for her sister. Josh and Cassie leave Reva's room. Josh insists to Cassie that the two of them finalize their wedding that night. Reva watches their interaction through the window as she lies in her hospital bed. Josh and Cassie take off to find a witness and a court clerk. When they find Jeffrey at the police station, he agrees to be their witness, but there is no clerk to be found. Jeffrey gives them a tip that Evans, the court clerk, usually has a nightcap at Towers. The two take off to find him. Finding the elevator out of service, the couple has to climb the stairs all the way to the top of the building. Towers Restaurant is closed for inventory but Evans is still there. After much begging from the couple, Evans decides to put aside his grumpy, four-marriages-gone-bad attitude, and sign the paperwork for them. Unfortunately the paperwork is several floors down in the car. A frustrated Evans leaves. When Josh and Cassie finally realize they won't be officially married when Josh leaves for his retreat, they agree they already feel they are married in the ways that count and they kiss.

Olivia finds herself under arrest for the attempted murder of Reva as she stands in her room at The Beacon. Jeffrey is there and says he will act as her attorney. Olivia begs the officer to not take her away from her daughter Emma. Jeffrey assures her that after she is taken to the station, he will have her released right away. Olivia does not want Jeffrey to be her attorney. He is confused that she doesn't want his help given the fact she had been pursuing his attentions so much lately. She tells him that this is not the way she wanted him to be with her. Olivia is taken to the station.

At the station, Marina is assigned to interrogate Olivia. Marina, when asking questions, seems more involved in projecting her feelings about Cyrus's allegiance with Alex than actually questioning Olivia about the accident. When Marina suggests that Emma may be taken into protective custody away from Olivia, Olivia faints. Jeffrey returns to the interrogation just then. Marina admits she has no jurisdiction concerning Emma and concludes the questioning. Somehow, Olivia is released and returns to The Beacon with Jeffrey. Once there, Reva arrives, having checked herself out of the hospital. Reva lets Olivia know that when she was questioned by Olivia's arresting officer, she told the officer that she had no recollection of Olivia's intentionally running over her. Apparently Reva's statement is what got Olivia released from the station. Reva and Jeffrey both leave Olivia. Soon thereafter Ava arrives in tears because Coop has dumped her. As she is crying, Olivia tells her that they must Fight, Fight, Fight for what they want.

Reva and Jeffrey end up in Jeffrey's suite, sharing a bottle of wine. Jeffrey says he believes that Reva wants to go to Josh, and encourages her to do so. Reva said that she had thought that was exactly what she wanted to do, but realized that Josh wasn't the man she wanted to find that she needed. She looks at Jeffrey and the two share a kiss.

At the same time that Coop is revealing to Ava that he doesn't love her, Ashlee is in her room with Stuart. Ava becomes angry when Coop says that Ashlee is the reason he can't continue with her. Ava lashes out that Coop hasn't been able to open up with his feelings about Ashlee because of what people would think. Coop is offended that Ava would say that. Ava says that if she can't have Coop in her bed, there is no point. Coop is disgusted and leaves for Ashlee's room.

Together with Stuart in her room, Ashlee is nervous because of Stuart's obvious intentions for their evening. He wants to get romantic, she wants to take a walk. In her vivid imagination, Ashlee at times imposes Coop's face over Stuart's. When she sees Coop's face, she is drawn to him. When the real Stuart comes back into view, she backs off. When she finally convinces Stuart to change from his business suit into the gym clothes he has in his bag so they can go for a walk, Coop barges in. Thinking Stuart is taking advantage of Ashlee, Coop attacks him and throws him out of the room. Ashlee asks Coop what that was all about. She tells him that she was on a date. Coop tells her that she deserves better and she agrees. Ashlee explains why Stuart was changing pants. Coop explains that he broke it off with Ava. Coop pours his heart out about how he didn't see his feelings for Ashlee coming. He tells her how he thinks about her all the time and how happy he makes him feel. He says it was hard coming to this realization. Ashlee tells him that it should not have been hard. Her thoughts and feelings about him came freely and easily. She feels that he should come back to her when it isn't hard for him. She asks him to leave. She tells him to come back when it is effortless to admit his feelings for her. Coop leaves her room and Ashlee cries.

Later, Coop calls Ashlee on the phone and apologizes for the way he expressed himself. He tells her that he is not going to give up. Ashlee replies that she would hope that he wouldn't and bids him good night.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dinah comes home and finds Mallet working on the bills and expresses how she wishes she could think of something to help with them. Marina comes to the room to pick up Mallet for work. Dinah greets marina by saying it's been a while since she has seen her, but Marina reminds her very kindly that they just saw each other yesterday. After mallet leaves, Marina asks him if Dinah is ok. Still unaware of the full extent of Dinah's condition, Mallet tells Marina that Dinah is fine and getting better every day.

After Mallet leaves, Dinah leaves to go see Alex about the deal they made, about how she will keep her eye on Marina and Cyrus as a paid job for Alex, which will help Dinah pay her medical bills. Alex tells her there's been a change since they made that deal, and that she no longer needs Dinah to keep an eye on Cyrus, and the deal is off. An upset Dinah tells Alex with strong emotion that she knows Cyrus better than anyone, and tells Alex she is the fool for believing that Cyrus is being straight with her. As Dinah continues to describe how Cyrus is and what he says in his cons, Alex listens with great interest.

Later, Dinah walks into a bar while she's trying use her cell phone to call mallet, and she accidentally bumps into another woman. Dinah quickly sees that the stranger left her credit card on the table, and takes the opportunity to take the financial gain for herself, and orders a drink, acting as if she is Georgia Tucci, and proceeds to tell stories like she did in her con days, about a life that she never led as Georgia Tucci. Matt enters the bar and sees Dinah and hears what she's doing, and plays along with her. She tries to explain, but he tells her that he will not judge, because he's been judged so much lately himself. He then tells her that she was smooth in telling her story, that she didn't need to search for the words. She is excited to realize that she seems to be improving. Just then Mallet enters and sees Dinah and Matt, and approaches Dinah, who is still acting as if she is "Georgia", and asks him if he will go home with her. The bartender calls her by the name "Georgia", and Mallet starts to say something about that, but Matt interjects to cover for Dinah. As Dinah and Mallet leave, Matt hands Dinah the credit card so that Mallet doesn't notice.

Cyrus, wearing a very nice, expensive suit, enters a room at the Spaulding mansion where Alex is, and after she compliments him on how nice he looks, he tells her that his goal was to look good for his "first meeting with the Spaulding brass", as he puts it. Then he says he wants to take the sports car out for a ride to "see what she can do", and asks Alex if she wants to join him. She declines, and he leaves to take his joy ride.

At the police station, Mallet sees Marina acting as if she's upset and asks what's going on. Marina tells him that although it took a long time, she finally sees Cyrus as a jerk and knows it's time to let him go, that she now thinks Cyrus' reason for marrying Alex is to be close to the money. Just then, another police officer brings Cyrus to the station for speeding. Marina, still in her angry mode, starts to be harsh with Cyrus, asking if he thought how others could have gotten hurt from his speeding. She stops suddenly, and now thinks he knew exactly what he was doing - that he was speeding on purpose to get pulled over and brought in... to where she was, to see her. As Marina starts to be more aggressive with Cyrus, slamming his chair into the bars of a jail cell, Mallet tries to step in to stop her, but she tells him she'll handle her situations the way she needs to.

Later, Alex bails Cyrus out of jail, and in her goodbye to Cyrus she says, "See ya around?" to which he replies, "I don't think so." Alex asks if he's free to go, and Marina replies, "He's all yours." with a look that lets Alex know that those words have a double meaning - that Marina is letting go of Cyrus. As Cyrus starts to leave to bring the car around for Alex, Marina walks over to a corner, looking hurt but strong, as Cyrus pauses and looks in her direction before leaving.

Back at the mansion, Cyrus is his charming self with a more aware Alex. He asks if there is any champagne, and Alex tells him she's sure there's something in the kitchen. Cyrus leaves, and just as he enters the hall, his cell phone rings - it's Griggs. Cyrus tells him he's not supposed to call, and Griggs replies that he's just calling his partner Cyrus for an update. Cyrus updates, saying that he's in the house being showered with gifts and that soon he'll have the keys to the kingdom.

As Rafe is on Main Street reading a book for school, Lizzie approaches him and snatches the book out of his hand, saying real Spauldings buy their grades, and then say she has a proposition for him - that she wants him to keep tabs on Alan. Rafe chooses to stand by Alan and rejects her offer, then leaves.

Billy happens by his granddaughter Daisy on Main Street and asks her if she saw Gus. Daisy sadly replies that she has and he's a mess. Billy admits that he tried to keep Gus and Harley apart, saying at one time, Gus was good for Harley, but he doesn't think that is true now. Daisy is upset with him, saying that is their business to work out. Billy says he won't apologize for taking the opportunity when he sees it. Rafe, who was overhearing some of it, walks over to Daisy, and escorts her away.

Later, Rafe approaches Billy and Billy quickly realizes that Rafe is not upset with him about trying to split apart Gus and Harley. Rafe lets it be known that he may be willing to work with Billy on that, if he thinks his mom wants a chance with Gus. Billy tells Rafe that he may call him someday. Daisy hears this, and calls Rafe's name, then angrily walks away. As Rafe starts to chase after her, Alan stops him and gives him another lesson in being a Spaulding, saying Spauldings don't chase women - the women chase Spauldings. But Rafe stands his own ground and says he has to go after her, then leaves.

Rafe finds Daisy at home, and through discussion, they realize that both of their moms love Gus, and that it might be best for both Rafe and Daisy to stay out of it and let the adults work it out.

Later, Lizzie sees Billy just after his chat with Daisy that didn't go well, and he tells her that he has an important meeting tomorrow with someone named Tom Nelson and he wants her to join him, since he's mentoring her in the business world. Lizzie is excited about this, and eagerly says yes, but then also adds that she recognizes Tom Nelson's name from the maid that she is paying off at the mansion, who told her that Alan would be having a meeting with Mr. Nelson today. Billy and Lizzie conclude that Alan must have known about Billy's meeting and scheduled his own meeting a day earlier, and that they need to sabotage Alan's meeting.

Sometime later, Alan sees Lizzie on Main Street, and Lizzie points out Tom Nelson, and notes that he talking with Billy. As Billy and Mr. Nelson walk over to where Alan and Lizzie are, Billy tells Alan that they both will be making their best sales pitch to Mr. Nelson, to save him some time. They sit down, and Alan throws the first dig at Billy, asking a business question that he feels sure Billy may not be able to answer. As Billy begins to search his notes for that answer, Lizzie steps in and throws the next dig back at Alan, revealing through her question how Alan uses information he's gained in sly ways to gain control over a company. Mr. Nelson gives the contract to Billy. After Alan leaves, Lizzie shows her excitement, and Billy tells her that he's proud of her, which is something Lizzie hasn't heard in a ling while and her reaction let Billy know that too. He tells Lizzie he's going to celebrate by drinking even more than he has already, but Lizzie says she's going to get started on the paperwork for the new client, Mr. Nelson.

Gus is sitting in his home, alone, and in his bathrobe, as he listens to the messages left on the machine. He hears Natalia's call, telling him she's at Towers. It's sounds a little personal and Gus just listens, but when she mentions she wants to talk about Rafe, he reacts with more interest, and the next thing we see is Gus at Towers with Natalia saying "You wanted to talk?" and they greet each other with a little kiss. Gus asks about Rafe, and Natalia informs him that Alan wants to sign him up for private school, but she wanted Gus' opinion. She tells him that she visited the school and it didn't seem to her that Rafe would fit in there, Gus agreed, and they decide no private school for Rafe.

As Gus and Natalia are talking on the balcony, Ted Wagner, the manager of Towers, comes out to see Natalia. He tells her that he will no longer be the manager, that he is taking another position in Chicago, and that before he leaves, he wanted to tell her the truth about why he didn't hire her before. His explanation is not shown to viewers, but next, Gus and Natalia go inside, see Alan, and they ask him why he made sure she didn't get the job. Through all of the back and forth about this, Alan keeps pointing out how Gus is standing up for Natalia. Gus tells Alan that he is married and when Harley returns, they will try to work things out. Alan replies that he looks forward to whatever decisions they decide, and leaves. He sees Ted, the manager, privately, and tells him that he did a good job by telling Natalia the story of her non-hire and Alan's involvement, as he takes out his checkbook. Ted tells him it will cost more, and Alan is only too happy to pay it because he got what he wanted - Gus to stand by and defend Natalia, obviously with hopes of the two of them developing a closer relationship. Meanwhile, Natalia makes it clear to Gus that she won't work with Alan on his agenda to put them together, but that she still wants him, but she'll do it on her own. Gus is wide-eyed at hearing this. Natalia continues saying that she knows he wants to fix his marriage, but what if it's not fixable?

Mallet steps off of the elevator and sees Gus and Natalia, and asks Gus if he has seen Harley, because he wants her to talk with Marina, that Harley has a way with Marina. Then, after seeing that Gus is with Natalia, he starts to ask more about how Gus and Haley are doing, if they are patching things up. Mallet leaves. Gus is feeling there's been enough for today, and he and Natalia decide to call it a day, and get on the elevator to leave. Not long after the elevator starts to move, it stops, and they both think that it is another move made by Alan to put them together, (but it's not.) While they are stuck, they talk, and Gus confides that before she came into his life, he thought it was only going to be him and Harley, but now he thinks her, him, and Rafe could be a nice little family. Just then, someone tries to pry the elevator doors open, and soon it is shown that it is Harley.

Remy is also at Towers, and is placing bets over his cell phone. Sister Mel arrives, asking him to have dinner so that they can catch up, but just as he starts to blow her off, a pretty young woman named Lola, a friend of the family who Remy hasn't seen since 4th Grade, arrives and joins Mel. Mel explains that she is a temporary new clerk. Remy decides that he can stay after all! As Mel is busy with the work that Lola brought to her, Remy flirts with Lola. Mel then asks Lola to bring her a missing document, and while she is away, Mel tells Remy to stay away from Lola. Mel's phone rings, and while she takes the call, Remy goes back inside to Lola. He asks her if she wants to go out sometime, and she gives him her phone number. Remy asks her to keep it just between them, and then leaves before Mel catches him talking to Lola. Mel returns to Lola and asks how it went, and Lola says he asked her out....just like Mel wanted. Mel tells Lola that she is exactly what Remy needs right now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Inside the Light: Stuck

Harley saves Gus and Natalia from the elevator shaft as Natalia whines about her elevator phobia. Harley dusts herself and turns to leave when Gus confronts her. She says she has business to take care of. He wonders about their marriage business. He demands to go somewhere and calmly talk about it. Harley thinks she can calmly ask him why he slept with Natalia right there. He retorts, asking why she slept with Dylan. Harley stalks off from him. They wind up in the main part of the Towers where a marching band parades through, chanting, "We want Buzz!"

Harley finds it hard to hold it together during Buzz's campaign rally. He pulls Gus and Harley to the side, asking them to pretend that they love each other and they will remember that they really do. Meanwhile Natalia lurks in the background as the family poses with reporters. Her new boss asks her to work tonight because they are short-handed, offering to pay her double. Natalia accepts.

When they have a moment, Gus reaches for Harley's face, saying that he missed her. Harley sharply cut him off, pulling away. She murmurs that she missed him, too, even though she shouldn't have. Gus retorts that he shouldn't have either, given the circumstances, but Buzz cuts him off and reminds them to behave. They learn that Natalia is working tonight, which makes Harley need a drink. Meanwhile, Daisy and Rafe show up. Suddenly Natalia's elevator phobia returns when she sees Rafe. Rafe pets her, making sure she was okay.

Later on the terrace, Harley asks Natalia why she is there, stalking Gus. Natalia says that she has to work. Harley wonders why she didn't tell her boss about her horrifying elevator experience. Harley makes it clear that Gus is still her husband. Natalia told her that she'd never go after a married man. Natalia shrugs that she changed her mind. If Gus wants to be with her, who is she to tell him no. Harley claims that Gus and she were happy before Natalia showed up. Natalia cattily replies that this is not what she heard from Frank. She makes a stand for Gus, saying that she will be there for him if his marriage falls apart.

Appalled, Harley can barely hold it together. She winds up rushing to the bathroom. Gus chases her down. An older woman is in the bathroom and Gus flashes his police badge at her, saying that Harley is armed and dangerous. Meanwhile Harley locks herself in the stall and the lady rushes out of the bathroom. Gus attempts to get her out of the stall as she torpedoes toilet paper rolls at him. He goes into the next stall and scales the wall, but Harley opens her door just as he peeps over the top at her.

Tearful and devastated, Harley still can't believe that Gus did this to her. He has always been so loyal to her. Gus claims he still is, but Harley disagrees. He throws back how she slept with Dylan. Harley gives him a miserable sobbing stare and tells him that she did not sleep with Dylan. He would have known that had he come to her instead of using the first excuse he could find to go to Her. Gus learns that Harley was drunk and passed out on Dylan's bed. Gus admits that Natalia has been there when Harley wasn't, but he only did it once. That is as far as it goes. Lillian interrupts them. A line has formed outside the bathroom. Gus tells her to go away. He won't leave the bathroom till they work it out. Then Daisy enters, saying that people are asking questions. Harley cleans herself up and they leave the bathroom to discuss it at home.

Before they get on the elevator, Gus excuses himself. He goes to the bar to tell Natalia he has to talk to Harley for a bit. He apologizes, caresses her hand as Harley stares at them, shedding new tears.

As they go into the house, Gus tries to say that she had her one thing with Mallet and he his with Natalia. Harley doesn't buy that. She thought he was dead when that happened. They turn on the lights. Zack and Jude pop up, wishing them a happy anniversary. Balloons and signs hang all around. Apparently Daisy had Marina and the boys pick up she and Rafe to plan this surprise anniversary party for their parents.

Harley and Gus are hesitant about celebrating. One of the boys asks if they remembered it was their anniversary. Gus claims they have been out celebrating. Rafe wants to leave and get Greek food like Daisy promised. Daisy hauls out the photo album and makes them go over every detail of their wedding day. Harley gets into it a little bit. Later, Gus is outside alone with the photo album. Harley comes out and he tells her how he remembers their wedding. He remembers how she came down the aisle and said "Hi," to him. That was the best word he had ever heard because he was about to slide the ring on her finger. He asks if she remembers their kiss. Harley vividly remembers. It was different than all other kisses because it was sacred. Distraught, she doesn't want to fight with him because she likes him too much. Gus knows that this is tough, maybe even impossible, but he begs her not to give up. Harley sobs that she doesn't want to give up and they hold each other.

Later in bed, Gus has more memories about the wedding. Harley laughs, remembering with him, and his curls up to her from behind in bed. When it seems he wants to get intimate, Harley pulls away, telling him no. It's too soon. The next day, while playing cards with the boys, the kids hint that they've picked up on the fighting in the house. When Gus wins a hand at cards, Jude yells, "Cheater! Cheater!" This sends Harley out of the room upset. That night Gus and Harley lay with their backs to each other. Gus's eyes are wide open as he listens to Harley, who sobs silently to herself.

The next day Harley confronts Frank about talking to Natalia when she and Gus take him lunch. He defends himself, saying that he didn't get into details with Natalia. He just told her that Gus and Harley had problems like any other couple. Harley screams at him that she is his sister and he should have defended her. To Gus she points and says, "And you should have told her to leave town! But you couldn't let her go a second time, could you?" and she storms out.

In an elevator later, Gus reaches for Harley's hand and holds it. He reminds her of another time that they were in an elevator together when he said, "Nothing can touch this," and then he stopped the elevator. Harley wonders if that's also what he did with Natalia. Gus believes that Alan rigged the elevator with Natalia because he wants Gus with her. Harley says that Alan always gets what he wants.

After another estranged night, Harley finds Gus on Main Street. She explains to him that Jude needs to be picked up from day camp. He fell asleep in his class and told the teacher he's tired because his parents are fighting. Gus wants to go with her, but Harley tells him no. She doesn't feel that what they are doing is working. That evening in their unfinished bedroom, they decide to tell the children that they are taking a break. Gus wonders if they should talk more. They've been talking for hours and days. Nothing is getting any better. Gus solemnly asks what she wants to do.

The next day, they have a hectic morning getting the boys off to the bus. Once they leave, Gus shrugs hesitantly, guessing that he needs to go. He gathers garbage bags with his things in it. Harley reticently agrees. It's just temporary, not forever, she tells him. She will call him if she needs him. Gus reminds her that she can call him if she doesn't. He leaves to go to his father's.

Once he gets to the mansion, Rafe is there. He tells him that he's glad to see him. He explains that Harley and he are taking a breather. No matter what, he wants to spend time with Rafe. It's the only place he wants to be. The two shake hands.

Harley breaks a dish as Daisy comes into the house. Sinking to the floor, Harley whimpers that it's her favorite dish. She sobs, "It's broken...just broken..."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The show opens with Rick daydreaming that he is at Cedars Hospital, and a nurse brings out a baby girl. Rick thinks it's his baby and walks over to see it, but the nurse walks over to Alan and hands him the baby. Rick then says he has to know who the father is. Back in reality, Rick is holding a sonogram picture of Beth's baby while Beth says she hopes he looks like the father. Then we see Alan getting a phone call from a nurse he has paid to provide him information, and she reports that Beth is having more tests.

Alan shows up at the hospital and wants to talk to Beth. Rick is reluctant to give them alone time, but he does. Alan tries to stay connected to Beth and the baby, but when this upsets Beth, Rick storms back into the room and tells Alan that no one bothers his family, and that he needs to leave now. Instead of leaving, Alan tells Beth that although he can't explain it, he does still feel a connection to the baby. Rick yells to Allan that he doesn't care about Beth or the baby, and that he just wants something that he can't have. Rick then calls for security. Beth tries to calm Rick down, but Rick says he'll be escorted to the lobby until police arrive. Beth is still trying to slow all of this down, and then security comes to get Alan. After security has Alan outside, Alan finds out that the security guard is Cyrus, who just helped Alan, getting in his good graces now, and the pair leaves to have a beer together as a happy Alan offers to pay.

Meanwhile, Beth suggests to Rick that she get another test to know for sure who the father of the baby is, for an added measure of sureness. Rick repeatedly dissuades her, which causes Beth to want the test more. Rick gets an emergency page, and Lillian is nearby, so Rick asks Lillian to talk with Beth. Beth asks Lillian to schedule an appointment "for a friend" as soon as possible, and to not let Rick know.

Later, Alan sees Alex on Main Street and since he was just helped out by Cyrus, he tells her that he and Cyrus just had a couple of beers together, and that he now thinks that Cyrus can use his skills as a con artist to benefit Spaulding Enterprises.

Alan and Alex are at Towers and Alex is trying to convince Alan to help her find a position for Cyrus at Spaulding Enterprises. Alan makes it clear he doesn't like or trust Cyrus, and leaves. Alex calls Cyrus and asks him to meet her at Towers. He soon arrives, and Alex lets him know that she tried to find him a position at Spaulding but Alan won't allow it. He tells her that he understands why - that Alan doesn't want a known criminal working for him. Alex tells Cyrus that Alan is wrong to keep him out of the business because she believes he could accomplish anything he wanted and that he'd be an asset to the company. Lillian sees Alex and Cyrus and stops to say hello. Cyrus uses this as an opportunity to excuse himself, asking Lillian to keep Alex company.

Cyrus is at the mansion talking with Griggs on the phone, describing some valuable items he sees. Griggs wants him to stop wasting time, grab some valuables and leave, but Cyrus wants to stay longer for a bigger score. Later, Griggs calls again, still wanting Cyrus to do the job quickly and get out. Griggs is becoming more unsure of Cyrus as he reads about his antics in the newspaper (the speeding joy ride, etc) Cyrus tells Griggs that he believes he'll get much more now that Alan Spaulding is on his side.

Gus awakes after spending the night at the mansion, since he and Harley agreed to live separately for a while. As he looks for his first cup of coffee, Natalia enters, still dressed in her nightclothes - one of Gus' old shirts from high school. As they talk, Natalia talks with an effort to win Gus over, while Gus seems concerned about Harley and their marriage.

After Gus leaves the room, Cyrus walks over to Natalia, and makes a comment that lets her know that he can tell she's chasing after Gus. They exchange a few friendly jabs about how they are both there enjoying the spoils. Ultimately, Cyrus tries to give her advice, saying that Gus can also see that she is smitten with him, and how that will only result in Gus returning to Harley while she is left alone - again.

Later, Gus and Rafe are on Main Street and were going to go to a sports pub to see a baseball game, but the pub is closed. Gus tells Rafe they can listen to the game the old fashioned way while they eat hot dogs. Rafe asks Gus what his plans are with his mom, and with Harley. Gus responds that the situation is complicated. Rafe tells him it's not really that complicated, and asks, "Do you love your wife, or do you love my mom?" Gus nervously avoids the question by suggesting they get on a train and got to Chicago to see the game, but Rafe doesn't let him change the subject so easily. Rafe, being protective of his mother, doesn't like the answers Gus has to the questions, and ends their visit together.

After he leaves, Dylan walks up to Gus and this begins a tense conversation between the two men. Gus figures out that Dylan knew Gus was there when he saw Dylan and Harley in bed together. Dylan admitted to playing dirty, that he's not proud of it, but also not too sorry for it either. Gus feels Dylan is trying to provoke him into losing his temper, but Gus remains calm (after his recent return from anger management classes. Dylan points out that he wants Harley and Daisy - his family - just like Gus wants his family with Natalia and Rafe. Gus tells him to stay out of his marriage, to which Dylan replies that Gus' marriage is the real car wreck that can't be saved with the Jaws of Life.

Harley is at home fixing a lunch to take to Jude at camp, when Dylan knocks at the door. She tells him that Gus left, and they have a heated discussion about Dylan's role in that, while Dylan says he isn't the only one to blame in this, that Gus and Harley both played a role as well.

Later, Harley shows up at the mansion where she sees Natalia, and the verbal war starts immediately. The two women go back and forth, both fighting for Gus. Natalia informs Harley that after Gus left, he came to her. Harley is caught off guard by this, but tries to hide it. A short while later, Harley is looking at a picture of Alan, Gus, Rafe, and Natalia, and tells Natalia that Alan will expect something for the kindness he has shown them. Rafe arrives and hears the women arguing. He quickly pours a drink of water, and both Harley and Natalia can see Rafe is not feeling good. Natalia gets the blood sugar testing equipment as Rafe stumbles for a chair. In a short while, all is fine. Harley asks Rafe where Gus is now, and Rafe replies that he was on Main Street with Dylan. Harley begins to leave, but in the hall, Gus, who says they need to talk, grabs her.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Dinah is at Towers buying a drink using the stolen credit card.. Suddenly Matt arrives and announces that his marriage is just about over. As the two commiserate over their drinks, Vanessa spots them. Later, Vanessa spots Mallet on Main Street and tells him about Dinah and Matt drinking at Towers. She tells him that she is worried about Dinah with Matt. Mallet scoffs at the implication of an illicit affair. Mallet tells Vanessa that he has been working all the time in order to pay for the medical bills. He sees Matt as a good friend; a distraction for Dinah. Vanessa points out that Matt is in a bad place right now. She states that Dinah is vulnerable and Matt could be a bad influence. Again, Mallet tells Vanessa that there is nothing to worry about.

Back at the bar, Dinah makes a toast to herself--Georgia Tucci. (the name on the credit card) Matt asks if Mallet knows about the stolen credit card and Dinah states he does not. Dinah tells Matt that she likes Georgia; she is carefree, smart, fun and it is easy. As they are talking, Dinah thinks she sees Griggs come out of the elevator and freaks out. Matt assures her that Griggs is locked up and suggests that maybe she just saw someone who looked like Griggs. Dinah wonders if she had an hallucination. Matt suggests that she have Mallet check on Griggs to ease Dinah's mind. Later, Dinah returns home where Mallet is catching a nap. As she quietly walks over to him, he suddenly wakes up and playfully grabs her. Dinah freaks out. When Mallet asks what is wrong, she confesses that she has been having nightmares about the shooting. Mallet assures that the Griggs is locked up and offers to call the facility in Europe to confirm that. Soon Dinah starts frantically looking for something and asks Mallet if he could check up on Griggs right now. Mallet does and reports that Griggs is not going anywhere. While Mallet goes to take a shower, Dinah takes the Mallet's gun out from the metal briefcase under the bed.

At home, Alan asks Natalia where Gus is. She informs him that he left to work things out with Harley. She also tells him that Harley wanted her to leave but she said no. At this point, Rafe comes down looking for Gus. He shows Natalia the summer reading list he received from school. As Rafe is worrying about reading all of those books, Alan points out that here is always private school or even Catholic school. Natalia states that Springfield High is just fine. When Rafe wonders if Gus has read any of those books, Natalia makes it clear that he will read them as well--he does not need help. Natalia states that this is his chance to go to a good school and be a good student with a lean slate. Natalia wants him to have every opportunity possible and live up to his potential. After Alan sends Rafe to the bookstore to buy books, he asks Natalia if she is going to use this opportunity to get Gus back or will she let Harley win. Alan tells her that she is the right woman for Gus. Natalia says that if Gus can save his marriage, she will not ruin things. Alan tells Natalia that he admires her -- her character, survival skills, industriousness. Natalia states that she will not be industrious about breaking up a marriage. Looking at Phillip's picture,

Alan then asks if she knows what it is like to lose a son. When she answers no, he states that she does know what it is like to lose Gus. Alan goes on to say that if you lose someone you love wouldn't you seize the opportunity to get him back.

Gus is at home trying to talk things over with a highly upset Harley. Harley wants to know why he walked out of there and spent the night with Natalia. Gus explains that he wanted to spend time with his son but Harley asks if he is in love with Natalia. Gus cannot believe that she asked that. Harley states that when she suggested the separation, she intended to have some time alone leafing through pictures and thinking about their marriage. Gus replies that he planned on doing the same thing but he wanted to be with his son. Gus says that sleeping with Natalia was a mistake; Harley tells him she wants to believe that but Natalia was his first love. Quietly, Gus states that Harley is his soul mate. Harley says he probably told Natalia that at one point too. Gus suggests that they drive to the coast jus the two of them but Harley does not think that will work. He starts to kiss he but she pulls away and states that she keeps seeing him with Natalia. Gus tells her not to think about that; think about the house that they built. He tells her again that he and Natalia were a mistake--just like her and Mallet. Harley points out that that was different--she thought Gus was dead. Gus says when he saw her in bed with Dylan that's how he thought of her. Harley asks about Natalia and Gus states that she, with Rafe, are his family but Harley is his heart. As they are talking, he sees a tick on her arm. They get it off but then Harley remembers something she read about Lyme disease and decides to go the hospital to get checked out.. Gus offers to drive her but she refuses. He tells Harley that he thinks they can fix their marriage; it does not have to end like this. Harley tells him she has to do this alone and leaves.

Gus goes back to the Spaulding mansion with his bags and announces that his marriage is pretty much done. After telling Gus that he wishes he had been wrong about Harley, Alan leaves Gus alone with Natalia. Natalia suggests that Gus talk to her about his troubles, like he used to. Gus tells her that Harley cannot get past what happened between them. That she wants to forgive him but does not know how. Gus states that he is going to fight for his marriage but Natalia states that maybe he should not have to fight. Just then, the butler asks what he should do with Gus's bags. Gus tells him to leave them in he atrium and tells Natalia that he cannot stay there. Natalia points out that this is his son's home but Gus points out that it is hers too and he cannot stay there if he wants any chance with Harley. Gus then apologizes. He knows he has hurt her as well as Harley. Gus mentions how he was not fair to her or Harley and Natalia wonders if Harley was fair to him. Natalia tells Gus that she told Alan she will not use manipulation to break up his marriage however she will wait for him. however long it takes. Natalia states that she is in this all the way. If she loses him again, she will be okay; she will survive just as she did the first time. But she cannot move on until she knows for certain that there is no chance with him. She then kisses him passionately.

Cassie is at Cedars looking for Lillian and comes across Harley who is crying. Harley tells Cassie that she and Gus separated over his one-night stand with Natalia. When Cassie wonders why Gus had a one-night stand, Harley confesses that he saw her in Dylan's bed. Harley explains that she passed out after having a few drinks. When Cassie questions how many she had, Harley states that it was only three. As they puzzle how she could pass out over three glasses of wine, they both come to a realization and Harley asks the nurse to run a drug test. Later, the nurse reports that valium was found in her system. (The nurse stated that Valium stays in the bloodstream for 60 days When Cassie wonders who drugged Harley--Alan or Dylan, Harley suggests that it was Natalia.

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