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Monday, August 20, 2007

Greenlee and Aidan were at ConFusion. Greenlee wondered why Aidan was in a bad mood. At first Greenlee assumed that it was about a case, but she soon remembered that Di was moving to New York. Greenlee laughed when she realized that Aidan was dumped. Aidan was annoyed by Greenlee's presence, but Greenlee ordered him a drink so he would stay. Greenlee stated that she was an expert with bad relationships and breakups. Then, they both recited corny breakup lines that annoyed them. For a moment, Aidan was smiling with Greenlee until the conversation turned to Kendall. Aidan inquired if Greenlee confessed to Kendall. Greenlee said she did something better than confessing. Aidan urged Greenlee to leave Kendall's family alone because her actions would only make things worse. Then, Aidan announced that he was sticking Greenlee with bill and walked away. Greenlee slyly smiled.

After Annie received an eerie phone call, she immediately called Emma's daycare. Annie wanted to pick Emma up early, but an employee said her uncle already got her. Annie freaked out and began to call 911. Then, Jonathan entered with Emma. Jonathan heard the 911 operator on the other end and asked why Annie was so upset. Annie scolded Jonathan for picking Emma up early. Jonathan reminded Annie that she asked him to get Emma because of a dentist appointment. Annie looked sheepish and apologized. Jonathan knew something was wrong. Annie blamed her behavior on stress from Spike and Ian being in the hospital. Jonathan felt Annie was not telling him something, but Annie denied this. Jonathan stated that Annie did not have to be strong all of the time. Annie affirmed that she needed to be strong for Ryan's sake. Then, after Jonathan left, Annie made a phone call. Annie inquired if "he left." Annie seemed content as she ended the ambiguous phone call.

Ryan was surprised to find that Kendall and Spike were not in their hospital room. Ryan assumed they were with Zach, so Ryan went to Ian's room. Ryan asked Zach if he knew where Kendall was. Zach was nervous to here that Kendall was not in her room. Zach worried that Kendall left with Spike to see the alternative medicine physician. Zach could not remember the doctor's name, so Ryan called Tad for help. Tad came quickly and he and Ryan searched Kendall's room for clues. Ryan was very agitated with Kendall for taking Spike out of the hospital too soon and for bringing Spike to a "quack." Tad assured Ryan that Kendall would not do anything to hurt Spike. Ryan was not so sure because Kendall was sleep deprived and desperate. Then, Tad traced all of Kendall's phone calls and came up with Dr. Hilliard's name and number. Ryan rushed off. Meanwhile, Zach was debating what he should do about Ian's brain surgery. Joe explained that Ian's symptoms were common and that the surgery needed to be done right away. Zach said he could not wait for Kendall and signed the papers to allow the surgery. Then, Josh came because he heard about Ian. Zach told Josh about Kendall's disappearance. Zach was very disappointed in Kendall. Josh promised to stay with Zach. Then, as baby Ian was rolled out to surgery, Zach told his son that he would not go anywhere. Zach also stated that Kendall had no idea how much she was needed.

Kendall arrived at Dr. Hilliard's office. In the waiting room, Kendall saw pictures of many children that the doctor cured. Then, Kendall went in to meet Dr. Hilliard. Dr. Hilliard explained that although he had the same diagnosis for Spike, he did not have the same prognosis as the other doctors. Dr. Hilliard believed that with herbal vitamins, pressure, a healthy diet, and a lot of attentive care Spike could hear again. Kendall was very pleased to hear that a doctor still had hope for Spike. Dr. Hilliard stated that the other doctors were reputable, but he felt the cochlear implant should be a last resort. Kendall agreed and asked what this would cost. Dr. Hilliard said his foundation had enough wealthy benefactors, so Kendall did not need to pay. Dr. Hilliard suggested that Kendall donate to the foundation if she was happy with Spike's care. Then, Kendall explained that she had another son in critical condition. Kendall also admitted that her husband did not know about their meeting. Dr. Hilliard asserted that Kendall should tell her husband because this must be a team effort. Dr. Hilliard stated that Kendall had to devote all of her attention to Spike's recovery, so her husband had to take care of any other responsibilities. Kendall said she would do anything to cure Spike. Then, just as Kendall went to leave, Ryan busted into the office!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ryan wants nothing to do with Dr. Hilliard, and brings Spike back to the hospital where he belongs. Kendall is hit when Ryan tells her about Ian being in surgery. Zach struggles to keep his emotions in check as he waits out Ian's surgery, but is buoyed by Josh and Lily. The tension is palpable when Kendall finally makes it to Zach's side. With his emotions on overload, Zach wonders if Kendall wants to be a mother to Ian. Ryan is concerned when he discovers that Annie's cell phone, as well as the phone at the house, have been disconnected. Babe impresses JR when she puts Andy, Ava's sleazy manager, in his place and sends him packing with his tail between his legs. Babe declares that Amanda will serve as Ava's handler to keep men like Andy at arms length. JR is smitten as he watches Ava's promo for Fusion. Jamie tells Tad and Joe that Jake offered him the chance to work with AIDS patients in Africa. Putting his own feelings aside, Tad gives Jamie his blessing to accept this once in a lifetime opportunity. Babe tells Jamie he can't leave when he goes to say goodbye to her.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ryan told Jonathan that he was worried about Annie because her cell phone and the house phone were disconnected. Jonathan offered to watch Spike, so Ryan could check on Annie. Ryan accepted the offer and rushed home. As soon as Ryan entered the penthouse, Annie and Emma returned home from getting dinner. Ryan was relieved to see his family, but wondered why Annie turned off the phones. Annie realized that she scared Ryan and apologized. Annie claimed that she disconnected the phones because of prank calls. Still, Ryan saw that Annie was "freaked out" and sensed that she was hiding something. Ryan asked Annie to trust him with the truth. Annie tried to change the subject by giving Ryan the new phone numbers. However, Ryan was persistent and asked if the prank calls were from "the brother." Annie looked very nervous at the mention of a brother. Then, Ryan went on to say that Terry's brother might be behind the harassment. Ryan wanted to investigate the calls. Annie assured Ryan that it was not Terry's brother. Annie simply wanted Ryan to forget about the prank calls. Annie then stated that she overreacted because of the stress she was under. Ryan was content, so he filled Annie in on the details with Spike and Ian. Then, Ryan suggested that they go to the beach to get away for a short time. Annie pretended to be relaxed and happy, but she continued to secretly replay in her mind the eerie song from the prank calls.

Jonathan was in Spike's hospital room when Ava came to visit. Ava did not say hello, but instead began ranting about her career. Ava was annoyed that Fusion hired Amanda to be her "handler." Jonathan did not think it was a bad situation. Then, Jonathan got a phone call from a doctor that was doing research on Spike's deafness. Jonathan told Ava to watch Spike while he took the call. Ava went to Spike's crib and told him that being deaf was not all bad. Ava believed that Spike could be different like Lily. Ava then praised Lily for making everyone's lives better. Then, Jonathan returned and Ava began talking about work again. Ava explained that she wanted to do more than model for Fusion. Jonathan advised Ava to slow down because she had a steady job that paid good money.

JR eavesdropped as Babe begged Jamie not to leave town. Babe asserted that Jamie's friends and family needed him in Pine Valley. Then, JR made his presence known. JR could not believe that Jamie would leave town now that the three of them were getting along. Jamie explained the opportunity in Africa, so JR backed off. Then, they all sat down to a makeshift going away party with chips and soda. They nostalgically reminisced about the good and the bad times they shared. Babe was clearly emotional, so JR left to give Babe and Jamie alone time. Babe cried and told Jamie that he was the one person that she could always count on. Babe did not want to lose the connection they shared. Jamie stated that Babe was his first love, so their connection would never cease. Then, Jamie gave Babe a bracelet with a pig charm on it. Babe could not stop crying, so Jamie kissed her. Then, Jamie left and Babe continued to weep.

Kendall talked to Ian through the hospital room's window. Kendall apologized to Ian for not being with him during the brain surgery. Then, Zach entered. Kendall knew that Zach was angry with her. Zach admitted he was irritated with Kendall over her disappearance. Kendall apologized and tried to explain, but Zach did not want to listen. Zach would not accept Kendall's excuses, so he left. Zach then went to the cemetery to visit Ethan's grave. Once again, Zach apologized to Ethan for his shortcomings as a father. Then, Zach asked Ethan to watch over Ian because he did not want to mourn two sons. Meanwhile, Joe met with Kendall. Joe understood that Kendall felt torn between her two sons. Joe assured Kendall that helping one son did not mean that she was abandoning the other son. Joe told Kendall that she was a remarkable woman. Kendall smiled and walked into Ian's hospital room. Kendall told Ian that she loved him. Kendall then explained to Ian that he had a family that supported him and would help him through the tough times. Then, Kendall looked up and saw that Zach was in the room listening to her words. Zach admitted to Kendall that he was scared. Kendall immediately went to Zach and embraced him.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zach stays by Ian's side and tells him that if his son continues to gain weight, he will be able to come home soon. Lily comes by to visit Ian and Zach tells her that Ian has really taken a liking to the new book she got him. She begins asking Zach questions about Ian's health, so he teaches her how to feed the baby through a feeding tube. Lily tells Zach that her and Ian share a lot of similarities, such as not liking loud noises or being touched. Lily says that just because they do not like certain things, it doesn't mean that they don't know how much people love them. She tells Zach she is glad to have a nephew who can understand how she feels.

In the hospital room, Kendall sings the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Spike. When Ryan walks in, she tells him that she has always sung to Spike before he went to bed and thinks that he can hear her. When Ryan signs "Daddy is here, I love you" to Spike, Kendall gets upset, thinking that Ryan is trying to prove their son won't hear again. He tells Kendall that he is trying to teach Spike another way to communicate, instead of relying on him reading lips. Kendall sees Ryan's efforts as a way of giving up on their son, but he says that her efforts, such as sneaking him out of the hospital to some mysterious doctor, are not the right. Kendall apologizes for taking Spike out of the hospital without Ryan's permission, but is not sorry for taking Spike to see Dr. Hilliard. Ryan agrees to talk to the doctor with Kendall, but wants her to realize that Spike may never hear again. Ryan tells Kendall that he understands she cannot accept Spike is deaf, but does not know why it is a bad idea to teach him sign language. Kendall thinks it will send a message that Spike will never hear again, but Ryan says it will show their son that he is loved. When Ryan tells Kendall that he wants Spike to go home with him so she can focus on Ian, Kendall refuses. She thinks Ryan is trying to take her son away, but Ryan says he just wants to help take some of the burden off her shoulders. He tells Kendall about Annie's past with her father to try to prove that spending time with Annie would be beneficial. Kendall refuses to literally let Spike out of her sight. When Ryan reminds Kendall that he has parental rights, she threatens to take them away because he allowed Greenlee back into their lives. Ryan tells Kendall that he will take Spike home with him no matter what she wants. Kendall proclaims that he is trying to take her son away as Zach comes into the room. Ryan explains his plan to Zach, but to Kendall's surprise, Zach sides with Ryan. Zach tells Kendall that Ian needs to spend more time with her and Ryan promises Spike will be in good hands. Kendall tells Spike good-bye and gives him to Ryan. She and Zach go visit Ian.

At Fusion, Emma keeps himself busy on the computer while Annie works. Annie gets spooked when Greenlee comes up behind her and touches her shoulder. Greenlee offers to work in another room because she thinks Annie does not want to be around her. Annie says that she is sad for Greenlee because she knows exactly how she feels right now – guilty, alone and abandoned. Annie says that the pain will eventually go away and life will get better. Greenlee asks Annie why she is being so kind to her, but Annie says the reasons are not important. Greenlee says Annie is acting like she has lived through something similar, but Annie is silent. Greenlee looks at Emma and asks Annie if the reason she feels like she can relate to Greenlee is because she had to run off with Emma to protect her from Terry. Annie says it is something like that. As she looks through a stack of prints, rose petals fall out and Annie shrieks in surprise. When Greenlee asks her if she is OK, Annie says the petals just surprised her because of the whole "Satin Slayer" murders. Annie begins to have a panic attack and uses her inhaler to calm down. Greenlee offers to take her and Emma home.

At The Comeback, Babe admits to her mother that she is sad Jamie is leaving Pine Valley. JR comes into the bar with Little Adam after spending a day on the yacht. Winnie takes Little Adam home for bed, but makes sure he says good-bye to Krystal first. JR tells Babe that he did not mind allowing her and Jamie to have some alone time because it looked they had something to say to one another. Babe tells JR that she appreciated the gesture, but is still getting used to his new attitude. JR tells Babe that if Fusion handles Ava's career properly, she could be a star. Babe tells JR that he is trying to steal Ava, but JR says that is impossible because he is unemployed. Babe says that she knows JR has some plan in his head because as much as he hates it, he's still a Chandler. Babe gets emotional when JR shows her Little Adam's drawing for Jamie.

Jackson comes into the bar and tells Krystal that he needs something to drown his sorrows in. As Jackson swigs down one of Krystal's mixed drinks, she tells him that Babe has become co-owner of The Comeback. They want to open Comebacks all across the country, but if not, at least the one they have was opened with love, she says. Jackson says he used to think love was enough for his kinds, but now he wonders if it is enough because of Greenlee's actions. Jackson says that no matter what he chooses, he can't win with Erica and Greenlee. Krystal says that she and Babe were once the most hated people in town, but they made it through because they had each other. She tells Jackson it is never too late to reach out to Greenlee.

Greenlee drops Annie and Emma off, but decides to stay when Emma asks Greenlee to help make tea for Annie. Ryan walks in with Spike as Greenlee and Emma bring out the tea.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ryan brings Spike home from the hospital and gets the wrong idea when he walks in and sees Greenlee. Both his ex and his current wife try to explain how they both came to be there, but Ryan doesn't want to hear it. After Greenlee coos over Spike instead of leaving, he hands off his son to Annie and takes Greenlee into the hall. Yet again, she tries to explain that she didn't mean any harm and she only wants what is best for Spike, but Ryan continues to reject her. He tells her that he will never forgive her and that if she persists in defying his wishes by continually showing up around his family, he will obtain restraining orders. Disheartened, Greenlee takes off and Ryan goes back inside. He can't avoid addressing the fact that his wife seems put-out and thinks that her stress level and the asthma attack were all caused by Greenlee. She tells him that Greenlee isn't the root of her problems now and that he shouldn't worry. Ryan asks about the phone calls but she promises him that she's had no further problems in that arena.

Kendall watches an orderly strip the sheets from Spike's bed, and then looks forlornly at a picture of her oldest son. She glumly notes that he should be with her, but Zach tries to assure her that it is better that Spike got cleared to leave the hospital. She clarifies that she believes Spike is better off when he is with her, and Zach tells her that she shouldn't worry because Spike is safe with his father. Zach goes on to say that eventually, they as a family will be all right again. Inconsolable, Kendall tells him that because they can't touch their youngest baby, and Zach gave the other one away – they are a long way from fine. Ever willing to stick by her, he says that they will get Spike the toy he forgot in the morning and they will be with Ian as much as possible. Kendall is beside herself at the mere possibility that she stay outside of the hospital but Zach is convinced that they would be better off sleeping at home. Kendall doesn't think they have a home anymore – just an empty house without her babies. She tells him that since he gave Spike away, he can't ask her to leave her other son. They are interrupted by a knock, and the orderly brings back Spike's blanket that he mistakenly picked up. Kendall loses a bit more of her control, insisting that they needed to take the blanket to her oldest right away. Without it, she knows for certain that he will be upset and unable to sleep. Zach tries to calm her down and tell her that Spike might not have noticed the missing blanket, and that if there was a problem, Ryan would call. Kendall finally admits that part of her anxiety is that she feels like she keeps hurting Spike – every time she leaves him, something bad happens. She let Greenlee take him, and there was an accident...she went on a walk, and Greenlee came to his room, although she wasn't supposed to. Zach assures her that Ryan will not let Greenlee get close to Spike. She wraps herself in Spike's blanket while Zach tells her that her sons are safe, and that as soon as they get the boys home, they will be normal again. She thinks about it for a moment, but decides that because of Spike's hearing loss, they can never be the same. Zach tells her that Spike is strong and resilient and he will adjust. She doesn't want him to adjust, and vows to find a way to fix things so that Spike will be able to hear again.

Ryan explains that he didn't mean to add to Annie's stress load but thought that with everything Kendall has to deal with regarding Ian, it would be best to take care of Spike for her. Annie immediately jumps to Kendall's side, saying that the new mom probably had her reasons for wanting to keep Spike with her, and that maybe they should give him back. Ryan tells her that he has to decide what is best for Spike, as well as for Emma, and he believes having Spike living with them until Zach and Kendall are back home full time is the best way to go. Annie admits that she can't really explain why she is so freaked out but proceeds to try to come up with reasons why Spike shouldn't stay with them. Their conversation is stymied when the phone rings. Annie fairly jumps out of her skin until Ryan tells her that it's only his cell phone. She tries to calm herself down again but it doesn't work that well. Still worried, Ryan answer the phone to stop it from ringing. He finds Kendall on the other end, worried about how her oldest boy is fairing. Ryan promises that Spike is doing well and hasn't missed his toy or blanket. She asks Ryan to put him on the phone, despite the fact that he can't physically hear her. She thinks that he will instinctively know and feel her, so Ryan pushes his hesitance aside and holds the phone up to the young boy's ear. Kendall tells her son that she loves him and misses him, and when she finishes, Ryan gets back on the phone and tells her that their son is smiling. Flatly, she reminds him to come and pick up the blanket, and Ryan swears that he will. He then tells her to take care of herself and Ian, but with the same lack of emotion, she ends the phone call. Zach wraps her in his arms, but Kendall is a million miles away. She brings herself back to the present and thanks him for not giving up on her. He tells her that he has ideas to keep her up-to-date on Ian's situation 24/7, and promises that if they take care of each other, they will eventually be back to the way they are supposed to be. He tells her that he needs to find Joe so they can get her checked out, and will return once he does so.

Annie nervously notes that Kendall's phone call sounded like she needed to have Spike back with her but Ryan says that he is not so easily swayed. He tells her that Kendall doesn't want to be away from either of her sons but with Ian in the NICU, things are better this way. Annie finally stops playing nice and tells her befuddled husband that she can't have Spike living with them.

Zach returns to the room to gather Kendall and her belongings and finds that his wife has left once again without any word of where she was headed. In a different part of the hospital, Kendall resurfaces at the doorway of a new mother's room. Kendall tells the woman that she doesn't have either of her babies and asks if she can hold the newest addition to the woman's family.

At the Comeback, Tad makes fun of Krystal for the line dancing about to happen and they both note that Aidan is taking his breakup with Di very well. They give him two very different versions of what he should do to get himself back in the dating world. Aidan tells them that he already had an offer from someone he would call an 11. Tad doesn't believe him because he doesn't think any sane man would turn down a woman that gorgeous, but Krystal pipes up and tells Tad to mind his own business. Finally, after a lot of ribbing, Aidan admits that although the woman was real, the offer was fake. Tad feels vindicated, but Krystal is not beaten. She decides that the answer is to join the dancing. She drags Aidan out on the floor and effortlessly fits in with the crowd. Aidan tries his best, but eventually he ends up with two left feet and falls to a nearby bench, taking Krystal with him. They give up trying and go back to their respective stations. Tad and Krystal chat some more, briefly, and then spot Ava through the window. Tad thinks Krystal should refuse to serve her, but she knows that Ava is just trying to prove a point to the "mean boss" that fired her. She also thinks that perhaps by hanging around, Ava can bring a little publicity with her.

Out on the patio, Ava sits at a table with her handler, Amanda, and gripes over the fact that she is no longer featured in any of the entertainment magazines. Amanda informs her that the real problem is their need for a photographer for their next shoot when the best one they know of is overseas on assignment. Ava is unmoved and insists that if she were allowed to have a few drinks, she would be in a much better mood. Amanda denies her request, insisting that even when she is harbouring a lower profile, Ava still needs to behave. Always looking to amp up her game, Ava spies a nearby tray of drinks and grabs a shot off of it, quickly slamming it before Amanda can stop her. She then decides she wants to dance, and Amanda warns her about losing control in a public place, as people with cell phones could easily get an unflattering shot of her and put that in the entertainment rags. Ava assures her that she is properly covered, and heads inside. She tries to garner some attention by being loud, but that gets her nowhere. She notices a man that was at a previous photo shoot of hers and approaches him, thinking that she can convince him to take some more of her now. The man tells her, slightly less than politely, that he is there to celebrate a friend's birthday, and that unless she has plans to do something scandalous, he would like to save his film. Offended that he passed her by, she lets his idea roll around in her brain until Amanda comes in after her. A light bulb goes on, and Ava realizes that she can recreate a stunt pulled off at a movie awards show. She gets everyone's attention and then lays a kiss directly on Amanda's lips.

Greenlee bursts into Dr. Hilliard's office, demanding to know the outcome of his visit with Kendall and Spike. The doctor tells her that he won't be treating Spike, and Greenlee is horrified. She reminds him that she gave him a very big check so that he would treat the little boy, and he reminds her that she called it a donation. His problem, Hilliard continues, is that Ryan was not informed about the doctor's visit or his methods, and is not on-board with the treatment. Greenlee swears it's because Ryan was caught off-guard, and that he will come around. Recognizing that as a possibility, Hilliard tells her that her best bet would be to join forces with Kendall in convincing Ryan that treatment at his office would be the right decision for their son.

Tad finds Aidan at the bar again and tells him that the one thing that always helps him when he is down in the dumps is work. Handing him a piece of paper, Tad says he will make sure that Aidan can get in to see him, and Aidan's job is to find out everything about the doctor on the slip – who he is and how he accomplishes the things he has taken credit for. Immediately intrigued, Aidan agrees.

A short time later, a phone call interrupts Greenlee's chat with Dr. Hilliard, and after finding out that his visitor is close friends with the governor, he grants a five minute visit. He explains the situation to Greenlee, and she graciously takes her leave. Out in the waiting room, Dr. Hilliard's assistant tells Aidan that he will be allowed a short stay.



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