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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, August 13, 2007

At the Snyder farm Katie and Brad are playing poker to cheer Katie up (per Jack's request). Brad is losing... badly. He's also getting drunker. He eventually passes out. He later comes too briefly and almost kisses Katie and asks her if he would have a chance if Jack wasn't in the picture. Katie cuts him off pointing out that Jack IS in her life and that's not changing. He passes out again and Katie leaves Jack another message, asking him to call her.

Will and Gwen clean up after the party and then talk about the sonogram. Gwen gets a craving for ice cream so they head to Al's where they are surprised by Iris, who has returned to town. She quickly figures out that her daughter is pregnant and can't wait to be a grandma but Gwen and Will don't want her to have anything to do with the baby as she was such a terrible mother to Gwen. Gwen wishes she had had a proper mom growing up and during her pregnancies. Outside the diner, Iris calls someone and leaves a message that she is now back in Oakdale.

Aaron and Sofie talk about her problems with her boyfriend Cole. She explains he's a music writer who needs a second job at a gas station to support himself which makes him edgy. She plans a picnic dinner to cheer him up and Aaron escorts to Old Town to deliver it. Cole brushes her off as he wants to work on a song instead. He yells at her being selfish and not understanding him. Aaron steps in to stand up for Sofie. Cole threatens to hit Aaron.

When Kit learns Silas has kidnapped JJ she kicks them out until they explain the situation. She gives them keys to another remote place but reminds them that if they are caught she's never met them.

Jack and Carly, still tied up in Kit's old place, try to free themselves. Jack manages to get a pin to Carly who fiddles with the handcuffs. They are interrupted by Silas who explains that he's going to raise JJ to repay his debt to Les. Jack points out that Les was abusive to JJ and his mother. Silas spits back that Les was a good man and Jack will pay for killing him. He then gets a gas can and pours it all around. He then tells them to settle things with their maker and tosses a lighter into the liquid, setting the place on fire. Jack tries to calm Carly down so she can work on the handcuffs. She eventually manages to free herself but must drag a passed out Jack from the cabin just before it explodes. The explosion gets the cops' attention as well as Jack's FBI contact. The paramedics take Jack away but not before he asks Carly to return home to be safe for their kids' sake. She refuses, insisting that she will get JJ back and reunite their family.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alison arrives to apologize to Will and Gwen. Will won't hold Alison's past against her, and Gwen invites her to join them at the movies. Later, Gwen worries about Will and Alison's past, but Will realizes she's really upset about Iris. Later, Iris meets with her son, Cole. Aaron wonders why Sofie lets Cole treat her badly. Sofie tells Aaron she can't break up with Cole, and he realizes that Sofie's pregnant. Sofie swears Aaron to secrecy and they hug, which Alison sees. Katie gets Jack's voicemail again, and decides to call Carly. Meanwhile, Carly snoops around Kit's office, and hides when she returns. Kit finds Carly when her phone rings and the two have a physical confrontation. Carly ties Kit up, then races off to find JJ. Later, Katie freaks out when she knocks her engagement ring into the garage disposal. She gets it back, but it's mangled.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sofie thanks Aaron for listening and understanding her problems and as the two share a hug Alison sees them. Sofie leaves the two to talk and Alison immediately criticizes Aaron for moving on so quickly. He tells her that his giving Sofie a hug is none of her business and the two go round and round about their relationship. When Aaron leaves, Alison finds her cell phone is missing and calls it to figure out where she left it. Will answers and agrees to meet her with the phone at the Lakeview.

Earlier, Will asks Gwen if she is feeling better about Alison and Gwen admits she isn't worried about her coming between the two of them; her real concern is her mother, Iris, returning to town. Will tries to reassure Gwen that Iris won't come near her or their baby, but she is not convinced. Lisa calls and asks Gwen to come into work and she agrees. Will drives her to work and bring Alison's phone to return to her. When Alison arrives at the hotel to get her phone from Will she starts insulting Gwen to Will and he tells her to stop or she will lose his friendship as well. Will's warning to Alison is understood, but she does say that she doesn't see a time when she and Gwen will be friends. Alison claims her past stops from being accepted by people, especially Aaron.

Across town at Al's, Iris and Cole toast their family reunion over coffee and Iris asks Cole whether or not he has seen Gwen yet. He admits he hasn't seen her yet and then asks his mom for a favor. Cole tells his mom he wants to break into the music business and needs money, but Iris refuses to give him a penny. Iris asks Cole if he is planning to try to get money out of Gwen and demands to know his plan if he is trying to scam her. Cole denies having plans to swindle his sister and tells his mom good-bye. As he gets up to storm out, Iris rips the bag from his arm and finds it filled with Gwen's CDs. Cole admits he has an interest in his sister, but only as a way to get his music heard and not in an attempt to steal from her. After his fight with Iris, Cole goes to the Lakeview to look for Sofie, but sees his sister instead. Cole watches his sister and as he begins to walk over to talk to his sister another hotel employee approaches her and whisks her away to sign an autograph for a guest as Cole looks on.

Craig and Meg meet with their attorney and tell him that they are stopping the annulment and staying together. He informs the two that if Meg tore up the papers of her own free will then the annulment is void and they remain married. Craig tries to go out for a celebration, but Meg wants to work and finds a bill from the clinic in Switzerland where Rosanna is being cared for. Meg is angry that the invoice has not been paid and he tells her the bill not being paid was an oversight and it will be taken care of right away. Meg asks for Craig to be honest with her from now on because they are staying married and she wants to know what really happen the night of Rosanna's car accident. Craig tells Meg he is afraid to tell her more about himself because he is afraid she will hate him. Meg guesses that Craig was responsible for the accident and calls him out on his actions. Craig continues to claim his innocence and tells Meg he could never have hurt Rosanna that way, but she questions why he never went to visit her in the hospital if he wasn't guilty. Craig says he is guilty, not for running her off the road, but for putting things in motion that lead to the accident. He continues on by telling Meg that he is a new man because of her and visiting Rosanna would just remind him of whom he used to be.

Paul tries to will Rosanna to open her eyes, but the doctor informs him that the latest E.E.G. showed no improvement and that he doubts Rosanna will wake-up. Paul tells the doctor not to lose faith in Rosanna's ability to recover, but the doctor tells him he needs to be realistic. Paul tries again to talk Rosanna out of the coma, but reluctantly leaves the room as Rosanna raises her hand off the bed. Paul returns with his information for the nurse and asks that they call his number if anything changes. As he walks out the door, Rosanna opens her eyes and says, "Don't go". Paul returns to Rosanna's side and she asks Paul if she has been dreaming. Rosanna questions Paul about what is wrong with her and where she is at. Paul asks Rosanna about the last thing she remembers and she recalls Paul asking her not to leave and that she couldn't speak, but needed to tell him something. Rosanna can't remember what she needed to tell Paul or what lead to her being in the hospital. She becomes frantic and then starts to tell Paul she needs to get out of there to save his sister, Jennifer.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vienna mourns that they've had to sell her jewelry to economize, but Henry's saved her favorite necklace from her mother. Henry's invited to a high-stakes poker game where he could possibly quadruple his money. Vienna tries to pull Henry from the game, but learns his hand beat Al's and he's won everything. Later, Henry and Vienna learn that they've won Al's diner. Luke is given the cold shoulder by Noah, and overhears Maddie say she's deferred her admission to Wesleyan for Noah. When Noah leaves, Luke challenges Maddie about staying here because Noah asked her to. Later, Noah's concerned Luke told Maddie something to upset her. Luke brings up the moment between them, and Noah shuts him down. When Maddie and Noah leave, Luke vents to Aaron about Noah, while Maddie reassures Noah she wants to stay with him. Paul puts upset Rosanna in her bed promising he won't let anything happen to her. The doctor warns Paul against pushing Rosanna too hard to remember things. Later, Barbara calls Paul, and learns Rosanna is awake. Rosanna's confused about many facts. She does remember she knew the truth about Craig but no specifics. Paul gently probes for more info, but she gets upset. Rosanna asks Paul to stay and hold her. Meg tells Craig she isn't ready to go home with him as man and wife, but agrees to have dinner with him. When they run into Barbara, she suspects they've heard her phone call. When she's sure they haven't, she covers, and Craig suspects something's going on. Barbara rattles Meg, who suddenly decides she wants to go home with Craig after all. Craig refuses to take Meg home under these conditions, and says he'll wait until she's ready.

Friday, August 17, 2007

At the Lakeview, Lily meets Cheri Love, who had an appointment to meet with Lisa; Lily explains that Lisa couldn't make it, and she says she understands Cheri is interested in renting a block of rooms. Cheri tells Lily that she works for a political lobbying group and that they need a large block of rooms and a lot of confidentiality and privacy. Lily assures her that the hotel can be discreet, and she offers Cheri a contract for the room. When Cheri leaves to run out to her car and get her business credit card, Dusty approaches Lily and informs her that Cheri is actually a hooker. Lily is upset to hear this and mad at herself for having almost made yet another horrible error in judgment. She lists the many things she's done wrong lately, from becoming addicted to diet pills to lying to Holden and paying the ransom money for Carly, and Dusty tells her she's being too hard on herself. She tells him he'd do better to steer clear of her, but he reminds her that she's the closest thing to family he's got in Oakdale, since they've known each other even longer than she's known Holden, and he says he's not going anywhere. She asks if they will be friends forever, and he nods his agreement. She says she's worried about what Cheri might try to do to get back at him, but he tells her there's nothing left that Cheri can do to him. Meanwhile, Cheri meets up with Elwood, whom she contacted through his business enterprise, 1-800-GEEKBOY, and she tells him she needs some help with putting something on the Internet.

At the farm, Brad is nursing a hangover when Katie arrives, asking if he's heard from Jack yet. He hasn't, and as they wonder what to do next, Dallas Griffin knocks on the door. He tells them that he's learned that Jack has been injured, but all he knows is that Jack and Carly were in a cabin that blew up, and JJ's still missing; he doesn't know Jack's exact condition or even which hospital he's in. After he leaves, Brad starts making phone calls to hospitals in Idaho, trying to locate Jack. Kim Hughes arrives, looking for Katie, and Katie tells her the latest news; Brad asks her to try to keep Katie distracted, so Kim asks if Katie wants to hear why she came looking for her in the first place. Katie does, so Kim tells her the show wants to do some location filming at their sister TV station in Hawaii, but Katie says she doesn't do islands very well and was going to tell Jack not to pick an island location for their honeymoon. Kim is surprised to hear they're engaged and congratulates Katie, who shows her the mangled engagement ring and asks if she thinks that's bad luck. Kim assures Katie that if she keeps faith, everything will turn out fine. Katie says she couldn't possibly consider leaving Jack and JJ after they get back home, and Kim agrees and tells her to stay positive. She leaves, and Brad tells Katie he's finally located the hospital where Jack was treated, but after speaking to the person at the hospital, he hangs up and tells Katie, who wants him to ask to be transferred to Jack's room, "I'm sorry, Katie, but Jack's gone."

JJ, Ava, and Silas all wake up in the basement of a building, where JJ is tied to some pipes. Ava is grouchy about their surroundings and the fact that they're fugitives, but Silas says there's no one left to care about finding JJ now that Jack and Carly have been burned up in the cabin. However, Carly comes creeping down the staircase as Silas says this, and JJ sees her; when Carly accidentally makes some noise, JJ tries to cover by faking a coughing fit and telling Silas he needs an inhaler. Silas tells Ava to go see what made the noise, and he'll go to the store to buy something for "Jacob"'s cough. Ava looks around briefly and tells Silas there's no one there, so he leaves. JJ asks Ava why she doesn't just take the money and leave if she's so unhappy, rather than doing everything Silas is telling her to do, and she tells him that's a terrific idea. She leaves a little of the ransom money for Silas and JJ and then tells JJ goodbye and leaves. Carly rushes over and finds JJ and unties him, telling him Jack's okay and they just need to get out of the basement to get cell phone reception and call for help. They then hear Silas returning, so Carly hands JJ her cell phone and insists that he leave, telling him to call the police as soon as he gets out of the building. Silas calls out for JJ, asking where he and his mom are, and Carly answers, "Right here!" Silas manages to grab her, but Carly breaks away, finds a pipe wrench, and knocks off a pipe, sending hot steam into Silas's face. She runs out of the building, looking for JJ, only to find him trapped in a pond of quicksand. Carly takes off her jacket and braces herself on a rock, telling JJ she'll pull him out, but in the process of trying to pull him out, she falls into the quicksand herself. She somehow manages to push JJ to safety, then tells him not to try to rescue her but to go get help; as she goes under, she shouts that she loves him.

At WOAK, Noah finds Maddie pouring over course lists for Oakdale University and tells her that one of the courses she's interested in was filling up fast; she decides to go to the campus right away to be sure she gets a spot in the class. After she leaves, Noah gets an unexpected and unwelcome visit from his father, Major Winston Mayer, who says he's come to town to try to see what it is that his son's so busy doing. Major Mayer tells Noah that when Noah was only 2 years old, he'd had to leave to go on a tour of duty and had told Noah to be the "man" of the house and look after his mom; he said Noah didn't even cry, and he'd been so proud of him but had never told him that. He tells him that he's proud of him now, too, for working and trying to find a way to pursue his goal of going to college, without his father's support. Then he tells Noah that sometimes, you have to do things you aren't prepared to do, just like he'd had to do when Noah's mother died and he had to take over the kitchen duties. Noah is confused about where this is heading, and his dad ends up offering Noah money to do whatever he wants --- make a film, go to college, anything --- provided he first enlist in the Army. The major tells Noah that hardship will make him a "man of substance" and a better filmmaker, but Noah says although he respects what his father does, it's not his calling. His dad asks him just to agree to enlist in the ROTC at college, but Noah is still against the idea. They are interrupted when Maddie arrives; when Noah introduces her as his girlfriend, his father appears shocked but then recovers enough to act pleasantly surprised. He suggests they all have lunch together, and ultimately, Noah agrees to this. The major tells them he'll meet them at the Lakeview in one hour, which will give Noah time to go home and get a tie. He leaves, and Maddie can see that Noah's upset by his father's unexpected visit, but she says he must really love Noah if he came out here like this to check on him. She decides to go home to change, since apparently his dad thinks it's a dressy occasion, and Noah says he'll stay and get some work done first. Maddie leaves.

At the Lakeview, Maddie waits with Major Mayer for Noah to arrive, and the major asks Maddie some questions about her family and how she came to be in Oakdale. Hearing that Maddie has 6 brothers and sisters, he's impressed with how organized her parents must have been, but she assures him that they weren't like that at all. She says she sometimes wishes she were an only child, and he says he has often wished that Noah had siblings, but it wasn't meant to be. He asks how she met Noah, and she says she met him at work, and then she lets him know that Noah is the reason she's staying in Oakdale for college. The major is impressed by that fact, telling Maddie that when Noah first said he had a girlfriend, he was afraid he was inventing one for his sake; when Maddie asks why Noah would do something like that, the major replies, "Why indeed?" Then, the major realizes that Noah's late, and he tells Maddie that Noah's being discourteous to them both.

When Luke arrives at WOAK, he finds Noah working alone. Noah tells him that he has to meet his dad and Maddie for lunch, then looking at his watch, realizes he has only 5 minutes to get there. Panicked, he tells Luke that his father won't tolerate being late and never has, and he realizes he doesn't have a tie, like his dad wanted. Luke tells him to calm down and says he'll go borrow a tie from wardrobe. When he returns with the tie, Noah has a difficult time tying it in his nervousness, so Luke offers to do it for him. Approaching him with hands out, as if to say, "Okay? I won't bite!" Luke takes the tie and starts to tighten it around Noah's neck. In the close proximity they find themselves in, Noah suddenly gets a strange look on his face, and Luke, seeing it, asks, "What's wrong?" Noah huskily says, "Nothing," and then leans in and kisses Luke. Luke pulls back, staring at Noah in bewilderment, but Noah pulls Luke to him again and kisses him again.



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