One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on OLTL

Blair turned Max down due to her love for Todd. Charges against Miles were dropped; he offered to help Todd. Llanview named their Woman of the Year, Lindsay Rappaport. As Lindsay walked to the stage to accept her award, Marty recalled that it was Lindsay who had murdered Spencer. John arrived to arrest Lindsay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Miles is grateful for Natalie's friendship when she promises to support him during his preliminary hearing. Despite Nora's objections, the judge throws out the most serious charge against Miles - attempted murder. Miles makes a surprising announcement in the courtroom. John bolsters Marty as her jury selection gets underway and admits he might be getting closer to figuring out who really killed Spencer. Todd can barely hide his jealousy when he learns Max kissed Blair. Before taking his leave, Max tells Todd that Blair considers Todd the love of her life. Blair reminds Todd why they aren't good together as a couple. Marcie tells Lindsay that she nominated her for Woman of the Year and Lindsay won. Jessica surprises Nash with her spur of the moment plan to take Bree and visit Kelly and Zane in London. Jessica assures Nash that their relationship is solid and they make love. Bo reinstates Antonio on the force and assigns Talia to work with him. Talia tries to hide her crush when she realizes she's going to be spending a lot more time with Antonio, who's oblivious to her feelings for him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At the gym, Vincent and Rex were worked out, while Adriana and Layla were there looking for new male models for their design label. Nash walked up to the designers at that moment, becoming the fifth wheel to the group. Adriana gave Nash the cold shoulder because of the situation between Antonio and Jessica. While the girls were considering the mystery new guy, Nash suggested himself as their new model (since he needed the funds to buy out Antonio), which Adriana rejected in loyalty of her brother and in disgust. Later on, the girls discussed Evangeline, their current relationship with their men, and how they were going to do a thorough background check on the next model. Vincent, Rex, and Nash talked further about Nash financial problems in the steam room and the guys were throwing out suggestions to help Nash. Vincent was out of funds, so Rex had a risky idea that involved Roxy hosting an invitation-only poker game. Nash was leery about it but since he needed quick cash to pay off Antonio, agreed to the scheme. Mystery new guy was also in the stream room listening in on the quick-cash scheme.

At Buchanan Enterprises, a reporter hounded Clint about the fall of the Buchanan stock due to Asa's death. Dorian got rid of the insensitive reporter reminding him about the death of the Clint's Pa and that it wasn't the time. Clint then took his fierce gal pal to lunch. Later on, Natalie showed up for worked and her assistant told her there was a Jared Banks here to see her. Enter, mystery new guy from the gym, he claimed he was the answer to her prayers.

At the Diner, Lindsay defended Marcie to John about his suspicion about his sister-in-law possibly being a suspect for Spencer's Murder. After, John leaves Bo comes in and Marcie gives her condolences about Asa. Bo talks about Asa to the ladies and Marcie tells Lindsay's news about being Llanview's "Woman of the Year." Marcie also gave the news to Clint and Dorian when they arrived and of course, Dorian made about her stating "I can't believe it, I've been overlooked again." However, she offered her congrats anyway to the Lindsay. At the hospital, John was trying to find more evidence linking Marcie to Spencer's murder, when Michael came in and warned his big bro to back off and once again begged him to keep Tommy's identity a secret. Michael also told John that he will regret it if he destroys his family. John said that's the last thing he wanted to do. Michael once again told him to leave the situation alone, pointing out that Marty has confessed to the murder. John warned his brother that he'll do, what he has to do.

Meanwhile at the courthouse, Miles pleaded guilty to the charges of stealing Marty's confession tape and blackmailing her into marrying him; while Marty stopped a reporter in the hallway getting confirmation regarding Miles' confession of guilt. Todd and Blair caused an outburst (what else is new), since Miles wouldn't be tried for the kidnapping against Todd. At Todd's suggestion, Nora presented to the judge that Sarah could testify as a witness but the judge denied it, since there wasn't any physical evidence and gave Nora a warning about bring it up again. Todd caused another outburst, this time against the judge and the way she was handling the case against Miles. Both the judge and Nora gave Todd a warning about another outburst, then the judge called a dismissal. Once outside the courtroom, Marty and Todd wanted to know why Miles changed his verdict to guilty. Miles admitted, "It was the right thing to do and that he's moving on." Then, Todd promised Miles that he will pay for what he did to him. Miles lawyer and Nora realized that Todd was threatening Miles. Meanwhile, Blair thanked Marty for saving her life and for killing Spencer. Blair also asked Marty why she didn't stay to help her, Marty admitted she couldn't remember.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sarah meets Cristian at the gym and they argue about working out together. Then they start working out, with Cristian coaching Sarah how to lift. They talk about Asa and the funeral and his family. Then Cristian invites her to get something to eat instead, and Sarah says Cristian has to pay for lunch.

John is on the roof of the Angel Square Hotel, drinking a beer and staring at a photo of Tommy. He remembers interrogating Michael and Rex about Tommy's true identity, then starts trying to figure out what Spencer was up to. Eventually, John imagines that the ghost of Spencer is up there on the roof with him. Spencer makes fun of how much John drinks, but John goes along and has a "conversation" with Spencer, who goes on to make fun of John's predilection for the damsel in distress, especially Marty. John defends Marty. Spencer mocks John some more, then tells him they're a lot alike. John says he's nothing like Spencer. John says Marty and Michael are good people and didn't kill Spencer, and Rex doesn't have it in him to kill a man. Spencer suggests Marcie as a suspect; John says she doesn't have a motive. It's somebody else, and John wants Spencer to figure out who that person is. Spencer lays out a potential timeline for his murder, and John blows a few holes in his theory. Then he offers that Marty makes a decent suspect, and he shoots a few holes in that theory, too... and then-BAM-he figures out who did do it and strides off the roof.

Lindsay and Nora find out at the same time that Lindsay has won the Woman of the Year award and Nora will be presenting it to her. Nora doesn't believe the winner is Lindsay, and looks miserable to realize she has to say nice things about her nemesis. Bo, Marcie, and Dorian tell Nora some nice things she can include in her speech. Bo insists that people can change. Marcie tells Nora why she nominated Lindsay, then tells Nora she will "personally kick her ass" if she ruins the night for Lindsay. Bo whispers to Marcie that nobody is going to kick anybody else's rear end on his watch. Nora thanks him and Marcie apologizes to her, then asks Nora just to give Lindsay "the night off". Nora asks why Marcie thinks Lindsay is so special. Marcie says it's because Lindsay is always there for her. Bo says Nora has to look into her own heart and do the right thing. Dorian chides Clint for making them leave when it was just getting interesting, and they flirt for a while. Sarah and Cristian show up at the diner. Clint talks to Sarah about her conversation with Cord at Asa's funeral. Clint says Asa would be happy that his funeral brought the two of them back together. Bo helps Nora write her speech for Lindsay. Nora says she can't get past what Lindsay did to the two of them. Bo says it was a long time ago. Bo says Lindsay is living now in a way to honor her daughter, and as a parent, Nora should be able to relate to that. Sarah and Cristian have lunch.

Natalie, at her Buchanan Enterprises office, asks Jared why he wants to see her. He just wants five minutes of her time. Ultimately what he wants is a job, but he spins a few lies, saying he met Asa, and Natalie catches him. Jared, in turn, says he's the same as Natalie, an impostor. He goes to leave, and Natalie asks him for his resume. Jared says a pack of corporate raiders are coming after BE, and says he will help Natalie if she gives him a job. Natalie notes that Jared went to Wharton where he and Duke Buchanan were both finalists for the Hancock Prize, which ultimately went to Duke, and Natalie catches Jared in another lie. She tells him that when you feel like a fraud all the time, it makes it easy to spot one. Natalie calls him a liar and says she will never hire him, then kicks him out of her office. Jared calls Asa a liar and a cheat, and says he likes to get in the mud, and doubts there is a Buchanan left that can do the same thing. Clint shows up at Natalie's office, saying they're both going to work late. Natalie shreds Jared's resume.

Rex and Nash show up at Foxy Roxy's for the poker game. Roxy covers by offering Nash a bikini wax, among other things, then yells at Rex a little bit for inviting Nash. Roxy warns Nash not to mess with her gambler friends, then lets him into the game, as long as he can cover the $5,000 buy-in. Rex and Roxy talk about Nash being in the game. Lindsay arrives at the hair salon and asks Roxy to fix her up for the Woman of the Year ceremony. Roxy notes that nothing good ever happens at that ceremony. Rex says he's going to come to the ceremony. Lindsay leaves Roxy's with a new hairdo, and Nash comes in, and they all cover as to the reason Nash is really there. Roxy asks Nash about his good-luck charm, a photo of Jessica. Nash buys into the game, saying the vineyard is his dream. Roxy's pals arrive, but when she opens the door, it's Jared who shows up.

Marcie arrives at the Woman of the Year ceremony and greets Lindsay, who seems nervous. She had been reading in the paper about the jury selection for Marty, and Lindsay says no one should be punished for ridding the world of that maniac Spencer Truman.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cole pays his mom a visit and tells her how worried he is about her getting off. He doesn't believe that John is helping much though Marty is quick to come to his defense. They both agree that he's a nice guy. Cole decides to go to Starr's house. After he leaves, Marty witnesses a cop having a difficult time with an unruly prisoner and it causes her to have a flashback. She asks to see John right away and the cop on duty agrees to give him a call.

When Blair finds a pair of boxers, Starr owns up to playing strip poker with her friends during Monte Carlo night. Blair is none too happy at first but accepts Starr's explanation that Cole jumped into the water and no one saw anything. She tells her mom that it was the first fun for Cole in a long time. They get to talking about Blair's relationship with Todd and she tries to explain that though she loves him and they make a good team, she cannot live with him. Starr has difficulty in understanding her mom's reasoning. Cole arrives and Blair expresses her concern about his mother, even though they've had differences. Cole tells them the jury has been selected. As she's about to head upstairs Blair receives a call from Todd. He asks her to attend the Woman of the Year banquet with him, even though its already begun. Starr is worried about Todd seeing Cole but Blair reassures her. Cole is surprised to find his boxers and admits that he's been falling asleep fully dressed at night and quickly changing clothes in the morning. He hasn't been sleeping well and he didn't even realize that he wasn't wearing them. The kids are just happy that Blair was the one to find them.

At Rodi's, John summons the police officer who lost his job the night Spencer was killed. He's reluctant to talk to John until the detective offers to put in a good word for him. He is not much help as he looks at the picture John has and tells him he did not see that person on the night of the murder. John receives a phone call from the cop at the jail who explains that he knows it's unusual but Marty is frantic to see him. He heads over right away.

Jared shows up at Roxy's for her secret game. Nash realizes he heard the password in the steam room. Roxy tries to deny him by explaining that he has to be recommended but when the young man pulls a wad of bills from his pocket, he's in. Roxy's other friends arrive and the game begins. Nash is on a roll and the other friends end up leaving. Jared asks lots of questions and makes comments about Jess (whose picture is on the table by Nash). When Nash calls him on it, Jared claims to just be making friendly conversation. It all boils down to the final hand and both men toss in all of their chips. Jared adds a piece of jewelry to the pot as well. They're both in it until the bitter end and both want to win badly.

John reaches Marty and hears her announce that she knows she didn't kill Spencer. She remembers being slammed against the wall, dropping the scissors and being dragged out of the room where she passed out. She's still a little worried that she may have woken up and gone back but John quickly informs her that he knows who committed the murder. She has another brief flashback and remembers getting up, dizzy, and heading back to Blair's room. The door opened and someone came out.

It's time for the Woman of the Year banquet and Lindsay is thrilled that Bo is there to support her. Rex and Michael are anxious about John's plans and agree that they're safe as long as he's quiet. They cover up and make light hearted talk in front of Marcie, but she is suspicious of their serious faces when she sees them together. Bo explains the recent history of the awards dinner to Rex and how it always ends up in disaster. Nora is presenting and anything can happen, he adds. Dorian pulls Nora aside and warns her that she had better give a decent speech. Nora replies that she will hardly make a fool out of herself as Lindsay once did. Marcie opens the presentation and talks about Lindsay being her family. She introduces Nora who decides not to use her prepared speech, much to everyone's apprehension. She talks about their shared holidays in the past, as well as getting down and dirty and having Lindsay by her side when she won (all of the double meaning references are accompanied by wonderful flashbacks). As everyone listens, worried, Nora states that though they have many differences, Lindsay deserves the award. They both love their children, which is something that they have in common. Lindsay gave to many others when she lost her child instead of retreating, Nora continues. A teary Lindsay listens to Nora's spur of the moment, right from the heart speech. As Nora announces Lindsay's name, Marty recalls that it was Lindsay coming out of Blair's room!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nash is very confident when he lays down a straight hand at Roxy's "high stakes "game, but Jared's hand reveals him to be the lucky winner. A crushed Nash announces to Roxy that he has lost nearly every penny he had and that he will soon lose controlling interest in the vineyard. Jared listens as Nash explains that he had hoped to buy out Antonio's shares with his winnings and will now lose his controlling share to some stranger that Antonio chooses. Roxy offers Nash support, but he insists that he has lost everything and refuses to allow Jessica to bail him out. Jared approaches Nash and expresses his sympathy concerning the loss. Jared tells him that he realizes Nash had hoped to buy out his partner and offers Nash the opportunity to win his money back. An angry Nash tells Jared that he doesn't accept charity and would like to never see Jared's face again. Later, Jared calls Antonio inquiring about investing in the vineyard.

At Rodi's, Natalie is speaking to someone over the phone, demanding any information that may be found concerning Jared Banks. Miles approaches Natalie and tells her that he has information that he needs to confide in her. Natalie assures him that he can trust her. Miles informs Natalie that he knows more about Todd's son than he has admitted to. Natalie quickly questions him about knowing what happened to Todd's son. Miles states that he did not mean it the way it sounded. He says he understands Todd's loss because he has lost Marty. Miles goes on to tell Natalie that he feels responsible for what happened to Todd. Natalie attempts to convince Miles that he has done nothing wrong and only tried to offer help. Miles tells Natalie he would like to make it up to Todd, by helping him find out what happened to his son. Natalie tells him to forget it because the only one who knows the truth is dead. She begins to tell Miles how she distrusts Jared Banks but notices that his attention is elsewhere. Natalie questions whether or not something else is going on with him. Miles feels terrible that Todd hates him and appears intent on helping Todd.

Starr and Cole are together at La Boulaie sharing a close moment, as Todd walks in on them. Todd questions them about what is going on. Starr begins to tease Todd about he and Blair going on a date. Todd explains that they are going to the Woman of the Year Ceremony and it is all business. Todd's attention is quickly diverted, as Blair walks into the room wearing a beautiful dress. Star questions why they are attending the event. After warning Starr and Cole to behave, Blair and Todd rush off to catch the anticipated surprise of the evening. Cole is confused by Blair and Todd's behavior. Starr gives Cole a history lesson concerning her parents and their tumultuous relationship.

Marty has a memory of Lindsay leaving Spencer Truman's room on the night of the murder. She tells John that she knows that Lindsay committed the murder. John is already aware of Lindsay's guilt and tells Marty he just needed her to remember. John states that he has enough evidence to indict Lindsay and that Marty will soon be reunited with Cole . John places a call and discovers Lindsay is at the Woman of the Year Ceremony receiving the honor. John does not wish to embarrass her during the event and plans to arrest her afterwards. John arranges for Marty to call Cole before leaving to arrest Lindsay. Marty calls Cole and tells him that a discovery has been made and their nightmare will soon be over.

Bo is Lindsay's escort at the Woman of the Year ceremony. Everyone, including Bo, Marcie, Michael, Rex, Adriana and Dorian are anticipating Lindsay's acceptance speech. After being introduced by Nora, Lindsay is extremely nervous. Lindsay surprises everyone by stating she does not deserve the award. Lindsay begins to give a heart wrenching recount of losing Jen in the manner she did. She speaks of how Jen's murder helped her organize a group to help mothers spend more time with their children. Lindsay states that she would lie, cheat, steal, kill or do whatever she has to in order to protect a mother from losing her child; she goes on to say that she has already done just that. Lindsay breaks down on stage and Marcie comes to her aid; everyone is confused by her actions. Marcie, Bo and Nora all believe that Lindsay's breakdown is attributed to her memories of Jen. They attempt to convince her to cut the night short because this has all been too much for her. Blair and Todd arrive at the ceremony; Todd is disappointed that nothing humiliating has taken place at this years' ceremony. While alone with Marcie on stage, Lindsay begins to tell her that she did something for Marcie and would do it again. Marcie questions Lindsay about what she has done. Meanwhile, everyone continues to stare up at the stage and wonder what the two women are discussing. Michael, Rex and Adriana have a strange feeling that something is terribly wrong. Rex asks Michael if John has mentioned whether or not he plans to reveal Tommy's true identity. Michael tells Rex that John has said nothing and warns him this means trouble. Michael is convinced that John has plans to arrest Marcie and expose their secret. Again Marcie, Bo and Nora try to persuade Lindsay to leave the ceremony. Painfully, Lindsay tells them that she can do this and must carry it out to the end. Lindsay approaches the podium and begins speaking to Marcie, telling her that she is like a daughter to her. She compliments Marcie on being a wonderful mother to Tommy and says no mother should ever have to give up her child; Lindsay states that Marcie is "the true innocent". Michael notices John appear in the room with several uniformed officers. Michael approached John and demands to know why he has come. Everyone begins to realize that Llanview's Woman of the Year curse has claimed yet another victim. John tries to explain to Michael, but he will not hear of it. Suddenly, Michael screams to the top of his voice that he will not allow John to arrest Marcie. The entire audience is stunned by Michael's revelation. Bo questions John about what is going on, but Marcie approaches John and begins to chastise him about ruining Lindsay's big night with his accusations about Marcie killing Spencer Truman. Lindsay calmly steps away from the podium and explains to Marcie that John has not come to arrest Marcie. Lindsay shocks everyone by stating John has come to arrest her for Spencer Truman's murder.

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