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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kendall, Zach, Erica, Jack, Ryan, and Annie were told by Joe and the specialist that Spike was permanently deaf! Everyone was saddened and asked if there were any cures. The specialist said that a cochlear implant might help Spike regain his hearing. However, Kendall was defiant and wanted to check Spike out of the hospital. Kendall did not believe that Pine Valley Hospital was the best place for Spike and wanted him discharged. Everyone tried to explain that Spike was not well enough to leave the hospital, but Kendall would not listen. Then, Zach finally calmed Kendall down. Kendall cried in his arms and asserted that she would find a way to cure Spike. Meanwhile, Ryan told Annie that he was mad at himself, Greenlee, and God. Then, Kendall, Ryan, and Zach waited for Spike to wake up from his anesthesia as Annie went to call Emma and check on Ian. Ian's nurse told Annie that she expected "big things" from Ian because he was a miracle baby. Meanwhile, Spike woke up. Zach assured Kendall that Spike was aware of her love. Then, Zach went to get coffee for everyone. When Zach returned he saw Annie outside of Spike's room. They looked inside and found Kendall and Ryan leaning on each other as they slept next to Spike's crib.

Jack asked Erica to speak with him privately. They went to the park to talk. Jack wanted to make peace, but Erica could not get over the heartache Greenlee caused "her" family. Jack believed it was his family also. Erica pointed out that Jack chose to stand by Greenlee no matter what. Jack did not want this to tear them apart. Erica felt Greenlee would force them to go in separate directions. Jack wondered if he was wrong to delay their divorce. Erica was not hopeful that they would remain married. Then, Erica announced that she needed to go see Kendall. Jack asked if he could go too, but Erica rejected his request and left.

Greenlee went to the hospital. Greenlee told a nurse that she was Bianca, so she would be allowed to see Spike and his family. Just as the nurse gave Greenlee permission, Josh grabbed Greenlee. Josh told Greenlee that it was a mistake to come because Spike was permanently deaf. Greenlee was distraught and wanted to see Kendall. Josh said that Greenlee would make things worse. Then, Jonathan saw Greenlee and demanded that she leave. Josh told Jonathan to back off Greenlee, but Jonathan grew angrier. Jonathan chastised Greenlee for her actions and accused Josh of being on Greenlee's side. Josh affirmed that he was loyal to Kendall, but did not feel the need to condemn Greenlee to hell. As they fought, Greenlee left and went to The Comeback. Greenlee ordered two double martinis and told the bartender to keep them coming. Krystal told Greenlee she had to hand over her car keys if she wanted to get drunk. Greenlee obliged and began to drink. Then, Greenlee announced that she was a terrible person because Spike was deaf. Krystal and Colby were shocked by the news. Then, Greenlee became very intoxicated, so Krystal cut her off. A man saw this and introduced himself to Greenlee. The man said he was called "Wheels" because he was always the designated driver. Wheels offered to buy drinks and give them to Greenlee. Greenlee loved the idea and sat down with the stranger. Greenlee proceeded to have multiple tequila shots. Then, just as Aidan entered, Wheels suggested that they leave together. Aidan realized what was happening and stopped Greenlee from taking her last shot. This annoyed Greenlee and prompted her to make out with Wheels. Meanwhile, Ava was at a table with a talent agent. The agent believed Ava had the potential to be a movie star with paparazzi appeal. Ava was thrilled and signed a contract with him. Then, the agent asked Ava about the other person involved in the hostage crisis. Colby overheard Ava claim that she was the real hero and that JR did nothing. Colby was enraged. Ava asserted that she deserved this break because she had been through hell. Colby stated that Jonathan was really going through hell because Spike was deaf. Ava looked concerned and went to the hospital. Ava brought balloons, champagne, and a singing stuffed animal for Spike. Then, as Ava gave the gifts to Jonathan, she apologized because they were not appropriate for Spike. Jonathan thought it was a sincere gesture and thanked Ava for coming. Then, they kissed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At the hospital, Ryan and Zach talk about how Kendall is having a tough time accepting that Spike's hearing loss is not reversible. Ryan says he has been doing some research and new technology to find a cure for Spike. Zach agrees to help any way he can for Spike and asks Ryan is something else is bothering him. Ryan asks Zach how he has handled Greenlee, but Zach refuses to elaborate on his plans for Greenlee. Zach spits out that Zach strung Greenlee along, knowing she was emotionally unstable, and he is responsible for her actions. Ryan says that Zach has also ruined other people's lives, such as Erin, Simone and the other women who his father killed to send him a message. Ryan says that Zach is the dangerous one, not Greenlee. Emma rushes into Ryan's arms, interrupting the tension between the two men. Emma asks Ryan why he was yelling and Ryan tries to explain that he and Zach were just having a disagreement.

Aidan watches closely as Greenlee throws herself into the arms of a stranger, who is more than welcome to take her home with him. Greenlee tries to get leave the bar with the stranger, but Aidan punches the stranger out when he gets in the way. Aidan leads Greenlee outside, but she would rather grab a few more drinks. When Aidan offers to take Greenlee home, she mistakes it for a trashy come-on and tells him to rush back to his girlfriend. As Greenlee spits out how trusting someone is a mistake, she rushes over to the bushes and throws up. Greenlee staggers back to Aidan and explains that she went to the hospital to check on Spike, but things went terrible once Josh and Jonathan spotted her. Greenlee says that Josh informed her Spike's hearing loss is permanent and Jonathan reminded her that everyone hates her. Thinking that Zach has hired Aidan to keep an eye on her, Greenlee offers Aidan money to get rid of him. Aidan says that he no longer works for Zach, but Greenlee is miffed, especially when Aidan is not rushing off to tell the world her confessions. Aidan says he is not sure why he hasn't rushed to the cops, but figures Greenlee is doing a great job punishing herself than any bars could. Aidan suggest Greenlee be honest with Kendall about the kidnapping, but Greenlee is worried it could land her in jail.

Annie comes to Fusion and tells Annie that Spike's deafness is permanent. When Di suggests that Annie be with Ryan, Annie says that she needs to be at Fusion because it is the only thing she can do to help Kendall and Ryan. Annie says Kendall thinks she can fix everything, Ryan feels guilty and Zach is pulling out all the stops to get his family through the ordeal. Annie receives a telephone call, but claims the caller has dialed the wrong number. Seeing that Annie is bothered by the call, Di asks her who the caller was. Annie said that she called "him" yesterday because he was the only person who could offer advice on Spike's situation, but so far, has not heard back from "him." Di tells Annie that she should tell Ryan the truth before it comes out another way. Di goes to help Babe in the lounge as Annie makes a reservation.

As Kendall keeps Spike company, she gets a phone call from Bianca. Kendall tells Bianca that the doctors think Spike will never hear again, but wants to get more opinions from other specialists. Bianca offers to come to Pine Valley, but Kendall says she has more than enough support to deal with. Bianca tells Kendall that Spike is strong and will overcome the hearing loss. Kendall tells Bianca that she will get her son all the help he needs so he can hear fire trucks, which is his favorite sound. When Bianca asks about Ian, Kendall says that Zach has been spending most of his time with him. Kendall says she wants to be with Ian, but feels helpless because he was born so premature and requires special attention. Kendall tells Bianca she loves her and asks her to give Miranda a kiss before Jackson walks in. Jackson apologizes to Kendall for what has happened to Spike and gives her a hug. Kendall tells Jackson that she is torn between her two sons because she loves them so much, but isn't sure it is enough. When Jackson asks Kendall if there is anything he can do for her, Kendall says she wants Greenlee in jail. Kendall tells Jackson that she knows Greenlee was kidnapping Spike, but Jackson contends it was an accident. Kendall tells Jackson that she doesn't blame him for not wanting to accept the truth about Greenlee, but she and Spike need his help. She tells him that when Spike gets older and can hear what happened to him, she wants him to know that the person was punished. Jackson tells Kendall that he can't put Greenlee away, so Kendall there is nothing he can do to help her. Zach goes to check on Kendall, who is sleeping in the rocking chair. He picks up Spike and takes him to see Ian. Jackson finds Zach with Spike by Ian's room. Kendall dreams of Ian, Spike and Zach having a picnic in the future and Greenlee comes along claiming to want her life. In the dream, Kendall stabs Spike and is surprised when she wakes up and sees Greenlee looming over her.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ava and Jonathan went to the yacht club for dinner. Ava was excited to see the manager greet her as a celebrity instead of refusing her service like the last time she tried to eat there. Then, Jonathan joked about dating a supermodel. Ava was surprised that Jonathan labeled them as "dating" because she was not the kind of girl that dated guys. Then, a girl approached Ava for her autograph. Ava was very pleased by this. Then, JR entered and the girl rushed off to get his autograph too. This annoyed Ava. Then, a photographer asked Ava and JR to take a picture together. Ava was willing to pose with JR to gain more exposure, but JR was not happy about it. Ava and JR then exchanged nasty words as pictured were taken of them. Then, JR and Amanda sat down for dinner. However, JR could not stop talking about how much Ava annoyed him. Amanda reminded JR that his first kidnapping did not make the news, but his second one did thanks to Ava. Then, Amanda asked JR to define their relationship. JR said they were simply "having a lot of fun." Meanwhile, Ava and Jonathan continued their meal. Jonathan asked Ava how she felt about them dating. Ava admitted that she was nervous because of her inexperience. Jonathan felt nervous also due to their bad track record. Then, Jonathan told Ava that he was proud of her. Ava called Jonathan a nice guy, but Jonathan disagreed. Then, Jonathan got up to get change and Ava practiced her signature on a napkin. JR saw this and told her to practice writing, "I need a burger and a beer." JR laughed in Ava's face then walked away.

Ryan went to Fusion to find his wife. Babe and Di did not know where to find Annie. Ryan became worried, so Di assured him that Annie was fine. Ryan believed that Di was not telling him something and began questioning her. Di tried to avoid answering Ryan's questions, but he would not stop. Finally, Di admitted that Annie was doing research for Spike's condition. Ryan still felt that Di was withholding information, but Di claimed this was all she knew. Then, Ryan left and Babe began to question Di as well. Babe thought it was weird that Annie never spoke of her family and that no one had ever met them. Di stated that Annie did not have a happy childhood. Babe responded that Annie could not bury her past. Di said that Annie's past was so bad that she deserved to bury it.

Annie approached an unknown house. When a man answered the door Annie said hello to him in sign language. The man was her father! Annie's dad was very upset to see her. Annie tried to sign to him, but she was rusty. Annie's father told her not to sign because he could read her lips. Annie then apologized for coming since her father did not want any contact with her. Annie then saw shells that belonged to her mother lying on a table. Annie began talking about her mother, so her father got angry and told her to stop. Annie believed that her father still hated her. He stated that he had a good reason because of what Annie did. Annie said that she would not have come, but an innocent boy needed help. Annie's father said it was hypocritical for Annie to ask for help for an innocent child. Then, her father asked who the boy was. Annie said it was her stepson and stated that she was married. Annie then explained that she needed the contact information for a woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth helped Annie's father learn how to live after he became deaf. Annie's father gave her the information. Annie stated that she also had a daughter that she named after her mother. Annie then gave her father a picture of Emma. Annie apologized again and left. Annie's father looked at Emma's picture as Annie visited a cemetery. Annie sat beside her mother's grave and cried hysterically.

After Kendall dreamed that she stabbed Greenlee to death, she opened her eyes to find Greenlee standing next to her. Kendall then saw that Spike's crib was empty and assumed that Greenlee did something bad to him. However, a nurse entered and explained that Zach had Spike. Kendall was relieved and refocused on Greenlee. Kendall was appalled that Greenlee would not stay away from the hospital. Greenlee cried and insisted that she was very sorry for the accident. Kendall wondered if Greenlee was sorry enough to admit that she was trying to kidnap Spike. Greenlee looked sheepish, but did not admit anything. Kendall demanded that Greenlee leave town, but Greenlee refused. Greenlee said that she could not leave Kendall or her family. Greenlee asserted that she loved Kendall as her best friend. Kendall was outraged and said this statement was sad and pathetic. Kendall believed that Greenlee hurt Spike to get back at her and Ryan. Greenlee continued to cry and claimed that she loved Spike and never meant to hurt him. Kendall did not believe this and began to stare at a scissor lying nearby. Greenlee noticed this, so she grabbed the tray with the scissors and told Kendall to fulfill her dream. Kendall knocked the tray out of Greenlee's hands and told her to leave, but Greenlee persisted. Greenlee wanted to help Kendall through her crisis like Kendall helped her after her miscarriage. Kendall explained that she did not want Greenlee in her life because she would never forgive Greenlee. Then, just as Kendall said she would make Greenlee pay, Ryan walked in. Ryan saw Greenlee and looked at her with disdain. Greenlee looked defeated as she walked out of the room. Ryan then shut the door in her face.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In a hotel room, Erica recalls all of the events that have happened to Kendall and Spike over the past few days. Her thoughts are interrupted by a visit from Jackson, who has come to deliver the divorce papers. Erica starts to bring up their different opinions on Greenlee, but Jackson stops her and begins walking out the door. She calls out to him and says that they can at least remain friends. Jackson says it sounds like a deal, as long as there are no camera involved. A platter of food comes to the room, so Erica asks Jackson if he would like to join her for breakfast. Erica tries to toast to their separate "New Beginnings," but begins crying because she feels like she can't help Kendall or her grandsons. Jackson tells Erica not to blame herself and they share a passionate kiss. After they make love, Erica and Jackson see their argument being displayed on national television. Jackson believes that Erica had something to do with the footage being on her show, but she tells him that she had no idea they were being taped. Erica kicks Jackson out of the room and she throws the divorce papers at the door.

Annie goes to see Ryan in Spike's room, but gets worried when she does not see Spike with him. Ryan says that Zach had the baby moved to an adjoining room while Kendall was sleeping. He asks Annie where she rushed off to the other day without even telling him. Annie apologizes for worrying him, but says that her "research trip" did not go well. Ryan wonders why Annie couldn't do her research on the Internet, but Annie explains it was not that simple. Annie admits that she was looking for something to help Spike, but did not want to say anything unless it panned out. Frustrated, Ryan tells Annie that she should have clued him in on her plan instead of keeping it a secret. Annie admits that her father was deaf and he was the one she went to see. Annie says he that her father would not release the name of the teacher that helped him with his deafness. Ryan asks her why her father did not want to see her and she tells him that it has to do with what happened to her mother. Annie tells Ryan that she told her father about her new life and went to visit her mother's grave. Ryan asks Annie how she has communicated with her dad. She tells him that she uses sign language, but mostly, her father can read lips. When Ryan asks Annie if she will teach him sign language, Annie agrees. She begins teaching Ryan the alphabet, but he asks her if he can learn to sign "I love you" first. Annie shows him the phrase and he does it right back to her.

Kendall wakes up from a nap and immediately asks Zach where Spike is when she not see him. Zach tells Kendall that Spike was released from the intensive care unit that morning and transported to her hospital room. Zach leads Kendall to Spike's crib as her husband explains that he carried into the room so she could continue sleeping. He assures her that Ian is also doing well. Kendall tells Zach that she wants to take her boys home more than anything. He tells that to be patient and with time, they will get their lives will get back to normal. As Zach gives Kendall a kiss, she begins lactating and Zach goes to get a nurse. After feeding Ian, Kendall pictures Greenlee taking Spike from the hospital room. Zach assures her that Rachael is taking care of Spike, but Kendall rushes off. Zach comes to see her and she apologizes for leaving so fast. Kendall say she had a flash of Greenlee taking Spike, but Zach assures her that Greenlee will never come near Spike again. Zach sweeps Kendall off her feet and takes her back to the hospital bed so he can give her a massage.

Josh finds Greenlee at the yacht club eating breakfast and working on the computer. She thanks Josh for sticking up for her in front of Jonathan, but had to go back to apologize to Kendall. Josh tells Greenlee that Spike has been moved out of ICU, but will not tell her the room number. Although Greenlee seems excited about the news, her mood dampens when Josh explains that Spike will never be able to hear on his own. Hoping to change the subject, Josh asks Greenlee what she is working on, but Greenlee shuts the laptop before he can see anything. She tells him that she is planning Fusion's new campaign, but it is top secret right now. Thinking Josh has left, Greenlee opens her computer to reveal a search of ear specialists. With Josh looming over her shoulder, he tells her that her search is a waste of time because there is no cure for Spike and then leaves. Greenlee discovers Dr. Hilliard, who has developed his own treatment methods for neurological trauma.

Kendall receives a call from Dr. Hilliard, who claims he can help Spike. When Kendall asks him how he knows about her son, the doctor says he was referred to the case as Greenlee sits in his office.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Annie and Ryan arrive back at the condo and initially, Ryan flippantly asks his wife to teach him some signs, but is soon reminded of the treasure he has in her. He then apologizes because marriage is supposed to be a give-and-take, but he has been doing a lot of the taking. She tells him that it is understandable since his son is in the hospital. He reminds her that this drama has been going on for far longer than their current crisis. He then asks her more about her family and her past, as a way to pick up the conversation they started earlier at the hospital. He wants to know more about her good and bad but she is wary because her childhood didn't hold many good memories for her. Ryan coaxes her into talking a little bit more about her father, Walter, and how life was with someone who is deaf. She reverts to her standard of deflecting attention away from herself a few times, but finally gets it right and shares some details. He is most interested in how her father went from his love of music to his love of art once he lost his hearing. Annie tells her husband that she really only believes that there is one sense that even though you can smell and taste and see things, they are all connected to the one sense of feeling. Ryan takes that in and thanks her for helping him get a clearer picture of what s to come. He then tells her that he won't push her but knows when she is ready, she will tell him everything about her past and family. Then, before leaving for the hospital, he notes that he knows her father loves her because no one could ever meet her and not immediately do so. A short time later, as Annie is putting away the food from lunch, the phone rings. When she answers it, there is a slight pause, and then she hears a girl singing Ring Around the Rosie on the other end. This agitates her to the point that she throws the phone on the floor, unwilling to hear any more.

Kendall receives a phone call from Dr. Hilliard giving her hope that Spike's deafness could be reversed. He is sure to remind her that there are no promises of miracles offered, but tells her that he believes in trying more unconventional means that other doctors tend to reject because they are outside of their comfort zone. She thanks him for giving her hope, and says she will get back to him. Once the call ends, Greenlee, who had been sitting quietly in the doctor's office, trying to glean what was happening from one side of the conversation, asks for an update. The doctor tells her that Kendall was receptive and that he is looking forward to meeting with her and the baby's father, and working together to see if they can improve Spike's hearing. He then asks for her name for his records, but Greenlee explains that if her name is in any way connected to what he is offering, Spike will not get the help he truly needs.

Aidan meets up with Di at ConFusion, and is quickly redirected from what he thought would be a lunch date. She hems and haws a bit, and he perceptively realizes that she is breaking up with him, despite the fact that he is indeed a great guy. She explains that she has been in a weird place for a while, and she feels like she needs to strike out on her own and take care of herself for a while so that she can get her life straightened out. With the success of Fusion, they have been looking for more people to take over field rep positions, and when one in New York became available, she jumped at the chance. Aidan appears brilliantly unaffected when he tells her that all he wants is for them to skip to the part where they will always remain close, and he wishes her the best of luck. Di is astounded at how easy the transition is, and just as grateful. He gives her some random advice, and then he watches her go.

Across the bar, Greenlee arrives at ConFusion in a fantastic mood and feels compelled to share when she spots her father nursing a drink all by his lonesome. She immediately launches into her latest tack that even though Ryan and Kendall hate her now, they will forgive her eventually. Jack is disbelieving and his lack of enthusiasm shows through clearly. Greenlee starts to ask what is behind his doom and gloom but answers her own question by noting aloud that Erica has to be at fault. Jack blows up at the mention of his ex-wife's name, and takes it out on Greenlee. He tells her that he is sick and tired of dealing with the same issues, different day with her. He thinks that she needs to actually listen to what people are saying to her instead of putting her own twist on things and running with it. She tearily asserts that all she has been trying to do from the moment she got back in town was reconnect with the people that she loves, the people that make it impossible for her to leave Pine Valley again. Instead, she has found that time and time again, people keep shooting her down. Jack suggests that perhaps she should stop what she is doing so that things have time to heal. He points out that ever since the freak coincidence that led them to discover they were father and daughter, she has been running away from everything from him, from Ryan and Kendall when they broke her heart. However now, when her father suggests that she give everyone some room to breathe, she refuses to leave. He tells her that kind of behaviour is what makes everything worse. Greenlee is hurt by his honesty, and Jack tries to explain that in his daughter, he sees a woman that carries a lot of pain inside for everything that has happened in her life, and that has led her to hurt a lot of people, even if it wasn't intentional. In himself, he sees a man that has been trying really hard to be the best dad, but from her response, he can tell that she doesn't want him in that role. She starts to protest, but he tells her that it's fine if she doesn't want him around and suggests that she divorce him too.

Erica meets with Jesse, one of the executives of the station that airs her show. She is in no mood to fool around, but he feels he can change her mind by telling her about the network's new show idea for her. She thinks she might be interested until she realizes that she would have to host the show with Jack. She offers other alternatives but to no avail Jack is who the executives want. Insisting that it won't work, she continues to push the exec away until he shows her the price tag on producing the show as they suggested. Always motivated by dollar signs, she then tells him that they have a deal.

Kendall checks up on Spike and closes the door between the two rooms moments before Zach wakes up. She excitedly tells him about her conversation with Dr. Hilliard, and says that she wants to take Spike to see him as soon as she can. She is faced with mounting doubts from her husband as he asks a stream of questions about who the doctor is and what she thinks his help means. This frustrates Kendall, who thinks that the man that used his body as a shield to protect both her and Spike when she was unconscious and pregnant should agree with her now. Zach tries to explain that he isn't disagreeing with her, simply concerned about the fact that she wants to whisk Spike away when he isn't medically ready. She tells him that there is more to medicine than what is inside the walls of PVH, and that the longer they wait, the smaller the window of opportunity. She thinks that he is turning the situation into a battle, but he assures her that they are on the same side. He tells her that they both want the best life for their kids it's just that he wants to wait until Spike is fully recovered before they move him. He tells her that he is going to see Ian, and promises to take word that his Mommy loves him. As Zach leaves the room, Kendall's gaze that follows him relates that she has a completely different plan in mind.

Greenlee forces out an apology for upsetting Jack that doesn't exactly ring true, and Jack tries to back pedal after realizing that his harsh commentary did more damage than good. He tells her that he only told her what he thought she needed to hear, but Greenlee pretends to blow it off, saying that she refuses to let anyone ruin her good mood. At that moment, she spots Erica and takes that as her cue to leave. Jack tries to stop her, but to no avail. Erica makes her way over and asks if Jack has a moment to discuss an amazing proposal she has been offered. She tells him about the talk show, but Jack makes it very clear that he won't participate. He stalks away and Erica immediately jumps on the horn and tells the executive that Jack is on board as well.

Zach arrives at the floor where his son has been living since his premature birth and immediately runs into a nurse. She tells him that the doctor needs to see him, so Zach rushes into his son's room. The doctor tells him that they have detected a hemorrhage in Ian's brain, and suggests that Zach find Kendall quickly so that they can proceed with surgery, as an issue of this magnitude cannot wait.

Kendall talks over her eldest son's recovery from surgery to try to get a better idea of when she can take him home. Joe tells her that Spike has made it through the woods and that barring anything they see during observation over the next few days, he should be able to go home in that amount of time.

Greenlee lays eyes on Aidan, who is now sitting alone at the bar. She offers to buy him a drink but, markedly less jovial than earlier, he rejects her proposal.

Ryan arrives at the hospital to visit his son, but finds the room completely vacant.



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