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Passions Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on PS
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Kay is going over board with her magic by casting all sorts of convenience spells for personal gain, and they backfire as usual. Tabitha wishes that she would heed her warning. Kay tells Tabitha that she is trying to make Miguel happy, and Tabitha tells her that Miguel loves her, and if she does not stop using her magic, she will lose Miguel for good. Meanwhile, Miguel invites a psychiatrist over, Dr. Wilson, because he thinks he is losing his mind. He explains the strange things that have been happening to him. The doctor tells him that they are fantasies because of the lack of self esteem. It doesn't matter what the doctor tells Miguel; he thinks that he is losing his mind, and he wants to leave Harmony. The doctor gets Miguel to lie down, but as soon as she starts asking Miguel more questions, she hears a loud scary noise. Miguel explains to her that it's Fluffy, the biggest cat that he has ever seen. The doctor hears more strange noises and decides that she has to go investigate. Back in Tabitha's kitchen, Norma and Edna mentions that being at Tabitha's is like being at a circus, so Endora conjures up a circus right in Tabitha's dining room. Edna reminisces about Precious after seeing a cute little monkey. Dr. Wilson slightly opens the door to Tabitha's dining room and sees the strange happenings. She immediately thinks that she is going nuts and proceeds to spell out the word, "nuts." A monkey jumps through the burning ring and lands right on top of Dr. Wilson's head. The doctor runs around the room screaming frantically with the monkey perched on top of her head. Her hair is in disarray. It's as if it has been fire bombed. Tabitha begs Endora to get rid of the circus, and she refuses. The doctor stands in one place dumbfounded and is frozen in space, but as soon as Edna mentions Fluffy, the doctor reacts by running out of the room screaming on top of her lungs. Tabitha demands that Endora ends the circus, and Endora listens this time. Back in the living room, Miguel tries to explain to Kay how he feels, but Dr. Wilson barges in with her hair in all types of direction and tells Miguel that she is the one that is crazy. She thinks that the house is a nuthouse, and she is nuts, cuckoo, and she is a big cashew. In addition, she tells Miguel to save himself and to get out of the crazy house while there is still time because "they are nuts, nuts, monkeys; they are all nuts." Miguel senses that something is wrong and inquires, but everyone keeps quiet about the truth. Kay wants to know why Miguel calls a psychiatrist.

Fancy admits to Luis that she has destroyed Pretty's life and calls herself a monster. She is guilt ridden over Pretty's pain, so she claims that she deliberately set out to hurt Pretty. Fancy thinks that she has the Crane genes, so she is just as evil as Alistair. She drowns herself in alcohol while blaming herself for Pretty's plight. Luis realizes that Fancy is tormented over her past and tells her that it was all an accident. Moreover, Luis thinks that Fancy is sweet and loving, and he also wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Fancy tells Luis that she is leaving him because of who she thinks she is. She refuses to destroy Luis' life because of that. She tells Luis goodbye and walks out on him. Luis chases after her.

Theresa returns from the bathroom to find an unconscious Ethan lying on the bed. At first, she thinks that the truth she told him might have shocked him to death, but after running in the hall crying for help, Alistair shows up. Theresa begs him to help her, but to no avail. He tells Theresa the awful truth that he is the one who sent poisoned strawberries to her room. Theresa wonders why Alistair would want to kill Ethan, but Alistair explains to her that the poison was meant for her. He then picks of the last poisoned strawberry and orders Theresa to eat it. Alistair tells Theresa that he knows the truth about Little Ethan (LE) not being his son, and Theresa begs him to destroy the will because all she wants is Ethan. Alistair refuses because he enjoys seeing Theresa suffer. In addition, he does not want the whole world to find out that Theresa has made a fool out of him, so he tells Theresa not to reveal the truth about LE being Ethan‘s son. Alistair tells her that the truth will never come out, and he bets his and Theresa's life on it. Theresa tries to run and get help, but Alistair stops her from leaving. He compares Theresa to the likes of Ivy and then begins to strangle her.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spike and Vincent meet up to go over their orders from Alistair to kill a list of people. Vincent is shocked when Spike suddenly pulls a gun and aims it straight at him. Guess whose name is at the top of the list!

Esme and Fox enjoy time together with her niece, Viki. As Viki pretends to sleep nearby, Esme tells Fox how Viki's father lost his fortune, then killed himself and Esme's sister. Viki hasn't been told the news yet, but has she overheard the sad story?

An enraged Alistair continues to strangle Theresa, but Whitney and Chad arrive just in time to save her. Gwen and Rebecca move in just then to see if Theresa is dead and are shocked to find Ethan unconscious on the floor. Gwen and Theresa lay into each other when Theresa learns Gwen knew about the poisoned strawberries, each blaming the other for Ethan's condition. All in turn attempt to get to the phone to call for help but Alistair holds them off with his gun, threatening to kill!

Luis tries to convince Fancy that despite whatever happened with her sister, he still loves her and they should be together. Fancy continues to fight him off, repeating that she will be nothing but a curse to him and runs off through the grounds. Just when Fancy thinks Luis has given up the chase, she's suddenly grabbed from behind and carried off. But by whom?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kay rummages around in Tabitha's attic looking for magical items to spice up her wedding. When she opens a large trunk, a floating talking head pops out and begins insulting her abilities to cast a spell. She is joined in the attic by Tabitha, Endora, Norma and Edna who all cast aspersions on Kay's prowess as a witch. Despite their taunts and Kay's personal record of failures, she blunders on, trying to prove she knows what she is doing. In short order she produces an exploding bridal bouquet, gives herself bad hair and warts, which Endora remedies for her, and eventually manages to detach all five of their heads from their bodies.

At the inn, Ethan is near death from the poison he ingested that Gwen meant for Theresa. Paramedics arrive to work on him as Gwen, Rebecca and Theresa look on. Chad lies dead on the floor, but Whitney insists that the paramedics try to revive him. They try unsuccessfully and eventually take him to the hospital with Ethan when a delusional Whitney insists that Chad can still be revived. When they reach the hospital, Chad is taken to the morgue. Whitney seems to accept his death and tells Theresa that she is sorry that she never forgave Chad. She encourages Theresa to tell Ethan the truth before it is too late. Gwen admits to Rebecca that she still loves Ethan. Before she can give Rebecca an explanation about the man she says has replaced Ethan in her heart, she gets a call from her "man" and rushes off. Theresa visits Ethan and tells him that he has a son. Ethan, though unconscious, hears her and responds silently that he has to live for his son. In the morgue, Whitney draws back the sheet and exposes Chad's face.

Spike holds a gun on a childlike Vincent who is cornered and cowering. Before he can shoot, Sheridan interferes and protects her nephew, Vincent. Spike threatens Sheridan and lets her know that Alistair is alive and has ordered Vincent's death. Before he can make good on his threats, Sheridan and Vincent run to her car and drive away. Spike follows in his and catches up to them as Sheridan's car runs out of gas. Fearful, Vincent grabs the wheel and they crash. They survive the crash unharmed and run away through the woods. Spike finally corners them on a high cliff (that looks suspiciously like the high cliff in Hawaii where another of Alistair's henchmen struggled with Chris and eventually went over). Spike lunges for Vincent and they both go over the cliff, but manage to hang on. Sheridan reaches for them and tries to save both, but fears she is not strong enough to pull them both up. She says that she will save her nephew Vincent, but Spike tells her that her son Marty is alive and that he will take her to him if she saves him instead of Vincent.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sheridan protects Vincent from Spike, who threatens to shoot them both! When Sheridan tries to escape with Vincent, her car spins out of control and crashes on the side of the road!

Wanting her wedding to be perfect, Kay searches for the perfect spell to cast on Miguel. Though Tabitha proposes she use no magic, and rely on love, Kay tries to prove she has what it takes to perform the perfect spell. Her magic backfires, covering Kay in hideous, warts!

An unconscious Ethan is brought into the emergency room. As an emotional Theresa waits on pins and needles, praying that Ethan will survive, Gwen realizes now she still loves him and wants to be with him. Suddenly, alarms go off in Ethan's cubicle and a doctor yells for a crash cart, now!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Fox and Esme take care of Viki while they bond. Esme tells Fox of her disinheritance, and Fox promises to take care of her. Esme thinks that Viki does not know that both her parents are dead, even though she overheard her telling Fox. Fox still can't get over how strange Esme is. She tells Fox that her mom would welcome him with open arms since he is such a hottie. In addition, she tells Fox that her mom would try to steal him away from her on the first night no less. Fox talks Esme into a night cap and pulls her into a kiss after walking out of Viki's room. They are interrupted as Viki wakes up out of a nightmare. Fox wonders if Viki overheard them talking about her parents.

Alistair continues to spy on Luis and Fancy, and he enlists Pretty's help to get back at Fancy for being with Luis, a man Alistair detests. Alistair tricks Pretty into letting her believe that she is now his favorite in order to get her to do his bidding. Pretty is hesitant to get back at Fancy because she is tired of being angry, and she senses that Fancy loves her, but Alistair is not having it. He fills Pretty's head with lies in order to enlist her to go after Fancy. Pretty agrees to help Alistair. Even though she agrees to help Alistair, Pretty complains that Alistair's method is so extreme. Luis reassures Fancy that he does not hate her because what happened between her and Pretty was an accident.

Eve gets drunk as a result of seeing her son falls to his death while Sheridan tries to force Spike to tell her Marty's whereabouts. Eve lashes out at Julian and the Cranes telling him how evil they are because Sheridan saves Spike instead of Vincent. At the edge of the cliff, Sheridan continues to torture Spike in order to get him to tell her about Marty, but Sam screams out her name, so she had to let Spike go. Spike takes off without getting a chance to tell Sheridan anything. Sheridan lies to Sam about where Spike went when he took off. Eve overhears Sheridan's statement to Sam and tells him that Sheridan murdered Vincent and demands her arrest. Sheridan fesses up that she intentionally lets go of Vincent's arm in order to save Spike because he has news of Marty's whereabouts. Eve lashes out and slaps Sheridan. Sheridan runs off to find Spike, and Eve swears that she will get Sheridan for letting Vincent die.

Theresa and Pilar stand vigil at Ethan's side and hope for the best while Rebecca is on the side mumbling that Gwen should be there to win Ethan back. Gwen receives terrible news that the new man in her life has taken ill, and Gwen prays for his recovery. Pilar tells Rebecca to go home because she has no business at the hospital since Gwen is no longer married to Ethan. Rebecca tries to track Gwen down so that she can be there when Ethan wakes up. Gwen tells Rebecca on the phone that the man in her life is way too sick for her to pick up and leave, even though Rebecca tells her that Theresa told Ethan that he has a son. Rebecca begs Gwen to come back right away and fight for Ethan, but Gwen tells her that she loves the new man in her life, and she will get back to Harmony as soon as she can. She just isn't ready to leave right that very moment since this new man is so important to her. She even loves him more than she loves Ethan. Meanwhile, Theresa keeps talking to Ethan while in his coma. She tells him that he has a son who wants to spend time with him, but she never mentions that his son is Little Ethan. She then asks Ethan to squeeze her hand if he can hear her. Ethan squeezes her and, and she translate that to mean that Ethan has forgiven her for lying to him when he still does not know the full story since he is still in a coma. Theresa, excited about Ethan's reaction, kisses him on his lips and all over his face stating that they will live happily ever after thinking that he has forgiven her. All this is happening while Ethan is still in a coma.

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